Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

20 August

Gunmen ambushed cattle traders travelling from BUNI YADI to GOMBE along DAMATURU- BIU Road around 4.45pm in the vicinity of AZARE, 5km from BUNI GARI with small arms and IEDs killing 2 and wounding 3. The ambush was initiated with small arms fire, with fleeing travellers then caught up in the IED explosion

5 suspected Boko Haram members surrendered in BENISHEIKH, KAGA LGA, BORNO State, stating their families were in AUNO, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State, whom they took the soldiers to meet

22 August

Gunmen infiltrated KIJIMATARI Village, MONGUNO LGA, BORNO State around 2.00am murdering 6 people including the Village Head with bladed weapons

Gunmen attacked NGURU-BARKIN DUTSE, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State around 9.00pm burning 14 houses and a newly renovated hospital before being repelled by MOPOL and hunters. Gunmen then attacked KUBU Village burning 4 houses

23 August

A male PBIED detonated outside a roadside eatery in MUNA Garage, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State around 1.45pm where a NPF SARS APC was parked killing himself and the vehicle driver, wounding 7 civilians and 4 service personnel and damaging the APC. A second suspect male allegedly attempted to snatch a weapon from a policeman but was shot and killed in the attempt another civilian was killed in the crossfire and 2 wounded

Gunmen ambushed a convoy of sand heading to BAMA protected by soldiers and vigilantes travelling from KONDUGA to KAWURI in the vicinity of MELERI Village, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State around 11.00am, with a driver and 4 vigilantes killed and 2 soldiers wounded.

Gunmen attacked ABACHARI, KOTE, UDA LAWANTI and WOKILLI villages, NGANZAI LGA, BORNO State around 9.30pm killing up to 15 people with small arms and bladed weapons and wounding 2, looting grain and livestock and burning several houses.

Gunmen attacked KIJIMATARI Villages in GUZAMALA LGA, BORNO State around 2.00am killing 7 and wounding 6 and then attacking MALLAM MODURI around 3.00am killing 5 and wounding several

24 August

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked KUDA and KALIYARI Villages, NGANZAI LGA killing 16 people, stealing livestock and foodstuffs and burning the villages, soldiers rapidly counter attacked repelling the attackers

25 August

CJTF ambushed suspected gunmen in GUBIO LGA, BORNO State killing 3 and capturing an automatic weapon and ammunition

26 August

IDPs in GUBIO IDP Camp, MAIDUGURI, protested during the monthly relief distribution by the International Medical Corp, throwing stones at the staff and damaging 5 Lexus jeeps

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

23 August

The KADUNA State Government Security Council issued a warning about images and messages purportedly of deceased victims in KAJURU LGA, stating anyone undertaking reprisal attacks will be dealt with

24 August

An NAF Air Beetle Training Aircraft crashed in the permanent site of the NDA, KADUNA, KADUNA State around 4.25pm killing the pilot Group Captain Adamu Gabriel OCHAI, a senior instructor.

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

20 August

2 gunmen shot and killed the Principal Special Assistant to the BENUE State Governor, Tavershima ADYOROUGH and wounded his wife at his home in BPIC Quarters, NYIMAN, MAKURDI, BENUE State early in the morning

22 August

Police in GUWA BABANGIDA, GURARA LGA, NIGER State paraded 26 suspects arrested on charges of rape, armed robbery, unlawful possession of prohibited fire arms in LAMBATA, PAIKORO LGA, NIGER State. The suspects were arrested between 08 and 22 August, with 4 x AK 47, 4 x double barrel shotguns, 3 x locally made pistols, assorted ammunition, charms, cutlasses, mobile phones, watches military style uniforms and sundry personal items recovered

The CDS Gen Bamidele SHAFA Coordinator Op Safe Corridor described the DDR strategy to the National Stakeholders Forum on Reintegration in the North East in ABUJA, FCT, stating that there are 96 former fighters who would go through a 16 week DDR programme in GOMBE State, whilst 565 women and children would undergo a 12 week rehabilitation programme

Gunmen abducted a former Minister for Labour and Productivity Hussaini Zanwa AKWANGA and his houseboy ALI from AKWANGA’s farm along WAMBA Road in KURMIN TAGWAYE Village, AKWANGA, LGA, NASARAWA State. The kidnappers had reportedly contacted the victim’s family to demand a ransom

23 August

The NASARAWA State Police Command arrested 5 suspects in relation to the abduction of Hussaini Zanwa AKWANGA. The AKWANGA family claim the kidnappers have requested N8m, whilst the family has offered N5m

24 August

Hussaini Zanwa AKWANGA was released by his abductors around 6.00pm allegedly for an undisclosed ransom

Situation External Forces

10 August

Camerounian security forces released 18 Boko Haram suspects from a BIR base in SALAK, MAROUA, EXTREME NORD Region

22 August

RUSSIA signed military cooperation agreements with NIGERIA at the Russian Army 2017 International Military- Technical Forum outside MOSCOW, RUSSIA, for Nigerian personnel to be trained at Russian military institutes focussing on exchange of peace keeping experiences, fighting piracy and terrorism and joint training. The Nigerian Minister of Defence Mansur DAN ALI expressed an interest in MiG air craft, Yak 130s, Kalashnikov rifles, avionics, MRAPS, artillery pieces and armoured vehicles. A military cooperation deal with NIGER Republic was signed to promote further cooperation in the fight against international terrorism

23 August

2 x PBIEDs detonated in AMCHIDE, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing themselves, 4 vigilantes and wounding 6 others

A PBIED detonated in MOGODE, TCHEKODE Quarters, MAYO TSANAGA Department in the morning. 2 x PBIEDs detonated in MOZOGO, MAYO TSANAGA Department. Another PBIED is thought to be at

A PBIED detonated at night in CHERIYE Village, 5km from KORDO, between KOLOFATA and MONT GREYA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 3 other people and wounding 5

24 August

Gunmen attacked GAKARA, KOLOFATA Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department with small arms around midnight, killing up to 15 people, abducting 8 others and burning up to 30 houses

25 August

Gunmen attacked ZAMGA, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing 3 and burning houses

Up to 400 men from the villages between MADINA and BOULO, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, conducted a search for suspected Boko Haram infiltrators from NIGERIA in the vicinity of LAWAN SALE, GOURGOUM and DEIMA Villages


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