Situation Friendly Forces

06 January

The Leader of the ATTAKAD Community Development Association Ishaya KUNDEN claimed that 16 villages in southern KADUNA State were occupied by Fulani herdsmen. He stated that since 24th March 2013 180 people had been killed and 10,000 displaced from MAYIT, AGWOM, ZAKAI GIRA, TUNGA MAGWOT, TELAK, ZAKUM and KIRIM.

Vigilantes reportedly raided a Boko Haram base in the vicinity of GUJBA, GUJBA, YOBE State capturing 2 vehicles and an unspecified amount and type of weapons and ammunition.

NEMA has registered 1,636 people fleeing from BAGA, DORON BAGA, MONGUNO and their environs to MAIDUGURI. The spokesman Mallam Abdul Kadir IBRAHIM also stated that teams had been sent to NIGER, CHAD and CAMEROUN to establish the number of refugees and facilitate their return.

07 January

Elements of 7 Div supported by the CJTF based in KAWURI, BAMA LGA, BORNO State engaged gunmen in MAINARI Village, KONDUGA LGA, as part of an operation to clear BAMA. Both sides incurred an unspecified number of casualties resulting in friendly forces withdrawing to KONDUGA

08 January

The NPF has given the families of the 6 policemen declared missing after the attack on the Police Mobile Training College, GWOZA, N500, 000.00 each and promised their salaries would be paid for the next 12 months.

10 January

A combined military, CJTF and hunter team cleared KATARKO Village, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State as part of a spoiling attack against a perceived Boko Haram attack

Situation Enemy Forces

03 January

Suspected nomadic gunmen killed the Yohanna SHINKUT District Head of ZANGANG, in his car near his home in ZANGANG, MANCHOK, KAURA LGA, KADUNA State around 8.00pm

04 January

Gunmen mounted in an armoured vehicle, pickups trucks and motorcycles overran BAGA, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State with small arms, RPGs and crew served weapons after an 18 hour firefight. Enemy forces also attacked KAUYEN KUROS, MILE 3, MILE 4, DORON BAGA and BUNDARAM. Local inhabitants fled across the Lake to GABUWA, KANGALLAM and KAIGA Villages in CHAD after the attackers murdered an unspecified number of civilians, burnt and looted property. A community leader in MONGUNO claimed that he had heard Wednesday 31st December that the Boko Haram leadership was around BAGA and had passed on the information. It is also claimed that Chadian, Nigerien and Camerounian troops had been withdrawn from the base prior to the attack. Official sources state 11 soldiers were killed and 30 wounded. Reports state the CO and 18 female soldiers are reported missing. 50 civilians have also been reported killed. Friendly forces withdrew to MONGUNO.

An explosion in DAHLEHI Community, LUGDA Village, MAIHA LGA, ADAMAWA State killed 2 people and injured 2 others who added some roadside scrap to a fire they were using to warm themselves. The item could have been an abandoned IED or UXO.

05 January

Boko Haram released a 17 minute video in which an individual referring to himself as SHEKAU addressed the camera in front of vehicles with 4 armed fighters in attendance. He fired a rifle and 2 machine guns into the air and specifically threatened CAMEROUN and Camerounian President Paul BIYA, marking the first confirmation from them through these means of Boko Haram activity in that country

Suspected nomadic gunmen attempted to infiltrate into KADUNA state from GANUWARI, PLATEAU State from an undisclosed border location. They were repelled with no reported casualties.

07 January

Gunmen mounted in Toyota Hiluxes and on motorcycles attacked KATARKO, GUJBA LGA, YOBE State killing 25 people, burning commercial and residential properties and abducting and unspecified number of women and children. The attack was apparently in reprisal for a previous attack by hunters in which several gunmen were killed and arms, ammunition and 2 x Toyota Hiluxes were captured

08 January

Local residents state that gunmen have burnt down 16 villages in KUKUWA LGA, BORNO State including BAGA, DORON BAGA MILE 4 MILE 3, KAUYEN KUROS and BUNDURAM, allegedly killing up to 2,000 people and displacing 20,000.

09 January

Gunmen attacked DAMATURU, YOBE State with small arms, RPGs and IEDs around 7.00pm the attackers burnt several shops, The NPF A Division station, NPF State Area Command and Police officers, shopping complex at DAMATURU Motor Park and an Izala Sect Mosque before being repelled. Official sources state 5 soldiers were wounded.

Nomadic gunmen attacked KUPA ABUGI Village, LOKOJA LGA, KOGI State killing 4 people

10 January

A PBSIED detonated in the Poultry section of MAIDUGURI Market, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State killing 20 people and injuring 27 around 12.30pm. The device was reportedly borne by a girl thought to be about 10 years old, members of the CJTF had detected the device on her and it activated as she was being isolated.

Suspected nomadic herdsmen attacked and burnt down MIZA, LOKOJA LGA, KOGI State. The towns people have an ongoing feud with nomads.

Gunmen attacked UBA, ASKIRA UBA LGA, ADAMAWA State around 7.00am but were repelled by friendly forces after several hours losing 10 enemy dead and 2 vehicles

An IED detonated at the POTISKUM Divisional Police Station, POTISKUM YOBE state killing 2 policemen and injuring one other. A suspect was reportedly detained in a Volkswagon Golf at a checkpoint in the vicinity of POTISKUM Market and brought to the station for questioning. The device in the vehicle then reportedly activated around 3.15pm.

Nomadic gunmen attacked MIZA Village KUPALAND, LOKOJA LGA, KOGI State destroying commercial and residential buildings. The attack reportedly came a few hours after a peace meeting between Fulani herdsmen and Kupa farmers who the herdsmen accused of killing their cows

Situation External Forces

05 January

Gunmen ambushed a Camerounian Army convoy in the vicinity of KOLOFATA, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region, killing one soldier

Gunmen ambushed a Camerounian Army unit on the WAZA- MORA Road, 27 attackers were reported killed.

06 January

Media reports state that 8 Lawans (traditional rulers) from MAYO TSANAGA Department have been detained by the Gendarmerie in MOKOLO, MAYO TSANAGA Department for allegedly collaborating with Boko Haram

07 January

The Chadian Prime Minister Kalzeube Pahimi DEUBET stated that over 3,000 Nigerian refugees had arrived in CHAD since mid-December and 543 Chadian returnees.

The Nigerien Foreign Minister Mohamed BAZOUM told BBC World Service that they had withdrawn the 50 Nigerien soldiers at BAGA after the capture of MALAMFATORI in October and would not be sending troop to aid in its recapture.

08 January

Camerounian President Paul BIYA appealed for international and regional assistance in a meeting with the diplomatic community.

09 January

Media reports state that 274 people are missing from DOUBLE, MAGDEME and other villages in LOGONE ET CHARI Department, EXTREME NORD Region after a cordon and search operation by the Camerounian Army on 27th December 2014. The Camerounian Army claims 70 people were detained and sent to MAROUA, of whom 25 were found dead in custody the next day. An investigation is underway.

Gunmen attacked KASSA, near KOURGUI, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 3 people and stealing livestock and foodstuffs

Table 1 Insurgent incidents

Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign Attacks
2 1/2 1/2 7 2 0 0 0 3

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