Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

08 July

Vigilantes led by a BORNO State indigene in LAGOS State arrested 6 men suspected of being fugitive Boko Haram members. Named as ADAM, Ibrahim MOHAMMED (from BAGA LGA), Ibrahim ALI, Abubaker AHMED and Goigoi KAMSALEM (from BAGA LGA), and Banagana Blam ALI (from KONDUGA LGA). ADAM who was detained hiding in an abandoned container in a church in FESTAC Town, Ibrahim ALI and Babagana ALI were arrested near the Berger Toll Gate in ISHERI, AHMED, KAMSALEM and MOHAMMED were arrested in VICTORIA Island. The suspects were handed over to the security forces.

11 July

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked TAMBO GIMO, GIREI LGA, ADAMAWA State around 2.00am, killing 3 people, wounding 3, burning the village and stealing 70 goats and sheep.

12 July

NEMA has delivered 8000 x 25kg bags rice, 1,200x 50kg bags of maize, 1000 x 25kg bags of millet and 3,200 x 25kg bags of beans to the BORNO State government to feed IDPs in MAIDUGURI

Gunmen attacked elements of 119 TF Bn in KANGARWA, KUKUWA LGA, BORNO State around 6.30pm with small arms, mortars and RPGs but were defeated after a 3 hour firefight, with 1 soldier killed, 11 wounded and a gun truck damaged. 25 enemy were killed, 2 x RPG tubes, 1 x 60mm barrel, 2 x machine guns, 12 x AK 47 and 1 x GPMG, 1 x PKM (?) were captured

The US has released $13m from its Central Emergency Response Fund to the UN to provide aid for 250,000 IDPs in north east NIGERIA

14 July

Elements of 118 TF Bn, 7 Bde ambushed enemy in 2 x pick ups and several motorcycles in GONERI, MARTE LGA, BORNO State south west of KUKUWA LGA, BORNO State capturing 1 x Buffalo Landcruiser mounted with a 12.7mm Dshk HMG, 1,600 x 12.7mm Armour Piercing Incendiary rounds, 563 x 7.62mm (NATO) link, 57 x 7.62mm (AK), 1 x motorcycles, 7 x jerrycans of petrol, 1 Nigerian Army style uniform, 2 x Camerounian SIM Cards, 1 x Boko Haram type uniform, 1 x Samsung Galaxy tablet, and various drugs such as Climax Oxytocin, Tetracyclic HC1 ointment, drips, syringes and others. Troops continued the operation whilst elements of 157 TF Bn occupied blocking positions in MILE 90, YOYO, BARWATI and KEKENO Villages

Brig Gen Ali NANI assumed command of 8 Div, taking over from Brig Gen Chuwuemeka OKONKWO

15 July

Gunmen attacked MNJTF Sector 3 positions in the vicinity of BAGA, KUKUWA LGA, BORNO State but were defeated losing 25 killed, 2 x weapons

DHQ cleared 3 Boko Haram suspects and handed 2 over to YOBE State and 1 to BORNO State Government

29 Bde QRF supported by CJTF ambushed enemy forces east of MARGUBA Village, KAGA LGA, BORNO State killing 2 x enemy, wounding an unknown number and capturing 1 x AK 47, 29 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, bow and arrows, 1 x mobile phone, 1 x wallet and ID

16 July

Soldiers supported by vigilantes have continued clearance operations in the vicinity of GOMBALE, BAMA(?) LGA, BORNO State in the SAMBISA Forest. Operation have been hampered by heavy rainfall

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

10 July

A clash between members of Assemblies of God Church in SAMINAKA, LERE LGA, KADUNA State left the homes of two Pastors burnt and over 20 people wounded

12 July

The NPF paraded 11 men accused of kidnapping in KADUNA State, the FCT and other North Central States including the abduction of the SIERRA LEONE Defence Adviser they were arrested on 02 July following surveillance of the ABUJA-KADUNA Road. 3 x AK 47, 3 x AK 47 magazines, 90 x 7.62mm (AK), 2 x military style uniforms

14 July

Soldiers raided a suspected bandit camp in GANGAMI Village around DANSADAU, MARU LGA, ZAMFARA State recovering 2 x dane guns and several bags of cannabis after a fire fight. Another raid on GIDAN MAI JAJA, in the vicinity of DANSADAU recovering 85 x cattle, 37 x sheep and 1 x donkey after the suspects fled. Another raid on GOBIRAWAN KWACHA resulted 2 suspects killed and a machete recovered

15 July

KADUNA State Governor Nasir EL RUFAI is to receive the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry relating to the ZARIA Incident of 12 December 2015

IMN members blocked the ZARIA-KADUNA Road in protest against the detention of their leader

16 July

Elements of 223 Bn on patrol engaged gunmen in the vicinity of MADAKA Village, MARU LGA, ZAMFARA State killing 9 suspected bandits, recovering 3 x AK 47s, 2 x AK 47 magazines, 3 x 7.62mm

Vigilantes in YARGADA Village, GUSAU LGA, ZAMFARA State captured a suspected armed bandit and handed him to troops at MAGAMI.

A special military task force has been deployed to ZAMFARA State to clear bandits and cattle rustlers from local forests

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

07 July

An argument in BOKUTA Village, BOSSO LGA, NIGER State between a farmer and herdsmen who grazed on his land led to the death of one of the farmers

08 July

Farmers in BOKUTA Village, BOSSO LGA allegedly attacked herdsmen killing 5

Herdsmen allegedly occupied a farm in TUNGAN MALLAM Village, PAIKORO LGA, NIGER State killing a farmer, other local farmers retaliated killing 3 herdsmen, 4 other people were killed.

09 July

Gunmen abducted a Ward Head Chief TSEGBA from his home in ADEKAA, GBOKO Town, GBOKO LGA, BENUE State around 8.00pm

11 July

NASARAWA State Police paraded 4 people suspected of ambushing a vehicle, murdering a Policeman, stealing his weapon and abducting a Chinese citizen Pan YU in May 2016 in AYIWAWA Village, TOTO LGA. The abductee was released 23 May and the suspects arrested on 06 July and the AK 47 recovered from them, with 4 other members at large. Also paraded was a 32 year old suspect arrested on 04 July for the murder of an ECWA Pastor on 30 June

A land dispute between KUFAI, BILLIRI LGA and KULISHI, SHONGM LGA, GOMBE State resulted in 1 person killed and several houses burnt

12 July

The BENUE State chapter of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of NIGERA (MACBAN) stated that the conflict between Tiv and Fulani in the NIGER State was fomented by a Fulani cattle rustler nicknamed ‘GHANA’ who had brought gangs of gunmen to the State

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked AKOMBO VILLAGE near ANYIIM, LOGO LGA, BENUE State around 5.30pm killing 5 people, wounding and displacing several others

14 July

The TARABA State NDLEA Command stated that 343 males and 14 females had been arrested and prosecuted in the past year, with 58 convictions. The agency had also seized 2,215.8kg of psychotropic substances (taramol and dazapam) and 476.3kg of cannabis.

16 July

NPF Intelligence Response Team in KOGI State arrested a suspected kidnapper who lead them to his hideout in the vicinity of EGUME and ANYIMGBA Towns, DEKINA LGA, where 3 suspects were killed following a firefight and a hostage released unharmed. 2 policemen were wounded. Another gang of 3 kidnappers were detained and arrested leading to the release of 3 abductees in the ACHARU EGUME, DEKINA LGA

The 2 Indian nationals abducted in GBOKO LGA, BENUE State on 29 June were released at 10.30am

Elements of 33 Bde based in a FOB in BURRA, NINGI LGA, BAUCHI State conducted a patrol towards UNGUWAR KANAWA-RUGAR ABDULSALAMI-DIWA Village-DUTSEN ZAKI, engaging suspected bandits in the vicinity of JEJIN DUTSEN ZAKI in DUTSEN ZAKI Forest, resulting in the death of 2 suspects and the rescue of 2 abductees, recovering 5 x AK 47, 23 x 7.62mm (AK), 4 x motorcycles as well as food and clothing.

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked VAASE, WUKARI LGA, TARABA State killing 2 people

Situation External (Rest of the World)

11 July

Gunmen attacked MALOUMRI south of GOUZOUDOU, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region CHAD killing 2 civilians

Nigerien President Mahamadou ISSOUFOU proposed setting up a multinational West African counter terrorism force whilst addressing the 5 member Conseil de l’Entete (NIGER Republic, COTE D’IVOIRE, BURKINA FASO, BENIN Republic, TOGO and MALI as observers) based on the MNJTF model

12 July

EXTREME NORD Region Governor Midiyawa BAKARI states that CAMEROUN is to reopen its border with NIGERIA, as well as markets and ten schools

An IED detonated under a military vehicle in the vicinity of MOURDASS, LOGONE ET CHARI Department wounding 5 soldiers

13 July

Gendarmes from MBE near NGAOUNDERE, ADAMAOUA Region intercepted over 200kg of cannabis hidden in sacks of cabbage on a truck going from BAFOUSSAM, OUEST Region to KOUSSERI LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region

14 July

Alioune TINE, Regional Director Amnesty International stated that Camerounian authorities have arrested over 1,000 people in the Boko Haram campaign and they were being maltreated with over 8 dying each month in MAROUA Prison

A Camerounian military vehicle detonated an IED in the vicinity of LIMANI-WALIYASSI, MAYO SAVA Department killing 1 soldier and wounding 2 others

15 July

Gunmen attacked CHERIF MOUSSARI, MAYO TSANAGA Department, killing a civilian

A truck detonated an IED in the vicinity of DOUBLE, LOGONE ET CHARI Department

The EU is to provide 58.2m Euros in humanitarian aid to the Lake CHAD area bringing total expenditure to 203.7m Euros

3 suspected Boko Haram members surrendered with weapons and ammunition to elements of Sector 2, MNJTF

The US State Department has released $24m (16Bn CFA Francs) to the UNHCR for humanitarian assistance to Boko Haram victims in the Lake CHAD Basin

The MNJTF stated that air strikes by Nigerian, Chadian and Nigerien platforms in the vicinity of MALKONERI, TOUMBOUN REGO and TOUMBON GINI, LAC Region, CHAD had inflicted heavy casualties on enemy men and materiel


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