Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

17 July

Elements of 101 Bn, 7 Dive garrison supported by CJTF on foot patrol captured a suspected male PBSIED in SABON GARI JIDARI, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State with an IED concealed inside a stabiliser casing. The suspect named as Yusuf TASIU has been detained and the device destroyed by controlled explosion by NPF EOD.

Vigilantes from NJIDARI south east of DAMBOA, DAMBOA LGA, conducted a clearance patrol in the vicinity of NGWALIMERI Village, east of BAALE, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State destroying an enemy camp and capturing 1 x AK 47 and 5 x locally made 7.62mm (AK) rounds and a military style uniform which were handed over to 25 TF Bde HQ.

249 detainees (169 males, 46 females and 34 children) were released to the BORNO State Government from the Joint Interrogation Centre. 203 were from BORNO, 38 from YOBE, 2 from ADAMAWA, 2 from JIGAWA, 2 from CAMEROUN and 1 each from LAGOS and OYO. The detainees were given N3,000.00 on release

18 July

Elements of 7 Div Strike Group Team B (7 DSGB) attached to 21 Bde supported by 4 x vigilantes conduced clearance operations in the vicinity of WARPAYA, ZENTELEYE, MUBARKA, JADAWA and YERWA Villages, BAMA LGA, BORNO state, engaging the enemy in the vicinity of JADAWA and YERWA killing 7 enemy and sustaining 4 friendly wounded. 1 x FN FAL, 2 x motorcycles and 2 x mobile phones were captured. 75 cows and 25 sheep were recovered later on in the operation. The unit was ambushed as it returned to base but defeated the attack. Mud and marsh further hampered the operation.

Elements of 114 TF Bn, 28 TF Bde supported by vigilantes conducted clearance patrols towards MBALE and MADUBE, BORNO State, engaging the enemy killing 5 and wounding several others. 6 males, 10 females and 6 children were rescued, 2 x bicycles, 2 x gas cylinders and 2 x dane guns were recovered.

Elements of 115 TF Bn conducted a clearance patrol towards KILEKASA/ KPOCHI Village, GWOZA LGA, clearing enemy positions in PUMPUM and EMI Villages, ASKIRA UBA LGA.

Elements of 117 TF Bn conducted reassurance patrols in GELLA, GYADKWARA, MAYO BANI and NGYAHI Villages

Elements of 143 Bn patrolled to FATTUDE, GERSHISHA, WAKARA, GADAMAYO and BARAI Villages, GWOZA LGA

Suspected nomadic gunmen killed 5 farmers in KALA Village, HONG LGA, ADAMAWA State after a reported dispute over cattle grazing on farmland

19 July

The BORNO State Emergency Management Agency stated it would replace centralised feeding in IDP camps by August with household feeding

Troops conducted a fighting patrol to GARERE Village, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State following reports of an enemy concentration killing 42 enemy and rescuing 38 women and 42 children, who were taken to BAGA.  504 x 7.62mm (NATO), 162 x 7.62mm (AK), 1 x Landcruiser 34 x Jerrycans of Petrol and 55 x motorcycles were captured

A 251 Bn, 7 Div Garrison checkpoint in MOLAI, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State intercepted a truck around 8.00am carrying 25 x jerrycans of petrol. The owner and the driver of the vehicle stated that the goods were for customers in DAMBOA. Both suspects were sent to the Joint interrogation Centre

Gunmen ambushed troops patrolling KUMSHE-BANKI Road, BAMA LGA, BORNO State with bow and arrows friendly forces killed 3 and captured 1 attacker.

Gunmen attacked a police outpost in GWOZA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State at night killing 2 policemen and losing 7 attackers

20 July

Gunmen attacked BAKIN DUTSE Village, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State early in the morning, killing one person and wounding 4. Troops responded and the attackers fled

Troops conducted a clearance patrol to GURO GONGON Village, in the vicinity of ALAGARNO, KUKAWA(?) LGA, BORNO State destroying several enemy camps and capturing 1 x pick up truck mounted with an AAA gun, 1 x MOWAG APC, 1 x RPG launcher, 1 x light machine gun, 3 x AK 47 and several motorcycles. The troops were ambushed on their return sustaining 22 wounded including 3 x vigilantes, with several missing in action. A reaction force of Nigerian Special Forces and other troops has commenced a search for the missing

22 July

MCCC Theatre Commander Maj Gen Lucky IRABOR stated that 3 officers (including the CO) and 15 men were missing after the ambush in GURO GONGON. 6 soldiers and 4 vigilantes had already established contact with forces searching for them (it was not clear if they had actually been rescued)


The ADAMAWA State Government is to renovate GSS, GOMBI, GOMBI LGA which was used as a Boko Haram base

23 July

The CDS Lt Gen Gabriel OLONISAKIN stated that scarcity of aviation fuel was having a negative effect on COIN ops in the North East, he also stated Op Gama Aiki was planned to last for 60 days.

Troops searching for soldiers missing after the ambush in GURO GUNGON found 5 soldiers including the Commanding Officer

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

20 July

Media reports state that the KADUNA State Judicial Inquiry into the ZARIA Incident led by Justice Mohammed GARBA blamed GOC 1 Div. Maj Gen Adeniyi OYEBADE and Col A.K IBRAHEEM for intelligence failures and culpability in the deaths of IMN members and made 33 recommendations including trying the accused officers. The IMNs legal team responded that they were denied access to the IMN leader Sheikh EL ZAKZAKY

KANO Magistrates Court denied bail to the 5 men accused of murdering Bridget AGBAHIME in KOFAR WAMBAI Market on 02 June 2016

The DSS arrested 3 suspected kidnappers at Travellers Mosque, IGABI, IGABI LGA, KADUNA State along KADUNA-ZARIA Road who had allegedly been operating along ABUJA -KADUNA Road in within KADUNA State

21 July

KADUNA State Police stated they had arrested 13 suspected kidnappers and 10 suspected armed robbers, 9 suspected members of a street gang Sara Suka, 2 wanted suspects and 3 petty criminals in July

22 July

The DSS raided a suspected criminal hideout in ADO BAYERO Quarters, NAIBAWA, KUMBOTSO LGA, KANO State recovering 1 x AK 47 with 28 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, 1 x browning 9mm pistol with 2 x 9mm rounds and 1 x P5 pistol with 10 x rounds

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

17 July

Suspected kidnappers attempted to abduct a businessman in LALLAMI, BALI LGA, TARABA State but were intercepted by local vigilantes who engaged them killing 3

18 July

Suspected nomadic gunmen killed a Challa traditional ruler Chief Lazarus AGAI and 3 others as they returned from his farm in SHA, BOKKOS LGA, PLATEAU State

BENUE State Governor Samuel ORTOM stated that 4 suspects associated with Terwase AGWAZA (aka GHANA) former Chief Coordinator of the BENUE State Amnesty Programme had been arrested with 1 x AK 47, 1 x pump action shotgun and 260 rounds of unspecified ammunition.

19 July

Protestors in BOKKOS LGA, demonstrated against the killing of Chief AGAI burning up to 5 Fulani settlements including FOKKOS, DANAN and KWATAS. Authorities prevented further destruction and imposed a curfew

20 July

Suspected kidnappers from ETUTEKPE, DEKINA LGA, KOGI State abducted an Okada driver in OBU BRACH, OTUKPA, OGBADIBO LGA, BENUE State but he was rescued by local farmers

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked DANAN, BOKKOS LGA in reprisal, burning properties.

Additional police including a helicopter have been deployed to BOKKOS LGA by the IGP

21 July

Youths protesting the killing of Chief Lazarus AGAIE blocked roads in BOKKOS LGA and intercepted the convoy of the Commissioner of Police Adekunle OLADUNJOYE and Op Safe Haven forces. Elements of the STF reportedly opened fire on protestors allegedly killing up to 1 and wounding 7 (3 fatally). Youths allegedly attacked the local Police station releasing some prisoners and killing 2 others. Op Safe Haven spokesman denied the protestors were shot by their men, alleging that local youths attempted to lynch the local Fulani Ardo and died as a result. A 24-hour curfew has been imposed on the LGA

The DSS arrested a man Bulama Mohammed RAMAT (aka Muhmmad Bashir MUHAMMADU) at JABI Motor Park, UTAKO, ABUJA, FCT, on suspicion of planning to attack targets in FCT

22 July

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked ZEGEYO Area, OKPATTA Town, DOMA LGA, NASARAWA State in the afternoon allegedly after a dispute over grazing wounding several people and displacing up to 200

23 July

The GOMBE State Government has announced that 53% (or 2,935) IDP children have been enrolled in schools in collaboration with UNICEF

The DSS stated they had arrested a suspected gunrunner Saidu YAHAYA during the screening of prospective Haj pilgrims at the Muslim Pilgrims Board in JOS, PLATEAU STATE, who had been supplying weapons to different factions during communal clashes in PLATEAU, TARABA, BENUE and NASARAWA State

Okada drivers inn ZAKI BIAM, UKUM LGA, BENUE State were protested the killing of one of their colleagues by the police along the KATSINA ALAL-TARABA Road

Situation External (Rest of the World)

19 July

Gunmen attacked BALATOUKSE, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 1 man

20 July

MNJTF conducted ground and air operations around KOMADOUGOU YOBE River, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic

MSF has stated that a humanitarian catastrophe is imminent in BORNO State, where at least 500,000 people need food, medical care water and shelter

Gunmen attacked a village in KOLOFATA Arrondissement, XXX Department, stealing 400 head of cattle

21 July

Vigilantes from DJAKANA arrested a man named KOUDJALIMA in GANSE, MAYO SAVA Department. The man who works as a transporter between BANKI and MAIDUGURI was suspected of being involved in Boko Haram attacks in BANKI, AMCHIDE and KOLOFATA

Gunmen killed 3 fishermen on Lake CHAD in the vicinity DARAK, LOGONE ET CHARI Department

Gunmen attacked Camerounian MNJTF Sector 3 outpost in DAMBORE, NGALA LGA, BORNO State at night

Media reports state that Mauritanian police arrested a suspected Senegalese Boko Haram member crossing the Senegal/ Mauritania border who stated that since 2015, 23 Senegalese have joined Boko Haram and are currently fighting in the Lake CHAD Region

22 July

Gunmen attacked HILTANGOM Village, EXTREME NORD Region, burning 12 huts and stealing 100 goats and sheep

The UNs OCHA has provided 31 metric tonnes of food and non food items to 15,000 IDPs in BANKI, BAMA LGA, BORNO State via CAMEROUN due to the roads from MAIDUGURI being insecure


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