Situation Friendly Forces

20 December

Elements of 7 Div Garrison patrolled towards MAINARI Village, MAFA LGA, BORNO State killing 9 enemy and capturing 4 x AK47 and 1 x pump action shotgun

21 December

Several hundred IMN members protested the detention of their leader Mallam Ibrahim EL ZAKZAKY protested in KANO, KANO State

President BUHARI stated that his administration was taking urgent and appropriate actions to restore order, due process and probity to defence procurement with assistance from the UK whilst speaking to the UK Secretary for Defence Michael FALLON

A spokesman for the IMN Ibrahim MUSA alleged that at least 40 wounded members detained in Open Prison, BARNAWA Quarters and KADUNA Central Prison as part of the ZARIA incident were being denied medical treatment and that property belonging to their group such as a school and shrine were being demolished by the KADUNA State government

The President of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, the Sultan of SOKOTO warned that the actions of the Government in relation to the ZARIA incident could radicalise other Muslims

Members of IMN demonstrated in KANO, KANO State, meeting at FAGGE Mosque before proceeding along Ibrahim TAIWO Road

22 December

The IMN claimed that 13 members were killed during a protest in KADUNA State. They state 4 of their members corpses were handed over by KADUNA State Police on 17th December, 3 corpses on 18th December and 5 corpses on 21st December (who were arrested on 15th December), showing signs of electric shock torture and stab wounds. They denied claims that they intended to burn a police station at TUDUN WADA

23 December

The COAS Lt Gen TY BURATAI stated that the Army planned to establish a base at ASHAKA, FUNAKAYE LGA, GOMBE State to secure the BAJOGA- ASHAKA axis, whilst visiting the State Governor Ibrahim DANKWAMBO in GOMBE, GOMBE State

The Minister of Information and Culture Lai MOHAMMED stated that the military had achieved the December deadline for defeating Boko Haram at a meeting with editors in LAGOS, LAGOS State. He based his assessment on the fact that he led a group of 33 local and foreign journalists to MAIDUGURI, KONDUGA, KAOURE and BAMA and that ‘a 70km stretch from MAIDUGURI to BAMA to BANKI’ was in military hands

GOC 1 Div Maj Gen Adeniyi OYEBADE stated that the Army acted within the Rules of Engagement during the ZARIA incident, stating they were attacked by a militant wing of the IMN called the Hurras, losing 1 soldier and several injured

24 December

Elements of the CJTF detained 5 people with a hand cart containing 5 IEDs contained in food coolers heading for the SHEIKH ABDUL FATEH Mosque, MEDINATU, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State where members of the Tijjaniyya were celebrating Eid El Maulud

KADUNA State Police released 49 women and 34 children detained after the ZARIA incident. 191 in detention have been arrested on charges of obstructing the highway, possession of weapons and attacking security forces

The Defence Minister Mansur DAN ALI stated that some members of the CJTF will be integrated into the armed forces whilst visiting BORNO State Governor Kashim SHETTIMA with the CDS Gen OLANISAKIN and CAS Air Marshall ABUBAKAR. The Governor presented 30 vehicles to the military

25 December

KADUNA State Government stated that they had begun to clear the debris at the 3 destroyed IMN sites as a public health and safety measure, 2 persons were reportedly pulled out the rubble alive at the HUSSEINIYAH Complex after 3 days under the rubble, 1 person was rescued alive at GYELLESU and 3 corpses recovered in DAMBO Village

26 December

Elements of 243 Bn, 5 Bde conducted a strike op on a Boko Haram meeting place in the vicinity of MAGUMERI, MAGUMERI LGA, BORNO State

NAF AH sunk a boat carrying fuel to Boko Haram along the NIGERIA-CAMEROUN border

Situation Enemy Forces

20 December

A young female PBIED detonated at a CJTF checkpoint in BENISHEIKH, KAGA LGA, BORNO State around 8.30pm, killing 9 including her 2 companions (aged approximately 10-15) and wounding up to 30.

22 December

Suspected gunmen attacked AUNGWAN AGBADOROUGH, BALI LGA, TARABA State around 2.30am killing 2 people and wounding 3

25 December

Gunmen mounted on bicycles attacked KIMBA Village, BIU LGA, BORNO State around 10.00pm killing 14, wounding 17 and abducting 8 others (7 women and 1 boy) and then burning the village

Situation External Forces

20 December

Camerounian forces attacked KIRAWA JIMNI, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State allegedly killing 70 civilians whilst pursuing during an anti Boko Haram operation

21 December

A suspected Boko Haram member Alhaji OUMAR was arrested by the Camerounian Army in KERAWA, KOLOFATA Arrondissement,

Approximately 12 gunmen attempted to infiltrate KERAWA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region but were repelled by Camerounian forces

UK Secretary of State for Defence, Michael FALLON MP met with President BUHARI and Minister of Defence Mansur DAN ALI and stated that up to 300 UK Army personnel (mainly from 2 Royal Anglians on Short Term Training Programmes) will be deployed to NIGERIA in 2016, including counter IED teams and medical support personnel. An RAF training team will be deployed to aid the NAF in airfield defence and COIN. He stated that in 2015 approximately 130 deployed conducting training in infantry skills, civil military skills, media operations, command and leadership, IED awareness and support to Nigerian military training establishments.

Gunmen allegedly led by Bana GONI (aka Bana DJALO) attacked GOGO and BLAMADERI Villages, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN, killing 2 people (Abba YACOUB and Goni WAGH)

2 x suspected Boko Haram members were arrested in MINAWO REFUGEE Camp, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region and taken to MOKOLO

22 December

Camerounian forces detained an alleged Boko Haram leader Matawa Abba KAOU (aka AKOURA from GOGO, MAYO SAVA Department,) in MORA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region on suspicion of murdering 2 people in GOGO Village on 20th December

Camerounian media reports that up to 300 children aged 9-14 are missing from MAYO TSANAGA Department, with the villages of GREYA and MOZOGO, the worst affected with up to 20 children disappearing a week

Gunmen attacked ABADAM, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic killing 2 soldiers and 3 civilians

4 x PBIED detonated on an island in Lake CHAD as they attempted to board a boat for BOL, LAC Region, CHAD. After being challenged by locals 3 of the attackers were killed and 1 survived, 3 others discarded their explosives and swam away

23 December

A PBIED detonated in KALIARI Village, MAYO MOSKOTA Arrondissement, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD REGION around 7.30pm killing approximately 3 people and wounding 3

Gunmen ambushed 3 x food trucks along Route Nationale 1 in the vicinity of GASSAMA (between DABANGA and KOUSSERI), LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region around 7.00am but were repelled by a rapid response from BIR

Gunmen stole 2 x trucks along Route Nationale 1 in the vicinity of MADA, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region, one of the attackers was killed by the Army

Human Rights Watch stated that it doubted the official Nigerian version of events and that soldiers fired on IMN members without provocation in the ZARIA incident

The US State Department has issued a travel advisory to US citizens to avoid travel to NORD, EXTREME NORD, EST and eastern ADAMAOUA Regions in CAMEROUN

24 December

SUDAN and NIGER agreed to fight terrorism, money laundering, human trafficking, narcotics, weapons trafficking and cross border crimes after a meeting between the Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim GHANDOUR and the Nigerien Foreign Minister Aichatou Mane BOULAMA

The Camerounian Minister of Communications Issa TCHIROMA denied the allegations that Camerounian forces massacred people on the Nigerian border

26 December

Gunmen attacked a truck carrying foodstuffs near the entrance of WAZA National Park, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region burning it



Insurgent Incidents

(North East)

IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


IDF Other weapons Theft Kidnapping
3(2*) 0 3(2*) 1 0 0 0 0 1
Insurgent Incidents

(North Centre)

IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


IDF Other weapons






0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
Insurgent Incidents

(North West)

IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


IDF Other weapons Theft Kidnapping
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


IDF Other weapons Theft Kidnapping
5 0 5 6 0 0 0 0 0



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