Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

11 June

Gunmen ambushed vigilantes in the vicinity of KAYAMLA Village, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State around 5.30am with small arms whilst hidden in trees as the vigilantes were moving to a forming up point with troops for an attack on Boko Haram. 8 were killed

Elements of 3 Bn, 22 Bde supported by CJTF vigilantes conducting clearance operations in the vicinity of JARAWA Village, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State were ambushed 1km from the village, they won the firefight and pursued the enemy into the nearby forest, killing a large number of enemy including the enemy Amir ABU NAZIR, capturing 1 x AK 47, 1 x double barrel shotgun, 1 x IED and 3 x motorcycles. 9 x abducted children being trained by the enemy were rescued

The Village heads of ALI DAWARI Village, JERE LGA, BORNO State accused the Army of burning and looting food and livestock from their village. They allege a Captain SAI’DU ordered them to leave and then committed the alleged acts. The 4 village heads allege that they warned the military of the impending attack 3 times but were ignored

CJTF vigilantes attacked a suspected insurgent camp in the vicinity of YALE, KONDUGA LGA, near SAMBISA Forest. The enemy counter attacked killing 5 vigilantes. A soldier was also reportedly killed in the fighting

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked KOMDI, CHIBOK LGA, BORNO State, 12km from CHIBOK Town around 6.00pm with small arms, killing 3 people and looting food stuffs and livestock, and then burning the village. They then attack TUYAN Village, CHIBOK LGA 2 km away, killing 2 people with 5 women and 1 girl missing believed abducted after the attackers looted foodstuffs and livestock and burnt the village

13 June

Gunmen ambushed soldiers along DAMBOA Road, in DAMBOA LGA between MAIDUGURI and DAMBOA with small arms and IEDs around 8.30pm capturing 2 x Toyota Hiluxes

17 June

Gunmen attacked GUMSIRI (10km from DAMBOA Town), DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State with small arms around 6.00pm defeating local CJTF vigilantes, killing several villagers and displacing several hundred more

The Acting Presidents’ Spokesman stated that up to 50% of the food aid for victims of the North East crisis had been diverted

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

12 June

Gunmen attacked KUNGI Village, near BIRNIN GWARI, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State around 11.00pm, going house to house to steal cattle. The raid ended around 2.00am with 38 cattle stolen. The police arrived after the attack to pursue the robbers, who reportedly shot at them

13 June

The IGP has deployed another 600 man Tactical Operations Team to operate along the ABUJA -KADUNA Expressway at RIJANA Village, KACHIA LGA, KADUNA State

14 June

Elements of 1 Div conducted a cordon and search operation in RIJANA Forest, KACHIA LGA, KADUNA State, capturing a suspected gang leader Sani IBRAHIM (aka BURTU) and recovering 1 x motorcycle and 25 x goats. Troops also intercepted suspected bandits along the ZAMFARA State/ KEBBI State border, killing 3 suspects and recovering 134 x cattle and 13 x sheep

15 June

Elements of Op Yaki supported by the IGPs Intelligence Response Team and Technical Intelligence Unit arrested 6 suspected kidnappers along ABUJA-KADUNA Express Way. The leader was detained in AMANA Village, IGABI LGA, others were arrested in LIMAN IBADA Village, CHIKUN LGA, RIJANA Village, KACHIA LGA and GADAN GAYAN, IGABI LGA. The alleged receiver of the stolen items from their victims was also arrested in RIJANA

16 June

Gunmen ambushed a bus carrying up to 20 students from the TUDUN WADA School of Midwifery along BIRNIN GWARI Road, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State abducting 3 students and a lecturer

Fulani sociocultural group MACBAN stated that youths attacked a Fulani man travelling from PANDA, KARU LGA, NASARAWA State to LADDUGA, KACHIA LGA, KADUNA State in the vicinity of MAHO Village, MAZUGA District, KACHIA LGA and amputated his hand

17 June

Police arrested several suspected bandits and kidnappers who operate on the ABUJA- KADUNA Road in various locations, on the 15th one was arrested in RIJANA, KACHIA LGA another in ANGUWAN PAMA, IGABI LGA, 2 were arrested in MARABAN JOS, KADUNA, KADUNA State on the 16th GADAN GAYAM Village, IGABI LGA, KADUNA State, 1 was arrested in RIJANA and 2 more in RIJANA on the 17th. Police recovered N17,000.00, 3 x mobile phones,4 x SIM cards and 2 x military style uniforms

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

12 June

The traditional ruler of AUCHI stated that the Commandant of the Nigeria Army School of Engineering had informed 24 suspected Boko Haram members were arrested in AUCHI, ESTAKO WEST LGA, EDO State masquerading as Fulani herdsmen

A political rally organised by Senator Dino MELAYE (PDP, KOGI WEST) at KOGI State Polytechnic, FELELE, LOKOJA, KOGI State turned violent resulting in 2 civilians’ dead and 2 DSS bodyguards injured. The event was disrupted by gunmen who dismounted from a Toyota Sienna SUV around 11.00am who engaged his bodyguards in a firefight for over an hour until the NPF and Army intervened

14 June

Suspected Jukun gunmen attacked FIIDI, MAKURDI LGA, BENUE State (a Tiv area) along MAKURDI-GBOKO Highway at midnight burning several buildings including the traditional Rulers Palace and a Catholic church in a 2 hour attack

The Head of Army Civil Relations Maj Gen Nuhu ANGBAZO presented the Army’s report of alleged Human Rights violations and stated that there was insufficient evidence to charge the 9 commanders mentioned in the 2015 Amnesty International Report. The panel recommended a Presidential Commission to investigate allegations of war crimes.

15 June

Gunmen ambushed a car along AVERE-IKARE Road, abducting the former KOGI State House of Assembly Press Director and his junior brother. His kidnappers reportedly contacted the family the next day demanding a N40m ransom

BENUE State Police Command claim to have broken up kidnapping gangs in MAKURDI and KATSINA ALA LGAs, arresting 11 suspects. 4 suspects were arrested following a tip off and a firefight at ABAJI Town, KATSINA ALA LGA. Rescuing a local businessman and his son

16 June

Elements of 33 Bde arrested a suspected Boko Haram member Aliyu AHMED (aka ALIKO) in YUGA Village, TORO LGA, BAUCHI State, following a tip off, recovering 1 x single barrel firearm and 1 x dane gun. The suspect allegedly stated that he had participated in several Boko Haram attacks and owned an AK 47 which he’d lost.

17 June

Gunmen from a Mambila militia attempted to attack NGOUROGE Town, SARDAUNA LGA, TARABA State but were deterred by soldiers from 20 Bn at SERTI. The gunmen then moved towards GEMBU the LGA headquarters and the attacked a village near LIKITABA, killing some people and their cows. Around 7.00pm they attacked CHABAL PELUWAJE, again killing cows and people and burning the village destroying over 40 villages and settlements by midnight

The Army and Police conducted a joint operation in ABAJI, KATSINA ALA LGA, BENUE State against the Terwase AGWAZA (aka GHANA) gang, following a tip off. They arrested the alleged second in command of the gang ‘BISHOP’. One policeman was killed.

Situation External (Rest of the World)

14 June

A male PBIED detonated in AMCHIDE, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing only himself

Gunmen attacked SANDAWADJIRI, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region at night killing a vigilante and wounding 9

15 June

1 x PBIED detonated behind the public school in LIMANI, MAYO SAVA Department at night killing a child and the bomber and wounding 7 people

Camerounian soldiers inadvertently engaged vigilantes in the vicinity of KOLOFATA, MAYO SAVA Department with small arms and RPGs killing 1 and wounding 9.

The EU is to provide a 143 Euro support package for recovery and reconstruction in and around BORNO State.


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