Situation Friendly Forces

14 January

Media reports state that several soldiers detained in JOS, PLATEAU State awaiting Courts Martial from 213 Bn, 234 Bn, Task Force Mike and Army HQ Team A have been summarily dismissed. The soldiers were reportedly based at MUBI, MUBI NORTH, ADAMAWA State when it was overrun of 28 /29 October. The approximately 2,000 soldiers were allegedly dismissed for refusing to obey orders. The report states that they claim they had no legal representation.

The BORNO State Police Command presented N400,000 cheques to the families of 2 policemen who were killed in the line of duty in the State. N200,000 was given as payment from the Police Insurance Welfare Scheme (POLWIS), while the IGP gifted each family N30,000 cash and a gallon of cooking oil.

15 January

President of the Federal Republic visited MAIDUGURI, BORNO State with CDS AVM Alex BADEH, DG NEMA and National Security Advisor Sambo DASUKI. The President visited 7 Div HQ at MAIMALARI Cantonment, 7 Div Hospital and Medical Services Centre where he met wounded soldiers and visited an IDP camp housing 900 people from BAGA promising financial assistance to rebuild their homes and thanking the Red Cross and other international organisations.

The Director General of NEMA Alhaji Sani SIDI stated that 406, 301 children have been displaced as a result of the insurgency in BORNO, YOBE and ADAMAWA State

16 January

5 soldiers were reportedly dismissed from 2 Div HQ, Supply and Transport Battalion in IBADAN, OYO State for allegedly refusing orders as part of Op Zaman Lafiya

17 January

DHQ Spokesman Brigadier General Chris OLUKOLADE in relation to the Chadian deployment stated “All support for our operations will be welcome but must conform with our own ongoing operations”

Situation Enemy Forces

11 January

Approximately 200 gunmen mounted in vehicles attacked KONDUGA, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State around 7.30pm and were repelled by elements of 7 Div, with unspecified casualties on both sides.

2 PBSIED detonated along MUHAMMED IDRISS Way, at the KASUWAR JAGWAL (GSM) Market, POTISKUM, YOBE State around 3.15pm killing up to 20 people and injuring 43. The bombers were reportedly 2 x female teenagers who arrived in a tricycle, one entered the market and detonated her device followed by the other a few minutes afterwards.

12 January

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks and motorcycles attacked ASKIRA, ASKIRA UBA LGA, BORNO State around 3.30pm with small arms, machine guns, IEDs and RPGs destroying a school, health centre, telecoms masts and a police station

13 January

A male PBSIED mounted on a motorcycle detonated outside a mosque at KASUWAN MATA by ATC Junction in TUDUN WADA, GOMBE, GOMBE State around 7.00pm killing 4 (2 adults and 2 children) people and wounding 14. The explosives appear to have detonated prematurely affecting mostly young al Majiri children rather than the mosque itself.

Gunmen attacked a meeting of Vigilantes from ZURMI, BIRNIN MAGAJI and BIRNIN TSABA Villages in ZURMI and BIRNIN MAGAJI LGA’s killing approximately 108 people

14 January

Boko Haram released a video featuring an 8 minute speech by an individual referring to himself as SHEKAU who praised the attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo

Gunmen mounted in 10 pickup trucks and 2 motorcycles attacked military positions in BIU, BIU LGA, BORNO State around 5.30am. Friendly forces engaged the enemy in a 2 hour firefight, until they were defeated with air support losing at least 78 killed and 5 captured. 2 AAA guns were also captured.  The gunmen reportedly withdrew to SABON KASUWU, HAWUL LGA, burning the LG Chairman’s office in AZARE.

16 January

Gunmen attacked KAYAMULA Village, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State, despite initial resistance by the vigilantes of the CJTF the village was destroyed

Situation External Forces

09 January

The Second Deputy Mayor of FOTOKOL, LOGON ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region, Abba SAUID HANI was released from custody in YAOUNDE, CAMEROUN having been detained since October 2014 on suspicion of procuring food for Boko Haram

12 January

NIGER Republic launched an Emergency Appeal to raise $36m to aid refugees from the insurgency in Northern NIGERIA. Interior and Public Security Minister Hassoumi MASSAOUDOU stated that the first shipment of 800 tons of cereals, 1,880 blankets, 2,200 mosquito nets and other supplies had been despatched to DIFFA Prefecture

Gunmen attacked military bases in KOLOFATA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN around 4.00am. Camerounian forces claimed to have pushed them out inflicting 143 casualties and sustaining one Camerounian dead and four wounded.

13 January

UNHCR estimates that 6,000 Nigerian refugees have fled to CAMEROUN in the past 10 days, 1,500 to NIGER and 13,000 to CHAD

14 January

The UN Human Rights Spokesperson Ravina SHAMDASANI called on NIGERIA to restore law and order in the north east and investigate mass killings by Boko Haram in BAGA at a press briefing in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND.

CHAD has offered to assist CAMEROUN combat Boko Haram following a visit to CHAD by CAMEROUN’s Minister of Defence

Gunmen killed a villager in GAIDAM TCHOUKOU, DIFFA Prefecture, NIGER Republic

5 wounded suspected Boko Haram members were discovered under a bridge in KERAWA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region around 10.00am by local people. They are thought to be from the attack on KOLOFATA

15 January

Amnesty International has released satellite images of BAGA and DORON BAGA showing the extent of the damage done by Boko Haram by comparing mages from 02 January and 07 January. Human Rights Watch estimates 11% (620 structures) of BAGA and 57% (3,100 structures) of DORON BAGA have been destroyed most likely by arson. At least 16 communities around BAGA have been burnt down and approximately 20,000 people displaced, whilst the NGO Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) said it was providing assistance to 5,000 survivors of the atrocity, whilst the UN states 11,300 Nigerians have fled to CHAD

The Government of DENMARK has pledged 12.5m kroner ($2m) to assist victims of Boko Haram. The Danish Foreign Aid Minister Mogens JENSEN stated the money would be channelled through the International Red cross and UN

Elements of BIR detained a suspected female boko Haram member in MAROUA, DIAMARE Department, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN after a long hunt

Gunmen attacked a vehicle on Route National No 1, heading to HOMAKA, MAYO SAVA Department in the vicinity of DOUBLE and KANGALERI, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 3 people

The UN Special Representative for West Africa Mohamed Ibn CHAMBAS urged NIGERIA, CAMEROUN, CHAD and NIGER to agree a common command structure and strategy for a regional force to defeat Boko Haram

Ghanaian President John MAHAMA (the current Chairman of ECOWAS) stated that ECOWAS countries will hold a regional summit to discuss options in the Boko Haram crisis and seek authority from the AU to forma regional force

Camerounian Minister of External Relations Pierre Moukoko MBONJO met with diplomats from the US, Russia, India, Brazil and other nations. The US Ambassador Michael Stephen HOZA stated that the US Government would assist in training Camerounian soldiers and provide them with equipment in a meeting. The Russian Ambassador Nikolay RATISBORINSKI stated they would provide arms, equipment and training to Camerounian forces as well as humanitarian assistance.

US Secretary of State John KERRY described Boko Harams activities as a crime against humanity

16 January

Elements of the Chadian Army- Armee Nationale du Tchadienne (ANT) mounted in tanks and armoured vehicles began deploying from N’DJAMENA to MAROUA, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN via KOUSSERI, MALTAM and FIANGA. Witnesses reported the Chadian troops to be in high spirits, with approximately 400 vehicles including several dozen tanks. The Chadians also deployed an unspecified number of MI 24/ 35 Attack helicopters, it is unclear if they will be forward based in MAROUA or remain in N’DJAMENA. The force is to be commanded by Brigadier General Yaya Sayero BACALSO. Chadian President DEBY has stated that one of the objectives of the intervention was the recovery of BAGA.

The Camerounian President Paul BIYA announced that CHAD would be deploying troops to assist CAMEROUN

The Chadian Parliament voted 150 to 0 to send troops to support Cameroun in the fight against Boko Haram

The President of the African Union Dr Nkosazana DLAMINI-ZUMA expressed support for the West African states in their fight against Boko Haram

17 January

Tens of thousands of people led by Chadian Prime Minister Kalzeube Pahimi DEUBET marched 5km through N’DJAMENA, CHAD in support of ANT troops deploying to CAMEROUN,

Table 1 Insurgent incidents

Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign Attacks
3 0 3/3 3 2 0 0 0 3

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