Situation Friendly Forces

15 March

Mike OMERI DG NOA has clarified reports NIGERIA is using mercenaries in the current operation. He stated that the foreigners were consultants maintaining new items of equipment that had been recently purchased

16 March

DHQ reports that GONIRI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State has been cleared of enemy forces.

The CDS’s of the MJNTF met in ABUJA, FCT for a coordination meeting. In attendance were Lt Gen Brahim Seid MAHAMAT (CHAD) and Lt Gen Garba SEYNI (NIGER). A Joint Operations Headquarters (JOH) is to be set up and Liaison Teams strengthened.

DHQ states that BAMA, BAMA LGA, BORNO State has been recaptured, with troops clearing through several IED belts and attacks by VBIEDs, PBSIEDs and gunmen to break into the town around 4.00pm. Enemy forces reportedly executed hostages, young men and their female sex slaves before retreating towards CHAD

17 March

The NPF Anti Bomb Squad defused an explosive device in FANTAMI, GOMBE, GOMBE State. The device was allegedly brought to the area by 2 men in a VW Golf, who gave it to a young boy and told to take it to a house near the residence of a former State Governor.

The Shehu of BORNO, Alhaji Umar EL KANEMI stated that there are approximately 2m IDPs in MAIDUGURI

Lt Gen Kenneth MINIMAH stated that only 3 LGA’s (ABADAM, KALA BALGE and GWOZA) remained in enemy hands

Mike OMERI Director General National Orientation Agency stated that foreigners were engaged in training Nigerian troops on new weapon systems and were not actively involved in combat operations. He stated that South Africans, South Koreans and Russians were involved.

18 March

Elements of the NPF, DSS and Nigeria Army raided a suspected Boko Haram hideout at No 4 Fulani Road, UNGWAN DOSA, KADUNA NORTH LGA, KADUNA State. The suspect named as Muhammed Mai BORNO reportedly escaped but his wife was detained.

Nigerian forces took a 10 vehicle humanitarian convoy of approximately 200 IDPs from BAMA to MAIDUGURI

19 March

Nigerian troops securing BAMA, have discovered bodies in wells and several mass graves

A middle aged man suspected of carrying a PBSIED was attacked by a mob in UNGWA UKU Motor Park, ZARIA Road, KANO after refusing to be searched. The suspect who is currently in a coma was searched by the NPF who found no explosives only charms and weapon parts.

The CDS AVM Alex BADEH stated that Naval personnel might be deployed to the North East whilst speaking at the Nigerian Naval College, ONNE, RIVERS State Passing Out Parade

Situation Enemy Forces

15 March

Approximately 70 suspected nomadic gunmen attacked EGBA Village, AGATU LGA, BENUE State around 5.00am with small arms, bow and arrow and bladed weapons killing approximately 82 and injuring 25 people and burning the village. The attackers reportedly came from LOKO, NASARAWA State.

3 x PBSIEDs were killed at a 212 Bn checkpoint in GARIN KUTURU Village, KAGA LGA, BORNO State. The 2 females and 1 male reportedly came out of the bush and tried to get a vehicle to MAIDUGURI, when soldiers at the nearby checkpoint tried to search them, the device on one of the women detonated killing all 3 and injuring a soldier

Suspected tribal gangs attacked cattle rearers in the vicinity of FORON, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State killing 9 herdsmen, injuring 2 and stealing 765 cattle. The NPF in BARKIN LADI report they have recovered 84 cattle and arrested 2 suspects. Another 147 cattle were recovered by the owners

17 March

16 x gunmen mounted on 8 x motorcycles attacked GOLFO in the vicinity of AFADE, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 2 civilians, they escape to their base in the vicinity of SIGAL, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State.

18 March

Suspected nomadic gunmen shot 2 x policemen at a Check point in the vicinity of FGC VANDEIKYA, VANDEIKYA LGA, BENUE State

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked GAMBORU NGALA killing 8 people

19 March

Gunmen mounted in Toyota Hilux pickups attacked FUYI, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State with small arms, AAA weapons, IEDs and petrol bombs around 7.00am killing approximately 13 people. They then proceeded to GAMBORU NGALA, NGALA LGA, BORNO State killing 3 people and burning several houses they had not already burnt and reoccupied abandoned Chadian positions, Camerounian troops from FOTOKOL responded with artillery and ground troops allowing some locals to flee to KUSHIRI Village, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN.

20 March

Gunmen abducted Mohammed USMAN, the Emir of BUKKUYUM, BUKKUTUM LGA, ZAMFARA State from his home.

21 March

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked MGBEKPA, Community, TSAREV, LOGO LGA, BENUE State killing 2 people

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks attacked BAMA, BAMA LGA and were defeated by Nigerian troops and pursued by NAF losing 20 enemy killed and an unknown number captured. Also captured were 1 x Toyota Hilux and unspecified number of weapons. 1 soldier was killed and 7 wounded

Situation External Forces

12 March

Camerounian forces attacked NDABA, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State in a 2 day operation supported by rockets.

15 March

Gunmen attacked DJARGAGOROUM Village, between NGOUBOUA and KAIGA Villages, MAMDI Department, LAC Region, CHAD killing one person and burning 2 x houses

17 March

FRANCE is to set up a liaison and support detachment in CAMEROUN, to support the anti Boko Haram effort

18 March

Chadian and Nigerien forces have attacked DAMASAK, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State (again) reportedly killing 228 enemy and allegedly suffering 1 x killed and 8 x wounded Nigerien soldiers. The Joint forces claimed tanks vehicles and weapons destroyed and captured. After taking lots of photos, they stated their next objective was MALAM FATORI (again).

The Nigerien Prime Minister Brigi RAFINI stated that NIGER faces a cereal deficit of 230,000 tonnes due to uneven rainfall and would struggle to feed its population and Nigerian refugees. The UN OCHA estimates 3.4m people will face food insecurity.

The current Presidents of ECOWAS (John MAHAMA, GHANA) and ECCAS (Idriss DEBY, CHAD) have agreed to hold a joint summit on 07-08 April to define a common strategy against Boko Haram. The summit will be preceded by a Technical meeting on 21 March 2015 and a Ministerial Meeting on 23 March 2015.

19 March

Camerounian forces detained a man suspected of conducting hostile reconnaissance on Camerounian positions in FOTOKOL was detained in GAMBORU NGALA.

2 x French Officers deployed to the RMIA4 HQ in MAROUA, EXTREME NORD Region to assist CAMEROUNS anti Boko Haram efforts.

The UN stated that 1m people had been displaced by the fighting and an estimated 6,300 civilians had been killed and the crisis was having a negative effect on food security.

20 March

Gunmen abducted 15 passengers from LAGDO, BENOUE Department, NORD Region including Mama ABAKAI the Mayor of LAGDO in the vicinity of GAROUA BOULAI, LOM ET DJEREM Department, EST Region from a vehicle heading towards BERTOUA, EST Region. 3 passengers have been found and are with the Gendarmerie and stated the hostages have been taken to CENTRAFRIQUE.

21 March

Several hundred Chadian troops with armoured vehicles returned to GAMBORU NGALA from their vacation in FOTOKOL around 7.30am

The Government of JAPAN has donated $3.4m to UNICEF for the Integrated Provision of Life Saving Emergency Interventions for Vulnerable Populations in North East NIGERIA

Chadian and Nigerien soldiers discovered approximately 100 bodies near a bridge in DAMASAK, who appeared to be victims of Boko Haram murders.


Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
3 0 2 7 1 0 0 1 3



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