Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

01 January

Troops and CJTF vigilantes discovered a PBIED vest around the GOMARI Low Cost Area, MAIDUGURI around 9.30am, the device was recovered and destroyed in a controlled detonation by NPF EOD

02 January

Gunmen attacked friendly forces in the vicinity of LOGOMANI, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State around 1. 10am but were defeated, resulting in several enemy wounded

Troops from NUMAN, NUMAN LGA, ADAMAWA State detained a suspected Boko Haram member Dahiru SAIDU, allegedly Nos 164 on the wanted poster whilst in transit from LAFIYA -LAMURDE to JADA, ADAMAWA State around 7.20pm

The Shehu of BORNO Alhaji Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai ELKANEMI instructed District Heads in each of the 27 LGAs to identify any fleeing Boko Haram in their areas

The General Commander of MAFA Civilian JTF Agar JALLABE defended the reputation of the arrested Caretaker Chairman Shettima Lawan MAFA at a press conference

03 January

The military has closed filling stations in BABANGIDA, TARMUWA LGA, YOBE State, restricting supplies to 20 litres per motorists

Gunmen attacked 28 TF Bn positions in DAR Village, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State early in the morning with small arms but were repelled with no reported friendly casualties

Vigilantes in BUNI YADI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State were detained by vigilantes around midday and handed over to troops, they were allegedly wives of Boko Haram fighters who fled SAMBISA Forest

Troops supported by CJTF arrested 4 Boko Haram suspects in SHUARI Village, near CUSTOM HOUSE, who stated they were from DAGUMBA Village, MAFA LGA, who were detained with 27 x sachets, 3 x sachets of cowbell milk and N5,040.00

04 January

3 x suspected female PBIEDs attempted to enter the market in BANKI DUTSE Village, 5km from GULAK, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State around 6.15am, they were spotted and challenged by a vigilante patrol, upon refusing to stop they were engaged by the vigilantes, detonating the explosives on 2 of them, killing all 3

Troops patrolling out of KATARKO, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State along GUJBA-NANAMAJI Road detained 4 suspected Boko Haram members allegedly fleeing TALALA, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State

05 January

Elements of 27 Bde recovered a suspected GSS CHIBOK abductee Rakiya ABUBAKAR, in the vicinity of AJIGIN-TALALA, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State near SAMBISA Forest, with a 6 month old baby boy

NDLEA ADAMAWA State Command stated it had seized 870 blocks of suspected cannabis weighing 981kg in DAMILU Area, JIMETA on 29 December

Troops supported by CJTF vigilantes conducted clearance operations along DAMASAK-GASHIGAR Road, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State clearing DUOMA, ASAGA, GASHIGAR and other villages. Enemy were engaged at ASAGA defeating enemy fighters and recovering the corpses of 16 soldiers of 223 Tank Bn who were missing in action in GASHIGAR on since 16 October 2016 along the KAMADUGOU-YBE River bank

Soldiers and CJTF volunteer arrested 4 suspected Boko Haram members at SHUWARI Village, JERE LGA, BORNO State around 10.30am. 1 of who, locals stated was a Boko Haram medic

Troops conducted clearance operations around Camp ZAIRO in SAMBISA Forest, BORNO State discovering a black military style uniform, an Arabic language mortar handbook, a Koran, 4 x notebooks containing names, IED materials and instructions and a breakdown of arms and ammunition distributed amongst the group.

Nigerian refugees consisting 20 men, 25 women and 74 children crossed over from CAMEROUN to NIGERIA at BANKI, BAMA LGA, BORNO State

06 January

Troops patrolling to AWTI Village, (?) LGA, (?) State detained a man with gunshot wounds to the leg, who allegedly confessed to have sustained the injury after being ambushed in RANN on 30 December 2016

Troops arrested 2 men around their positions BUNI YADI at 9.20pm, one of the men was allegedly an ex-soldier dismissed from NASI

07 January

Gunmen attacked 27 TF Bde positions in BUNI YADI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State from the east around 6.15pm but were repelled with 5 soldiers (including a medical officer) killed and 2 wounded, 1 x AK 47 was captured

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked GIDAN DADI, KARLAHI and KWAYINE Village, DEMSA LGA, ADAMAWA State killing 2 villagers and 3 MOPOL after an alleged dispute over 47 dead cows. 2 MOPOL and 4 rifles were reported missing

Gunmen attacked troops via the RANGE AREA, BORNO State, they were defeated killing 4 soldiers. Troops exploited the next day at first light, tracking them to BULAISARI via GOLGORE Village, DAMBOA LGA finding their forming up point, discovering medical waste, a workshop, grinding mill, 2 x dane guns and a Motorola radio and exploited up to AJIGIN and TALALA

Troops conducting clearance operations engaged enemy forces in the vicinity of WULGE, BORNO State around 4.25pm killing 11 enemy and capturing 9. 1 soldier was wounded

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

04 January

KADUNA State Government has relaxed the 24 hour curfew on JEMA’A and ZANGON KATAF LGA to run 6.00pm to 6.00am. The curfew in KAURA LGA remains 24 hours

06 January

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked TSONJE near KAGORO, KAURA LGA, KADUNA State but were repelled after a 24 hour firefight with the NPF and local vigilantes, killing 2 locals. The survivor allegedly retreated to a camp near PASAKORI Village at the base of the KAGORO Mountain

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

01 January

Police state they have arrested up to 70 suspects alleged to have been involved in attack in RAFI LGA in the forests around ROGAN, RAFI LGA (??) and PAN DOGARI, SHIRORO LGA and in LAPAI LGA

The DSS stated it had arrested 3 suspected Boko Haram members in mosque in MUTUM BIYU, GASSOL LGA, TARABA State having allegedly fled MARTE, MARTE LGA, BORNO State

The DSS arrested a suspected kidnapper Amadu BELLO, in HOROTON AREWA, NASARAWA LGA, KANO State, who allegedly was involved in a kidnapping at ZOMO Village, NINGI Village, BAUCHI State

02 January

NIGER State Police Command stated they had raided a suspected kidnappers camp at TEGINA, RAFI LGA detaining 5 suspects and recovering 1 x locally made pistol. They also raided a suspected cattle rustlers camp at PONGU DAJI, LAPAI LGA arresting 3 suspects with 2 x double barrel guns, 124 cattle and 36 x sheep in a 3 day exercise. A suspected kidnapper and cattle rustler Alhaji Muhammadu UMARU was arrested

02 January

The NPF in NIGER State have arrested 21 suspected cattle rustlers and kidnappers across the state, recovering 477 cattle, 90 sheep and an unspecified type and quantity of weapons

03 January

Approximately 15 gunmen attacked CHUL Village, GASSOL LGA, TARABA State at night in an alleged attempt to abduct wealthy elderly lady Hajiya BABA was abducted. Her family was contacted for a ransom

Suspected nomadic gunmen fought Idoma farmers in OKPALE OGEGE, EDUMOGA, OKPOKWU LGA, BENUE State with bladed weapons after they complained about their cows damaging crops

A female lecturer at the Federal University of Agriculture, MAKURDI, Christina AGBULU who was abducted 26 November 2016 in LOKOJA, KOGI State was found dead in a shallow grave in the bush near NEPA Installation along LOKOJA-ABUJA Road around the city despite a N100,000.00 ransom having been paid for her out of a demanded N150,000.00. The victims mobile phone and recovered 3 suspects have been detained who allegedly admitted to abducting and raping the victim until she died and then disposing of the body

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked SUNJI/ KAGORO Village, KAURA LGA, KADUNA State but were repelled by local people with no casualties reported

04 January

Alhai ACHUJA the traditional ruler of EGANYI, AJAOKUTA LGA, KOGI State who was abducted on 31 December 2016 was released, for an undisclosed ransom (n20m had been demanded)

Suspected nomadic gunmen fought Idoma farmers in OKPALE OGEGE with small arms after the farmers went to chase them of their farms killing 5 and wounding several

06 January

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked OKENDE, ODUMOGA Village, OKPOKWU LGA, BENUE State killing 1 person and burning houses and farmland

The CAS AM Sadique ABUBAKAR stated that 2 x MI35M AH had been delivered. Cameras had been installed on Beechcraft NAF 202 and 204 and NAF 201 had been upgraded last year

The NAF stated it had deployed ISR platforms to recce SAMARU, KATAB, ZONKWA and KAFANCHAN in southern KADUNA State

The DSS arrested 2 suspected Boko Haram members in AMBA and GUDI Villages, KOKONA LGA, NASARAWA State, who are allegedly BORNO State indigenes who fled the state and were selling children’s clothes and perfumes. A suspected commander and kidnap coordinator Abdulkarim DAHIRU from OKENGWA, OKENE LGA, KOGI State was arrested at the specialist hospital, LOKOJA, KOGI State, who allegedly coordinated several kidnappings and robberies in EDO and KOGI State

07 January

The DSS arrested a suspected Boko Haram member in ANDAZA Village, KIYAWA LGA, BAUCHI State in possession of N300,000.00 who allegedly supplies narcotics to Boko haram in SAMBISA Forest

The DSS arrested 3 suspected kidnappers at KANSHIO, OTURKPO Road, MAKURDI, BENUE State on suspicions of several kidnappings in NASARAWA, BENUE and PLATEAU States, 2 other members of the gang are at large

Suspected cattle rustlers attacked ANGWA UMAD Village, SHIRORO LGA, NIGER State killing 1 and wounding 15 in an hour long attack stealing 212 cattle and 7 motorcycles

Situation External (Rest of the World)

01 January

A suspected Boko Haram member named as ALKALI was arrested in ALALUBOSA GRA, IBADAN, OYO State. The suspect claimed to be a bomb maker who escaped from SAMBISA Forest, initially getting to Mobil, Ring Road where he was accosted by local Hausa people

04 January

Nigerien Minister of Interior stated that 20 more Boko Haram fighters had surrendered in DIFFA Region

07 January

Gunmen engaged elements of BIR in IYAWA Mountains, GWOZA (?) LGA, BORNO State killing 2 Camerounians


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