Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

08 January

The NSCDC BORNO State command stated that a faction of IMN that has allegedly disavowed EL ZAKZAKY had been identified and interviewed in KWAYA KUSAR LGA

2 x male PBIEDs attacked a CJTF checkpoint at MUNA DALTI near MUNA Garage, JERE LGA around 8.15pm, with small arms killing 1 x CJTF member and wounding a young girl. The attackers ran into MUNA Park, where 1 detonated killing himself and a motor boy, the other was shot and killed by the CJTF. NPF EOD made his device safe and 2 x AK 47 were recovered.  around 10.30pm 2 x female PBIEDs detonated in KALERI Ward of GWANGE, MAIDUGURI killing both PBIEDs and 3 vigilantes the attackers reportedly knocked on their targets doors before detonating

2 x female PBIEDs infiltrated KALERI Ward of GWANGE, MAIDUGURI around 10.30pm. 1 knocked on the door of a man named Wakili BULAMA, detonating when his daughter came to open the door, killing both. The second knocked on the door of Usman WULE around 200m away detonating when he opened the door around 10.40pm killing him

A suspected Boko Haram member Abubakar Babagana TIJANI (aka MAFIYO) was arrested in GONGE Area, MAIDUGURI around 11.17pm on a tip off

Troops supported by CJTF conducted a clearance operation towards METELLE Village, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State clearing identified enemy hideouts between DOGON CHUKU and TUMBUN RAGE, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State killing 6 enemy 2 soldiers were wounded and evacuated to BAGA

Gunmen ambushed a 153 Bn fighting patrol in the vicinity of CINKI GUNDU, MNGUNO LGA, BORNO State killing 7 soldiers and wounding 8

Troops conducting clearance operations in MANAWASI and GAREL Villages, BORNO State, engaged enemy forces in BULAKESA Village, defeating the enemy with air support 5 soldiers were killed and 3 wounded. Up to 50 enemy were killed, 3 x AK 47, several other weapons and grenades were captured. 9 x adults and 18 minors were detained

09 January

Troops on a clearance patrol engaged enemy forces between BANKI and DAR EL JAMEL, BAMA?? LGA, Borno State around 7.15am at an enemy crossing point, the enemy escaped abandoning 1 x Honda motorcycle and 6 x 25 litre jerrycans of petrol, which were destroyed n site

A surrendered Boko Haram fighter identified a suspected Boko Haram spy and 2 wives of a Boko Haram Amir in BORNO State

A suspected Boko Haram member Alhaji NJIDA surrendered to troops at LIMANKARA GWOZA LGA, with 1 x AK47 and 9 x7.62mm (AK) rounds

The NPF stated they have recovered the bodies of the 2 missing MOPOL after the attack by Fulani herdsmen in DEMSA LGA, ADAMAWA State who allegedly drowned in a river as they withdrew

10 January

Gunmen attacked OLD MARTE, MARTE LGA, BORNO State at night killing 2, wounding 8 and capturing ammunition

11 January

11?? January Gunmen attacked MADAGALI, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State killing 2 people and abducting 3 school girls

A patrol from 27 TF Bde from their base in BARA to MADAKI Village, BIU LGA, BORNO State arrested 4 suspected Boko Haram members seizing 100 motorcycles

BORNO State Governor Kashim SHETTIMA stated that only 8 of the 126 aid agencies (WFP, ICRC, IOM, NRC and DRC) in the state were there to help

12 January

Elements of 27 TF Bde supported by vigilantes conducted clearance operations, exploiting enemy forces withdrawing from BUNI YADI in TALALA, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State. Troops detonated an IED on the GOLGORE River Ban around 11.15am damaging a T-72 MBT and killing 2 officers, the unit withdrew to BUNI YADI

Officials of the UN met BORNO State Governor over his comments about NGO’s the Governor retracted his comments

13 January

Gunmen attacked 119 Bn and 133 SF Bn, 7 Bde positions in the vicinity of KANGARWA, KUKUWA LGA, BORNO State but were repelled with the support of NAF, ISR aircraft killing 10 enemy and wounding several and capturing 1 x PKM machine gun, 67 x 7.62mm (AK) link, 1 x AK 47, 18 x 7.62mm (AK), 3 x dane guns, 1 x cartridge, 2 x AK47 rifle top cover, 1 x RPG tube, 3 x RPG rounds, 1 x RPG charger, 2 x smoke grenade, 1 x Motorola Handheld radio, 1 x Koran and 1 x enemy flag. 3 soldiers were killed and 27 wounded

3 x PBIEDs detonated near a checkpoint killing 2 vigilantes and 10 other people in MADAGALI, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State around 8.30am. One f the PBIEDs allegedly had a baby strapped to her back. A fourth PBIED was allegedly shot as she attempted to enter the Motor Park

The Director of the US International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Ms Rosalyn WIESE donated 8 x military grade tents to the NPF in MAIDUGURI, BORNO State

Elements of 112 TF Bn, 2 Bde supported by CJTF vigilantes conducted clearance operations and fighting patrols in AWADA and SINBAYA Villages, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State. Troops engaged enemy forces at SINBAYA killing 8 in heavy fighting and then clearing ANADUWA Village removing enemy flags, recovering 4 x Isuzu and 3 x motorcycles and rescuing 35 women and 23 children

14 January

Elements of 112 TF Bn, 2 Bde supported by CJTF vigilantes patrolled to TALWRI Village, DIKWA LGA, via AGULARI, KIRINARI GUBDORI and YALE Villages, the enemy had abandoned their positons, however troops detained a suspected enemy store keeper, capturing 2 x Isuzu pick ups, grinding machines and a vehicle workshop, 5 x pump action shotguns, 2 x water pumps 8 x vehicle tyres and 1 x battery, they then patrolled towards DAGUMBA, BOBOSHE, KAJERI, BOSKORO and SALERI, destroying a suspected enemy night market and killing 5 ay BOBOSHE, rescuing 12 x women and 9 x children and capturing 1 x Toyota truck at KAJERI and arresting 1 x suspect in BOSKORO. 1 soldier was wounded

Gunmen attacked SABONGARI Village, MADAGALI LGA in the morning but were repelled by hunters and vigilantes who killed 7 and captured a machine gun

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

11 January

A 5 man gang of suspected armed robbers blocked the KANO-KADUNA Road, in between ZARIA and KWANAR DAN GORA, KADUNA State around 8.15am, but were engaged by a NPF SARS patrol who engaged them killing 2 suspects, 1 x AK 47, 22 x 7.62mm(AK), 2 x AK 47 magazines, cutlasses and assorted charms were recovered from the suspects vehicles, the 3 others escaped

The CDS Gen Gabriel OLONISAKIN visited troops and traditional rulers in JEMA’A and KAURA LGA, KADUNA State

12 January

The COAS Lt Gen BURATAI states that the Army will conduct Op Harbin Kunama 2 in Southern KADUNA and parts of PLATEAU and KANO states after a security meeting with President BUHARI in ABUJA

13 January

NEMA stated that 204 people have been killed in the southern KADUNA crisis. The Catholic Church stated 808 people had been killed between October and December 2016, 1,422 houses, 16 churches, 19 shops and a primary school destroyed in KAFANCHAN and CHIKUN LGA

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

10 January

Fulani herdsman and Gbagyi farmers clashed in SABON DAGA Village, BOSSO LGA, NIGER State over grazing rights leaving 4 dead

The DSS arrested 4 suspected Boko Haram members in OKO OBA, IFAKO IJAIYE LGA, LAGOS State

The DSS arrested a suspected Boko Haram leader in OKENE, ADAVI LGA, KOGI State

Clashes between Gbagyi farmers and nomadic herdsmen clashes in RAFIN BARUNA, BOSSO LGA, NIGER State led to 4 deaths

11 January

Suspected cult members murdered a man with bladed weapons in NORTH BANK Area, MAKURDI, BENUE State

The NAF has signed an MoU with FLORIDA based US Company Comp Air Aviation to produce a light utility aircraft the NAFSA Eagle

12 January

The NSCDC NIGER State Command stated it had arrested 2 suspected Boko Haram members in BOSSO LGA, stating one of them pretended to be a madman during the day but then was observed making phone calls and acting like a sane person at night

Fulani herdsman and Gbagyi farmers clashed in SABON DAGA Village leaving a policeman, NSCDC and civilian dead

13 January

Further clashes between Gbagyi farmers and nomadic herdsmen clashes in RAFIN BARUNA, at night led to 2 deaths

14 January

The NIGER State Emergency Management Agency stated that the Gbagyi/ herdsmen clashes in RAFIN BARUNA, BOSSO LGA had displaced up to 6,000 people

Situation External (Rest of the World)

09 January

Gunmen engaged a Camerounian military patrol in the vicinity of KOLOFATA, MAYO SAVA Department killing 1 person

An unexploded rocket detonated in the morning in the vicinity of FOTOKOL, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region wounding 3 girls fetching in firewood after one of them hit it with an axe

10 January

Media reports state that 2 x MQ-9 Reaper UAVs have been deployed to Base Aerienne 101, NIAMEY, NIGER Republic

11 January

2 x suspected PBIED attempted to infiltrate KOLOFATA around 6.00am, one was shot by soldiers and the other detonate

2 x young suspected PBIEDs detonated in the vicinity of DOUBLE, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region in the morning killing them and 2 of their companions

13 January

Media reports state that the US has offered NIGER Republic an ex US WC-130H under its Excess Defence Article programme formerly of the Puerto Rico Air National Guard

14 January

The bodies of 13 men and 3 women with their throats slit were found in the vicinity of GNAM GNAM, 10km from WAZA, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region

President BUHARI attended the 27th AFRICA-FRANCE Summit for Partnership, Peace and Emergence in BAMAKO, MALI


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