Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

19 February

Gunmen attacked YAZA KUMAZA Village, near LASSA, ASKIRA UBA LGA, BORNO State around 4.00pm killing 3 people and displacing the villagers into the bush. The attackers looted the town before leaving

The BORNO State Government has adopted additional security measures following a meeting with Army, NAF, NPF and DSS representatives in the state. The resolution called for new guard positions along likely avenues of approach

Troops supported by vigilante advanced to contact, clearing BULTAURI, BULABILI, AMBIYA TASHA, GOL, ZINDIYA, BURBUR, MANGUSUM, TALALA, AJIGIN, DOKSA and TORO Villages, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State losing 1 killed and 3 wounded, capturing unspecified types and quantities of ammunition, 13x enemy flags, 3 x Korans, 1 x Motorola radio, 2 x grinding machines, 5 x dane guns, 1 x FN magazine, 1 x packet of Maggi seasoning 2 x jungle hats, 6 x Arabic books, 1 x military style trousers and 1 x bandolier

Troops cleared WAIYARAM Village, DAMBOA LGA BORNO State and then continued to advance, detonating an IED around10.00am in the vicinity of BULA JIMBAM, losing 2 killed and 13 wounded, with 1 x Nissan Truck and 1 x Canter truck damaged.

20 February

MESF stated it had opened the 50 bed MAIDUGURI FORI District Feeding Centre, a nourishment and therapeutic centre for IDPs

The NAF completed its medical outreach, treating 1,000 in WAKANI IDP Camp, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State

21 February

The CDS Gen OLONISAKIN opened a 3 day conference for Lake CHAD Basin Commission Members and BENIN Republic

Troops cleared MANDAKA, LEMU and GATHA Village, GWOZA (?) LGA, BORNO State killing 2 enemy in GATHA, losing 1 vigilante wounded. Thy captured a list of suspected Boko Haram members, 1 x IED vest, 2 x solar panels, 1 x enemy flag, 4 x Korans, 1 x ID card and 1 x Voters Registration card. 59 women and children were rescued

Troops arrested a suspected Boko Haram member Ari ARIMAYE from BULA UMARI Village, BAMA LGA,BORNO State attempting to infiltrate BANKI IDP Camp around 4.30pm disguised as an IDP. He was detained with N1.264m and 160,000 CFA Francs in a black sack

Troops ambushed enemy forces at a known crossing point in the vicinity of FIRGI, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State along PULKA-BANKI Road killing 3 enemy and capturing 1 x AK 47, 1 x AK 47 magazine, 7 x 7.62mm (AK), 3 x bicycles and food condiments. 1 x truck was slightly damaged

22 February

Suspected ISWAP gunmen attacked military positions in GAJIRAM, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State killing 7 soldiers after a 2 hour firefight, 3 enemy were killed

Gunmen attacked returnees who had gone to harvest their abandoned maize farms in the vicinity of GAJIGANNA, MAGUMERI LGA, BORNO State killing some and abducting others

Troops conducted a clearance op along DAMASAK-GASHIGAR-GIRI 1- GIRI 2- JABULAM- ABADAM- MALLAM FATORI axis, engaging the enemy in GIRI 1 and JABULAM Villages killing 13 enemy and destroying all enemy camps, 1 x soldier was wounded

23 February

NAF Alphajets destroyed an enemy Toyota Hilux with mounted AAA gun after it was spotted by an NAF ISR aircraft in the vicinity of TALALA, (?) LGA, Northern BORNO State

Commander US AFRICOM Gen Thomas WALDHAUSER visited the CDS Gen Gabriel OLONISAKIN at Defence HQ, ABUJA, FCT stating that the US was committed to increasing assistance in terms of training, intelligence sharing, capacity building and equipment. He also visited the National Defence College

24 February

NAF Alphajets and F7 Ni conducted air strikes on enemy vehicles and positions in the vicinity of TAGOSHE, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State, approximately 10km southwest of GWOZA in the MANDARA Mountains following reports of enemy concentrations by friendly ground forces, which were confirmed by NAF ISR aircraft

AFP reports that an audio recording of a meeting allegedly held by Abubakar ‘SHEKAU’ to discuss complaint over the killing of a Boko Haram propaganda operative known as TASIU or ABU ZINNIRA

2 x female PBIEDs attempted to infiltrate BANKI IDP Camp, BAMA LGA, BORNO State, upon reaching the sentry position one of them detonated her device killing herself and her companion and slightly wounding a vigilante

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles and trucks attacked friendly forces in GAJIRAM around 11.59pm killing 11 soldiers and wounding others. The enemy recaptured 1 gun truck earlier captured from them, 11 x AK 47s and 1 x RPG tube. 2 x enemy were killed, 5 x motorcycles destroyed and 1 x AK 47 captured. Troops pursued the enemy, capturing one of their Toyota Landcruisers, 9 x 12.7mm rounds and link, assorted narcotics, a note with names and Arabic script and a microchip with audio messages in Kanuri and Hausa and Arabic preaching

25 February

A suspected PBIED was killed in BOLONGU, BAMA LGA, BORNO State

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

30 January

KANO State Police have arrested a couple suspected of kidnapping children for ransom around HOTORO, KAWO, TISHARMA and WALA LAMBE in KANO City, after tracking a N100,000.00 ransom paid for an 8 year old victim

19 February

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked BAKIN KOGI, GOSKA Chiefdom, JEMA’A LGA, KADUNA State around 5.30pm but were repelled by the security forces, with 2 policemen killed.

20 February

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked ASHIM, MIFI and ZILAN Villages in ATAKAD Chiefdom, KAURA LGA, KADUNA State around 6.00am killing up to 20 people and burning ZILAN completely and 54 houses in ASHIM before being repelled by the security forces.

The Garrison Commander 1 Div Brig Gen Ismaila ISA and the KADUNA State Commissioner of Police CP Agyole ABEH deployed to Southern KADUNA to take command of the task force of 2 Battalions and 10 MOPOL Squadrons in the area

Youths reportedly stopped a vehicle containing Hausa Fulani hunters from RANO, KIBIYA and WADA LGA, KANO State returning from a hunting expedition in NASARAWA State in KAGORO LGA, KADUNA State killing 8 before the police could rescue them

21 February

The KADUNA State Government imposed a 24 hour curfew on JEMA’A and KAURA LGA

22 February

Gunmen abducted 2 German archaeologists (Professor Peter BREUNIJ and Johannes BURINGER from Goethe University, FRANKFURT) from an archaeological dig in JENJELA, KAGARKO LGA, KADUNA State near the border with BWARI Council, ABUJA FCT, a local man and a hunter who attempted to track the kidnappers were shot and killed.2 German females at the dig were left unmolested. A ransom of N60mwas requested

The Inspector General of Police Ibrahim IDRIS has deployed NPF Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Technical Intelligence Unit (TIU), Anti Kidnapping Unit, Counter Terrorism Unit, MOPOL, Special Investigation Team and NPF Air Wing to southern KADUNA State under the command of the Deputy IGP (Ops)

23 February

The Hausa Fulani hunters ambushed on Monday 20th were ambushed again as they left KAFANCHAN, JEMA’A LGA for KANO State, with one killed

25 February

The Two abducted German archaeologists were released in KATARI Village, KACHIA LGA, KADUNA State along KADUNA-ABUJA Expressway. Police claim no ransom was paid

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

18 February

Gunmen abducted a traditional healer Dennis NAKOWA from his home in MORO Village, AKWANGA LGA, NASARAWA State after killing a security guard

20 February

Commander 301 Artillery Regiment Brig Gen Zakari ABUBAKAR stated it had arrested 39 suspected Boko Haram members, 40 foreigners and 42 Kalare boys in GOMBE State

The military detained 4 suspected Boko Haram members in KOGI State

21 February

The KOGI State Governor Yahaya BELLO stated that Boko Haram fighters had begun concentrating in the state

The body of abducted traditional healer Dennis NAKOWA was found in the forests around MORO Village, AKWANGA LGA

22 February

The Army paraded 17 suspects at Chari Magumeri Barracks, LOKOJA, KOGI State detained over the last 3 weeks in KOGI Central Senatorial District, 2 of whom were suspected Boko Haram members and 15 who were suspected of armed robbery and kidnapping in the vicinity o OKENE, ADAYI, OBAJANA and ADOGO, capturing  1 x pump action shotgun, 10 x AK 47, 1 x locally fabricated double barrel, pistols, IED materials, unspecified type and quantity of ammunition, fire extinguishers, 12 x masks and a Boko Haram inscribed T shirt

25 February

Gunmen abducted Godwin Yanbee BOSUA a former bursar of the College of Education, KATSINA ALA, from the primary school he owned

A Private with 145 Bn who had reportedly recently returned from operations in BORNO State killed himself and 3 others whilst playing with a hand grenade in the market in BERI, MARIGA LGA, NIGER State, 8 other people were wounded

Situation External (Rest of the World)

22 February

Gunmen attacked AMCHIDE, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region, killing 2 and wounding 2

2x PBIEDs attacked WOURO DOLE, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region, local vigilantes reportedly had non specific advance warning. 1 pre teen PBIED detonated killing 1 other person and the second fled

23 February

UNHCR stated that CAMEROUN forcibly repatriated 517 Nigerian refugees, including 313 who had requested asylum

24 February

The international community pledged $672m at the OSLO Humanitarian Conference on NIGERIA and Lake CHAD in OSLO, NORWAY. With NORRWAY pledging $192m


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