Situation Friendly Forces

08 March

The Special Task Force detained 2 x Berom youths with 2 x AK 47 from BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State, on suspicion of planning to attack SHO Village, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State. A group of Berom villagers blocked the Main Road to protest their detention and mobbed killed a Fulani man and woman who were passing. Fulani representatives also accused soldiers of burning Fulani settlements in LUGGERE SHAW, BARKIN LADI LGA

The Chairman MAFA LGA, Alhaji Maina LAWAN stated that people from villages surrounding MAFA had been evacuated to MAIDUGURI in order to allow troops space to defeat Boko Haram.

Soldiers allegedly opened fire on church workers at St Peters Catholic Church, GIDAN WAYA, JEMA’A LGA, KADUNA State killing 6 people and injuring 2 others in a dispute over a temporary checkpoint mounted by the church workers. A soldier was injured in the subsequent demonstrations

09 March


Students of the KADUNA College of Education, KAFANCHAN, JEMA’A LGA, KADUNA State are reportedly evacuating due to the alleged GIDAN WAYA shootings

Residents of MICHIKA LGA have called for a probe into alleged massacres of returnees. 16 people were reportedly killed in KHURKASA Village and 17 returnees from CAMEROUN were killed in KAMALE reportedly by a mob claiming they were Boko Haram

Elements of 7 Div raided the College of Agriculture, GUJBA, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State, capturing an IED making facility which was made safe by bomb disposal teams.

10 March

Nigerian forces captured BARA, GULANI LGA, GUJBA Village, BUNI YADI and BUNI GARI, GUJBA LGA, YOBE STATE along DAMATURU-BIU Road. IEDs were used in an attempt to deny the area to friendly forces resulting in 4 soldiers killed. Surviving insurgents retreated to GONIRI

Nigerian forces began operations to recapture BAMA, BAMA LGA, BORNO State

Chief Daniel ABOMTSE the Para mount Ruler of GWER WEST LGA, BENUE State, stated that the Tor Tiv (Highest Traditional Ruler of the Tiv people) Dr Alfred TORKULA had been pursued from his palace and village in GUMA LGA, BENUE State by nomadic gunmen who controlled at least 9 districts in the state

11 March

Elements of 33 Bde completed a 5 day clearance operation in LAME/ BURRA Forest in NINGI and TORO LGA, BAUCHI State. An unspecified number of enemy were killed, 3 x Toyota Hilux, 12 x motorcycles, 1 x FN FAL, 4 x AK 47, 1 x sub machinegun, 1 x teargas pistol, 36 x prepared IEDs, 36 x rifle magazines (type unspecified), over 500 x 7.62mm, 6 x jerrycans of cooking oil, IED making materials were captured.

President Goodluck JONATHAN has stated that 2 unnamed Private Military Companies were providing trainers and technicians to assist Nigerian forces. At another event Director of Defence Intelligence Gabriel E. OKOI also hinted at external assistance from unspecified sources

12 March

The STF has in increased patrols in BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State to prevent further clashes between the Birom and Fulani ethnic groups

13 March

An IED factory located in GUJBA Fertiliser Blending Plant was discovered by Nigerian forces during a cordon and search operation in BUNI YADI containing suicide IED vests and other devices.

14 March

Media reports state Nigerian forces are attacking GWOZA, GWOZA LGA, with enemy concentrating in the vicinity of the MANDARA Mountains in GWOZA, KERAWA, DJIMINI, NDABA, KALANGOUBDO and GOUGOURO

President Goodluck JONATHAN has directed NEMA to distribute relief materials to the families of fallen soldiers and those who are currently deployed.

The NPF states that the Chinese workers abducted in KOGI State have been released but declined to say whether a ransom had been paid.

2 x IEDs were discovered in a camp for BAMA IDPs at YERWA Government Girls Secondary School/Arabic Teachers College, MADUGANARI Ward, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State. The devices were destroyed in situ by the Army around 6.15pm and 2 men suspected of placing them detained

Nigerian forces reportedly captured BOBOSHE and YALE Villages, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State, retreating gunmen the reportedly set fire to BAMA, displacing the remaining inhabitants who fled to MAIDUGURI

Situation Enemy Forces

08 March

An IED detonated at the entrance to BENISHEIKH Market, BENISHEIKH, KAGA LGA, BORNO State around 10.00am killing 5 people and wounding 15

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked JOOTAR Village, UKEMBERAGYA TWAREV Ward, LOGO LGA, BENUE killing 5 people.

09 March

Suspected Fulani gangs attacked SABON LAYI, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State around 12.30am killing 9 people in a suspected reprisal attack

Gunmen mounted in 8 x pick up trucks attacked GOMBI, GOMBI LGA, ADAMAWA State from GOLOSO and GARKIDA via BIU Road with small arms and crew served weapons around 6.30pm but were defeated after a 4 hour firefight by elements of 23 Bde, who captured 4 x Toyota Hilux, 3 x AAA guns, 1 x 50cal HMG, 5,000 x 12.7mm, 2 boxes of 50cal/12.7mm ammunition, 1,000 x LMG 7.62mm??) ammunition, 1 x RPG7 and 1 x GPMG. 1 x soldier was reported wounded

10 March

An IED was discovered and made safe in BABAN LAYIN Electronics Market, MAIDUGURI, BORNO STATE

Gunmen attacked NGAMDU Village, KAGA LGA, BORNO State around 9.30am. The attackers were repelled but returned later to ambush travellers along the MAIDUGURI- DAMATURU Road. 12 people were killed and 15 injured and an SUV and Honda salon car were stolen. The ambush was reportedly initiated by a gunman on horseback crossing the road causing drivers to slow down

A female PBSIED detonated along AHMADU BELLO Way in the vicinity of the MONDAY Market, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State around 4.30pm another device detonated in GIDA MADARA. Up to 34 were killed and 21 injured.

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked TAKOWOK and RAHOL GASA Village, BARKIN LADI LGA, PLATEAU State killing 6 Birom villagers

11 March

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked political campaign vehicles travelling from KATSINA ALA to ADIKPO in the vicinity of GBINDE Village, USHONGO LGA, BENUE State killing two political agents and injuring two others.

Suspected armed robbers engaged the NPF at a Vehicle Checkpoint (VCP) in the vicinity of FGC VANDEIKYA, along VANDEIKYA-OBUDU Expressway in VANDEIKYA LGA BENUE State killing 2 x policemen

13 March

Gunmen attacked a quarry in the vicinity of LOKOJA, LOKOJA LGA, KOGI State killing one policeman and injuring another and abducting 3 x Chinese workers

Gunmen mounted in 3 x pickup trucks and several motorcycle were sighted in the vicinity of GAMBORU NGALA, NGALA LGA, BORNO State

14 March

2 x Nigerian refugees returning to GAMBORU NGALA were shot by suspected Boko Haram gunmen as they crossed the EL BEID River

3 x suspected PBSIEDs were shot at a checkpoint along DAMATURU- MAIDUGURI Road in the vicinity of NGAMDU.

A female PBSIED detonated in NGAMDU, KAGA, LGA, BORNO State with no casualties other than herself.

Situation External Forces

07 March

Gunmen mounted in 2 x armoured vehicles and 7 x pickup trucks attacked SOUERAM Village, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region

08 March

Chadian and Nigerien forces in an approximately 200 vehicle convoy attacked DAMASAK and FATORI, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State, NIGERIA around 08.30am from BOSSO and DIFFA, DIFFA Prefecture, NIGER Republic supported by air craft. Both armies state NIGERIA gave permission for the operation. Chadian forces suffered 10 killed and 20 wounded whilst the Nigeriens had 5 killed and 10 wounded. Approximately 300 enemy were claimed killed, unspecified amounts and types of weapons and ammunition captured. The joint force has not taken the town.

09 March

Gunmen attacked GUIBI Village, MAYO DANAY Department, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN killing 2 people, they also attacked LIMANI, LOGONE ET CHARI Department burning several houses

Ex Flintlock ended in CHAD. The 3 week exercise involved over 1,000 personnel from 20 countries with training taking place in NIGER, NIGERIA, CAMEROUN and TUNISIA. Logistic air support was provided by BELGIUM, USA, CANADA, UK, SPAIN, DENMARK, GERMANY, SWEDEN, THE NETHERLANDS and ITALY, with 113 flights, each soldier received 150 hours of training. NGO Spirit of America provided $4,500.00 worth of educational supplies, hygiene tools and domestic items, while there were 4 community activities, key leader engagement and 1,800 people were treated in medical assistance clinics in CHAD and NIGER. Tactical training was coordinated by US AFRICOM, Special Operations Command Forward – WEST AFRICA (SOCFWD-WA)

Two ex Koevet (Apartheid South Africa Police COIN Unit in Namibia) mercenaries and 4 Nigerian soldiers were killed in an alleged blue on blue incident when a Nigerian MBT engaged their column by mistake. The South Africans were Commander ‘NANGOMBE’ and Leon LOTZ. Media reports state they were employed by Pilgrim Africa Ltd. LOTZ was reportedly involved in the maintenance and support of new Nigerian vehicles (presumably Reva MRAPs) had previously been accused of murdering 2 x Namibian civilians in the 1980s but was granted an amnesty by the Government at the time.

11 March

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves LE DRIAN stated that Op Barkhane will be reinforced and provide increased support to the anti Boko Haram effort. He emphasised there would be no combat role against Boko Haram.

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defence for African Affairs Amanda J. DORY visited CAMEROUN and stated that the US would support a UN resolution authorising the deployment of the MJNTF as proposed by the AU.

12 March

An audio recording on Daesh affiliated websites purportedly by Abu Muhammed AL-ADNANI accepted Boko Harams pledge of allegiance and encouraged people unable to join daesh in the Middle East to join Boko Haram instead.

A Chadian column reportedly left FOTOKOL and GAMBORU NGALA, NGALA LGA, BORNO state heading south in the direction of AMCHIDE and LIMANI, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region

Nigerien forces state they have detained 12 x suspected Boko Haram fighters in DAMASAK, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State

Media reports claim that a few hundred South African, Georgian, Ukrainian and Russian mercenaries are operating in a combat role in north eastern NIGERIA. The allegations state that a few hundred mercenaries with several helicopters and armoured vehicles mainly using former Executive Outcomes senior personnel are based in MAIDUGURI Airport. The helicopters were reportedly leased from SOUTH AFRICA and came with pilots and crew and the South Africans deployed by themselves as an independent unit, with their own Multiple Rocket Launchers. One publication claims they are involved in training and leading troops and paid $400.00 daily.

Camerounian authorities detained an Italian journalist Giovanni Francesco PORZIO in MABASS, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region without proper accreditation

14 March

Daesh linked Twitter accounts have claimed that GAMBORU NGALA has been recaptured by Boko Haram

The Nigerien Foreign Minister Mohamed BAZOUM stated no towns in NIGER Republic were under Boko Haram control

Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
7 0 5 8 0 0 0 1 3




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5 Responses to NORTHERN NIGERIA INTERNAL SECURITY SITREP- Week Ending 14 March 2015

  1. sazulu says:

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Kay says:

    Good so far,
    But how about the girls. Surprised nothing seen yet unless they got moved into the remaining bh towns.
    Malam Fotori, dikwa got captured so many times by Chadians, I don’t know who’s telling porkies here.
    If you want me to post some 3d maps of Gwoza and the surrounding mountains, elevation plotted and all. Let me know.

  3. peccavi says:

    Wow, thanks Oga Kay, helps put things in great perspective

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