Crime on Nigeria’s Highways-2

In the first part of this piece we surmised that there was no part of the country in which road travel was safe and that the key risk is from groups of young men armed with small arms, bladed or improvised weapons, loosely organised around a leader who operate from late afternoon to early morning and whom (except in cases of targeted attacks) generally did not discriminate in their victim selection. To understand the process of bandit attacks we broke the sequence down into an 11 or 13 phase operation

  1. Observation
  2. Target selection
  3. Assembly.
  4. The Approach.
  5. Set up
  6. Obstacles
  7. Initiation
  8. The Attack
  9. Extraction
  10. Storage
  11. Negotiation (for kidnapping)
  12. Handover (for kidnapping)
  13. Investment

There are many possible solutions to this problem but as part of the debate we will provide a hypothetical solution to tackle this crime using minimum manpower and resource.

Factors and Assumptions

To solve the immediate problems of insecurity on the road we will consider a hypothetical stretch of road between 2 towns plagued by bandits, who ambush vehicles in order to rob, rape, kill and abduct. The road is between two major towns, with difficult hilly, wooded terrain on both sides, various sparsely populated villages.

From the previous assessment a commander can derive the following factors

  • The bandits are lightly armed
  • The bandits are highly mobile
  • The bandits will use force to achieve their objectives and to defend themselves but are motivated by reward and wishe to live to fight another day
  • The bandits speed of manoeuvre is limited by the terrain and their transportation options (foot, motorcycle, motor vehicle)
  • The bandits must come to the road in order to acquire targets
  • Friendly forces do not understand the terrain as well as the bandits
  • Friendly forces will be better trained and equipped than the bandits
  • Friendly forces will have superior mobility on roads and inferior mobility off road

Based on these factors the commander can make the following assumptions:

  • The bandits will fight and flee, therefore, friendly forces must always manoeuvre to cut them off
  • The bandits will be mobile and unpredictable so friendly forces must be mobile and unpredictable
  • The bandits will have better knowledge of the area so friendly forces must use all methods to familiarise themselves with it
  • Friendly forces must be able to react quickly and aggressively to any bandit attack
  • Bandits are tied to the road for their victims and loot so friendly forces must make access  dominate the road  and its immediate environs

Concept of Operations

The commander can then make a plan dividing his given battlespace into 3 zones

  • Near zone: the road
  • Middle zone: the ground surrounding the road up to a given natural feature such as a hill, river, village etc
  • Far zone: bandit camps and ground beyond what would be defined as middle

Near Zone:  consists of the road itself as it is the main target of the bandits and needs to be defended.

The main objectives of this zone should be to:

  • Deny bandits freedom of movement
  • Deny easy approach to the road
  • Reassure the public
  • Provide an rapid response capability

To do this friendly forces will need a fixed and mobile component.

Fixed Component: should consist of checkpoints varying in size from large company sized units of over 100 personnel to small section/ squad sized checkpoints . To be successful these checkpoints should have the following:

  • Manpower: enough men to conduct local patrols/ respond to an attack, depending on the size of the outpost a commander should have enough men to guard the base, mount patrols with enough men to spare as a reserve.
  • Patrol vehicles: the outposts should have enough vehicles and/ or motorcycles to transport at least a third of its strength at the same time.
  • Strong Field defences: with reinforced walls and properly sighted fighting positions, a watchtower for overwatch and security, clear fields of fire created by proper siting or clearing grass and trees up to at least 300m on either sized of the road around positions and where practicable, this practice continued along the length of the road.
  • Secure communications: so that outposts can communicate with each other, with their sub units on patrol and with their superiors
  • Ammunition and stores: outposts should hold enough stores and ammunition to be able to defend and sustain themselves for a few days in order to reduce the logistic burden

The spread of the checkpoints should appear random but have a defined pattern based on a through map appreciation and be placed at choke points such as bridges, junctions, vulnerable points such as slopes, bends etc, areas with easy access to the hinterland.

Each checkpoint should mount localised foot and vehicle patrols in a given area around their checkpoint and also be expected to respond to attacks on motorists in that area or other neighbouring checkpoints.

Mobile Component:  should consist of vehicle patrols along the length of the road. These patrol constantly day and night, mounting surprise Vehicle Check points (VCPs), moving off the road to observation points or just driving up and down the road. The constant movement is meant to serve as a deterrent to bandits who will never be quite sure where the vehicle patrol is as well as provide reassurance to motorists. This zone aims to disrupt the Approach, Set up, Obstacle, Initiation, Attack and Extraction phases of the bandit attack.

Middle Zone: this is an area that lies between the road itself and key natural features, such as hills, rivers and other landmarks. It can extend as far as is operationally necessary from 5km to 50km but deconflicted from the checkpoints. Security forces would conduct mounted and dismounted patrols in and around this zone. Familiarising themselves with local inhabitants, villagers etc and thus gathering information, interdicting bandits and restricting their freedom of movement.

Local knowledge can be improved by recruiting local hunters, loggers etc who are familiar with the local geography and languages. These patrol will move constantly in the area surrounding the road, only coming onto it to be inserted or extracted.  Patrol durations could be as short as a few hours to as long as several weeks. This aims to disrupt the Approach, Extraction, Assembly and Storage phases of the bandits operations.

Far Zone: within this zone friendly forces identify, target and destroy bandit camps, using information gathered from ISR platforms, human intelligence, information from prisoners and patrols. A specialised force will be used to conduct strikes on these camps, inserting using any means available such as foot, helicopters, boats, motorcycles or vehicles. This disrupts the Observation, Target selection, Assembly, Storage phases.

By exploiting information from captured prisoners, released hostages; criminal investigation and prosecutions using special courts to rapidly try captured bandits could also be used to neutralise the threat and demonstrate to people that justice is being done..

To prevent surviving bandits from simply moving to a less contested area to continue their activities, the areas bordering the area of operations should also be prepared to step up efforts in anticipation of a crime increasing as the security forces score more successes.


This is merely a hypothetical example, not specifically a solution and thus contains many holes in its execution, however it is an example of one way in which Highway banditry can be tackled using resources which already exist within the country, without the need for expensive imported equipment and consultants

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Crime on Nigeria’s Highways

Nigeria’s roads have long been dangerous but mainly for their poor conditions and the nature of Nigerian driving as well as the crimes on the highway.

Of recent the threats on Nigeria’s roads have increased and evolved to:

  • Armed theft of vehicles
  • Armed robbery of property from people in vehicles
  • Kidnap for ransom
  • Illegal roadblocks
  • Ethnically motivated attacks on travellers
  • Politically motivated attacks on travellers
  • Religiously motivated attacks on travellers
  • Hijack of commercial goods

Nigerian road, overloaded vehicles, dense bush

For a country with few alternate modes of mass transport, this presents an existential threat to the vast majority of Nigerians who travel by road. Rail travel is experiencing a rebirth but has yet to atain its previous levels of coverage much less relieve pressure  on goods and people, there is prolific travel along the waterways but this is generally by riverine communities and not the general public, even this mode is risky with uncharted waters, unsafe boats and attacks by river pirates.

Thus far there has been limited success by the security forces in dealing with these crimes, we will attempt to review this issue.

Characteristics of crimes:

The pattern and prevalence of these crimes differs from place to place. However there is no part of Nigeria currently unaffected by these crimes, thus we will look at characteristics in the broadest sense

1)      Number: gangs can number from as few as 3 or 4 to several dozens

2)      Tactics: these are all broadly the same, an obstacle of some sort is used to disable to delay the vehicle, gunfire used to induce shock, violence is used to intimidate and overwhelm the victims.

3)      Organisation: gangs have a variety of organisational structures. There is almost always a single leader, a strong personality who directs operations. In more organised gangs there will be an armourer, treasurer, logistician etc. Some gangs live together in the bush, others assemble on a more ad hoc basis.

4)      Weapons: weapons vary from assault rifles to shotguns, to improvised weapons or bladed weapons and sticks

5)      Location: whilst intensity varies in each geopolitical zone, there is no particular area in Nigeria in which road journeys are 100% safe.

6)      Time of day: most attacks take place in the evening or at night although attacks in broad daylight are equally as common nowadays. By broad rule of thumb attacks are least likely between 10.00am and 3.00pm

7)      Choice of target: there are no specific target sets anymore, commercial and private vehicles are attacked at the same rate or frequency. A luxury car will definitely have a higher probability for attack, however even broken down non descript vehicles are targeted. The attackers are generally deterred by armed escorts

8)      Perpetrators: perpetrators vary per region. In some areas it is Fulani herdsmen, in others local bandits, in others cult members. Whilst the Fulani have the widest spread from the North to the middle belt to the south west, there is no particular tribal characteristic. The main determinant is that the perpetrators are almost exclusively males ranging from 16 to 30.

Nigeria Police Force Permanent Checkpoint in Rivers State

To summarise the key risk is from young men armed with small arms, bladed or improvised weapons, who are loosely organised around leader, operating in numbers from late afternoon to early morning. Except in the case of targeted attacks the attackers generally do not discriminate by wealth, tribe, gender or age.


Sequence of Attack

I have assumed a series of events creating an 11 or 13 stage sequence of attack, whilst is unlikely that criminals go through all these stages or even make distinctions between them, logically they must carry out these actions for success;

  1. Observation: criminal gangs are alleged to observe selected individuals (businessmen, traders, politicians), target areas (markets, towns, roads, bush tracks, grazing areas and the surrounding hinterlands), groups (traders, herdsmen, wedding parties etc). In some cases informers in their towns or villages pass information on to the criminals.
  2. Target selection: following observation of their targets or target areas, the criminals will then identify and select their targets. These could be particular persons, groups (such as traders, herdsmen or doctors) or locations (a market, certain roads etc)
  3. Assembly: the criminals range from ‘semi professionals’ who live in the bush to ‘part timers’ who live among the population.  Prior to an operation these different individuals must come together to confirm their plans, obtain and distribute weapons and prepare their movement to the target location. This assembly could be in the bush or in someones house.
  4. The Approach: the criminals will have to approach their selected target from their assembly areas. This method of approach varies from coming by foot, motorcycle or vehicles, hpwever to be effective they need to all be at the target are at the same time approaching wither individually or as a group from the assembly area.
  5. Set up: once at the target, the criminals must prepare their ambush, this can involve setting up an obstacle, putting out lookouts, prepping their weapons etc
  6. Obstacles: in order to stop vehicles the criminals generally use some sort of obstacle. I am defining obstacle as any method or device by which to inhibit movement, these can include physical barriers such as vehicles, stones, logs, oil drums, nails/ spikes or tyres etc on the road, or geographic obstacles such as an uphill slope, sharp bend, narrow bridge, large pothole etc. Other obstacles include perfidious deceptions, such as masquerading as police or army checkpoints or else using fake car accidents or fake travellers in distress to get vehicles to stop.
  7. Initiation: the attack is generally initiated with violence or deception and then violence. Gunfire either into the air or sometimes into the target is used to cause shock and discourage resistance.
  8. The Attack: the attack itself is generally violent, mainly to discourage resistance but in some cases used gratuitously without logic or against people they believe to be resisting, holding out or from a perceived enemy group be it tribal, criminal, political or so. Sexual violence against women is also used as well as to gratify the criminals and intimidate the victims, same with the threat of sexual violence. If theft is the objective, victims are dispossessed of valuables or vehicles, commercial vehicles will be dispossessed of their cargoes.
  9. Extraction: at this stage the criminals make off with their loot, thieves with possessions, vehicles or cargoes, kidnappers with their victims. The objective at this stage is to get as far as possible from the scene of the crime to a secure place to hide and consolidate. Extraction can be done on foot or by vehicle.
  10. Storage: during this stage the criminals will keep their loot in a secure location. For property thieves this may be a relatively short period as they look to sell on any items immediately. For kidnappers this is where they keep their victims. The groups may split up for security, but are more likely to stay together until the end of the process. During the storage phase sustaining the gang has the added burden of feeding and protecting themselves as well as feeding and protecting their victims. This is a highly resource intensive phase for the criminals and it is generally in their interest to keep this as short as possible. The cost of feeding can be negated by keeping victims on starvation rations, the cost of guarding can be negated through the threat of violence and keeping prisoners in very remote, unfamiliar areas, from which they couldn’t find their way to civilisation if they tried.
  11. Negotiation (for kidnapping): runs concurrently with storage and involves establishing the relative worth of their captives through interrogation and intimidation as well as looking through their phones, wallets and possessions, assessing their modes of dressing etc. Contact will be made with friends, relatives or employers and the negotiations carried out. Proof of life is generally given at the start of the negotiation but rarely thereafter unless the kidnappers wish to up the ante by beating the victim on the phone for their relatives to hear in order to get their desired ransom. The negotiator is generally away from the main group either to get better phone reception or to prevent being traced.
  12. Handover (for kidnapping): once negotiations are successful a method of handover is agreed, this will normally involve a relative or go between handing over the ransom to one group whilst another group releases the abductees upon signal of success. These process are generally fraught with danger as in some cases ransom is paid and the victims are not released and a new ransom demanded, the go between is abducted in turn, the victim has already been killed etc. However in most cases the victim is released
  13. Investment: in this stage the criminals share the loot and either invest in more tools of the trade such as weapons, ammunition, military or police style uniforms or to fund their families, businesses or lifestyles or just spend it on amusements

Typical road side, Kogi State, dense bush, rocky hills


The sequence and characteristics above are the based in the broadest sense on accounts of crimes of this nature and the authors’ personal experiences (as victim not perpetrator). Whilst these characteristics and sequences may vary by group, location, crime  and scope, all crimes must follow some sort of a logical sequence, which can be analysed and be used as a basis by which to craft a response to these crimes and restore an element of order to the nation’s roads.

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Situation North East (Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Taraba, Gombe and Yobe States)

10 March

3 x suspected female PBIEDs attempted to attack St Pius Catholic Church, SHUWA Village, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State 30km from MADAGALI Town during Mass, but were intercepted by patrolling Boy Cadets around 8.30am. 2 detonated killing only themselves, whilst the third fled into the bush. 2 people were slightly wounded and an unexploded device recovered

Elements of the MNJTF engaged the enemy in the vicinity of MALLAM FATORI, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State claiming 23 enemy killed, 1 captured, destroying 4 x gun trucks, 1 x motorcycle, and capturing 20 x AK 47, 5 x AAA guns, 12 x AK 47s, 1000 x 7.62mm (?) rounds, 500 x 12.7mm rounds, 5 x motorcycles, 3 x GPMGs, 3 x grenades

11 March

Gunmen mounted in trucks and motorcycles attacked 152 Bn, positions in the vicinity of BULA- YOBE, BANKI LGA, BORNO State around 7.00pm with small arms and AAA weapons, the enemy withdrew following the destruction of 1 x gun truck mounted with an AAA gun and several motorcycles 1 x gun truck with an AAA gun and mortar carrier was captured.

Suspected Sura suka thugs attacked residents of RAN Road, GOMBE Road, ABUJAN-KWATA, BAKORO, DOYA and other parts of BAUCHI City, BAUCHI State to allegedly protest the conduct of the elections, which they did by robbing and extorting people. Rival groups fought and 5 people were killed and 9 people arrested

12 March

Suspected Sura suka thugs resumed their rampage in BAUCHI City, BAUCHI State around 11.00am

The NAF conducted intelligence driven attacks on suspected Boko Haram ISWAP positions in the vicinity of TUMBUN REGO, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State on the fringes of Lake CHAD as part of OP Yancin Takfi. Using NAF ISR platforms to identify the targets and directing strikes by NAF Alphajets and Nigerien Air Force strike aircraft. NAF BDA states up to 33 enemy were killed

Gunmen attacked a Hausa/ Fulani community in JALINGO, TARABA State early in the morning, killing several and destroying property.

13 March

The NIGERIA Customs Service, BORNO-YOBE Command stated it had seized a truckload of 300 bags of imported rice concealed under animal feed and charcoal

14 March

MNJTF Op Yancin Takfi stated that Nigerian, Camerounian and Nigerien air platforms conducted air strikes supported by coalition ISR platform in the vicinity of TUMBUN REGO, on Lake CHAD

MNJTF Op Yancin Takfi stated that troops from Sector 4 attacked suspected enemy positions in AREGE, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State in a 2 day op killing 33 enemy, capturing 2 x gun trucks, 1 x 120mm mortar, 12 x AK 47 rifles, 2 x 60mm mortar bombs, 3,736 x assorted rounds of ammunition, 1 x pair of binoculars and 2 x hand grenades and destroying 1 x APC and 2 x motorcycles

A group of mothers known as Jire Dole held a peaceful protest in MAIDUGURI, BORNO State asking the military and government to explain what happened to their children who had been detained in military facilities since 2011

Residents clashed with members of a criminal gang ‘Shila Boys’ in JAMBUTU, YOLA NORTH LGA, ADAMAWA State, following earlier clashes sparked by the murder or a local elder who intervened in their criminal actitvites sparking a reprisal killing of 5 of the gang. Soldier intervened

15 March

Media reports state that Boko Haram ISWAP former leader Abu Musab AL BARNAWI was detained and not killed by the new Boko Haram leadership of Abu Abdullahi Ibn Umar AL BARNAWI after a meeting in KWALLARAM on Lake CHAD

A fire in an IDP Camp in GAJIRAM, NGANZAI LGA, BORNO State started by a cooking fire killed 8 people and left 15,000 others without shelter

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger and Plateau States)

12 March

The corpse of a young man was found in a well in DUTSE UKU Village, JOS NORTH LGA, PLATEAU State in the morning. It was unclear if his death was linked to the elections, university or communal violence

The NAF stated it had carried out air strikes in the vicinity of KAGARA, GANDO, FANKAMA and DUMBURUM Forest, ZURMI LGA, ZAMFARA State, with 24 suspected bandits arrested , 4 x AK 47, 1 x RPG launcher, 12 x dane guns, 27 x AK 47 magazines, 168 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, 1 x pump action shotgun, 47 x motorcycles, 1 x VW Golf car and 61 x stolen cattle

Gunmen attacked a road construction site at DANGI by ZOO Roundabout, KANO, KANO State around 7.40am killing a driver, wounding one other person and abducting a Lebanese migrant worker Sagir AHMED

13 March

A UXO explosion killed 2 children and wounded 3 in GAMBORU, NGALA LGA, BORNO State around 10.15am, after 4 children found a hand grenade and began playing with it during break time

The KOGI State Police Command paraded 12 suspected political thugs arrested during the 09 March election and 40 other suspected kidnappers, cattle rustlers and armed robbers in LOKOJA, recovering 1 x dane gun, 1 x locally made revolver, 2 x pump action, 1 x single barrel firearm from the suspected political thugs, 2 x AK 47, 6 x locally made pistols, 6 x single barrel guns, 3 x double barrel guns, 15 x shotgun cartridges, 15 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, 1 x car, mobile phones and cutlasses

14 March

Gunmen attacked Fulani herdsmen in the vicinity of The College of Accountancy, KWALL, BASSA LGA, PLATEAU State, killing 81 cows, stealing 32 and injuring 48 which had to be slaughtered. The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association and Jonde Jam Fulani Youth Association claimed the attackers were Irigwe militants

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry stated that a Lebanese migrant worker Ahmed AL SARJI, was reportedly murdered by his abductors, a week after being kidnapped in Northern NIGERIA

15 March

Elements of 72 SF BN, MAKURDI deployed to YELWATA, GUMA LGA, BENUE State engaged suspected armed robbers dressed in military style clothing whilst patrolling YELWATA-KADARKO Road. 1 suspect was killed in the ensuing firefight whilst the others escaped. Troops recovered 1 x locally made rifle, 3 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds and 1 x 7.62mm (AK) empty case

Elements of 72 SF Bn detained 3 x suspected cultists in the NORTH BANK Area of MAKURDI, BENUE State recovering 1 x locally made revolver, 1 x 9mm round and 1 x suspected bag of cannabis

Several hundred suspected political thugs rampaged through KARU, KARU LGA, NASARAWA State, attacking the LG Secretariat and damaging it and an NSCDC vehicle

16 March

Gunmen attacked the former Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Prof Bem ANGWE at a filling station in GYADO Area of GBOKO Town, GBOKO LGA, BENUE State around 10.00am, wounding him in the leg

Samuel AGUDA replaces Daniel ODHARO as the Controller in Charge PLATEAU Command of the Nigerian Prison Service

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

10 March

Gunmen attacked UNGUWAN BARDE Village, KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State around 7.30am killing up to 35 people and burning houses and then moved to SABON GIDA

The 3 INEC ad hoc staff abducted along GOBIRAWA- MAIDABINO Road were released around 9.00pm

11 March

Gunmen attacked INKIRIMI, IRI and DOGON NOMA Villages in UNGUWAN GAMU in MARO, KAJURU LGA around 7.00am killing up to 52 people and wounding several others

Gunmen attacked LABI Village, UNGUWAN GORA, KAJURU LGA, wounding several, burning 43 houses

The Security Forces arrested 9 Adara elders from KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State for alleged complicity in the killings in the area

Social media reports speculate on the presence of Ansaru in ZAMFARA. Locals state they can’t tell the difference even if Ansaru is present.

Gunmen ambushed people travelling from ZAMFARA to NIGER State killing 2 and wounding 9

Gunmen attacked LAYIN MAIGWARI Village, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State around 7.00pm killing several people and wounding 9 others

12 March

Gunmen attacked KANKARA Town, MATSIGA – KANKARA, KANKARA LGA, KATSINA State around 1.30am, killing a child and wounding another child and abducting 3 others

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked BARGAJA Village, BATSARI LGA, KATSINA State early in the morning killing up to 6 people and stealing cattle

Gunmen attacked KYAMARA Village, KAJURU LGA in the evening killing 2

Up to 100 gunmen attacked HAYIN GADA Village, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State ZAMFARA State, killing up to 10 people

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked JAN RUWA, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State around 11.45am stealing cattle, vigilantes returning from a function in ZAMFARA State pursued them into the bush where 17 vigilantes were killed in a firefight

13 March

The KADUNA State Government imposed a 6.00pm to 6.00am curfew on KAJURU LGA and KUJAMA and MARABAN RIDO in CHIKUN LGA

Gunmen attacked ALJIMMA Village, MARADUN LGA, ZAMFARA State killing and abducting an unknown amount

14 March

Gunmen ambushed vehicles in the vicinity of SHEME, KANKARA LGA, KATSINA State, abducting 6 people including a popular Koranic recite Sheikh Ahmed SULAIMAN as they travelled from KEBBI to KANO State

A local politician Alhaji Sani Gwamna MAYANCI who was arrested for alleged links to the bandit crisis was released in GUSAU, ZAMFARA State and received by a large crowd of supporters

15 March

175 NAF personnel graduated from the 10 week Special Forces Course 4/2019 in NAF Regiment Training Centre, KADUNA State. The NAF SF were renamed ‘The Panthers’

Hajiya HAUWA the KATSINA State Governors Mother in law was released by her abductors

Gunmen attacked NANDU – GBOK, SANGA LGA, KADUNA State AROUND 4.00am killing 10 people, 11 cattle and 28 sheep and burning 11 houses

Gunmen ambushed a combined patrol containing elements of 17 Bde and vigilantes in between SHINFIDA and GURBIN BAURE, JIBIA LGA, KATSINA State wounding 1 soldier and 2 x vigilantes

Gunmen attacked a house in BATSARI LGA, KATSINA State abducting the 2 wives of the houseowner, local vigilantes and the police pursued them rescuing the women and arresting 1 suspect

Gunmen attacked SHINKAFI, SHINKAFI LGA, ZAMFARA State abducting 2 women (one of whom was 7 months pregnant)

16 March

A suspected bandit informant was captured by locals in SHINKAFI, SHINKAFI LGA buying a large quantity of meat and foodstuffs

Gunmen attacked KWARE Town, SHINKAFI LGA, around 6.00pmkilling an unknown number of people

Situation External Forces

10 March

Boko Haram ISWAP claimed responsibility for attacking TOUMOUR, DIFFA Region, claiming they killed 30 soldier and captured 2 vehicles

Gunmen mounted in vehicles attacked friendly forces in GUESKEROU, DIFFA Department 30km from DIFFA Town, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic. The attack was repelled with 27 enemy reported killed, 6 gun trucks destroyed and equipment captured, enemy reportedly withdrew to GASHIGAR

11 March

Gunmen infiltrated WARO2 Village 3 km from SAGME, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing the Chiefs son

Gunmen killed a person in MAGAM ARABE Village, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region, between FOTOKOL and BODO

13 March

Gunmen attacked friendly positions in TOUMOUR, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic, with small arms and VBIEDs. At least 1 person was killed as troops cleared through and a VBIED detonated

The son of the Chief of WARO 2 Lawn GONI was released in the morning

14 March

Gunmen attacked SANDA WADJIRI, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing 3 people

16 March

Gunmen attacked ZELEVED, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing 2 people

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Situation North East (Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Taraba, Gombe and Yobe States)

04 March

Social media reports  claim that Boko Haram ISWAP have replaced Abu Musab AL BARNAWI with Abu Abdullah Ibn Umar AL BARNAW in an 18 minute audio recording

05 March

The ADAMAWA State Police Command stated that 5,500 Policemen would be deployed for the Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections as of 07 March, with MICHIKA, MADAGAL, NUMAN, LAMURDE and DEMSA LGAs as needing special attention

06 March

A truck taking cucumber farmers and their harvest detonated an IED around 12.40pm just outside ADDAMARI, JERE LGA, BORNO State, 20 km from MAIDUGURI, killing up to 5 and wounding 20

Gunmen mounted in 4 x gun trucks attacked a FOB in NGWOM, MAFA(?) LGA, BORNO State occupied by 122 TF Bn, around 10.30pm with AAA guns and small arms. The enemy was defeated with 5 killed and losing 2 x gun trucks mounted with AAA guns, 2 x RPG launchers and 5 x AK 47.

Gunmen attacked KUBU Village, SHANI LGA, BORNO State around 11.00pm, troops from GULAK responded, killing 1 enemy and capturing 1 x AK 47

The King SALMAN Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, distributed over 750,000 food baskets to IDPs in FUNE, YOBE State, distributed through the State Emergency Management Agency and NEMA

THE NSCDC BORNO State Command is to deploy 1,500 personnel to the BORNO State Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections, the NPF state they would deploy up to 300 vehicles including APCs to each of the 27 LGAs

The King SALMAN Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre in partnership with NEMA and The State Emergency Management Agency, distributed over 70,000 food baskets to IDPs in Bakassi IDP Camp, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State

07 March

The Army announced a new round of postings including Maj Gen OG ADENIYI as Deputy Commander Op Lafiya Dole, Brig Gen GK NWOSU as Acting Commandant Nigerian Army Special Forces School to replace Brig Gen CA APERE (heading to 82 Div as Chief of Staff). Brig Gen MNB MAMMAN appointed Director Army Works, Brig Gen CA THOMAS appointed Gender Adviser in the Office of the CDS in DHQ. Col DC BAKO- Acting Chief of Staff, Sector 2 Op Lafiya Dole

08 March

The NAF conducted intelligence driven air strikes on suspected enemy logistics positions hidden under vegetation in the vicinity of TUMBUN SALE and TUMBUN ALLURA, ABADAM(?) LGA, BORNO State in the vicinity of Lake CHAD. Following confirmation from ISR platforms, NAF Alphajets conducted a series of air strikes destroying several structures and at least 1 vehicle

09 March

Friendly forces engaged the enemy in the vicinity of MALLAM FATORI, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State around 3.00pm, defeating them in a 3 hour firefight claiming 23 enemy killed and 1 captured, capturing 20 x AK 47, 5 x AAA guns, 12 x AK 47, 1,000 x 7.62mm rounds, 500 x 12.7mm rounds, 5 x motorcycles, 3 x gun trucks, 3 x GPMG and 3 x HE grenades. 1 x motorcycle and 4 x gun truck captured

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger and Plateau  States)

03 March

Gunmen attacked TSE- KUMA, TSE-TUMA, CHIACHIA and TSE- JAGU, AGBAGBE, MBACHOHON Ward, GWER WEST LGA, BENUE State, early in the morning killing up to 16 people

Suspected cultists murdered 2 men in OTURKPO, OTURKPO LGA, BENUE State in the vicinity of AKPA Street

04 March

Gunmen abducted a Pastor and Church Secretary with ERCC Church, NAMU Village, QUANPAN LGA, PLATEAU State during a night vigil

05 March

The Commission of Inquiry into the Tiv/ Jukun Clash in ABINSI, GUMA LGA, BENUE State in January 2019 and the Tiv/ Jukun Clash in FIDI, MAKURDI LGA in 2018 began sitting in Court 5, NORTH BANK, MAKURDI. Headed by Justice Wilfred KPOCHI, sitting was adjourned to gather witnesses, with testimony starting with the Jukun.

06 March

Political thugs from APC and PDP fought in AGWATASHI Town, OBI LGA, NASARAWA State, after APC campaigned in the area which is considered a PDP stronghold

The NIGER State Police Command stated that 6,500 personnel were to be deployed for the Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections on 09 March 2019

The NIGER State NSCDC Command stated that 2,650 personnel would be deployed for the Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections

07 March

Suspected Egbirra Mozum gunmen attacked SHERIA (a Bassa Kwomu Village), BASSA LGA, KOGI State, killing up to 20 people, wounding several, burning up to 50 houses and attempting to burn the bridge connecting the town to OGUMA, BASSA LGA Headquarters

08 March

The BENUE State Commissioner of Police Omolulu BISHI was replaced with Umar MURI

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked a village near GBAJIMBA, GUMA LGA, BENUE State killing a father and son

09 March

Gunmen attacked the INEC office in RCM Primary School, AYA, MBALOM Ward, GWER WEST LGA, BENUE State burning election materials early in the morning. Officials fled into the bush

A mob attacked and attempted to burn down the house of the Chairman of the NASARAWA State Independent Electoral Commission (NASIEC) Henry OMAKU in DOMA, DOMA LGA, NASARAWA State after he allegedly attempted to snatch a ballot box in OSANKE Polling Unit, GALADIMA Ward, DOMA LGA when he realised his party (APC) was losing. Locals including PDP and APGA supporters intervened and chased him away and then proceeded to destroy his house.

Gunmen in military and police style uniforms attempted to snatch ballot boxes and intimidate voters at polling units opposite Bishop Delisle Catholic Cathedral, LOKOJA, KOGI State.

Gunmen in military and police style uniforms attempted to snatch ballot boxes at OKE EGBE Polling Unit 1, YAGBA WEST LGA, KOGI State. One man was wounded as voters prevented them from doing so

Gunmen abducted 4 ad hoc INEC officials in TARKA LGA, BENUE State and stole the election materials they were carrying. The officials were subsequently released

Gunmen attacked Crowther Memorial College Polling Unit, LOKOJA, KOGI State abducting 6 ad hoc INEC staff and stealing ballot boxes and election materials

Thugs attacked Ward D, LOKOJA, KOGI State preventing voting in 4 out of 5 polling units. Masked gunmen also attacked WORKERS Village on Hassan Usman Katsina Road stealing ballot boxes and election materials

Thugs attacked and burnt the bungalow and 3 cars of a former KOGI State Commissioner of Information and APC Chieftain Anthony PUKE in GANAJA Village, LOKOJA LGA, KOGI state

Thugs snatched ballot boxes in YAGBA WEST, YAGBA EAST, IJUMU and KABBA/ BUNU LGA, KOGI State

THE ADC to KOGI State Governor Usman SHUGABA allegedly attacked the KOGI State Secretariat of the National Union of Journalists with 12 x vehicles, 50 policemen and some thugs claiming that ballot papers were being thumb printed in the building and ballot boxes were hidden within. Having searched and finding nothing they departed

Gunmen shot 4 people in LOKOJA

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

03 March

Gunmen attacked KWAREN SHINKAFI Village, SHINKAFI LGA, ZAMFARA State arounf 4.00pm, killing several people and burning several houses in a 3 hour raid

Gunmen attacked a house in BAYAN MAKARANTAR MATE, HAYIN GADA, DUTSIN MA Town, DUTSIN MA LGA, KATSINA State around 3.00am abducting an elderly lady and her 20 year old daughter. The mother was abandoned on the edge of town, whilst a N10m ransom has been demanded for the daughter, negotiations have pushed it down to N2m

Gunmen abducted a lady from KAGADAMA Village, DUTSIN MA LGA, KATSINA State. No ransom demand has been made as yet

04 March

Gunmen attacked GARIN KWARI, SHINKAFI LGA, ZAMFARA State killing up to 40 people

05 March

APC and PDP Supporters clashed in BARNAWA, KADUNA SOUTH LGA, KADUNA State

Gunmen attacked TAWANKA Primary School, TAWANKA, SAFANA LGA, KATSINA State around 9.50am abducting the Headmaster Shafi’u ABDULLAHI and another man Malam NAZIRU. The NPF gave chase arresting 3 suspects and freeing Malam NAZIRU after a firefight

06 March

APC and PDP supporters clashed in KAKURI and KURMO GWARI, KADUNA SOUTH LGA, KADUNA State, during a rally for the APC State House of Assembly Candidate in the PDP dominated area. 1 person was killed, several injured and 2 campaign vehicles burnt

The KANO State Police Command announced it had arrested 54 suspected drug dealers in KANO State in an operation from 28 February to 05 March, seizing 1,660 x bottles of tranzile injections and 2,150 x bottle of tramadol injections from 2 suspects arrested in SABON GARI Market. 8,000 x enjon merinetin injections, 180 x phenobartil injections, 40 x penzozine injections, 14 x voltean injections, 1,600 x cocodamol tablets and a sack of used drugs

07 March

President BUHARI commissioned the KADUNA State Serial Surveillance and Monitoring System Command And Control Centre at NAF, KADUNA. The system includes fixed and rotary wing UAVs as well as tethered cameras

08 March

Gunmen ambushed vehicles on SOKOTO-ISA Road, ISA LGA, SOKOTO State killing 4 people including 2 policemen and abducting several others

Gunmen abducted an 80 year old lady Hauwa YUSUF (mother of one of KATSINA State Governor Aminu MASARIs 3 wives) from her house in DANDUME Crescent, KATSINA, KATSINA State around 3.00am beating other occupants and dispossessing them of their phones

Gunmen ambushed Police heading to ISA LGA, SOKOTO State on election duty killing 2

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked a mosque in DUMAMA Village, ZURMI LGA, ZAMFARA State, killing up to 20 and wounding several others

09 March

Gunmen killed a farmer in his fields in the vicinity of ANGWAN BARDE Village, KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State. A 5 person search party went out to find the victim and were ambushed losing 1 killed

09 March

Gunmen abducted the INEC Presiding Officer official in DANGWANDI Village, GEBE District, ISA LGA, SOKOTO State

Gunmen attacked polling units in DANMUSA LGA, KATSINA State, abducting 20 INEC ad hoc staff. 10 were releases/ escaped

Gunmen ambushed a police patrol on GOBIRAWA- MAIDABINO Road in the vicinity of GOBIRAWA FALALE, DANMUSA LGA around 2.00pm, killing a policeman and abducting 3 x INEC ad hoc staff. Police named the suspected leader of the attackers as Mani DORO a 40 year old male from DUNYA Village, DANMUSA LGA

Gunmen attacked the polling unit in SANTAR AMADI Village, KANKARA LGA, KATSINA State around 1.00pm killing an NSCDC operative

The NPF announced that an INEC ad hoc staff Yazid ABDULLAHI abducted in RUNKA B, GARIN MAGAJI, SAFANA LGA, KATSINA State during the last election had escaped from his abductors and a suspect had been arrested

Situation External Forces

08 March

Gunmen attacked MNJTF positions in the vicinity of WOULWA, 5km from GUESKEROU, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic along the KOMADOUGOU River, at night,  killing 7 soldiers for 38 killed and 1 captured, 5 x vehicles, 4 x AK 47 , 8 x machine guns and 2 x RPG launchers were captured

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Situation North East (Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Taraba, Gombe and Yobe States)

24 February

The NAF conducted air strikes with 2 x Alphajets on suspected enemy meeting points in KOLLORAM, BORNO State following credible intelligence, confirmed by NAF ISR. The aircraft whilst engaged by enemy AAA and small arms attacked with bombs and rocket strikes

Gunmen ambushed people travelling from KAMBARI to AMAR in KARIM LAMIDO LGA, TARABA State around 3.00am killing 4. One of the victims was an APC party agent on his way to the collation centre

27 February

APC supporters celebrating the election victory of President BUHARI in NUMAN, NUMAN LGA, ADAMAWA State clashed with PDP supporters who barricaded the road. Soldiers intervened, dispersing the crowd with live fire killing at least 1 person and wounding 2

Up to 30,000 refugees have returned to RANN, KALA BALGE LGA from GOURA, CAMEROUN. 5,000 remained in GOURA and another 5,000 had travelled to MAIDUGURI

28 February

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks attacked KARDAMARI, JERE LGA, BORNO State around 5.30pm, killing 3 soldiers and a vigilante, before being repelled following a 1.5 hour firefight after a counter attack from Special Forces from MAIDUGURI, supported by air craft

01 March

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked BARE Village, NUMAN LGA, ADAMAWA State at night murdering a woman on her way back from market with bladed weapons

02 March

Suspected political thugs attacked LAFIYAWO Village, NAFADA LGA, GOMBE State along GOMBE Airport Road burning 8 shops and a private radio station, Progress FM, as well as 2 vehicles in JEKADAFARI Quarters. Locals state that the violence was due to thugs attached to Gov Ibrahim DANKWAMBO’s convoy. The State Chapter of PDP denied they were attached to the Governors convoy, stating that he also was attacked and 2 vehicles destroyed by the thugs

Boko Haram ISWAP claimed responsibility for an attack on TDMARI Village, on 28 February via Daesh Amaq news agency claiming 10 soldiers killed

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger and Plateau States)

22 February

BENUE State Police Command arrested 2 men in their 20’s suspected of defrauding a man of N208,150.00 on the pretext of assisting his son into a Camerounian University and then murdering the young man for ritual purposes. The suspects stated that the murder was in error and the young man was actually a member of Vikings Confraternity and that they had taken him to hospital

26 February

NIGER State Police Command paraded 2 suspected armed robbers from OGBOMOSHO Road, CHANCHAGA LGA, who had allegedly been operating in SABO NASARAWA, BOSSO, LGA. One of them stated they were political thugs who no longer received funds from their principals

02 March

Up to 20 gunmen attacked SABON SARA Village, KIDENDAN Town, GIWA LGA, KADUNA State around 1.45am and attempted to abduct a wealthy local farmer, unable to locate him they attempted to abduct his wife upon which the villagers resisted losing up to 6 people killed and up to 8 wounded.

Troops deployed on Op Whirl Stroke stated that they intercepted gunmen in military style uniform ‘rustling cattle’ in AGABGE Forest, GWER LGA, BENUE State around 4.30pm, whom they engaged killing 3, with 4 more corpses found subsequently. The local Op Whirl Stroke Commander Flying Officer Abubakar MOHAMMED stated that local livestock guards were stealing cattle and keeping it in the Traditional Rulers Palace. Locals state that troops and this was a reprisal for the attack early Op Whirl Stroke engagement.

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

24 February

Gunmen ambushed a vehicle carrying 4 ad hoc INEC officials in SAFANA LGA, KATSINA State abducting  at least 1 person named as Yazid ABDULLAHI. The Police state they have a suspect in custody

25 February

Gunmen attacked DALIJAN, RAKKONI and KALHU Villages, RABBAH LGA, SOKOTO State killing 16 people

26 February

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles  attacked KAWAYE Village, BAGEGA Ward, ANKA LGA, ZAMFARA State killing 13 and wounding several people, burning up to 10 vehicles as well as houses and shops and  abducting up to 40

Gunmen attacked KAWAYE Village, BAGEGA District, ANKA LGA, ZAMFARA State, killing several and displacing the rest of the village

Gunmen attacked GIDAN GAJERE, KARAMAI, GIDAN AUTA and CHIBIYA, MARO District, KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State around 4.00am killing up to 40 people and burning up to 40 houses. A MOPOL unit responded but was overwhelmed losing 1 policeman killed and 2 wounded and a patrol vehicle burnt

Gunmen attacked YAWURI Village, SOKOTO State around 2.00am abducting 6 people, one of the victims was able to escape an hour later. Local vigilantes tracked the kidnappers into the bush, engaging them around 11.00am losing 11 vigilantes killed

28 February

Gunmen dressed in military style uniforms ambushed people returning to SHINKAFI from market  in KWARI, in the vicinity of GWASHI, BUKKUYUM LGA, ZAMFARA State around 9.30pm killing up to 30 people

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked KWARE, SHINKAFI LGA, ZAMFARA State 18km east of SHINKAFI Town, first attacking a vigilante manned checkpoint on the outskirts of town, and then attacking the market being held that day killing up to 32 people in total

Gunmen attacked GIDAN KASO Village, BIRNIN MAGAJI LGA, ZAMFARA State around midnight wounding 3 and abducting 5

01 March

A Tampico T9 (5N-CBP) training aircraft from the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), ZARIA, KADUNA State crash landed at 2.40pm 7 miles north west of  KADUNA Airport, in the RUMI Forest in the vicinity of SABO BIRNIN, BIRNIN GWARI LGA. Locals assisted the 2 pilots who were unhurt. Armed bandits allegedly attacked the crashed aircraft and burnt it

02 March

A man Mustapha NA’ALLAH, abducted 15 February 2019 was released following payment of N3.5m ransom in ZAMFARA State

Gunmen attacked SHINKAFI Town, ZAMFARA State killing 1 person and abducting 19 students

Situation External Forces

27 February

Media reports state that Commander USAFRICOM Maj Gen Rogers CLOUTIER and Commander Special Operations US AFRICOM Maj Gen Marcus HICKS visited MNJTF HQ, N’DJAMENA, CHAD  on and intelligence sharing and confidence building visit, where he stated that AFRICOM would provide assistance to MNJTFs Op

01 March

Elements of the MNJTF attack enemy positions in DOROU, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic

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Situation North East (Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Taraba, Gombe and Yobe States)

17 February

2 women captured during the ambush on BORNO State Governors Kashim SHETTIMA convoy in DIKWA LGA on 12 February made their way to MAIDUGURI having been released on Friday 15 by Boko Haram ISWAP. The women stated that some of the captured men and boys had been murdered, whilst the women had been separated and rotated between different camps in between DIKWA and GAMBORU NGALA. The 2 returnees were released February and stated the rest of the women were to be married off on Thursday 21 February

Gunmen attacked a Company position 15km from BANKI, BAMA LGA, BORNO State killing 2 soldiers and wounding 6 others. The wounded were taken to hospital in MORA, CAMEROUN

18 February

Gunmen abducted Emmanuel AGISO the PDP Chairman in GIREI LGA, ADAMAWA State, from his house in GIREI around 1.00am. A N40m ransom has been demanded

Gunmen attacked DUNGE, MAFA LGA, BORNO State killing several, abducting othersand displacing the population to GONGULON LAWAN, JERE LGA

The NAF conducted air strikes on an enemy concentration in ARBOKO Village, BORNO State with an Alphajet using bombs and rockets following suspected enemy being identified by ISR platforms, whilst providing close air support to elements of 82 Bde

Gunmen ambushed wood cutters and charcoal burners from LAWANTI Village in the vicinity of KOSHEBE Forest, JERE LGA, BORNO State, killing 18 with small arms and bladed weapons

20 February

The NAF conducted airstrikes with 2 x Alphajets on suspected enemy forming up points in ZANARI, BORNO State, following intelligence reports and confirmation from NAF ISR platforms

Up to 5 gunmen mounted in a Keke NAPEP attempted to abduct a woman along Nana Aisha Way, JALINGO, TARABA State around 6.45pm but were foiled by a local women and children who came to her aid

21 February

MNJTF commenced Op Yancin Takfi, with Nigerian, Camerounian, Chadian and Nigerien troops to clear Boko Haram elements in the MNJTF AOR

22 February

The NAF has installed a mobile jet fuelling facility at 23 Quick Response Wing, NGUROJE, SARDAUNA LGA, TARABA State on the MAMBILLA Plateau and supplied motorcycles and other equipment for Special Forces

Gunmen mounted on vehicles and motorcycles attacked ZARBAMARI, JERE LGA, BORNO State around 5.00pm defeating the military and displacing civiliansto GONGULON LAWAN, JERE LGA

23 February

Gunmen mounted in 12 vehicles attacked 159Bn positions in GEIDAM, GEIDAM LGA, YOBE State. The enemy massed at MALADARI Village, 6km from GEIDAM around 3.00am, launching their attack at 6.15am the attack was defeated with air support, leaving 1 x vehicle destroyed and  2 x vehicles, 2 x machine guns and RPGs captured. The enemy withdrew towards DAMASAK via DAWURO. Civilians were displaced to BUKARTI, YUSUFARIand NIGER Republic

Boko Haram launched at least 10 x 122mm rockets towards MAIDUGURI, BORNO State around 5.52am with impacts recorded at MAIMALARI Barracks killing 1 and wounding 20. A t least 3  xrounds fell in Teachers Village IDP camp with no reported casualties. Several rounds reportedly fell in the vicinity of the airport

Boko Haram ISWAP claimed the rocket attack on MAIDUGURI, stating it had fired 10 missiles at military positions in the city and airport

Gunmen attacked AUNO, KONDUGA LGA,BORNO State

Gunmen attacked GONIRI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State

Boko Haram launched rockets at GWOZA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State wounding 3 people and damaging a mosque

Gunmen infiltrated GOMARI District, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State murdering a man in his house

The NAF conducted airstrikes on a suspected enemy logistics base in DOROU, DIFFA REGION, NIGERRepublic to the west of DAMASAK along the KOMADOUGOU River and the Nigerian/ Nigerien border destroying 7 gun trucks, water tankers and other equipment

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger and Plateau States)

17 February

A communal clash between OLANYEGA and IWEWA Villages, EDUMOGA Community, OKPOKWU LGA, BENUE State began after a school signboard was removed, leading to a fight in which several houses were burnt

18 February

Gunmen abducted the Head of SABON BAKIN-KOGI Village, LAFIA LGA, NASARAWA State AlhajiDauda ALIYU from his home around 1.25am. A N5m ransom was demanded

Up to 10 gunmen abducted the Head of SABON BAKIN-KOGI Village, LAFIA EAST Development Area, LAFIA LGA, NASARAWA State AlhajiDauda ALIYU from his home around 1.25am. A N5m ransom was demanded

Gunmen attacked 17 communities in RAFI and SHIRORO LGA, NIGER State killing 5 and abducting 35. Some were released for ransoms of up to N1m. Up to 4,600 people have been displaced to KAGARA and PANDOGARI Primary Schools

19 February

The BENUE State Police Command paraded 14 suspected criminals in MAKURDI, accused of armed robbery rape, cultism, car theft and other crimes

20 February

Gunmen attacked EBETE Village, AGATU LGA, USHA Ward, BENUE State around 1.30am killing 16, wounding at least 2 and abducting several others

A patrol from Op Whirl Stroke in ADEKE, MAKURDI, BENUE State claims they were engaged by herdsmen with a large herd of up to 500 cattle. They returned fire and withdrew. The State Branch of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association claimed that 2 of its members were killed by the soldiers and their bodies burnt

Gunmen attacked the Staff Quarters of PLATEAU State Polytechnic, HIEGPANG Campus, BARKIN LADI LGA around 8.40pm abducting a 12 year old boy, Kim DIDO

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked IYE Village, GUMA LGA, BENUE State around 4.00am killing 2 and wounding others and burning the village

21 February

Kim DIDO was released by his abductors at night, to his father’s home

AlhajiDauda ALIYU, the SABON BAKIN-KOGI VillageHead was released in QUAN PAN Wildlife Park, PLATEAU State

Security forces in PLATEAU State conducted a show of force in JOS and BUKURU in advance of the Presidential and National Assembly elections

The NIGER State Police Commissioner Ibrahim SABO stated that 6,500 policemen would be deployed across 25 LGA’s for the elections

22 February

4 men, including a policeman were arrested for allegedly attempting to murder the former Speaker of the BENUE State House of Assembly Tsav STEPHEN at his house in NORTH BANK, MAKURDI, BENUE State. 2 were apprehended after the alleged victims son raised an alarm, whilst 2 fled in a VW GolfHerdsmen reportedly set up a road block on the MAKURDI – LAFIA Road between TOKPANDE and UMENGER Villages, GUMA LGA, BENUE State wounding at least 10 with bladed weapons, with several others missing

The NASARAWA State Commissioner of Police CP Bola LONGE stated that 8,000 security personnel would be deployed for the elections

The KOGI State PDP said their Spokesman Austin OKAI was abducted in the evening in KOGI State

Gunmen killed a policeman escorting an aide to the State Governor in OKENE, OKENE LGA, KOGI State

23 February

Suspected thugs murdered a voter at AJETACHI Polling Unit, ANYIGBA, DEKINA LGA, KOGI State for allegedly voting for the wrong party

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

17 February

Khadija Ibrahim AHMAD who was abducted in TUDUN WADA, GUSAU, ZAMFARA State on 14 February was released following payment of an unspecified ransom

Up to 100 gunmen from RUGU Forest attacked KASAI Village, BATSARI LGA, KATSINA State, 10km from BATSARI Town around 1.00am, attacking the military outpost, killing 1 soldier and burning their vehicle and then killing 6 civilians and wounding several others and stealing over 200 cattle, motorcycles, phones and other items.

18 February

Troops deployed on Op Sharan Daji cleared suspected bandit camps in the vicinity of DANSADAU/ DANGULBI, MARU LGA, ZAMFARA State, killing several. 1 soldier was wounded

Maj Gen U.T. UMAR was released by his abductors

The KATSINA State Police Command stated it arrested a suspect with 26 x sealed packages of suspected to be cannabis in FAGO, SANDAMU LGA

19 February

The KANO State Police Commissioner Wakili MUHAMMAD stated that 950 Yan Dana/ Dan Baba political thugs, had been arrested in the last 9 days of whom 750 had been charged to court

20 February

KATSINA State Police Command stated it had arrested a suspected kidnapper named Magaji GUDAJI (30 years old, YANDOKA Village, DAYI District, MALUMFASHI LGA on 15 February after threatening to abduct a local businessman unless he paid a N2m ransom.

Gunmen ambushed motorists on GUSAU – TSAFE Road in the vicinity of KWANAR TAZAME, ZAMFARA State, killing 3, wounding 2 and abducting several others

KATSINA State Police Command stated that up to 1,300 people displaced from SABON GARIN DUNBARIN, GARIN LABO, KWANDATSO, GARIN YARA, SHIGI, GARIN DODO and DAN TUDUN GARIN YARA, BATSARI LGA, KATSINA State have been displaced to BATSARI Town

Gunmen attacked DANJIBGA, TSAFE LGA, ZAMFARA State but were defeated by local vigilantes who claimed 59 enemy killed and 7 friendly killed in a 4 hour firefight. Gunmen also attacked DANMARKE Village, with 15 bandits claimed killed

Gunmen attacked RUMA TSOHOWA, BATSARI LGA??, KATSINA State killing 1 person, stealing livestock and displacing up to 2,685 people to BATSARI Model Primary School

21 February

The corpses of 2 x MOPOL were recovered from LANDAN DAJI Forest, BUNGUDU LGA, ZAMFARA State

Gunmen attacked MAAKWA Village, BUNGUNDU LGA killing 18 people and wounding several others

Suspected political thugs clashed in KOFA Village, BEBEJI LGA, KANO Statearound 2.00pm. The convoy of former Governor Rabiu KWANKWASO (PDP) attempted to pass through the village as an APC campaign event by the House of Representatives Member for BEBEJI/ KIRU Abdulmumuni JIBRIL was being held. 5 people were reported killed and 10 vehicles burnt.

The KANO State Commissioner of Police stated that a 3 man armed robbery gang had been arrested in the SHEKA Quarter, recovering a pistol

22 February

Gunmen attacked WANZAMAI Village, TSAFE LGA, ZAMFARA State, 2 suspected kidnappers were captured

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association released a list of 66 dead and 65 missing presumed dead Fulani pastoralists from the recent killings in KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State

Gunmen attacked YASORE and MADOGARA, BATSARI LGA, KATSINA State early in the morning stealing livestock, motorcycles and displacing up to 2,685 people to BATSARI Town

Situation External Forces

17 February

A suspected PBIED detonated in BOSSO, DIFFA Region killing the bearer and 1 other person

18 February

Gunmen attacked BOUBOURA, LAC Region, CHAD killing 5 and wounding 5 and then attacked NGASIA abducting 6 women and 3 men

19 February

Gunmen abducted 7 herdsmen and stole 200 cattle in the vicinity of BOUBOURA

The Chadian military stated it had arrested 5 Boko Haram suspects including a wanted man Ahmat ABDEL-WAHAB in N’DJAMENA who had tried to infiltrate through LAC Region

22 February

Chadian forces crossed from CHAD to KOUSSERI, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, CAMEROUN for operations against Boko Haram

At least one person was killed and 5 wounded by an explosion in KERAWA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region

Gunmen attacked GARIN- AMADOU Village, DIFFA REGION, near BOSSO, killing 2 Nigeriens and 2 Nigerians, wounding 1 with 5 adults and 2 children reported missing

23 February

Chadian troops mounted in up to 50 armoured and soft skin vehicles around 11.30am crossed the border from FOTOKOL to GAMBORU, NGALA LGA, BORNO State

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Situation North East (Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Taraba, Gombe and Yobe States)

10 February

Boko Haram ISWAP issued a statement claiming responsibility for an attack on GHUM (presumed to be NGWOM) on 08 February. They claimed 3 soldiers killed and several injured and 2 vehicles, weapons and ammunition captured

Acting Sector 2 Commander, Brig Gen Mohammed DALA visited 27 TF Bde, hosted by commander Brig Gen Akinniyi OYELADE

Following positive identification by NAF ISR platforms, 2 x NAF Alphajets attacked suspected Boko Haram ISWAP training camps in the vicinity of MALKONORY, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State. NAF and allied BDA indicated enemy casualties. Social media reports claim 3 x suicide VBIEDs were destroyed

12 February

Gunmen mounted in up to 6 x gun trucks ambushed the rear of BORNO State Governor Kashim SHETTIMA’s 85 vehicle convoy along the MAIDUGURI- GAMBORU Road with, AAA guns, small arms and RPGs as of in the vicinity of MOULA, DIKWA LGA near DIKWA, BORNO State around 6.30pm as  it headed to GAMBORU NGALA from MAFA and DIKWA, killing at least 1 soldier and 4 vigilantes and up to 40 others, abducting up to 53 men and women and cap. At least 100 survivors escaped on foot to nearby towns. 23 vehicles were recovered the next day

Gunmen mounted in 5 x gun trucks, 1 x APC attacked friendly positions in the vicinity of MADAGALI, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State with VBIEDs, small arms, AAA weapons and RPGs around 6.10pm. Elements of 143 Bn, 28 TF Bde, repelled the attack killing 5 enemy, destroying 1 x VBIED, 1 x gun truck, 1 x AAA gun and 1 x VBIED and capturing 1 x gun truck with an AAA gun, 1 x RPG launcher, 8 x AK 47 rifles, 60 x 12.7mm rounds, 4 x Type 36 HE grenades, 6 x A 47 magazines, 1 x FN FAL rifle and 1 x Tecno mobile phone. Friendly forces report 1 CJTF vigilante killed and 1 x soldier wounded.

13 February

Elements of 143Bn, exploiting in the vicinity of MADAGALI following the previous days attack, found 6 dead enemy, 4 x AK 47, 1 x FN FAL and magazine, 1 x Type 36 HE grenade and 1 x unexploded RPG round

ISWAP claimed responsibility for the Attack on the BORNO State Governors convoy via Daeshs Amaq Agency, claiming 42 killed

14 February

The BORNO State Police Command stated it would deploy at least 13.000 policemen for the Presidential and National Assembly Election, with 1,500 NSCDC personnel also deployed

15 February

Gunmen attacked GAJIRAM, NGANZAI LGA, BORNO State

Gunmen launched attacks in BAMA LGA, BORNO State

Gunmen ambushed a commercial vehicle travelling from MAIDUGURI to GWOZA, in between IRGI and PULKA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State beheading 3 passengers, wounding 2 and abducting 12

16 February

Gunmen mounted in 4 x gun trucks, 1 x MOWAG APC and 1 x MRAP attacked friendly positions in BUNI YADI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State around 6.05pm with small arms, AAA weapons and IEDs but were repelled with 5 enemy killed, 9 x AK 47, 1 x AAA gun, 121 x 12.7mm rounds, 2 x Type 36 HE grenades, 295 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, 4 x IEDs, 1 x medium sized IED, 1 x RPG round, 1 x RPG charger, 1 x gun truck and 1 x Bajaj motorcycle captured. Friendly forces reported 4 killed and 5 wounded

Element of 151 Bn laid an ambush at a suspected enemy crossing point along JEBBRA – FIRGI axis, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State. The enemy managed to bypass the ambush but were successfully engaged by friendly forces who inflicted 2 dead and several wounded, capturing 2 x motorcycle, 7 x bicycles, charms and assorted drugs

Gunmen attacked MAGUMERI Town, MAGUMERI LGA, BORNO State around friendly 4.00pm but were repelled by friendly forces. They then attacked friendly positions in the vicinity of GAJIGANA 6.50pm killing up to 7 soldiers. Clearance patrols found blood trails and captured 1 x Type 36 HE grenade, 5 x 60mm mortar rounds, 13 x 12.7mm, 142 x 7.62mm rounds, 1 x AK 47 magazine and a set of Night Vision Goggles

Suspected PBIEDS attacked JIDIMARI Community, JIDDARI POLO, JERE LGA, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State around5.40am with PBIEDs and small arms. The enemy had reportedly converged in the vicinity of AJILARI  CROSS and then skirted round the city to launch the attack via Old MOLAI Road, where they were detected and engaged by CJTF Vigilantes. At least 2 gunmen opened fire with rifles and 1 x PBIED attempted to infiltrate a mosque but was prevented by a CJTF vigilante, detonating and killing himself and the vigilante. Explosions were heard in the vicinity of Federal High Court and CBN Quarters. Elements of 251 TF Bn supported by the CJTF conducted clearance patrols killing 3 suspected enemy and capturing 2 x AK 47. 4 civilians other were killed and 15 wounded

Gunmen attacked SULEIMANTI and JIDDIMARI Areas of MAIDUGURI killing 9 people

Elements of 231 Bn, 331 Bn and the Special Force Bde , BIU conducted an ambush in the vicinity of WARAWARA, BIU LGA, BORNO State killing 3 suspected Boko Haram commanders, capturing 2 x AK 47 rifles, 5 x AK 47 magazines, assorted charms and 1 x motorcycle

Gunmen attacked GAJIBO, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger and Plateau, States)

10 February

Suspected thieves attacked an NYSC Corper with bladed weapons in MARARABA, NASARAWA State. A security guard who intervened to assist was also wounded

11 February

Gunmen attacked TSE KYOON, NYIEV Clan, GUMA LGA, BENUE State in the evening killing 2 people, burning several houses and displacing the population

A group of suspected cultists followed a man to Modern Market, MAKURDI, BENUE State and him to death

The PLATEAU State Commissioner of Police Isaac AKINMOYEDE stated that 5,000 policemen would be deployed for the election

13 February

Gunmen in military style uniforms attacked an INEC vehicle carrying non sensitive election materials in LOGO LGA, BENUE State

The NDLEA paraded 6 suspects in LOKOJA, KOGI State including a retired soldier with 2.2kg of suspected cannabis, 5 x bottles of codeine, 500 x tablets of Rohypnol and a double barrel shotgun who had allegedly been selling the drugs in ADAVI LGA and Central Mosque Are, OLD MARKET, LOKOJA

14 February

The Commandant NIGER State NSCDC Philip AYUBA stated that 2,550 NSCDC personnel will be deployed for the election

Gunmen attacked 17 villages in RAFI and SHIRORO LGAs, NIGER State killing 5 and abducting 35 people, 3,630 people were displaced with 3,000 being accommodated at KAGARA Central Primary School and 630 at PANDOGARO Primary School

15 February

Gunmen ambushed a vehicle travelling from KATSINA State to ABUJA FCT, abduting Maj Gen (rtd) U.T. UMAR, former Director Military Intelligence

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

08 February

Gunmen attacked RUGA BAHAGO, RUGA DUKU, RUGA ORI, RUGA HARUNA, RUGA YUKKA ABUBAKAR, RUGA DUNI KADIRI, RUGA SHEKUWA and RUGA SHUAIBU YAU Hamlets of MARU GIDA and IRI, KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State killing 32 men, 12 women and 22 children and wounding 4 others

10 February

Gunmen attacked UNGUWAR GYAURO Village, DANJIGBA District, TSAFE LGA, ZAMFARA State around 5.00pm but were repelled by vigilantes

11 February

Gunmen abducted 2 teenage sisters from KUDANDAN Town, IGABA LGA, KADUNA State in the evening

Up to 60 suspected thugs burnt down a PDP campaign office belonging to the KANO State Gubernatorial candidate Engr. Abba Kabir YUSUF at 36 CHIRANCHI Quarters, GWALE LGA and vandalised a car. PDP claimed the assailants were led by the PA to the State APC Chairman Abdullahi ABBAS and another of the Chairman’s associates Habibu DANDAYIS

Bandits have allegedly threatened to attack BAKENAWA Village and two other villages, TAKOKA and TUNDUN WADA in GUSAU LGA, ZAMFARA State unless they dismantle their vigilante groups

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked UNGUWAR MARU Village, KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State an Adara village around 1.00am killing up to 12 people

Gunmen attacked RUGA BAHAGO, RUGA DUKU, RUGA ORI, RUGA HARUNA, RUGA YUKKA ABUBAKAR, RUGA DUNI KADIRI, RUGA SHEKUWA and RUGA SHUAIBU YAU Hamlets of MARU GIDA and IRI, KAJURU LGA, KADUNA State killing 32 men, 12 women and 22 children and wounding 4 others

13 February

Gunmen attacked GIDAN DANGOJA, YANDOTO District, TSAFE LGA, ZAMFARA State abducting 14 people

14 February

Gunmen abducted a female Khadija Ibrahim AHMAD in TUDUN WADA, GUSAU, ZAMFARA State

15 February

Gunmen attacked DAN ATO, DAN ISA and DOGON KADE, KAURA NAMODA LGA, ZAMFARA State killing 2 and abducting several others

Gunmen abducted a man travelling to KANO, in the vicinity of KOTORKOSHI, BUNGUDU LGA, ZAMFARA State

Gunmen abducted several male rejected ad hoc INEC staff as they headed to GUSAU from TSAFE in ZAMFARA State

Social media reports state 2 men in a VW Golf Saloon car were captured 2 sacks of firearms (allegedly dozens of AK 47s) in the Central Motor Park, GUSAU, ZAMFARA State. They were burnt alive by an irate mob

An NAF patrol arrested a man in AMANA KASUWA, IGABI LGA, KADUNA State with 5 x machetes and a knife

16 February

An NAF patrol from 453 Base Support Group detained 7 suspected thugs in a VW Golf in the vicinity of HAJJ Camp, MANDO, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State armed with 8 x dane guns and 3 x cutlasses. They claimed to be members of a vigilante group were paraded at NAF KADUNA. 2 other suspects were arrested in the vicinity of NECO Junction, MANDO in a VW Golf car around 2.30am

Gunmen attacked BADARAWA Village, SHINKAFI LGA, ZAMFARA State killing an elderly man and abducting several people

Situation External Forces

12 February

Gunmen murdered a man in MALLOUMRI, EXTREME NORD Region in the morning

14 February

The Governor of EXTREME NORD Region, Midjiyaw BAKARI stated that almost 200 Camerounian Boko Haram members from MAYO SAVA Department had crossed over from NIGERIA and surrendered to authorities in KOLOFATA and MEME, from where they were taken to an MNJTF

The Governor of ADAMAOUA Region, CAMEROUN; Kildadi TAGUIEKE BOUKAR stated that ‘order and serenity reign in the region’, following the deployment of 130 Special Forces

15 February

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks and an armoured vehicle attacked CHETIMA WANGOU, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic killing 7 Nigerien soldiers and wounding 6 Nigeriens claimed to have killed at least 1 enemy, captured 8 and 3 x vehicles, machine guns, 3 x AK 47 and ammunition

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