Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

29 May An IED detonated under a Keke NAPEP near a military checkpoint on the BIU-DAMBOA Road, in the vicinity of BIU, BIU LGA, BORNO State around 8.15am killing 4 civilians and a soldier and wounding 2. EOD from FOB BURATAI stated that it was a legacy device

A joint NSCDC and 22 Armoured Bde patrol discovered two IED making facilities in DIKWA, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State. They recovered several functioning IEDs, IED making materials, gas cylinders, tail fin for an air dropped bomb etc. They also discovered 114 x machine gun rounds along DIKWA-MAFA Road in the vicinity of SHEHURI Village

Elements of 26 TF Bde on patrol in GADA MAYO, BORNO State discovered a UXO on HAUSARI Street

A 26 TF Bde clearance patrol in the GWOZA-KWATARA-KASA-UVAHA Hills GWOZA LGA, BORNO State rescued 4 men, 2 women and 5 children who escaped from Boko Haram camps in UVAHA

30 May

Elements of 81Bn and 251 TF Bn, 25 TF Bde rescued 12 men, 24 women, 31 children and 12 infants in NGWALIMIRI, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State who claimed to have escaped from Boko Haram

Elements of 7 Div Garrison arrested a suspected Boko Haram spy named as Musa Mallam AMAN (28 years old from MAHARADI, NIGER Republic) around Garrison HQ in MAIDUGURI, he has been handed to the Joint Intelligence Committee for interrogation

Elements of 122 TF Bn took the surrender of 17 men, 16 women, 16 boys and 26 girls. They were moved to YAMTEKE, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State

A deserter from 117 TF Bn (but attached to 114 Bn) Cpl TITIMA has been arrested after a fatal fight with a civilian in KABANG Ward, MUBI, MUBI NORTH LGA, ADAMAWA State

Elements of 28 TF Bde conducted clearance operations along BITTA-BAMBOA Road towards BULAJANI, MULGWO and MUOTU. The enemy were encountered in MUOTO where 1 soldier was wounded and 5 enemy killed, 3 locally made weapons were recovered. Troops then linked up with elements of 25 TF Bde in GOMBORI, DAMBOA LGA rescuing 47 women,19 men and 91 children who claimed to have escaped from Boko Haram

31 May

Elements of 7 Div Garrison conducted a clearance patrol following a tip off in ABACHARI, ASANARI, MEDIARI, TOLUWARI, CHUWARI, GAYA, ZARUMARI, ALANARI, SHUWARI, NGADAYA, CHEMPO, SAMAA, MATARI, UTORO and KAYAMLA in JERE and KONDUGA LGA’S BORNO State, encountering the enemy at SAMAA, killing several and recovering 3 x motorcycles, 143 x 7.62mm rounds, 2 x bicycles, 2 x bags of mangoes, 1 x tyre pump, 2 x water bottles and IED components

01 June Elements of 202 Bn, 21 Bde ambushed suspected Boko Haram members along SABSAWA BOARDING Road and BOCOBS- NGURUSOYE Road, near GAJIRAM, NGANZAI LGA, BORNO State killing 3 and capturing 1 named as Umar MUSTAPHA from SABSAWA

02 June

Elements of 112 Bn were ambushed in the vicinity of AJIRI Village, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State as they patrolled from MAFA to DIKWA, sustain 1 killed and 4 soldiers and 1 vigilante wounded. 8 enemy were killed and 1 x RPG tube, 2 x AK 47s, 2 x RPG rounds, 3 x AK 47 magazines and 120 x 7.62mm rounds were recovered. 3 x IEDs concealed by the road side were made safe with a controlled detonation by EOD

03 June

Elements of 3 Bn, 22 Bde Garrison and 153 TF Bn of 7 and 8 Div, supported by NAF ISR and CJTF Vigilantes conducted an intelligence led operation on an enemy camp in CHUKUNGUDU, BORNO State. During the advance friendly forces cleared Boko Haram ambush positions in MUSKARI, GILAM and HAUSASI. In the camp 19 enemy were killed including the local ‘Amir’ Abubakar GANA. Troops destroyed an IED making facility and safely destroyed 4 x IEDs. Also recovered were 2 x AAA guns, 1 x AK 47, 1 x AK 47 magazine, 1 x pistol, 1 x RPG round, 267 x 7.62mm(NATO) link, 23 x 12.7mm rounds, 1 x Canter truck, 1 x pick up with weapon mount, 1 x Landrover and 1 x Toyota Hilux 2 soldiers were wounded.

04 June

The NDLEA has arrested a man Mohammed DADI transporting 136 x blocks of cannabis to an undisclosed location in Eastern Nigeria in RUGAR FULANI, near POTISKUM, POTISKUM LGA, YOBE State following a tip off

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

31 May

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked NINTE Village, JEMA’A LGA, KADUNA State killing 2 people. Locals fled to nearby ZANKAN Village

01 June

KANO state Police paraded 36 suspected kidnappers at Command HQ, where the Commissioner Maigai DIKKO stated they had rescued 21 hostages, killing 1 suspect and 1 hostage was killed. 3 of the suspects had previously been granted amnesty by the State Governor. The suspects were arrested in a month and a half period with 6 x AK 47, 6 x locally made pistols, 63 x rounds of unspecified ammunition, 97 x live cartridges, 215 x empty ammunition cases, 13 x mobile phones and N138,000.00.

02 June

KADUNA State internal security force Op Yaki rescued 3 kidnapped persons from IDON Village, KACHIA LGA. Patrol Teams intercepted them following a distress call on KADUNA-ABUJA Expressway, where the hostages were rescued after a firefight, police recovered 1 x AK 47, 3 x rounds of ammunition, 1 x mobile phone, 1 x memory card, 12 x SIM cards, 1 x watch, 10 x wraps of cannabis. The kidnappers escaped into the forest

A mob murdered a 75 year old Igbo trader Bridget AGBAHIME in KOFAR WAMBAI Textile Market, YAN’ROBA, KANO, KANO State, around 4.30pm, initial reports stated the woman had a religious argument with her neighbours and was beheaded for blasphemy and her head paraded on the streets. Her husband was rescued by Police officers

Elements of 1 Div on Op Sharan Daji ambushed suspected bandits in KUBAU LGA, KADUNA State killing 3 suspected armed robbers and recovering 3 x locally made pistols, 1 x dane gun and 1 x J5 bus. They also conducted clearance operations around KURMIN DANDE in CHIKUN LGA, arresting 1 x suspected cattle rustler

04 June

Police have arrested 3 suspects in the murder of Bridget AGBAHIME in KOFAR WAMBAI Market. Her husband Mike AGBAHIME, stated she was not beheaded but beaten to death nor accused of blasphemy, rather there was business dispute

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

29 May

Gunmen killed 2 men along GOMBE-KUMO Road at KASHERE Junction, AKKO LGA, GOMBE State around 11.45pm in a suspected armed robbery

A mob murdered a 24 year old traders in PANDOGARI, RAFI LGA, NIGER State for allegedly blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed on social media. Elements of 31 Artillery Bde on Op Mesa imposed a dusk to dawn curfew

30 May

Rioters in PANDOGARI killed 3 people including an NSCDC personnel, burnt a house and shop and looted 25 stores and blocked the LAGOS-KADUNA Road. Elements of the NPF, NSCDC and 31 Artillery Bde intervened and engaged local community leaders

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked 6 villages including TSE IKYOOR, UKEMBER AGYA Ward, LOGO LGA, BENUE State, killing at least 10 people and burning 25 houses

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked TSE AONDO and TSE ANKOU, LOGO LGA, BENUE State along ANYIIM-KENTE-WUKARI Road with small arms killing up to 11 people, wounding 10 and burning the villages

31 May

Police in NIGER State have arrested 32 people suspected of murder and religious violence in PANDOGARI, RAFI LGA

Gunmen abducted a lady Mrs Charity ABA from her home in ORJI Road, OTURKPO, BENUE State

03 June

The COAS Lt Gen TY BURATAI stated that 20 Bn at SERTI, GASHAKA LGA, TARABA State would be used for newly commissioned officers from the NDA, due to its terrain.

BENUE State Police arrested 8 people including a Special Adviser to the Governor for the murder of Denen IGBANA Senior Special Adviser on Security to the State Governor.

the NAF has taken delivery of an Alphajet (NAF478) from Air USA Inc, that flew from the US to IQALUIT Airport, CANADA, REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, then MANCHESTER, UK and then onto NIGERIA

04 June

Approximately 40 suspected nomadic gunmen attacked several villages in TSAAY Ward, UKUM LGA, BENUE State killing 3 people in an early morning raid and then moving on to IGBOGOM, with small arms and bladed killing up to 15 people, they then attacked ANKYOY and AONDO Villages burning several homes

Gunmen abducted the BENUE State Commissioner for Women Affairs Barrister Mwuese MNYIM, from her home in NEW GRA, MAKURDI as she returned from a meeting at night.

Situation External (Rest of the World)

29 May

The French Embassy has stated it will be running a 9 month project for 10,200 IDPs in BORNO and ADAMAWA State in conjunction with the IOM

30 May

The Nigerien Defence Minister Hassoumi MASSAOUDOU stated Niger was planning a major offensive against Boko Haram

31 May

A delegation from JORDAN led by Manas DABBAS, Special Adviser to the King of JORDAN on Political Affairs visited the CDS Gen Abayomi OLONISAKIN at Defence HQ, ABUJA, FCT.

03 June

Gunmen killed 2 vigilantes from LIMANI in BLA DJIRIMA, NIGERIA

Several hundred gunmen mounted in vehicles attacked BOSSO, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic, briefly occupying the town until withdrawing at 4.00am with captured arms and ammunition. The town was retake by a counter attack with air and ground forces the next morning. 30 Nigerien and 2 Nigerian soldiers were killed and 67 wounded. Majority of the local population fled to TOUMOUR 30km west of BOSSO, KABELEWA to the northwest and to DIFFA

The Canadian High Commission stated that CANADA would provide $26m of humanitarian assistance in 2016 to vulnerable populations in the Lake CHAD Basin, in partnership with UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF, OCHA, ICRC, Oxfam Quebec, CARE, L’Oeuvre Leger, Development and Peace, Action Against Hunger and the Norwegian Refugee Council


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