Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

18 June

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked WUMBI, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State around 4.00am killing 2 people. Local residents fled across the CAMEROUN border, whilst the attackers burnt houses and stole foodstuffs, reportedly withdrawing to NDUFU Village, NGALA LGA

19 June

Elements of 114 TF Bn, 28 TF Bde supported by vigilantes conducted route clearance operations along BITTA-DAMBOA Road from BITTA to GAMBORI Village, DAMBOA LGA BORNO State, engaging the enemy en route at BULAJANI Village, which was cleared. On the way back the troops were ambushed, with a Buffalo APC damaged and 5 troops wounded, 4 enemy were killed and several wounded. Troops captured 6 x bicycles, food stuffs in a cache. At MADUBE Village an IED was discovered which was made safe

Elements of 22 Bde Garrison supported by vigilantes patrolled to ALBANYA Village, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State along DIKWA-MARTE axis, engaging the enemy at SINABAYA Village, west of MARTE-KAJE Road, killing 3 and capturing 11 as well as 1 x AK 47, 5 x AK 47 magazines, 1 x Type 36 hand grenade, 3 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, 4 x motorcycles, 3 x bicycles, 1 x magazine pouch and 1 x mobile phone.

Elements of 22 Bde Garrison and NSCDC defended DIKWA-MAFA-MAIDUGURI Road, escorting an ICRC Convoy from MAIDUGURI to DIKWA and GAMBORU NGALA IDP Camps

A King Air A350i ISR aircraft on Op Gama Aiki spotted 7 x Toyota Hilux in the vicinity of KANGARAWA as they prepared to attack friendly forces in DORON NAIRA, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State. An NAF Alphajet was tasked and attacked the enemy convoy destroying all including at least 2 weapons mounted vehicles and killing 15. Troops cleared the site captured 2 x AK 47, 2 x RPGs and other weapons recovered

Commander Op Lafiya Dole Maj Gen Lucky IRABOR stated that the MADAGALI-GWOZA Road had been reopened, however MAFA-GAMBORU NGALA, MAFA-GAJIRAM MAIDUGURI-DIKWA Road were still closed

20 June

Brig Gen Bassey ETUK, Director (Operations Department) stated the Army is reviewing some restrictions placed on the North East during an interactive session with the House Committee on the Army, such as restrictions of petrol in YOBE State, fertiliser in ADAMAWA State

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked BATARE Village, KOH, GIREI LGA, ADAMAWA State killing a Police Sergeant with bladed weapons, 2 other policemen were reported missing

22 June

Elements of MNJTF Sector 3 on Op Gama Aiki cleared enemy positions in DORAN NAIRA, FAIDE JIMBA, YEBI TASUGIA, YEBI JEMI, ALLI KANORI, YEBI TUMANBA and ALAGARNO Villages, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State. Chadian elements of MNJTF Sector 2 cleared LITTRI, MADAYI and other villages in Lake CHAD killing 31 enemy, capturing 1 x Hilux mounted with a 23mm AAA gun, 77 x 23mm rounds, 12 x AK 47, 4 x RPG rounds, 6 x mortar rounds, 2 x GPMG, 1 x AKM, 8 x ammunition bandoliers. 2 soldiers were killed and 12 wounded

An 81 Bn and 251 TF Bn checkpoint along DAMBOA-BULABULIN Road in the vicinity of LIWANTI Village, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State intercepted several people fleeing of which 7 men, 18 women, 7 teenage boys and 37 children were determined to be suspected family members of Boko Haram fighters who claimed to have escaped from camps in NGWALIMARI Village, in the SAMBISA Forest. Also captured were 15 x bicycles, 5 x dane guns and other items

NEMA began screening refugees who fled to GEIDAM, GEIDAM LGA, YOBE State from BOSSO, and DIFFA, NIGER Republic as well as IDPs from KANAMA, ABADAM, DAMASAK and KARETO. 25 x Bags of rice, 25 x bags of sugar, 20 x cartons of milk, 20 x cartons of milo, 20 x cartons of noodles and nylon mats were used in an immediate intervention for the 5,000 registered

MSF warned of a humanitarian crisis in IDP camps in BAMA due to malnutrition and poor hygiene

A patrol from Sector 1, 27 TF Bde and Army HQ Strike Group cleared enemy positions in BUHARI, MATARI and KAIDIRI Villages, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State near DAMASAK, defeating enemy forces who retreated to NIGER Republic with their wounded. 2 enemy were captured as well as 7 x motorcycles, solar panels, pumps and borehole equipment

Elements of 7 Div and NPF EOD destroyed an IED, in a Keke NAPEP in GOMARI, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State, 2 suspects were also arrested

23 June

Elements of 103 Bn supported by KONDUGA CJTF conducted a clearance operation in KURSORI, BASHIRARI, MALATARI, GONERI. KAJIMARI, LAWAN KOLORI and YALE Villages, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State capturing a Toyota Canter Truck, 1 x Type 36 hand grenade, 16 x dane guns and 2 x AK 47 magazines

25 June

Elements of 21 Bde supported by vigilantes conducted a fighting patrol towards ZANGEBE, MAIWA, ALGAITI and MAINARI Villages, MAFA LGA, BORNO State killing 6 suspected enemy and wounding others. 5 motorcycles and 5 bicycles were captured, whilst up to 5,000 people were rescued

7 Div Garrison Rapid Deployment Force and MOPOL supported by CJTF conducted clearance operations in MASU YIWA, LADIN BUTA, BAZAKA, KESA GALA, TABLA, FAHINDE, SHIRORI, GIZINA, MASKA ARIBE, MASKA and MASKA LAWANTI Villages, MAFA LGA, BORNO State. The enemy was engaged at MASKA LIWANTI, where 2 were killed and 2 motorcycles captured, 1 vigilante was killed and 1 soldier and  1 MOPOL were wounded

Elements of 192 Bn, 26 TF Bde supported by vigilantes conducted a fighting patrol along KUSARHA-ZALIDAVA axis, engaging enemy forces in the vicinity of ZALIDAVA and WEIGE Villages, killing 2 enemy and capturing 1 x GPMG and a belt of 42 x 7.62mm (NATO) link. 1 vigilante was injured

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

21 June

Elements of 223 Bn, 1 Bde, 1 Div conducted a fighting patrol in MARU LGA, ZAMFARA State engaging suspected bandits killing 9 and capturing 3 x AK 47, 4 x AK 47 magazines, 5 x 7.62mm (AK), 1 x machete and 24 x motorcycles. Vigilantes in YARGADA, GUSAU LGA detained another suspected bandit

24 June

The NAF Regiment and NN SBS have begun a training course at the NAF Regiment Training Centre, KADUNA. KADUNA State, involving rappelling and helicopter operations

The NAF is to deploy Eurocopter EC 155 and HH-65 Dolphin helicopters in support of Op Sharan Daji

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

18 June

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked GABO and NENZEV Village, TURAN Ward, LOGO LGA BENUE State from NASARAWA State killing up to 59 people. They then attacked NONGOV Village, GUMA LGA Survivors fled to UGBA, LOGO LGA HQ

Elements of Op Safe Haven detained a suspected arms dealer Nanbong Sambo MAIDOKI in a hotel in LANGTANG NORTH LGA, PLATEAU State. He had been sought since evading capture in September 2013, when 2 x A 47 were recovered from an abandoned vehicle. Upon his arrest a search of his house and Toyota Highlander recovered 1 x RPG round, 1 x RPG launcher and other weapons

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked UGONDO Village, LOGO LGA, BENUE State killing up to 15 people burning homes, farms and food stores

21 June

The COAS Lt Gen BURATAI stated that a specialist motorcycle military unit will deploy to CHARI MARGUMERI Barracks, KOGI State to combat kidnapping, whilst paying a visit to KOGI State Governor Yahaya BELLO in LOKOJA

Gunmen abducted a 16 year old girl as she boarded a commercial vehicle in ADAMAWA State she was rescued by police after a firefight along GOMBE-YOLA Road after being tracked by her phone. Upon her rescue the police and local hunters raided the suspected kidnappers’ hideout at YELWA near KASHERE, AKKO LGA, GOMBE State, 2 suspects were killed and another later died of his injuries, recovered were 3 x AK 47s, 27 x rounds of ammunition and charms

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked ANYIIN, UZER, JOOTAR and GOV, LOGO LGA and GBEJI and VAASE, UKUM LGA, BENUE State around 9.30pm with small arms and bladed weapons, they were repelled by the JTF but attacked again at 2.00am killing up to 12 people.

22 June

The body of Rev John ADEYI was discovered in OTURKPO, BENUE State, 2 months after he was abducted. His abductors were reportedly paid a N2m ransom

John ORENIBI and Salman IDRIS who were abducted by 6 masked gunmen on Saturday 18th along LOKOJA-OKENE Road were released after a n1.5m ransom

23 June

KOGI State Police supported by a detachment from ABUJA raided a mosque in ODE APE, KABBA BUNU LGA, along OBAJANA-KABBA Road in KOGI State, detaining 33 suspected kidnappers

Situation (Rest of the World)

19 June

Gunmen attacked AMTALIA-BONDERI, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region, killing 1 man

20 June

Gunmen stole 2 x motorcycles and a large quantity of foodstuffs from YEGOUA, KOLOFATA Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region

21 June

The Canadian High Commissioner Perry CALDERWOOD visited YOBE State and stated the Canadian Government would be providing $6m via UNICEF, Action Against Hunger and other NGOs to aid IDPs

Nigerien forces have begun operations against Boko Haram in DIFFA Region

US Marine Lt Gen Thomas WALDHAUSER prospective US AFRICOM Commander told US Senate Armed Services Committee that there were internal division in Boko Haram with a large group splitting from ‘SHEKAU’ over his failure to follow Daesh advice, particularly in reference to the use of children as PBIEDs

23 June

The UN FAO stated it will provide food and agricultural assistance to host communities and displaced persons in the Lake CHAD Basin area, particularly YOBE and BORNO States

Gunmen attacked GOUZOUDOUM Village, KOLOFATA Arrondissement and KALDJIWA, MORA Arrondissement, MAYO SAVA Department killing 4 civilians, looting shops and stealing motorcycles

24 June

A Camerounian military vehicle detonated an IED in the vicinity of KAMOUNA, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, killing a soldier

Sector 1 MNJTF began a major operation in the vicinity of Lake CHAD


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