Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

09 October

the World Bank has donated $50m to the FADAMA 3 programme to assist BORNO, YOBE, ADAMAWA, TARABA, GOMBE and BAUCHI States, targeting 600 communities and 24,000 households

The World Health Organisation (WHO) delivered medical supplies to MAFA and DIKWA IDP Camps, BORNO State

11 October

Troops conducting a clearance patrol around LADIN BUTA and JUWANO Villages, JERE LGA, BORNO State engaged an armed group that is believed to have been robbing and kidnapping locals around 11.00am killing 2 suspects and recovering 2 x Ak 47 rifles, 2 x locally made 7.62mm rounds, 2 x mobile phones and 1 x torch

Gunmen attacked KWASHEBE Village, JERE LGA with small arms and petrol bombs around 10.30am killing 5 people, burning houses and looting foodstuffs and livestock. Vigilantes evacuated the wounded whilst soldiers attempted to intercept

The NAF states that F-7Ni, Alpajets and Mi24 AH involved in Op Forest Storm have destroyed several enemy camps including a suspected logistics camp in SAMBISA Forest with day and night strikes

12 October

NAF has stated that it will suspend Op Forest Storm, its 8 day bombardment of the SAMBISA Forest, BORNO State in order to give a window for surrender

A suspected IED contained in a VW Golf detonated outside MUNA Garage Motor Park, JERE LGA along MAIDUGURI-DIKWA-GMBORU NGALA Road on the outskirts of MAIDUGURI, BORNO State around 9.00am as it tried to join a convoy heading to GAMBORU killing 8 and wounding 15. A second device was found and made safe. The devices were believed to have been carried by a female who entered the vehicle

BORNO State Governor has said that all IDP camps will be closed by 29 May 2017

13 October

21 GSS CHIBOK abductees have been freed to the DSS by Boko Haram reportedly in exchange for 4 Boko Haram prisoners in a swap mediated by the ICRC and Swiss government. The exchange reportedly took place at KUMSHE, 15km north of BANKI, at 5.30am with ICRC vehicles took them to a military base from where the girls were flown by helicopter to MAIDUGURI. The prisoners were reportedly flown to BANKI by helicopter and then driven to KUMSHE by the ICRC

14 October

The CNS Vice Adm Ibok-Ete IBAS has stated that the Navy has deployed to BAGA, KUKUWA LGA in order to conduct   operations on Lake CHAD

15 October

A young male PBIED was shot as he approached friendly positions in MADAGALI, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State along MADAGALI-LIMANKARA Road, his device activated killing him

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

09 October

The KADUNA State Government has reportedly ordered the arrest of IMN spokesman IbrahIm MUSA for violating Sections 97a and 97b of the Penal Code by admitting membership of IMN

10 October

KATSINA State has banned all religious processions

11 October

KANO State banned the Islamic Movement of NIGERIA

The IMN has stated it will challenge the KADUNA State Governments ban in court

Security forces surrounded the home of Shia Leader Muhtar SAHABI and the MARKAZ Mosque, ZANGO Road, KADUNA. Withdrawing the next day

12 October

IMN spokesman Ibrahim MUSA stated that the annual Ashura procession by in FUNTUA, FUNTUA LGA, KATSINA State was allegedly stopped by policemen with tear gas and live rounds killing 9 and wounding up to 20. 2 policemen were reported injured, 46 people arrested and 5 x dane guns, sticks, cutlasses and improvised weapons were recovered.

IMN members conducted their annual Ashura procession in KANO, KANO State from RIJIYA Area to Specialist Hospital to MEBERA. Local youths disrupted the Shia Ashura procession ABBATOIR Area of KOFAR MARZUGAL, KANO as it attempted to form at the Abdullahi Bayero Mosque in FAGGE, wounding several. IMN spokesman Ibrahim MUSA stated that some female IMN members were arrested after leaving the annual Ashura procession in KANO and taken to BOMPAI Police Station.

Thugs reportedly attacked and killed one person on his way from the Ashura procession in TUDUN WADA, SOKOTO NORTH LGA, SOKOTO State and his car burnt. Another violent confrontation in TAMAJE, SOKOTO SOUTH LGA resulted in 3 motorcycles burnt and 1 person arrested

Local youths attacked a local Shia leader Muhtar SAHABI’s house on ZANGO Road, TUDUN WADA, KADUNA SOUTH LGA, KADUNA State the Islamic Centre and an Islamic School and caused up to 4 deaths, 4 women were reportedly handed over to the police at BAKIN RUWA by the youths

13 October

Islamic leaders in KADUNA State have condemned attacks on the Shia, Izala Sheik Yusuf Sambo RIGACHIKUN and Sheik Umar SULEIMAN of Sultan Bello Mosque issued a joint statement

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked a MOPOL checkpoint in the vicinity of TSONJE Village, on KAGORO-GIDAN WAYA Road, KAURA LGA, KADUNA State around 9.30am killing 2 and wounding 2 whilst 2 were unhurt, 2 weapons were also stolen by the attackers

78 IMN members were charged before the Chief Magistrate Court, KANO, KANO State with criminal conspiracy, breach of the peace and unlawful assembly. All were granted bail and the case adjourned

14 October

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked a police post in the vicinity of GODOGODO, JEMA’A LGA, KADUNA State

The KADUNA State Government condemned the attacks in IMN members in the State

15 October

Suspected Fulani gunmen have attacked GODOGODO from the direction of NGUWAN NINZON around 6.00pm, destroying the police post and then attacking the village, burning it and killing up to 20 people

IMN members allegedly trying to rebuild their destroyed school on ZANGO Road, TUDUN WADA, KADUNA clashed with local street thugs, with 2 IMN members killed and 10 injured. They were allegedly followed to UNGUWAN MUAZU, where the clashes continued. Other incidents were reported along the Nnamdi Azikiwe Bypass Road in KINKINAU, KABALA WEST,

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

10 October

The NDLEA supported by elements of 332 Artillery Bn has destroyed 5.93 hectares of cannabis in ZAMPIT, SHIMAKA District, SHENDAM LGA, PLATEAU State valued at N670,380.00, 8 suspects were arrested and 5 guns were recovered

Elements of 33 Bde from FOB BURRA, NINGI LGA, BAUCHI State, ambushed suspected kidnappers from SABON KURA, NINGI LGA as they headed towards DIWWA Village killing 4 wounding several others and recovering 3 x dane guns, 3 x mobile and charms

11 October

1,500 weapons were destroyed at a ceremony in BENUE State by the Presidential Committee of Small Arms and Light Weapons

12 October

Gunmen abducted 2 schoolgirls from Government Vocational School, RIJAU, RIJAU LGA, NIGER State around 3.20a and taken to the RIJAU Forest, NPF responded and pursued the kidnappers engaging them in a 2 hour firefight and rescuing the girls

Police in PLATEAU State have arrested 26 female and 17 male IMN members for disrupting the peace after attempting to conduct a procession, despite being told not to. The local leader Adamu TSOHO was declared wanted.

Local residents clashed with IMN members and burnt the IMN Elementary Study Centre in JOS, JOS NORTH LGA, PLATEAU State, IMN spokesman Ibrahim MUSA stated that soldiers attacked the annual Ashura procession in JOS, PLATEAU State and then entered the Islamic Centre, arrested some people and allegedly threatened to demolish it

Suspected members of the Black Axe Cult attacked and murdered a BENUE State University Student and his girlfriend in MAKURDI. The victim was allegedly a member of Red Vipers Cult. 5 suspects have been arrested and reportedly confessed to the crime.

14 October

The EFCC has arrested a Lt Cmdr and Wing Cmdr from the Military Pension Board for diverting N339m in death benefits from fallen soldiers next of kin into 11 fake accounts in a branch of UBA in WUSE Zone 3, the Bank Branch Manager and Relationship Manager were also arrested. The bank auditors alerted the authorities after noting 2 suspicious withdrawals. 2 other suspects are at large

15 October

The PLATEAU State Government has banned Shia activities in the state

Situation External (Rest of the World)

06 October

German Chancellor Angela MERKEL promised the Nigerien Government 77m Euros to combat people smuggling in AGADEZ Region as well as military vehicles and equipment worth 10m Euros

09 October

Gunmen attacked LABADO, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region wounding 2 people and stealing 5 bicycles and foodstuffs

12 October

Gunmen attacked MAGDEME, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, losing one enemy killed by vigilantes

14 October

Gunmen attacked GANSE, MAYO SAVA Department, killing 1 civilian


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