Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

28 November

Troops detained 4x suspected cattle rustlers and a teenager in BULABULIM NGARNAM, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State with 4 cows, who have been handed over to the NPF

Troops on a recce/ fighting patrol towards KADAURI, YURAMTI and MANDARI Villages, MAGUMERI LGA, BORNO State supported by vigilantes intercepted 13 suspected Boko Haram members and 51 of their family members in the vicinity of YURAMTI Village.

Troops detained a suspected Boko Haram member Alhaji Saidu MOHAMMED in HELMA JIBIR Village, BIU LGA, BORNO State with analgesics and sedatives as well as 31 wraps of cannabis

Troops conducting a clearance patrol in the vicinity of DOGON CHUKWU, BORNO(?) State engaged the enemy killing 1 and wounding 1

29 November

Troops deployed to BUNI GARI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State supported by vigilantes detained 3 men, 3 women and 8 children, suspected to be Boko Haram escapees at GOROBCHA Village, northeast of AJIGIN,

30 November

Troops cleared GONERI, MARTE LGA, BORNO State, harbouring at GONI KURMI, BAMA LGA for the night. Gunmen attacked friendly forces but were defeated with 1 x AK 47 captured as well as ammunition and magazines

Troops cleared enemy camps in the vicinity of JEFE, NDENEMA and TURORI Villages, BORNO State, stopping at KAZALAMARI Village

01 December

Troops from GONI KURMI cleared ALAFA 1,2 and 3, GWOZA LGA harbouring up at BULA BELLO

Troops raided DABAN GIWA, DABAN MASARA, GRATTE, TARMUA LGA, YOBE State and other villages engaged enemy fighters on horseback emerging from a creek around 1.00pm, killing 32 horses and wounding an unknown number. 1 soldier was wounded

Troops continued the advance from KAZALAMARI to clear SAMBISA GATE 1, detonating an IED and engaging the enemy in a firefight at GARIN DINYA Village, killing 19 enemy and capturing 4 x AK 47, 8 x magazines and other weapons. 2 x soldiers and 2 x CJTF were wounded

04 December

4 x policemen and 1 x civilian guard have been arrested for allegedly stealing IDP relief items from the private house of the ADAMAWA State Deputy Governor in YOLA to sell in the VILOKILANG Area. It is unclear why relief items were at the Deputy Governors Private House

Gunmen attacked elements of 119 TF Bn in the vicinity of KANGARWA, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State around 4.00pm, the attack was defeated with air support  from 2 x NAF aircraft leaving 13 enemy dead, 1 soldier killed and 3 wounded. 2 x enemy Hiluxes were destroyed, indirect fire weapons, AK 47s, machine guns and other firearms were recovered

Troops supported by vigilantes intercepted 5 men, 29 women and children heading from KAFA to GONIRI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State around 1.45pm, local vigilantes alleged 2 of the men were suspected terrorists

05 December

The Caretaker Chairman of KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State Habib KEKENO stated that the military would reopen MAIDUGURI-BAGA Road on 24 December, 2 years after its closure in November 2014

Troops cleared enemy positions in the vicinity of NJIMIA, BAMA LGA, BORNO State enemy counter attacks with small arms and AAA weapons were defeated after a 30 minute firefight, wounding 1 soldier and 2 x CJTF (1 of whom later died)

President BUHARI stated that the UN is exaggerating the scale of the humanitarian crisis in the north east

06 December

NAF ISR spotted enemy forming up to attack friendly forces at NJIMIA around 4.00pm, air and artillery strikes on enemy formations destroyed 5 x vehicles including a fuel tanker thought to contain IEDs

The IGP Ibrahim IDRIS stated that 2 x policemen, 1 x prison official, 1 x NAF serviceperson, 2 x CJTF vigilantes and 1 x BORNO State Ministry of Agriculture official had been arrested for sexually abusing female IDPs

08 December

The BORNO State Governor announced that the military will reopen MAIDUGURI-MAGUMERI-GUBIO Road and the MAIDUGURI-DAMASAK Road

The Governor of DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic, Muhammad DANDANO visited the BORNO State Governor Kashim SHETTIMA in MAIDUGURI to discuss refugees and reconstruction

09 December

2 young female PBIEDs dressed as schoolgirls detonated in the grain and second hand clothes section of the market in MADAGALI, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State killing up to 45 people and wounding 177

10 December

Elements of 233 Bn, conducted an intelligence led raid on suspected enemy in the vicinity of KUKARETA and SASAWA, DAMATURU LGA, YOBE State near DAMATURU, who had reportedly been raiding villages in KUKARETA, SASAWA and BABBANGIDA on market days. 5 enemy were killed in the firefight, 3 x AK 47, 4 x mobile phones, 3 x jack knives and Tramadol capsule were captured

Media reports show photographs of a Slovak made Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Bozena 5 in Nigerian military service. The device is used to clear anti personnel, anti tank mines and IEDs

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

03 December

KADUNA State Governor Nasir EL RUFAI stated that his government had paid compensation to herdsmen who lost cattle during the 2011 election violence

The IGP of Police has commissioned a specialist anti kidnapping unit in KANO State to conduct surveillance and hostage negotiations

05 December

KADUNA State Government stated that IMN leader Ibrahim EL ZAKZAKY will be prosecuted  for unspecified crimes that led up to the ZARIA incident of December 2015 as well as other unspecified crimes and declared IMN to be an ‘insurgent group’

08 December

The BORNO Elders Forum has written an open letter to President BUHARI to intervene in the IMN crisis in KADUNA State drawing parallels between the situation and the beginnings of the Boko Haram insurgency

Elements of 1 Div on Op Sharan Daji conducted clearance ops in BUNGUDU, MARU LGA, ZAMFARA State killing 9 suspects and destroying camps and motorcycles in a 3 day operation. 3 suspected bandits were detained and 292 x cows 44 x rams and 17 donkeys recovered

KADUNA State Police Command warned IMN not to hold any processions, they also described the CJTF (presumably a KADUNA copycat group) to be an unlawful organisation

09 December

The head of IMN’s Shuhadah Foundation, Sheikh Abdul Hamid BELLO rejected the KADUNA State Governments White Paper, stating the State Government had rejected 99% of the Inquiries findings

10 December

IMN members allege that armed police have blockaded their Markaz Centre in SOKOTO City, SOKOTO State to prevent them from holding their annual Maulud procession commemorating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed
Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

02 December

Patrolling troops in the vicinity of GAMJI and KAFIN LEMU Villages, NINGI LGA, BAUCHI State engaged suspected kidnappers in a firefight killing them and recovering 5 x dane guns, 1 x local pistol and some charms

03 December

Suspected Fulani herdsmen allegedly murdered a young man on his farm at IDDO, ABUJA FCT along NNAMDI AZIKIWE International Airport Road.

04 December

The abductors of Mrs TOR-AGBIDYE, the BENUE Radio journalist abducted from MAKURDI, have asked for an N80m ransom

05 December

The BENUE Radio journalist, Mrs TOR-AGBIDYE was released early in the morning. Police stated no ransom had been paid and several suspects with connections to the family had been arrested. Mrs TOR-AGBIDYE stated she had been held in a forest in GWER-WEST LGA, and the kidnappers had asked for a ransom of N500,000.00 reduced to N100,000.00 and had not maltreated her

The NAF received the first 4 Super Mushshaks trainer aircraft at NAF KADUNA in a ceremony attended by the CAS AM Sadique ABUBAKAR and the Pakistani Chief of Air Staf Air Chief Marshall Sohail AMAN

07 December

GOMBE State Police Command arrested 3 suspected armed robbers in the GOMBE Low Cost Division

08 December

Elements of 33 Bde on Op Forest Kunama 2 from FOB LIMAN KATAGUM, BAUCHI State, detained 2 x suspected kidnappers following a tip off in KUNBULI and GUBEIL Villages, BAUCHI State, after they allegedly requested N1m ransom from a citizen

09 November

A soldier reportedly shot a trailer driver at a checkpoint at JAMATA Bridge, KOTON  KARFE LGA, KOGI State on the ABUJA-LOKOJA Road at the border between KOGI State and the FCT. Other trailer drivers blocked the road in protest at the incident for 5 hours

Situation External (Rest of the World)

02 December

The UN has launched the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan with an appeal for $1bn to deal with the humanitarian crisis in the Lake CHAD Basin

04 December

NEMA provided 1,460 bags (650 x rice, 300 x guinea corn, 200 x millet, 150 x beans, 10 x groundnuts, 50 x flour, 50 x sugar and 50 x salt) of foodstuff and 100 x cartons tinned tomato, 50 x cartons of Maggi cubes, 150 x cartons of soap and 50 x cartons of vegetable oil to 80,709 Nigerian refugees in MINAWAO Refugee Camp, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN

05 December

The Swedish Government has donated $56m in humanitarian aid to UN affiliated relief workers in BORNO State, the shipment of feeding, accommodation, kitchen, health and office facilities, generators, utensils, bedding and other items of equipment were received at MAIDUGURI Airport by Swedish Ambassador Inger ULTVEDT

The EU Ambassador to NIGERIA Michael ARRION pledged 20m Euros to rebuild markets and warehouses in BORNO and DELTA States

Officers from NIGERIA, USA, CAMEROUN, BENIN Republic, the UK, the NETHERLANDS and NIGER Republic conducted a 2 day planning and preparation exercise for US AFRICOM led, Cameroun hosted Exercise Unified Focus 2017, a table top exercise scheduled for April 2017 for the MNJTF to practice joint planning and coordination. Participants include the NN, Camerounian Air Force, US Marine Corps, Royal Air Force, US Air Force with support from the UTAH and CALIFORNIA National Guard

10 December

The US Government has stated it agrees with the recommendations that the military perpetrators of the ZARIA Incident should be punished, calling on the Federal Government to act on the judgement of the ABUJA High Court


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