Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

24 December

Gunmen attacked KAMALE Village, MICHIKA LGA, ADAMAWA State around 11.00pm killing 4 people and wounding several others. Citizens fled into the mountains

25 December

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks attacked a checkpoint in the vicinity of MOLAI, JERE LGA, BORNO State on the outskirts of MAIDUGURI, around 5.30pm, the attack was initiated by an enemy vehicle infiltrating a convoy returning from DAMBOA and engaging friendly forces. Enemy forces from the vicinity of CASHEW Plantation and JIDDARI POLO then attacked. The enemy was repelled after a 2-hour firefight with air support resulted in burning some vehicles and huts. 4 dead were reported and a woman allegedly abducted

Senior officers from Army HQ spent Christmas with troops at 26 TF Bde, GWOZA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State and 27 TF Bde, BUNI YADI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State

28 December

A suspected male PBIED disguised as a grain merchant detonated in a market in AMARWA Village, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State around 11.30am killing himself and 5 other people and wounding 18

Gunmen mounted in pick ups attacked a checkpoint along the Federal Highway in YOBE State. Friendly forces killed 10 and captured 4 pick up trucks

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked TAMBOH JIMOH, GIREI LGA, ADAMAWA State killing 1 and wounding 4

30 December

Up to 16 gunmen mounted on up to 6 motorcycles attacked a firewood loggers in the vicinity of MAIWA Village, MAFA LGA, BORNO State around 2.30pm killing 25 out of 53 IDPs from MUNA Garage Camp. The loggers were IDPs from MUTARI, ZANGALE, ANZAMALA and KUMBULLA. The attackers burnt 3 trucks stole the loggers trucks 5.45pm to attack the position, but were defeated following with the help of NAF close air support

Gunmen ambushed vehicles along MAIDUGURI-DAMBOA Road stealing food stuffs

Gunmen mounted in 7 x Toyota Hiluxes and disguised in military style uniforms attacked friendly positions in the vicinity of KAM Village advancing through the centre of KANAMA, YUNUSARI LGA, YOBE State around 5.45pm to attack the position, reportedly killing 5, with 30 reported missing but were defeated following with the help of NAF close air support

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

23 December

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked a Filling station in PANDOGARI Town, RAFI LGA, NIGER State around 8.30pm killing 3 people and abducting the filling station manager and 2 others. The abductees were taken to ALAWA Forest, SHIRORO LGA, where one of the motorcycles developed a fault, allowing one of the victims to go free. The kidnappers have demanded N3m each from Community leaders

24 December

Gunmen attacked UNGUWAN MAILAFIYA, KWAGIRI District, GWONG Chiefdom, JEMA’A LGA, KADUNA State around 10.00pm killing up to 6 people and wounding 8

9 gunmen dressed in military style uniforms mounted in a Toyota Hilux and Peugeot 406 attacked a house in KAWU, KAGARKO LGA, KADUNA State asking for the mother of the former Chairman of the Presidential Taskforce of Pension Reforms Abdulrasheed MAINA. Upon neither being found they handcuffed and abducted the security guard and dumped him along MANDO Road near KADUNA International Airport, from whence he went to a police station to have the handcuffs removed

Additional troops equipped with patrol vans and motorcycles have been deployed to Southern KADUNA State

25 December

Elements of the DSS raided GAYAWA Town, UNGOGO LGA, KANO State, searching for suspected Boko Haram members around 2.40am. An elderly resident was shot by mistake and 2 of his sons subsequently detained

28 December

The KEBBI State Governor visited ALJANNARE, BAGUDO LGA following a clash between Fulani herdsmen and farmers which led to two deaths

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

24 December

Up to 4 gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked UTONKON Village, ADO LGA, BENUE State with pump action shotguns around 2.00pm, killing 3 and wounding 5. Police arrested 1 person with a shotgun

25 December

Suspected cult members barricaded streets with burning tyres in BWARI, ABUJA FCT, allegedly protesting the murder of one of their number the previous day. The group moved from the market towards the Emirs Palace, burning several shops. The FCT Minister Malam Mohammad BELLO declared a 6.00am to 6.00pm curfew

26 December

The BORNO, YOBE and ADAMAWA State Governments in conjunction with UNDP has completed the first batch of a series of 3 week training course for up to 2,000 CJTF vigilantes on capacity building in JOS, PLATEAU State as part of the German funded Integrated Regional Stabilisation Project of the Lake CHAD Basin

27 December

The NPF KOGI State Command paraded 5 gangs of suspected kidnappers/ cattle rustlers/ armed robbers at Force Command HQ, LOKOJA, 10 suspected kidnappers were alleged to have been behind the abduction and subsequent murder of a Portuguese migrant worker and his two police guards, 5 suspected cattle rustlers who robbed and murdered a herdsman. 11 x AK 47, 2 x Beretta 9mm, 2 x revolvers, 334 x 7.62mm (AK), 6 x 9mm, 1 x locally fabricated revolver, 2 x locally made pistols, several pairs of fake military style uniforms and 54 x cattle were recovered

28 December

Up to 30 gunmen mounted in 3 buses attacked THAZA Community, SULEJA TOWN,SULEJA LGA, NIGER State around 6.30am. the gunmen blocked entrances and exits to the community and robbed residents for 2 hours

A clash broke out after a Mumuye farmer was attacked by a young Fulani herdsman whose cattle were grazing in a guinea corn farm in MINDA, LAU LGA, TARABA State. The young boy also attacked a passerby who tried to break up the fight. The Fulani boys father was subsequently ambushed by Mumuye youths after he went to visit the family of the murdered farmer, resulting in 2 more deaths

Gunmen mounted in a red Toyota abducted Atser KYAUSU, an 80 year old man from his home in VANDEIYKA LGA, BENUE State. His son a businessman in the oil sector was yet to be contacted for ransom

29 December

2 gunmen dressed in Police style uniforms shot and killed a grain merchant at his home near MAKURDI Bridge, MAKUDRI, BENUE State around 7.00pm

30 December

Up to 6 gunmen mounted on motorcycles abducted a TARABA State House of Assembly Member Hosea IBI from his house opposite TAKUM Barracks, TAKUM, JALINGO around 10.27pm

Situation External Forces

24 December

Italian Prime Minister Paolo GENTILONI stated ITALY may transfer up to 470 troops from the 1,400 that were being withdrawn from IRAQ to NIGER Republic

26 December

Camerounian forces released 16 hostages from BENOUE National Park, BENOUE Department, NORD Region

28 December

Gunmen attacked GOULKIDAYE, MAYO MOSKOTA Arrondissement, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing 1 person

A Camerounian Military Court released the former Mayor of FOTOKOL, Ramat MOUSSA who had been arrested in September 2014 on suspicion of selling weapons to Boko Haram and helping them sell looted goods. He had also helped in several hostage negotiations.

29 December

2 x suspected female PBIEDs attempted to infiltrate KORDO, KOLOFATA Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department in the morning but were spotted by local vigilantes and detonated killing themselves and 1 other person.


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