Situation Friendly Forces

22 March

NAF continued airstrikes in the vicinity of SAMBISA Forest destroying 2 x trucks containing ammunition and motorcycles along DAMBOA Road

23 March

Nigerian forces liberated PULKA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State. One soldier was reported killed with unspecified numbers of enemy killed and wounded

Media reports state that NIGERIA is paying CHAD N112.5m per month to sustain their 2,500 soldiers while NIGER gets N33.75m per month for 750 soldiers

24 March

Nigerian security forces detained a suspect dressed in female attire heading to the Market in KWAYA KUSAR, KWAYA KUSAR LGA, BORNO State

The Nigeria Army detained 2 Al Jazeera journalists in MAIDUGURI, BORNO State for allegedly entering a restricted area without accreditation or clearance. The journalists Ahmed IDRIS and Ali MUSTAFA were restricted to their hotel rooms after interrogation.

25 March

Media reports quoting escapees from GWOZA, state that the enemy has executed over 75 male civilians and is keeping dozens of female civilians captive.

President Goodluck JONATHAN stated that GWOZA would be liberated by Friday 27th whilst receiving four International Election Monitoring Groups in ABUJA, FCT

NIGERIA’s borders land borders were closed until midnight Saturday to allow for a peaceful conduct of the election

The DG NOA/ National Information Centre Coordinator Mike OMERI state that there has been no new kidnapping in DAMASAK as claimed by Chadians and Nigeriens

26 March

Nigerian forces have begun attacking BANKI, BAMA LGA, BORNO State, whilst the NAF continues air strikes in and around SAMBISA Forest

Operations to clear GWOZA, with troops attacking from BAMA, BAMA LGA, BORNO State and MADAGALI, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State began supported by 4 x Attack Helicopters and 2 x ground attack aircraft from NAF YOLA, enemy forces withdrew into the mountains

Situation Enemy Forces

22 March

2 x female PBSIED detonated in AUNO Village, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State around 2.00pm. the female suspects had allegedly just alighted from a vehicle in JAKANA from DAMATURU. The women then took a bus to AUNO, thinking they were in MAIDUGURI began asking for directions to the MONDAY Market. Arousing the suspicions of the one of the female devices detonated, killing both of them and injuring approximately 10 people.

23 March

Approximately 200 suspected nomadic gunmen attacked ANANUM and WAHANYE Villages, DONGA LGA, TARABA State killing 5 people and injuring several others

24 March

Media reports state that insurgents abducted 506 women and children from DAMASAK, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State and killed about 50 before they retreated from the Chadian/ Nigerien raid according to Lt Col Toumba MOHAMED the Nigerien commander

25 March

Suspected nomadic gunmen abducted a businessman Alhaji Abubaker Abdullahi SAMBO from his home in YAURI, YAURI LGA, KEBBI State

27 March

Gunmen mounted in 2 vehicles and several motorcycles attacked BURUTAI Village, BIU LGA, BORNO State around 11.00pm murdering 25 people with bladed weapons and injuring 30 others whilst burning several properties

28 March

Gunmen attacked MIRINGA, BIU LGA, BORNO State killing 25 people and burning property

Gunmen attacked BIRIN BOLAWA and BIRIN FULANI, NAFADA LGA, GOMBE State AROUND 8.30am killing 2 people and burning election materials

Gunmen attacked voters on their way to polling stations in NGALDA, NAFADA LGA, GOMBE State killing 3 people

Gunmen attacked voters on their way to polling stations WORU, NAFADA LGA, GOMBE State killing 3 people.

Gunmen mounted in 6 x vehicles attacked a polling unit in BAGURUN Primary School, BAGURUN, DARAZO LGA, BAUCHI State and burnt the election materials they were repelled by a combined Army/ NPF team and voting continued

Gunmen mounted in Toyota Hilux attacked polling stations in DUKKU, DUKKU LGA, GOMBE State around 11.00am killing 9 and injuring 2 people, burning a bank and police station. And then attacked TILEN Village killing 2 people.

Gunmen attacked ALKALERI, ALKALERI LGA, BAUCHI State burning the police station, INEC offices and Civil Defence building. The attackers then moved to BISHI where they attacked motorists killing 1 x civilian

Gunmen attacked DUNGULBE Village, BAUCHI LGA, BAUCHI State from ALKALERI Village, they were repelled by friendly forces who inflicted 12 casualties and destroyed 4 x enemy vehicles

Situation External Forces

22 March

2 x Chadian attack helicopters attacked enemy positions in DJABOULLAM, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State, NIGERIA

Chadian forces have withdrawn from GAMBORU NGALA, NGALA LGA to FOTOKOL and MALTAM

23 March

Camerounian President Paul BIYA has ordered the release of 300m CFA Franc for relief aid to EXTREME NORD Region

Gunmen attacked BOSSO, DIFFA Department, DIFFA Region NIGER Republic with 3 x mortar round with

24 March

Gunmen attacked BOSSO, with 1 x mortar round, no reported casualties

The Chadian Army deployed from MALTAM, LOGONE ET CHARI Department to positions in MAYO SAVA Department such as WAZA.

26 March

The Japanese Government donated N154m ($770,000.00) worth of good to the Nigerian Red Cross for the IDP relief

Chadian troops from DAMASAK attacked GASHEGER, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State enemy forces retaliated with small arms and mortar fire against KLAGUERI, DIFFA Region, NIGER Republic, killing 1 x female civilian. They were pushed back across the KOMADOUGOU River into GUESSERI, NIGER, where they were engaged by Nigerien forces who pushed them into a wooded area.


Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
2 0 2/2 9 0 1 0 2 2



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