Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

05 November

2 x male PBIEDs entered a house in SILDA, MADAGALI, LGA, ADAMAWA State feigning a need for assistance, detonating and killing 2 females around 7.30pm

Gunmen attacked GURJANGO Village, MADAGALI LGA stealing livestock

06 November

Gunmen attacked IMBRISSA, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State but were repelled by hunters

Up to 20 gunmen attacked JADDANNAM, MAGUMERI LGA, BORNO State around 9.00pm killing 6 people and then burning most of the town including harvested crops and livestock

The NAF formally introduced 1 of its 2 Bell 412 Utility Helicopters (seized after being imported by RIVERS State for pipeline surveillance) into service after reassembly at 631 Aircraft Maintenance Depot (ACMD), IKEJA, LAGOS State. The helicopter with a surveillance camera with night capabilities will deploy to the North East.

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks attacked GULAK, MADAGALI LGA with hevy weapons, VBIEDs and small arms Around 6.30pm. They approached through BAKIN DUTSE, initiating the attack with a VBIED attempting to ram a gun truck at a checkpoint, killing a soldier and wounding 3 others. 2 civilians were also killed. The attack was finally defeated by elements of 28 TF Bde and local hunters around 4.00am, with claims of up to 42 enemy killed

07 November

2 x female PBIEDs attempted to infiltrate WAGA LAWAN, MADAGALI LGA around 6.30am, upon challenge they refused to stop and were shot by soldiers rom 28 TF Bde

4 x suspected female PBIEDs attempted to infiltrate MAIDUGURI, BORNO State via farmland in the vicinity of TOMSU NGAMDU near LONDON SUDAN, KALERI, JERE LGA. They were spotted by security forces around 8.20am, upon which the first detonated killing herself and another PBIED. Farmers began to flee back into town but were stopped and searched, allowing the 3rd PBIED to infiltrate a group waiting to be searched and detonate killing herself and wounding 8 others. The 4th PBIED was identified and shot. The unexploded devices of the 2nd and 4th PBIEDs were made safe by Police EOD

09 November

The NSCDC BORNO State Command paraded several suspects accused of diverting 200  bags of sorghum reportedly meant for IDPs in MONGUNO LGA to a private warehouse in, MAIDUGURI for rebagging and sale

10 November

Troops cleared several locations on the fringes of the SAMBISA Forest such as SHYADAWE-ANGWAN  FULANI, SHYADAWE-ANGWAN- BULA MUSA and SHYADAWE, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State defeating the enemy and capturing 2 x gun trucks, 3 x motorcycles, a lot of bicycles and a laptop. They also located an unserviceable armoured vehicle. They were ambushed as they returned around 6.00pm in the vicinity of GWOZA losing 3 friendly killed and up to 10 soldiers and 3 CJTF vigilante wounded. The ambush was defeated with air support

Boko Haram reportedly released a video allegedly showing a screen grab of fighting in the SAMBISA Forest

11 November

Gunmen attacked MAIKADIRI Village, ASKIRA UBA LGA, BORNO State around midnight with small arms killing 2 people and burning several houses and an SUV as well as stealing 2 x pick up trucks. Local youths engaged and eventually repelled them

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

05 November                                                                                                                        

Members of IMN conducted their annual Arbaeen march in KANO, KANO State. The march from KOFAR MAZUGAL via KOFAR NASARAWA along ZARIA Road was intercepted in the vicinity of LADO Overhead Bridge by MOPOL who attempted to disperse them with tear gas and live rounds with up t o 3 members allegedly killed. Police stated they had arrested 5 men and 5 women and confisticated 8 x catapults, stones and 1 x poisoned arrow

06 November

The Minister of Defence Mansur DAN ALI announced that Op HARBN KUNAMA 2 will be launched in ZAMFARA State in December

09 November

The KADUNA High Court, acquiited 10 IMN members charged with criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly, rioting, disturbing the peace and causing grevious hurt in 2016. The Judge discharged them due to lack of evidence

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

05 November

Gunmen abducted a 71 year old woman Elizabeth OMOTOSHO from her house on LOBALADE Street, TANKE, ILORIN, KWARA State between 7.00pm and 8.00pm

06 November

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked AZEGE Village, LOGO LGA, BENUE State burning down some houses and raping a woman

07 November

Gunmen allegedly in military style uniforms ambushed a vehicle returning from night market around 7.30pm in MAKERA, RIYOM LGA, PLATEAU State in the vicinity of GAKO Village, killing 11 and wounding 4

08 November

A clash between local youths and nomadic herdsmen in JANGARU Village AWE LGA, NASARAWA State led to 1 killed and 3 people wounded

The Solicitor General of the Federation Dayo APATA stated that the first phase of prosecutions of Boko Haram suspects had been completed

The public hearings of the Presidential Investigation Panel to Review Compliance of the Armed Froces with Human Rights Obligations and Rules of Engagement

The KOGI State Government has announced an emergency 24 hour curfew on ADAVI, AJAOKUTA, OKENE, OKEHI and OGORI MANGOGO LGAs, in KOGI Central Senatorial District

09 November

Op Lion Roars began in KOGI Central Senatorial District by the military, MOPOL, NPF, DSS and NSCDC, in OKENE, OKEHI, ADAVI, AJAOKUTA and OGORI/ MAGONGO LGAs

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked a group of timber workers, between DEKINA and OMALA LGA, KOGI State killing 1. Local people relocated to ABEJUKOLO prior to the attack as they had heard rumours that Fulani had camped in the Government Reserve Timber Forest and were planning a reprisal for an alleged attack 2 weeks previously which had led to the deaths of 2 people and 20 cattle

10 November

The NPF states that it intercepted 1,427 x 5.56mm rounds in a VW Salon Bus along MAKURDI- LAFIA Road, BENUE State. 5 passengers had been arrrested

Members of IMN held a combined Ashura/ protest march for the release of Sheik EL ZAKZAKY, in ABUJA FCT, from the Federal Secretariat to Unity Fountain. They were stopped by the NPF on Shehu Shagari Way who used live rounds and tear gas in an attempt to disperse them, resulting in 2 injuries

The Federal High Court, ABUJA FCT charged 5 men for the diversion of 65 out of 249 trucks of maize meant as relief for IDPs in BORNO, YOBE, GOMBE, ADAMAWA, BAUCHI and TARABA States. The Judge adjourned the case until 13 November and remanded 4 men to KUJE Prison

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked IFHO Village, TSAV District, GUMA LGA, BENUE State killing 1 person and attempting to rape several women

Situation External Forces

05 November

Gunmen attacked MAHOULA VILLAGE, MORA Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing 3 people and stealing their identity cards, mobile phones and 7 x


Gunmenattacked KERAWA-MAFA, MAYO SAVA Departmnent killed 2 men and abducted a 14 year old child

2 x suspected female PBIEDs were challenged by a patrol in the morning in DIGAWA, MAYO SAVA Department, 10km from MORA, 1 was shot and the other surrendered. Both devices were defused

08 November

Gunmen attacked TALAKACHI, MAYO MOSKOTA Department At night wounding several villagers and stealing 3 x motorcycles, 4 x bicycles and cattle.

10 November

The Governor of EXTREME NORD Region stated that the Nigerian militry had rescued 387 people abducted by Boko Haram last year. Airstrikes by NAF helicopters had caused the enem to flee abandoning the hostages who were taken to MOZOGO, MAYO MOSKOTA Department for rehabilitation prior to release.

Gunmen abducted 2 villagers from WARAWIDE, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region

Gunmen abducted a villager from SANDAWADJIRI, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region

11 November

The villager abducted from SANDAWADJIRI was found dead in the vicinity of BORNORI

8 suspected Boko Haram members surrendered in KOLOFATA, 5 were reportedly from KOLOFATA, 2 from TALAMADE and 1 from MINDIF


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