Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States

10 September

The BORNO State Police Command stated that 3 x suspected Boko Haram Commanders had surrendered to SARS Intelligence along with their families. The suspects claimed to be from the Mamman NUR Faction in TALALA Camp in SAMBISA Forest. They also surrendered with 4 men, 1 teenage boy, 5 teenage girls and 5 children between 1 and 8 years old

Elements of 151 Bn, 21 Bde ambushed suspected Boko Haram members at a suspected enemy crossing point at BOCOST, along NGURUSOYE-BAMA Road, BAMA LGA BORNO State, killing several enemy and wounding others, capturing 1 x AK47, 1 x AK47 magazine, 60 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, 4 x empty jerrycans, 1 x cutlass, 3 x bicycles and N5,600.00

11 September

The NSCDC BORNO State Command stated that 6 Boko Haram suspects had surrendered

12 September

Gunmen attacked a house in Old GRA, JIMETA, YOLA, ADAMAWA State in a suspected armed robbery around 1.00am, police responded killing one suspect and wounding 2 others

13 September

Theatre Commander Maj Gen Ibrahim ATTAHIRU toured 8 Div operational area and visited 8 Div GOC Brig Gen Stevenson OLABANJI at Div HQ at MONGUNO, MONGUNO LGA, BORNO State

The BORNO State Police Command stated that they had rescued 13 abductees from suspected kidnappers, fatally wounding 2 of the suspects in a firefight, recovering 2 x AK 47

16 September

The Youth Wing of IMN held a peaceful demonstration in POTISKUM, YOBE State from YOBE Line Terminus to KWANAN GADARA behind Central Market via TSOFUWAR KWATA, General Abubakar WAZIRI Way and Mohammed IDRISSA Way demanding the release of their leader Sheik EL ZAKZAKY who had been detained for 644 days

The NAF concluded Op Ruwan Wuta with air strikes of suspected enemy structures in KOTE, BAMA LGA, BORNO State where enemy fighters were suspected of holding meetings. NAF ISR aircraft identified the structures tasking 1 x Alphajet and 1 x F-7Ni to bomb them. Op Ruwan Wuta which ran from 07 – 16 September and consisted of a 129 day and night missions in 180 sorties against suspected enemy positions in the vicinity of PARISU, NJIMIA, ZANARI, GARIN MALOMA, YALE MARKET, MUNGUSUM ARRA and KOTE

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

10 September

The KADUNA State Ministry of Education Director John GORAH and young mother abducted on 03 September were released early on Sunday morning

Approximately 20 gunmen attacked a bus travelling from KADUNA to KWARA State in the vicinity of PALWAYA Village, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State around 10.30am killing 4 people including an infant child and wounding others as the bus tried to escape the ambush

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

11 September

Gunmen attacked a village near ANCHA, BASSA LGA, PLATEAU State but were repelled by elements of the STF with 5 attackers killed. One soldier was killed and another wounded

12 September

Gunmen abducted the traditional head of SHITILE clan in USHIR, KATSINA ALA LGA, BENUE State from his home and strangled to death.

BENUE State Police Command paraded 10 suspects who allegedly took part in a raid on a Police Station in IGUMALE, ADDO LGA, BENUE Stat in October 2016 killing 3 policemen;

13 September

A clash in OGOBIA, UGBOJU District, OTURKPO LGA, BENUE State between the former LG Chairman and his brother who is in another political party led to the deaths of 8 people. The first brother allegedly led a drive by shooting that resulted in the death of 3 people including a former policeman working for his brother. The brother retaliated killing 5 more people and burning their houses and cars. One of the brothers has been arrested and 4 injured

14 September

Clashes in AKPATA, TERMINUS, GADA BIYU and YAN TRAILER areas of JOS BUKURU, PLATEAU State allegedly in response to rumours of attacks by IPOB members in the PORT HARCOURT, RIVERS STATE led to the death of 2 Tarok people. The State government imposed a 6.00pm to 6.00am curfew

16 September

Gunmen ambushed travellers on LOKOJA-AJAOKUTA Road, attempting to abduct a foreign migrant worker with West African Ceramics, AJAOKUTA, KOGI State killing a policeman, the foreigner and his driver. A responding police patrol was also engaged by the gunmen sustaining injuries

Situation External Forces

13 September

A teenage PBIED detonated in a mosque in SANDAWADJIRI, KOLOFATA Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department around 5.30am killing themselves and 4 others and wounding 6

15 September

A vehicle carrying soldiers and vigilantes from BONDERI, detonated an IED between ABDOURI and WOULBA, EXTREME NORD Region killing a soldier and 2 vigilantes


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