Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

01 May

Elements of 29 TF Bde conducted clearance operations in the vicinity of SHALTIMARI Village, BORNO State rescuing an 80 year old man

02 May

Elements of 22 Bde garrison cleared CINGA, MALLUM MAJA, BOSUMA and MURYE Villages, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State killing 3 enemy and capturing 9. Also recovered were 9 x dane guns, 3 x machetes, 1 x bow and arrows, 6 x motorcycles, 1 x tricycle, 4 x generators, 1 x solar panel and 300 cattle. 400 hostages were freed

The COAS Lt Gen TY BURATAI visited 151 TF Bn undertaking Op Crack Down in SAMBISA Forest, BAMA-BANKI Axis, where they were holding blocking positions between

03 May

Elements of 7 Div supported by vigilantes arrested Alhaji Bulama BUDU in OLD MAIDUGURI, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State from AIWA Village, MAFA LGA, who escaped from GIWA Barracks in March 2014

Elements of 120 TF Bn, 27 TF Bde, supported by vigilantes intercepted 5 suspected Boko Haram members in the vicinity of GOTUMBA, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State around 9.325am attempting to move medical supplies to ALUWA on 5 donkeys, killing 3 and wounding 2 who escaped. 3 x packs of Tramol, 2 x packs of Lamumol, 7 x packs of Really Eaxtra, 2 x packs of Viagra, 2 x paks of Ulgra, 14 x packs of soap, 4 x rolls of Klin detergent, 2 x packs of razor blades, 144 x packs of Magi, 1 x half bag of salt, 5 x bicycle tires, 2 x patching kits, 1 x roll of matches, 10 x rubber shoes, potash, onions, locust beans, rice, mats and tarpaulin

A convoy from 3 Bn going from DIKWA to GAMBORU NGALA, detonated a series of IEDs between GAJIBO, DIKWA LGA and LOGOMANI, NGALA LGA, BORNO State killing 1 soldier and wounding 4 and 1 vigilante

Elements of 121 TF Bn set up an ambush in the vicinity of GIBIYE, BORNO State engaging a convoy of x pick up and 3 x motorcycles, killing 3 and capturing all the vehicles

A 26 vehicle convoy of GWOZA IDPS arrived in GWOZA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State to prepare for resettlement in their home villages

Elements of 26 Bde conducted an ambush in the vicinity of UVAHA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State killing several and wounding others, recovering 1 x bicycle, 1 x bag of baobab powder, 1 x pump. 1 x bag of carbide

Elements of 114 TF Bn rescued 72 hostages from JAJE and MAYOR ALI, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State

04 May

Elements of 156 TF Bn, 29 TF Bde supported by vigilantes conducted a long range patrol towards NGULA and KUKURUK Villages in the vicinity of ALAGARNO, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State, engaging enemy gunmen and discovering an enemy admin area containing a medical facility and IED making facility, recovering 6 x motorcycles, 2 x bicycles, 4 x machine gun mounts, 1 x generator, 3 x APC tyres, 10 x bags of foodstuffs, 4 x vehicle radiators, 1 x wheelchair, 2 x crutches, 1 x stretcher, 11 x car batteries, 3 x gas cylinders, 2 x stabilisers, 1 x welding machine, 3 x motorcycle batteries, 1 x Toyota Buffalo engine, 1 x Toyota Hilux engine, 1 x blanket, 1 x megaphone, 4 x motorcycle wheels, 1 x grinder, 1 x Escola Box(?), 1 x grinding machine, 1 x gear box, 1 x unserviceable laptop, 2 x wheelbarrow, 3 x vehicle jacks, 3 x 7.62mm rounds, 31 x detonators, 2 x flash drives, surgical gloves and urine bags, bandages, 2 x tyre pumps, 50cal Browning HMG parts, 1 x 60mm mortar bomb, 1 x sphygmomanometer, anti tetanus and penicillin injections, medical equipment, handcuffs, solar panels and 4 x jerrycans of grain

Elements of 7 Div conducted an intelligence led operation in CHINGURIMI, WALASA and MASA Villages, BAMA LGA, BORNO State killing several enemy and rescuing 17 women, 1 elderly man and 24 children, they recovered 1 x AK 47, 6 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds, 295 x 7.62mm (NATO), 12 x dane guns, 22 x mobile phones (21 unserviceable) and 150 x SIM cards

Gunmen mounted in 5 x Toyota Hilux attacked friendly positions in IZZA, BAMA LGA, BORNO with small arms, AAA guns supported by an 81mm mortar around 7.00pm but were defeated after a 40 minute firefight retreating towards the river via MAINYAKARE, several enemy were killed and an 81mm mortar tube captured

05 May

Elements of 7 Div Garrison arrested 2 suspected fuel suppliers to Boko Haram at NNPC Mega Station along DAMBOA Road, MAIIDUGURI, BORNO State around 2.00pm with 2 x VW Golfs, with boots modified with hidden fuel tanks, one of which contained 150 litres of fuel

16 suspected Boko Haram members surrendered with their families, with 7 admitting to be Boko Haram and 3 claiming to be Amirs from BALAZALA and AHAMDAGA MAKARANTA Village DURE District, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State

Elements of 122 Bn acting on information gleaned from the 16 surrendered suspected Boko Haram conducted a clearance patrol towards FADAGWE MUNI, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State along YAMTEKE-GWOZA Road, enemy forces fled abandoning a crippled 16 year old female, underground grain stores, grinding machines, 2 x tricycles and 1 x printer, several enemy were killed during the pursuit

06 May

Elements of 121 TF Bn conducted a clearance patrol in the vicinity of KADERA DAM and ANGUWAR FULANI, GWOZA LGA and elements of 192 Bn cleared towards GUDUF, NAGADIO, DUMA and KUSARHA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State, engaging enemy forces who retreated to the top of the mountain where they were engaged by friendly mortars.

Elements of 7 Div continued clearance operations in SAMBISA Forest, clearing camps in the vicinity of ALAFA

Elements of 26 Bn, 233 Bn, Army HQ Strike Group and Armed Forces Special Forces conducted clearance ops as part of Op Crackdown in the vicinity of IZZA and NJIMA, BAMA LGA, BORNO State, without encountering the enemy. However they spotted footprints, motorcycle and bicycle tracks and recovered 8 x abandoned vehicles and cleared enemy camps in the vicinity of BULA BUBA recovering 1 x Toyota Hilux, 1 x Canter Truck, 15 x AK47 magazines, 1 x 60mm HE mortar bomb, 200 x G3 magazines, 3 x Browning HMG tripods, 1 x 60mm mortar bipod, 7.62mm (NATO) and 12.7mm link

Elements of 121 TF Bn intercepted 6 men, 7 women, 7 boys and 15 girls claiming to have escaped from BALAGANJE Village, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State

Commander Op Lafiya Dole Maj Gen Lucky IRABOR handed over 65 civilians to the BORNO State Government for rehabilitation and resettlement

07 May

Elements of 28 TF Bde cleared enemy positions in the vicinity of GALTHA BABA, GALTHA MUSA, BULAKURMA, SHATIMARI, CHUKRUK, BULANGAJE and DISA villages, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State capturing 1 suspect, recovering 3 x motorcycles, bags of grain, enemy flags, uniforms, ‘suicide bombers’ hijab, mobile phone, 1 x dane gune, foodstuffs and cooking utensils. 15 people were rescued and 2 x AFVs were damaged by IEDs

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

01 May

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked FADAN KARSHI Village, SANGA LGA, KADUNA State around 10.30pm killing the District Head and his nephew

Elements of 1 Div conducted a 4 day clearance operation killing 2 suspected cattle rustlers and arresting 5 in BUNGUDU LGA, ZAMFARA State destroying their camp and capturing unspecified weapons and ammunition. Clearance operations in KUDARU, BIRNIN GWARI LGA, KADUNA State resulted in 5 suspected cattle rustlers arrested

02 May

Elements of 3 Bde have arrested the suspected killers of Maj. Gen Mohammed SHUWA (retired) who was murdered in MAIDUGURI, BORNO State in November 2012. 2 suspects Muhammad Sani NAFIU and Ali Muhammad (aka AMIR) a Boko Haram preacher from BAGA, were arrested in HOTORO Quarters KANO City, KANO State on 30 April and 01 May. 3 suspects Mustapha UMAR, Goni Modu LAWAN and Goni ALI claiming to be members of the Boko Haram GWANGE Cell under Abdul KAREEM were arrested in 2013

03 May

The KADUNA State Government charged 91 IMN members at KADUNA High Court with criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly, disturbance of the peace and wrongful restraint in relation to 12-14 December 2015 ZARIA Incident

04 May

Suspected Fulani gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked MADADA and RUWAN TOFA, MARU LGA, ZAMFARA State Killing 10 people

06 May

The NDLEA SOKOTO State Command arrested a female NYSC Corper with 9kg of cannabis along SOKOTO-GUSAU Road, SOKOTO State

07 May

The KADUNA State Police Command stated it had arrested 6 members of a kidnap gang responsible for the abduction of the TEKAN Pastors in April 2016, amongst others

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

02 May

Approximately 5 gunmen killed a Traditional Ruler in EJULE, OFU LGA, KOGI State. The victim who was shot at a meeting had apparently been involve in a chieftaincy dispute

03 May

Gunmen attacked a Fulani camp in ENJEMA Community, ANKPA LGA, KOGI State, wounding one herdsman and reportedly killing 41 cows and stealing up to 300 others

04 May

BENUE State Police paraded 14 suspected cultists arrested in OTURKPO in MAKURDI, BENUE State, recovering 1 x motorcycle, 3 x locally made pistols, 3 x cartridges, 1 x 7.62mm round, 2 x car stereos, 1 x military type uniform, 1 x beret, 2 x charms, 1 x Ford bus and some wraps of cannabis after clashes that resulted in 3 dead and 5 injured

07 May

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked KORUM, ORAWUA and GIDAN BATURE Villages, GASSOL LGA, TARABA State around 2.00am with small arms killing 13 people in total. In KORUM, 6 people were killed, 20 properties and 8 cars burnt and 55 cattle and 6 cars stolen. They then attacked SANSANI Village, shooting 1 person and stealing cattle, elements of 20 Bn and 93 Bn have been deployed to the area.

Situation External (Rest of the World)

02 May

Elements of BTAP supported by vigilantes attacked KAMBALAM, BORNO State, NIGERIA

Camerounian forces engaged gunmen in the vicinity of GREA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 3

2 x PBIED detonated 200m away from KOLOFATA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region, killing only themselves


NIGER Republic extradited Makhtar DIOKHANE a Senegalese Imam accused of attempting to cross into NIGERIA in 2015 with large sums of fake and genuine currency allegedly for Boko Haram to SENEGAL

Gunmen attacked TAHER, near MORA, MAYO SAVA Department, raiding a millet store

Gunmen attacked KOUYAPE, MAYO SAVA Department

04 May

Camerounian President Paul BIYA started a 2 day visit to NIGERIA, meeting President BUHARI in ABUJA, FCT

06 May

Media reports state the US government is seeking US Congressional approval for the sale of up to 12 x A29 Super Tucanos to NIGERIA and planned to increase ISR assets in the Lake CHAD area

07 May

A suspected Boko Haram member disguised as a madman was detained in BOUDVARE, EXTREME NORD Region

A Combined Army-Vigilante operation on the vicinity of HOMEKA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region resulted in 7 enemy dead


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