Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

24 April

3 x female PBIED attempting to infiltrate MAIDUGURI via MAMANTI Village, JERE LGA, BORNO State were intercepted by vigilantes around 5.10am one detonated and the other 2 were shot as they fled. Their devices were made safe by EOD

A male PBIED with his device hidden in a cart detonated in MAINARI KANURI Village, JERE LGA, BORNO State along DAMBOA-BIU Road around 7.30am killing himself and 3 civilians and wounding 2 other civilians

26 April

A male PBIED detonated in MALAKALERRI Area, MUNA Garage, MAFA LGA, BORNO State around 4.18am killing a CJTF vigilante, injuring another as well as 5 women. A female PBIED then detonated around 4.25am at Dynamic near Alkmi Clinic, along GAMBORU NGALA Road. Another female PBIED detonated in the vicinity of an unofficial IDP camp in MUNA ETHIOPIA wounding 5 people

A female PBIED detonated near an IDP camp in MUNA Garage around 4.20am, a second female PBIEED detonated nearby in MUNA KUWAIT. A male PBIED then detonated 20 minutes later in USUMANTI killing an CJTF vigilante who stopped him for questioning

27 April

Gunmen mounted on trucks attacked 21 Bde positions in SAMBISA Forest with VBIEDs, AAA guns, small arms and mortars. The attack was defeated with 15 enemy killed, 1 x truck mounted VBIED destroyed, 1 x Buffalo truck mounted with ZSU 23mm AAA gun, 2 x GPMG, 1 x PKM, 60mm mortars, 3 x AK 47, 2 x FN FAL, 1 x G3, 5 x 60mm mortar rounds and chargers, Type 36 HE grenade, 12 x rifle magazines, 750 x 7.62mm (NATO), 106 x 23mm rounds, 1 x 12volt battery, 3 x Automatic Grenade launchers and a 23mm Shilka feed tray

A suspected ISWAP Boko Haram, VBIED detonated against an armoured vehicle, amongst a military convoy conducting clearance operations in BORNO and YOBE States, that was heading to DAMBOA at MANGUZUM Village, BORNO State around 11.00am killing 5 soldiers and wounding 40 and damaging the armoured vehicle.

The BORNO State Police Command stated it had in its possession 370x cows and 157 x goats and sheep recovered from Boko Haram by 8 TF Div.

28 April

NAF ISR spotted a suspected enemy artillery piece concealed under a tree in daylight in the SAMBISA Forest and tasked an Alphajet and F 7Ni FGA, which attacked the target with rockets and cannon fire


Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

22 April

KANO State Police Command arrested 5 male and 7 female suspects in MAIDILE Quarter following a tip off, recovering 3 x knives, 2 x scissors, 3 x solar panels, drugs, 1 x motorcycle , an unspecified quantity of cannabis, cough syrup and sticks. The suspects are alleged to have been attacking residents of GANDU, TUKUNTAWA, JA’OJI, UNGUWAR GEZA, SABUWAR MANDAWARI, TUDUN MALIKI and SHAGARI Quarters, KOMBUTSO LG through extortion, robbery and other acts

24 April

GOMBE State NDLEA Command stated it had arrested 32 suspected drug traffickers in the first quarter of 2017, seizing 39.908kg of narcotics and psychotropic substances

27 April

Anti El ZAKZAKY protestors demonstrated in front of Government House, KADUNA, KADUNA State, where they were dispersed by the police with tear gas

28 April

The DSS arrested 7 suspected kidnappers in, ZANGON ARAB, SABON BIRNI LGA, SOKOTO State who allegedly abducted a man from TOLAKA Village, GORONYO LGA, SOKOTO State who was released following a ransom of N1m

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked TSE WUASWEM, GUMA LGA, BENUE State around 10.30pm with bladed weapons killing 3 people and looting the village. 6 herdsmen have been arrested.

Situation External (Rest of the World)

24 April

A Camerounian MNJTF military vehicle detonated an IED in the vicinity of HOMEKA and BLADOLE, MORE Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 3 and wounding 5

US AFRICOM hosted Exercise Unified Focus a 5 day exercise in YAOUNDE. CAMEROUN consisting of 100 field grade officers, civilian officials and NGO representatives conducting a table top exercise on countering Boko Haram and other groups in the Lake CHAD Basin crisis at the operational level through 5 scenarios

A Camerounian military tribunal in YAOUNDE, CAMEROUN sentenced RFI correspondent Ahmed ABBA to 10 years in prison for ‘failing to denounce acts of terrorism’ and fined 55m CFA Francs or 5 years in jail for ‘laundering the proceeds of terrorist act’. He was also barred from speaking to the press

A UN official stated that funds for humanitarian relief in NIGERIA could run out by June if pledges from the Donor Conference in February are not redeemed. NGOs sate that only 19% of the funds for NIGERIA have been received, 23% for CAMEROUN, 4% for CHAD and 47% for NIGER Republic. $457m was pledged at the conference

26 April

Gunmen engaged vigilantes in the vicinity of ACHIGACHIA, LOGONE ET CHARI Department killing 4 vigilantes

28 April

Gunmen engaged Camerounian forces in NDABA, KOLOFATA Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department. 1 civilian was killed, 35 civilians and 7 BIR soldiers wounded. Several enemy reported killed

PBIED detonated in TCHAKARMARI, MAYO SAVA Department, killing himself and wounding 1 x civilian


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