Situation North East (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States)

17 April

The ADAMAWA State Government has requested assistance from the FGN and international community to look after 80,000 refugees due to be returned to the state from CAMEROUN. The refugees are to be housed at the ADAMAWA State Polytechnic, KONAWAYA Village, YOLA

Elements of 7 Div and the CJTF conducted an intelligence driven clearance patrol towards BORGOZO-ALAGARNO, clearing enemy camps in the vicinity of KADARI, CAMP ABU FATIMA and GURSUM, recovering 36 x boxes of 12.7mm ammunition, 5 boxes x 7.62mm (NATO), 7.62mm (AK), 1 x 81mm mortar tube, 1 x Toyota Hilux, 1 x generator and several motorcycles at GURSUM Village near ALAGARNO Forest

Residents of BUNI YADI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State returned to their town

18 April

Gunmen attacked 113 Bn positions in KARETO, MOBBAR???? LGA, BORNO State early in the morning. They were defeated resulting in 24 soldiers wounded in action, enemy casualties and losses unknown. The town was reinforced and casualties evacuated

19 April

Gunmen ambushed the convoy of 7 Div GOC Brig Gen Victor EZUGWU around 8.30am, in the vicinity of BAMA, BAMA LGA, BORNO State. The ambush was defeated with several enemy were killed, 1 x Toyota Hilux, 2 x AK 47 and several rounds of ammunition were recovered. 1 soldier was killed and 2 injured.

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac ADEWOLE stated the Federal Government will spend N80bn on health infrastructure in the North East

Gunmen mounted on horseback attacked ZANGO Village, GULANI LGA, YOBE State around 11.00pm killing 11 people, wounding 6 and burning houses.

20 April

2 x female PBSIEDs detonated in BANKI IDP Camp, BAMA LGA, BORNO State. The first detonated around 8.00am followed by a second several minutes later killing 8 people and wounding 15.

21 April

Elements of 21 Bde cleared BULARI, TORI 1, TORI 2 and TORI 3 Villages, BORNO State, killing 10 enemy and capturing 1. 7 civilians were rescued and 2 vigilantes killed. A VW Golf, 15 bicycles and foodstuffs were recovered.

Elements of 22 Bde intercepted 26 people (mainly women and children) in the vicinity of ADAH Village, NGALA LGA, BORNO State who state they escaped from Boko Haram as their captors moved towards Lake Chad to escape friendly forces

Elements of 22 Bde conducted a fighting patrol along DIKWA-MARTE Road clearing KAJE, SELENGE, MANEKURA, MANE GANA and GAWAYI Villages capturing 5 motorcycles, 6 enemy flags and 4 bags of ground corn in MANE GANA. 3 women and 5 children were freed, who stated their Boko Haram ‘husbands’ had withdrawn towards Lake CHAD

Elements of 3 Bn, 22 TF Bde patrolled toward DIEMA, SIGAL and KALA, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State engaging the enemy killing 8, recovering 2 x dane guns and 4 batteries

7 Div Special Fighting Forces (attached to 25 TF Bde) checkpoint in DAMBOA, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State detained a suspected Boko Haram member Abubakar BELLO and 6 others with 28 x tins of vegetable oil, 8 x bags of flour, 1130 crates x soft drinks, 2 x bags of sugar, 5 x mobile phones, 1 x external hard drives, 5 x flash drives, 2 x national ID cards and N70,000.00

Elements of 254 TF Bn and vigilantes conducted cleared MUFURUNDI, KALERI, MASEMARI, BEGO, BALE, GADZAMA and GAGANTILO Villages, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State along DAMBOA-BALE-GWOZA Road, safely detonating an IED in GADZAMA, engaging the enemy at BEGO killing 9 and recovering 1 x AK 47, 17 x 7.62mm (AK) and rescuing 157 hostages

Elements of Elements of 26 TF Bde intercepted 8 suspected Boko Haram members attempting to infiltrate GWOZA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State claiming to be farmers from SHIADAWEY, TAKWALA and AMDAGA MADACHI Villages, one of the group named as Abdullahi YAKUBU had N637,000.00 on his person. Another individual from GOBARA Village was also arrested

Elements of 114 TF Bn, 28 TF Bde conducted a fighting patrol towards BITTA-MADUBE-IZGE

Elements of 117 TF Bn arrested a suspected Boko Haram member Bello ISAH in an intelligence driven raid at MUGULVU Village, MUBI SOUTH LGA, ADAMAWA State, finding 29 x 7.62mm (AK) rounds in a farm in GELLA Village

An IED detonated in GONIRI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State killing 5 farmers and wounded 9 as they went to clear their land for planting

22 April

Elements of 3 Bn captured 4 suspected Boko Haram Amirs in RANN, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State in an intelligence driven operation. They are named as Umara Mai Gyaran REDIYO (Radio technician), Umaru Mai NAMA (cattle theft and sales), Alifa MAKINTA (food theft) and Balu JUGUDUM (jewellery theft)

7 Div has warned that the curfew in MAIDUGURI is still in force from 9..0pm to 6.00am

23 April

Elements of 7 Div Garrison and the CJTF at a FOB in UMARARI, JERE LGA, BORNO State identified a PBIED around 7.00am as he attempted to enter the village, he detonated prematurely upon detection killing only himself

NEMA states that there are 1,934, 765 IDPs in BORNO, YOBE, TARABA, ADAMAWA, GOMBE and BAUCHI States living in formal and satellite camps and host communities. BORNO has 19 formal camps with 150,858 people and 14 satellite camps with 216, 184 people (NGALA-70,505, DIKWA-53,636, BAMA-2,700 and DAMBOA/ SABON GARI -25,311). YOBE had 9 camps with 31, 988 IDPs and ADAMAWA, 4 camps with 6,937 IDPs.

Situation North West (Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States)

17 April

Gunmen abducted an NNPC staff member from his home in RIGACHIKUN, IGABI LGA, KADUNA State around 10.00pm

18 April

Approximately 40 gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked a house in KIBIYA, KIBIYA LGA, KANO State around 2.00am abducting 2 women. 2 vigilantes were killed in the attack

19 April

NPF SOBA Division, KADUNA State apprehended 2 cattle rustlers at DANKADE Village with 29 cattle, 1 was killed and 1 arrested

21 April

KADUNA State Police Command paraded 40 suspected criminals, including 2 suspected extortionists from LADDUGA TAMPOL Village, ZONKWA, 7 suspected kidnappers arrested in AUDU –JANGWAN along KADUNA/ ABUJA Expressway and cattle rustlers

The KADUNA State Government has filed a 5 count charge of criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly, culpable homicide, disturbance of the peace and wrongful restraint against 50 IMN members at the KADUNA High Court, alleging that they were responsible for the death of Army Cpl Yakubu DANKADUNA

Situation North Centre (Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba States)

17 April

Elements of Guards Bde have detained 56 Fulani herdsmen at a checkpoint in DANTATA along AIRPORT Road, ABUJA, FCT armed with 1 x pump action shotgun, 19 x cartridges, 118 x shotgun cartridges, 3 x jack knives 14 x sticks, 7 x torches, charms and narcotics

Elements of the 117 Guards Bn, Guards Brigade detained 36 Fulani herdsmen mounted in a Dian Truck and Toyota Camry at a checkpoint in KEFFI, ABUJA, FCT claiming they were going to NASARAWA LGA, NASARAWA State to recover stolen cattle.

Suspected cattle rustlers shot 5 cows, 10 sheep and injured 6 cows in HEIPANG, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State

Police detained 9 vigilantes in BWARI, FCT on suspicion of being cattle rustlers. The Vigilantes (1 of whom was shot in the leg) stated they had been sent from SAKA Village along ABUJA-KEFFI Road, NASARAWA State to collect cattle stolen from Fulani men in the village

18 April

Gunmen abducted 3 mining staff from NIOMCO Ltd along OKENE-LOKOJA Road, ITAKPE, XXX LGA, KOGI State. The kidnappers allegedly requested N30m ransom

45 suspected Boko haram members have been awaiting trial in KIRIKIRI Maximum Security Prison, LAGOS for 7 months

Police detained a suspected gang leader in OKPOGA Village, OKPOKWU LGA, BENUE State leading to a clash between gang members and local vigilantes, leading to the death of one of each group. This led to a clash with INGLE Village leading to more deaths. Police reinforcements have been sent to the area

19 April

IDPs from BURUKU, LOGO and KWANDE LOGO LGAs, BENUE State claimed that 18 people have been killed by poisoned water sources

The NDLEA stated that 3 people were arrested on 07 April in a truck containing 964kg of Cannabis in 72 bags in KEFFI, KEFFI LGA en route to JOS, PLATEAU State

A land dispute between the Ngas people of KADUM and DAWAKI Communities, KANKE LGA, PLATEAU State, left several people killed and wounded and 24 properties destroyed

Gunmen robbed people along KYAIOR-GYO Road in the vicinity of IGO Village, DONGA LGA, TARABA State robbing residents and killing 2 Fulani men

7 men who robbed residents of MARARABA KARU LGA, NASARAWA State were arrested by police at their hideout following a tip off. 2 x vehicles, mobile phones, charms, cutlasses were recovered

20 April

BENUE State Police stated they had rescued 3 kidnap victims. A 2 year old boy abducted a month ago in MAKURDI, was freed and 3 suspects arrested. A lady abducted 3 weeks ago was freed and 12 suspects arrested and a 12 year old boy rescued in VANDEKIYA LGA.

Suspected Fulani gunmen engaged a joint Army MOPOL patrol on AGATU, BENUE State that was responding to an incident in which 2 youths were shot. 1 policeman is reported missing

21 April

Police arrested suspected Fulani herdsmen along RIYOM-GANAWURI Road, RIYOM LGA, PLATEAU State with 504 x 7.62mm (AK) and 4 x locally made AK 47 butts

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked IGO Village killing 7 people

22 April

Gunmen abducted 3 OSUN State government officials returning from ABUJA between OBAJANA and LOKOJA Road, KOGI State. Their vehicle was found abandoned on the roadside

Conflict over usage of a fish pond by the Wurkum and Shomo in KARIM LAMIDO LGA, TARABA State has led to 10 deaths and displacement to GOMBE and BAUCHI State after an alleged attack by Wurkum youths on SHUMON GWAYE led to Shomo youths attacking DIDANGO Village on the fish ponds. MOPOL deployed to the area have arrested 3 people

23 April

Suspected Fulani gunmen attacked BORNON KURKU Village, BALI LGA, TARABA State killing 2 people and ANCHOGO and TORTONDO Villages, BALI LGA killing 4 and wounding 9 and burning 8 houses.

Clashes between Aye/ Black Axe, Bagga, the Judges/ Whitees and the Juries confraternities and the Black Gorillas in OTURKPO, OTURKPO LGA, BENUE State led to the death of at least 7 people and wounding 3

Gunmen abducted the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of OTURKPO from OTURKPO, BENUE State, demanding a N10m ransom

Situation External (Rest of the World)

18 April

Gunmen ambushed a Camerounian convoy in the vicinity of DABANGA between ZIGAGUE and SALE, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 3 soldiers, wounding 5 and destroying a vehicle

The US UN Ambassador Samantha POWER visited MINAWO and MOKOLO in CAMERROUN. She will then go to MNJTF HQ in N’DJAMENA, CHAD

19 April

The US UN Ambassador Samantha POWER met Camerounian President Paul BIYA

20 April

Maj Gen ADEOSUN commander MNJTF met US UN Ambassador Samantha POWER in N’DJAMENA, CHAD, where he stated that intelligence suggested that Boko Haram had not satisfied certain conditions for greater operational cooperation with Daesh

Commander US SF in AFRICOM Brig Gen Donald BOLDUC stated that Chadian forces had intercepted a shipment of small arms from Daesh in Libya to Boko Haram on 7 April

21 April

Foreign Minister Geoffrey ONYEAMA met a US delegation led by UN Ambassador Samantha POWER in ABUJA, FCT, which included the US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs and US AFRICOM Deputy Commander

A suspected Boko Haram member, allegedly masquerading as a madman was detained by military personnel in KABO 2, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region

Amnesty International released a report detailing the ZARIA Incident of 12-14 December 2105, stating that not only was excessive force used but the alleged crimes covered up

22 April

Gunmen attacked KERAWA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region from KIRAWA, GWOZA LGA, NIGERIA killing a vigilante

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