Situation Friendly Forces

29 June

The KANO State Government has welcomed the verdict of the Sharia Court in the death sentence for blasphemy of Sheikh NYASS and his 8 accomplices.

The legal adviser to the CJTF Barrister Jubril GUNDA stated that 603 vigilantes had been killed intercepting PBSIEDs at a 2 day summit on Security and Governance by CLEEN Foundation, Nigeria Stabilisation and Reconciliation Programme and Ford Foundation in GOMBE, GOMBE State. He also stated that there were 25, 000 in BORNO State and that 2000 had joined the Army, 120 had joined the DSS and 40 the NAF.

100 prisoners have been transferred by the military from MAIDUGURI, BORNO State to several unknown locations around the country. The enemy fighters were reportedly captured in SAMBISA Forest and were allegedly transported in batches of 50 on NAF C 130 from NAF KAINJI, MAIDUGURI on 21 June and 24 June. Media reports state that 47 Boko Haram prisoners have been transferred to EKWULOBIA Prison, AGUATA LGA, ANAMBRA State. Prison and government officials deny the transfer has taken place.

The BORNO/ YOBE Elders Forum has asked the Federal Government to constitute a commission of inquiry to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the Boko Haram insurgency.

President BUHARI has requested BORNO, YOBE and ADAMAWA States assess the damage caused by the insurgency to each LGA. For submission to the G7

BORNO State Governor SHETTIMA visited AUNO Village, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State where reconstruction has begun of 2 earth dams for irrigation, borehole and pipes for water and renovation of the Primary health Centre.

MUBI Polytechnic, MUBI LGA, ADAMAWA State has reopened for lectures. It closed in October 2014 following a Boko Haram

30 June

The Nigerian Army states it has detained a businessman Babuji YA’ARI on suspicion of heading a Boko Haram intelligence cell. The suspect was a member of the CJTF and is accused of coordinating several attacks on MAIDUGURI, the assassination of the Emir of GWOZA and the GGSS CHIBOK abductions. Information he provided led to the arrest of several other male and female cell members including one Hafsat BAKO who stated she was paid N10,000.00 per assignment.

The Office of the National Security Adviser stated that 47 people (including 22 females) allegedly recruited as PBSIEDs were being deradicalised as part of the Countering Violent Extremism programme. The head of the programme Dr Fatima AKILU stated that 305 people rescued from SAMBISA Forest. She also stated that a National Security Corridor Programme had been created to provide a safe route for all those who wished to leave Boko Haram

The French Ambassador Denys GAUER met with the Senate President Bukola SARAKI and stated that France would continue to support NIGERIA’s efforts to secure the northeast

01 July

Governor Nasir EL RUFAI of KADUNA State inaugurated a 16 member committee to find solutions to the killings in Southern KADUNA, headed by Gen Martin Luther AGWAI (former CDS), with a 30 day mandate to establish the causes of the conflict

Vice President Yemi OSINBAJO visited MAIDUGURI, BORNO State, to assess the military effort and visit IDPS in DALORI Camp and IED victims in University of MAIDUGURI Teaching Hospital. The city was locked down to vehicular traffic from 7.00am until 3.30am when he departed

The COAS Lt Gen MINIMAH stated that all officers and soldiers who served in the North East for at least 90 days would be awarded the Op Zaman Lafiya Operational Medal

02 July

Nigerian Armed Forces Radio began test transmissions between 7.00am and 8.00am on11825Khz on 25m band and 13775khz on the 21m band on Shortwave. Broadcasting in English and Hausa and playing traditional and Nigerian military music.

The Vice President OSINBAJO visited YOLA, ADAMAWA State meeting IDPs at NYSC DAMARE Camp, as well as victims of recent IED attacks.

03 July

Elements of the STF are alleged to have entered MARABAN FORON, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State, local inhabitants have relocated to KURU and other towns.

Situation Enemy Forces

27 June

Fighting between Agatu and Fulani gangs in OMALA LGA, KOGI State caused 80 dead and several wounded. The conflict reportedly originated from fighting in BENUE State that has spilled over to the state in a series of attacks and reprisals

Santiago Lopez MENENDEZ was released in KABOJI, MASHEGU LGA, NIGER State. He states he was roughly handled by his captors, who hid him in the bush. An unspecified ransom was paid by his employers

29 June

Media reports claim that GGSS CHIBOK abductees have been forced to fight and kill for Boko Haram. There is no independent verification of the allegation

30 June

Gunmen attacked KABAL IBRAHIM and MANGAL Villages, MONGUNO LGA, BORNO State killing 8 people

Gunmen attacked MUSSAARAM I and MUSSAARAM II Villages, MONGUNO LGA, BORNO State killing 48 and injuring 17 around 8.00pm after separating all men and boys from women and opening fire on them.

Suspected Nomadic gunmen attacked FORON, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State killing 2 men with 4 reported missing

Gunmen stole 400 cows in FORON, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State around 4.00pm, Elements of the STF mounted in 1 x APC and 10 x Hilux pickups responded and searched FORON but were ambushed in the vicinity of PANG, HEIPANG Village around 8.30pm wounding 3. The body of 1 of the herdsmen was later found with 5 still reported missing, most of the cows were recovered.

01 July

2 x PBSIED detonated around 11.00am as they approached MOLAI General Hospital, MOLAI, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State killing both and wounding 2 other people. The first attacker a female reportedly detonated at the hospital gate, whilst the second a male on a bicycle detonated at the back of the hospital.

Gunmen mounted on 7 cars and 9 motorcycles attacked KUKUWA, KUKUWA LGA, BORNO State around 7.00pm with small arms killing up to 118 people and wounding at least 5 people praying in 2 mosques and in their homes. Locals complained that Nigerian forces 11km away in CROSS KAUWA did not intervene although NAF Alphajets attempted to intercept enemy forces in the vicinity of CROSS KAUWA.

Gunmen abducted a politician Mrs Mary ENWONGULU from her home in NASARAWA EGGON, NASARAWA EGGON LGA, NASARAWA State around 2.00am.

Suspected nomadic gunmen murdered a businessman from ENUGU State and his wife in there home on KATSINA Bypass, KATSINA, KATSINA State with bladed weapons and small arms

02 July

A female PBSIED detonated in a mosque along KONDUGA-BAMA Road around 2.00pm in the vicinity of MALARI, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State killing 13 and wounding 7. A secondary female PBSIED detonated at a fruit sellers stall along ALAU DAM Road killing 3 more people

Gunmen mounted on horses and motorcycles engaged Nigerian forces in the vicinity of DEBIRO, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State

03 July

Gunmen have attacked BAMA, BAMA LGA but were defeated by elements of 7 Div combined with vigilantes.

Gunmen attacked MIRINGA Village, BIU LGA, BORNO State around 3.30am killing 11 men who allegedly fled a Boko Haram camp in the vicinity of GWARGWARE Village and concealed themselves in amongst IDPs in MIRINGA. 2 men were shot but survived

Gunmen mounted in Toyota Hiluxes attacked ZABARMARI MUNA Village and KOSHEBE Village, JERE LGA around 4.30pm with PBSIEDs and small arms where they were engaged by friendly forces killing 2 soldiers. The enemy initially occupied the town and detonated 6 x PBSIEDs amongst fleeing peaceful civilians killing 7 and wounding 9 and then looted and burnt the village before being defeated by reinforced friendly forces who captured a jeep loaded with IEDs and destroyed 2 x Hiluxes

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles and Toyota Hiluxs attacked MUSSA Village, ASKIRA UBA LGA, BORNO State around 1.00pm with small arms and IEDs killing up to 31 people in a 2 hour attack.

6 x gunmen murdered a businessman around 8.30pm in his residence in ALIERO, KEBBI State

04 July

Gunmen attacked DALO Memorial High School, HEIPANG, BIRKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State around 1.00pm killing 1 student and wounding one other. They also killed a farmer and then fled to BISICHI, BARKIN LADI LGA

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles and Toyota Hiluxs attacked MUSSA Village again killing 9 people. 3 attackers were killed with over 300 houses reportedly burnt. The attackers were reportedly led by a local man named as Jerido JERAFU

Situation External Forces

28 June

French Special Forces based at the Areva Mines in ARLIT, NIGER Republic have reportedly redeployed to DIFFA Prefecture

The Chadian Chief Prosecutor Alghassim KHAMIS stated that 60 people have been detained in relation to the 15 June IED attacks including Chadians, Nigerians, Malians and Nigeriens, with assistance from Niger, Cameroun and the US FBI. He stated the final figures from the attack were 38 killed and 101 wounded

A US State Department report states that 8,239 people have been killed by Boko Haram since 2009 with the largest fatalities in 2013 and 2014

29 June

Chadian police acting on information from a detained suspect raided a building in NDJAIR, the 8th ARRONDISSEMENT, NDJAMENA, CHAD, occupied by suspected Boko Haram terrorists. The suspects detonated an IED when invited to surrender killing 5 policemen and 6 suspects (including the informant). 3 suicide belts, SM cards and documents were recovered afterwards, 2 suspect arrested and a woman and child detained. Another female reportedly escaped

Camerounian and Chadian forces attacked SAGUE and KRETA, BORNO State with Chadian air strikes and Camerounian artillery. The towns near HILE HAFA and BALGARAM, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region were attacked for 2 hours

Chadian authorities’ state they have detained a key Boko Haram leader Baana FANAYE (aka Mahamat MOUSTAPHA) in N’DJAMENA, CHAD who is accused of facilitating arms trafficking in NIGERIA, CAMEROUN and CHAD. He and two others were detained after a firefight, several weapons (type/ quantity unspecified) and documents in Arabic allegedly from SHEKAU were discovered in his house. Investigations also led to the discovery of 7 other suspects in a house on DIGUEL, DINGUESSOU on the outskirts of N’DJAMENA. Another man suspected of being a Boko Haram financier was also detained.

30 June

The Chadian intelligence services DGSSIE are looking for a suspected Boko Haram leader called Alhaji OUMAR and an unidentified woman who have been identified by suspects as a leader of the group and the wife of one of the suicide bombers respectively. They also displayed items captured during raids in the RINEEX Buiding in DJAMBAL BARH, N’DJAMENA such as explosive belts, military detonators, cables, carburettors, psychtropic drugs, Viagra, photographs and notebooks

01 July

Gunmen hijacked a truck carrying rice along TILDE MALTAM Road, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, ETREME NORD Region abducting the driver and his motor boy, both of whom were later found murdered

The Camerounian Government has released 84 children who were taken from a Koranic School in GUIRVIDIG, in December 2014. 41 had allegedly re-joined their families.

02 July

French President Francois HOLLANDE visited COTONOU, BENIN Republic where he met Beninoise President Thomas  BONI YAYI and Prime Minister Lionel ZINSOU, to discuss the threat from Boko Haram and French support including weapons for the Beninoise. French President HOLLANDE will head to ANGOLA and then visit CAMEROUN on Friday.

Chadian forces raided a house in GUINEBOR, 1st ARRONDISSEMENT, N’DJAMENA on information from Baana FANAYE, seizing an arms cache hidden under the houses courtyard consisting of 28 x AK 47, 7 x boxes of 9mm ammunition (type unspecified),500 x 17mm rounds,  RPG rockets, 1666 bags of ammunition for AK47 and FAMAS, 1 x RPG launchers AKM and other unspecified types. Also recovered were fake Chadian and Camerounian identity cards, fake driving licenses.

03 July

French President HOLLANDE visited YAOUNDE, CAMEROUN meeting Camerounian President Paul BIYA, stating he is prepared to organise another anti Boko Haram summit and called to assist with the humanitarian crisis. He also stated that French aircraft are conducting surveillance of Boko Haram’s operational area and was ready to share the intelligence

04 July

The Camerounian Government is to increase troops on the CENTRAFRIQUE and CHAD borders. Reinforcing the BIR and BIM units already deployed and supplementing them with aerial surveys


Insurgent Incidents

(North East)

IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping
10 0 10 9 2 0 0 0
Insurgent Incidents

(North Centre)

IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping
0 0 0 6 0 0 0 1
Insurgent Incidents

(North West)

IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping
0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0




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6 Responses to NORTHERN NIGERIA INTERNAL SECURITY SITREP- Week Ending 04 July 2015

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. Kay says:

    General P, what have you to say about the escalations of suicide attacks?

    What are the remedies and what are the factors that are contributing to the ease to strike at soft targets?

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Kay, I assess the attacks as shaping ops for the Boko Haram counter offensive. I am assuming their objective is to maintain control of Lake Chad, Dikwa, Kala Balge, Abadam and secure their rear in Logone Et Chari and Mayo Sava Departments in Extreme Nord Region Cameroun.
      They no longer have the strength or ability to take ground as before so the best they can do is try and draw away main forces from the AO and also make the cost of the conflict strategically expensive for the FGN by increasing the blood count.
      I presume they also wish to demonstrate resolve to Daesh and other groups in order to secure weapons money and expertise.
      It is working as well. 3 Div is relatively static, 7 Div has still nt secured Sambisa Forest and has failed to secure the Dikwa, Gamboru, Lake Chad axis. On the other side of the border the Camerounians are static and Bh is running around Logone et Chari Department restcking with food, fuel and forced conscripts.
      The counter IED effort is strategic hence the spread from Zamfara, Jos and Kano the only way to destroy ot is to destroy their safe havens, pouring more troops into Sambisa to me is wasteful.
      It’s the same solution as always, outflank them, Attack from east to west occupy Dikwa, Gamboru and push out from there, clear Waza in Cameroun and the border area. Rather than sending large numbers of troops into Sambisa, use SF to ambush them, plant mines or IEDs along their internal lines of communications, use aircraft and artillery.
      But we are sitting passively and I presume this is due to the perennial lack of troops

      • Kay says:

        I am watching the whole episode play back like a movie.It’s like back to the dark days. I hope they can’t snatch back the initiative; those days of relentless pursuits and harassment seems to have died down now.
        I think the Camerounians are just content to sit until attacked, yet to see any proactiveness since the beginning. All they do is sit at the border waiting to absorb and deflect the next attack.
        There’ll be another documentary dropping soon (today or tomorrow) from the Chadian side by Vice. Meanwhile don’t know if you have seen the BBC doc about the Chibok girls too

  3. peccavi says:

    Oga, we are on the back foot again playing catch up. Other than setting up the MCCC ( a Corps HQ in all but name) and a bit of shuttle diplomacy everything has gone quiet.
    Makes no sense.

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