Situation Friendly Forces

31 January

Citizens in KONDUGA, KONDUGA LGA, protested against the suspected withdrawal of 3 x armoured vehicles from the town, which they claimed had assisted in its defence.

The GOMBE State Police Command banned the use of motorcycles in GOMBE, GOMBE State until Wednesday 4th February in ordert to allow political campaign rallies.

02 February

National Information Coordinator Mike OMERI stated that Nigerian forces had retaken GAMBORU NGALA, MAFA, ABADAM, MARTE and MALAM FATORI, supported by vigilantes and Chadian and Camerounian forces. He stated HONG, MUBI NORTH MUBI SOUTH, MICHIKA, SHUWA, WURO GYAMBI, GOMBI, VIMTIM, UBA and BAZZA in ADAMAWA State had been cleared. MADAGALI, GULAK, WAGGA MILDO, SHELINI VAPRA, SABON GARI and GUBLA are reportedly still held by the enemy.

The NAF reportedly conducted air strikes against targets in the SAMBISA Forest, BORNO State

03 February

DHQ stated that Nigerian forces are leading and planning operations by the Lake Chad Basin countries.

05 February

Media sources state that approximtey 6,000 Boko Haram fighters are encircled in the MADAGALI, GULAK area

The National Security Adviser Col Sambo DASUKI (retd) launched the Federal Governments new National Security Stratgey in ABUJA, FCT. It consists of 3 elements National Security Strategy, Counter Terrrorism Strategy and Cyber Security Plan and Strategy

The BORNO State Commisioner of Police Adeola CLEMENT stated that impending rumours of a Boko Haram attack on MAIDUGURI spread by villagers fleeing into the city, citing Boko Haram taunts, threats and songs, were false and requested non indigenes in particular to remain behind. Interviewed non indigenes stated a fear of Boko Haram and electon violence as primary motivators for leaving

06 February

Media reports state that equipment captured at BAGA has been recovered from the enemy including a Main Battle Tank (type unspecified by DHQ possibly the Vickers MBT), an unspecified number of Hilux vehicles, unspecified number and type of artillery pieces. The report also states that ASHIGASHIYA, MICHIKA, ABADAM and KERAWA had been recaptured.

The ADAMAWA State Police Command stated that acting on a tip off they discovered an arms cache containing 19 explosive devices weighting between 25 and 30 kg in SONG LGA. The State Commissioner of Police Gabriel ADAJI stated that insurgents planned to attack the River BENUE Bridge and other targets. The devices were contained in modified gas cylinders and were reportedly ready to detonate.

The DSS filed new charges of conspiracy, engaging in terrorism, membership of Boko Haram, refusing to disclose useful information to the security services against the suspected NYANYA bomber Aminu Sadiq OGWUCHE and 5 others, Akhmad Rufai ABUBAKAR (aka Abu Ibrahim/ Maitirare), Mohammed Sani ISHAQ, Ya’u SAIDU (aka Kofr Rama), Anas ISAH, Adamu YUSUF and Nasiru ABUBAKAR at the Federal High Court, ABUJA. Ahmed ABUBAKER (aka Dr Tsiga) was also charged in absentia. The Case was adjourned until 20th February to allow some of the accused to prroocure representation.

The CDS AVM Alex BADEH met with the Chadian CDS Maj. Gen. Ibrahim MAHAMAT at DHQ, ABUJA adding an addendum to the existing Memorandum of Understanding that exists between the two countries in the campaign against Boko Haram after an 8 hour closed door meeting. BADEH confirmed that Chadian forces were operating on Nigerian territory ‘mainly’ in the vicinity of GAMBORU NGALA. He stated that the strategy was to have Chadian forces (2,500 strong) attack from the north while 5,000 Nigerian forces attacked from the south he stated that the contribution of CAMEROUN was ‘unclear’ however the MoU with NIGER affected them. Also in attendance was the Chadian Ambassador to NIGERIA, Issa Brahim, COAS Lt Gen Kenneth MINIMAH, CAS AM Adesola AMOSU and representatives of the CNS Rear Adm OLUTOYIN.

The KWARA State Police Command detained a truck carrying ammunition (type/ quantity unspecified) described as several crtins of cartridgs in KOSUBOSU, BARUTEN LGA. The vehcle was believed to be travelling to IBADAN, OYO State from BURKINA FASO.

Situation Enemy Forces

01 February

Gunmen attacked MAIDUGURI, BORNO State on 4 axis. The attack started around 3.00am in DALWA to the southwest with small arms, IEDs and RPGs but was repelled with approximately 50 enemy killed and 5 soldiers wounded. The enemy then attacked via NGOM, MAFA LGA to the north east but were repelled with artillery and air strikes. The enemy mounted in 15 x Toyota Hilux’s with and an unspecified number of motorcycles attacked again with crew served weapons, RPGs, IEDs and small arms via MOLAI Village around 7.00am, troops engaged them along MAIDUGURI-DAMBOA Road, defeating them, following rapid reinforcement. The enemy attacked again via the NGOM-MAFA area around 11.00am but were defeated after a 2 hour firefight with friendly forces supported by aircraft. Friendly forces captured a Vickers MBT, 2 x APCs, 17 x Toyota Hilux’s and 2 x artillery pieces from enemy forces. Friendly casualties were reported as 10 civilians and 2 x soldiers. The attackers penetrated as far as GINDARI POLO, where civilians were killed by RPGs


A male suspected of being a PBSIED was detained at MUBI Roundabout, YOLA, ADAMAWA State around 5.30pm. The suspect was allegedly observed entering an uncompleted building and then emerging disguised in female dress. He was detained and then led authorities to 5 others also allegedly disguised as women.

Gunmen attacked Army positions in MAIMALARI Barracks, TUNGUSHE Village, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State around 5.00pm with small arms, RPGs and IEDs but were repelled by elements of 7 Div supported by local vigilantes. 50-100 insurgents were reported killed.

2 x PBSIEDs detonated in GOMBE, GOMBE State, killing 5 people. The first PBSIED detonated at the gate of Old Gombe Market, the second at the Timber Market behind 301 Artillery Regiment. The female carrying the first device arrived on a motorcycle, but refused to be searched, the device reportedly contained in a food flask detonated killing her and the motorcycle driver and wounding a bystander. The second device killed a soldier and 2 traders and wounded 7 other

A PBSIED detonated in front of the house of a local politician Sabo GARBU during a political meeting, opposite FGC POTISKUM, UNGUWAR JAJI Area, POTISKUM, YOBE State, killing himself and 9 other people around 1.00pm. NPF Bomb Disposal also attended a suspected device in the GSM Market

02 February

A PBSIED detonated at a campaign rally at PANTAMI Stadium in GOMBE, GOMBE State around 3.00pm shortly after President Goodluck JONATHAN had left. One person was reported killed and 18 wounded. The bomber was reported to be female.

04 February

Gunmen attacked DIKWA, BAGA and MUNGOLO, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State

06 February

Gunmen attacked LANTO Village, CHIBIRI Ward, KUJE Area Council, FCT around 8.00pm and abducted a lady and 8 year old boy. The kidnappers allegedly called to ask for a N5m ransom.

07 February

9 x gunmen abducted an 87 year old man in MUSHERE, BOKKOS LGA, PLATEAU State, and took him on a mototrcylce towards WAMBA, WAMBA LGA, NASARAWA State. The kidnappers demanded a $10,000 ransom the next day from his son Sen Joshua DARIYE, former Plateau State governor and current 2 term Senator (who is wanted for corruption and money laundering charges in the UK)

Situation External Forces

01 February

2 x Chadian Attack Helicopters attacked enemy positions in the vicinity of GAMBORU NGALA, NGALA LGA, BORNO State

02 February

Chadian aircraft continued operations in and around GAMBORU NGALA. Chadian troops are commanded by Col Haroun Abraham KARIM

03 February

French officials stated that FRENCH aircraft were conducting recce flights over CHAD and NIGER Republic.

The ANT claims to have cleared Boko Haram from GAMBORU, WOULGO and NGALA in NGALA LGA, NIGERIA using infantry and armour supported by mortars, artillery and attack helicopters, inflicting over 200 casualties for 9 Chadian dead and 21 wounded. The ANT also claimed to have destroyed over 12 vehicles mounted with crew served weapons and 100 motorcycles and captured 10 vehicles with crew served weapons and 1 x 105mm artillery piece.

04 February

Approximately 800 gunmen from the vicinity of GAMBORU NGALA attacked FOTOKOL, LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region at 4.00am capturing the EL BEID Bridge, overrunning most of the town and killing several hundred civilians (estimated between 400-2000) by burning them alive, slitting throats and shooting and injuring over 500, burning properties including mosques and churches. The attackers stole food and livestock. 13 Chadians, 6 Camerounian soldiers and 50 gunmen were reported killed. Many of the attackers were reported to be light skinned, from the Sahel.

05 February

Camerunian and Chadian forces state that they have cleared FOTOKOL of enemy forces.

The AU Peace and Security Council met to finalise plans for the AU force to combat Boko Haram. The USA, UK, RUSSIA, FRANCE, EU and UN had observer status

French President Francois HOLLANDE stated that FRANCE was providing logistic and operational support in the form of fuels and ammunition to Chadian forces at a press conference in PARIS, FRANCE.

FRANCE states it has sent approximately 10 x military advisers to DIFFA Prefecture, NIGER Republic to coordinate the regional effort against Boko Haram.

Media reports state that the Nigerien Parliament will vote on Monday 9th February to send troops into NIGERIA

A Chadian convoy of 400 tanks and other vehicles is reportedly positioned between MAMORI and BOSSO, DIFFA Prefecture, NIGER Republic across the KOMADOUGOU YOBE River from BAGA, NIGERIA.

Camerounian forces have begun an extended search operation in FOTOKOL for Boko Haram suspects

06 February

Gunmen from MALAM FATORI, KUKUWA LGA, NIGERIA, attacked BOSSO, NIGER Republic around 8.00am with mortars and small arms, they were repelled after overrunning the town by Nigerien forces supported by Chadian forces and aircraft. NIGER Republic claims 109 enemy and 4 Nigerien troops killed and 13 wounded. Gunmen also attacked DOUTCHI Bridge (over the KOMADOUGOU YOBE Bridge), DIFFA Town, DIFFA Prefecture was also attacked and hit by indirect fire with 4 mortar shells reportedly landing in the town, 4 Nigerien soldiers were reported wounded. The Chadian Gendemarie Commander Gen. Daoud YAYA was shot in the stomach and evacuated to FRANCE.

The Camerounian Minister of Communications Issa TCHIROMA claims that no part of CAMEROUN is under occupation by foreign forces (he did not specify is he was referring to Chadian, French or Boko Haram forces).

Media reports from CAMEROUN state that insurgent attacks have closed 170 schools, displaced 150,000 internally and 200,000 externally from NIGERIA.

An Assesment by the US Government stated that Boko Haram comprises 4-6,000 hardcore fighters.

07 February

The governments of NIGERIA, CHAD, CAMEROUN and BENIN Republic agreed to establish a force of 8,700 soldiers and policemen, in line with the AU’s increased mandate for the anti Boko Haram force at the end of a 3 day summit in YAOUNDE, CAMEROUN.

Camerounian forces detained 18 people as part of their search operations in FOTOKOL, including a reportedly notorious 16 year old ‘slaughterer’. They also found an RPG tube.

Gunmen attacked DOUTCHI Bridge, DIFFA with small arms from the south, fighting until they were repelled at 5.00am by Nigerien forces.

Table 1 Insurgent incidents

Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign Attacks
5 0 5 1 2 0 0 2 3



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