Situation Friendly Forces

14 December

The YOBE State Government reviewed the curfew imposed after the attack on DAMATURU, changing it from 6.00pm to 7.00am to 8.00pm to 6.00am

16 December

The DSS paraded 7 people who they stated had been involved in fraudulent ceasefire negotiations with self appointed Australian negotiator Dr Steven DAVIS. Members of the group were allegedly paid between N55,000.00 and N4m each for their roles in the alleged scam. The accused were named as Junaid Idrissa KHADI, (an aide to BORNO State Governor Kassim SHETTIMA), Abubakar YUSUF aka Baba Sani (a petty trader from BIU LGA, BORNO State and former Boko Haram foot soldier), Saleh IBRAHIM aka Liman Ibrahim (casual staff at BRTV and former follower of Mohammed YUSUF), Abdullahi SALEH aka Babadele and Abu Adam Maisandari, (first year student from YOLA SOUTH LGA, ADAMAWA State at ATBU), Nurudeen IBRAHIM (ALKALERI LGA, BAUCHI State), Mubarak ADAMU aka Molo (from DARAZO LGA, BAUCHI State) and Mustapha MAIDUGU aka Musty/ Small (from YUSUFARILGA, YOBE State))

17 December

54 soldiers were sentenced to death by firing squad by a General Courts Martial sitting at Army HQ Garrison, ABUJA, FCT for mutiny and conspiracy to commit mutiny. 4 others were acquitted.

18 December

An unspecified number of women escaped from BAMA after fighting at BULABULIN depleted enemy numbers. The escapees report other women and men were being held captive and that a lot of insurgents had been killed and injured.

20 December

DHQ states that GARKIDA, VIMTIM, KUMARE-UBA, MARABA and MUBI have been cleared of insurgents

Situation Enemy Forces

13 December

A new 19 minute video released by Boko Haram features ‘Abubaker SHEKAU’ threatening the Emir of KANO Muhamadu SANUSI II, accusing him of apostasy. He also threatened vigilantes and hunters, whilst calling other Islamic sects such as the Izala, Tjjaniyya, Qadiriyya and Shia pagans as well as the Government of Saudi Arabia.

14 December

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked ADEKA and OLEGADEJE Villages in AGATU LGA, BENUE State killing 5 people

Gunmen mounted in trucks attacked GUMSURI Village, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State around 4.30am killing 35 people and abducting up to 172 others mainly women and children and burning most of the town.

16 December

27 suspected Boko Haram members were arrested in a 2 IDP camps in MAIDUGURI, BORNO State following a tip off. An unspecified number of rifles were reportedly recovered. The suspects had reportedly claimed to be IDPs from BAMA, they were taken to Sector 3 HQ and then GIWA Barracks.

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles and approximately 10 pickups ambushed travellers on the MAIDUGURI- BAGA Road returning from CROSS KAUWA Fish Market in the vicinity of MADARI, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State murdering at least 12 people and abducting a woman and 2 year old infant and stealing around 5 vehicles. The attackers reportedly consisted of Kanuri speakers and Chadians

Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked KARSHI, SANGA LGA, KADUNA State around 1.00pm killing 4 people and burning food stores. They were repelled by soldiers after a brief firefight.

A VBIED contained in a Honda Odyssey was detected at a VCP at ASHAKA/ BAJOGA Junction along POTISKUM Road when the driver (identified as Nuru FIKA) pretended his car was defective and needed pushing Upon searching the car a device consisting of 10 x cylinders was discovered. FIKA attempted to flee but was shot and unfortunately died in hospital. The device was made safe by NPF EOD

17 December

Approximately 100 suspected nomadic gunmen attacked SABON GIDA SHAGOGO, DONGA LGA, TARABA State around 4.00pm killing 10 people and burning a Catholic Church.

Gunmen attacked YOLA Electricity Distribution Company engineers repairing a damaged power line in the vicinity of DOGON WAYA, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State on the DAMBOA-MAIDUGURI Road with small arms and IEDs, but were repelled by troops supported by armour and artillery, losing one VBIED and a pickup truck mounted with an AAA gun. 75 attackers and 3 soldiers were reported killed and 3 soldiers wounded. 20 of the attackers’ motorcycles and vehicles were reportedly destroyed and an unspecified number of rifles and RPGs captured

Approximately 10 suspected nomadic gunmen attacked UNGUWAN DAUDA Village, SANGA LGA, KADUNA State around 2.00am killing 10 people, injuring 20 and burning several houses. They were driven off by soldiers after an hour long firefight.

Approximately 150 gunmen attacked BULABULIN, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State but were repelled by elements of 7 Div based there

19 December

Gunmen masquerading as herdsmen attacked DAMBOA, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State with small arms around 11.30pm. The attackers used a herd of cattle to mask their move towards DAMBOA Central Mosque, however locals became suspicious by the large number of herdsmen escorting the cattle. Elements of 7 Div based in the town reacted and inflicted 115 casualties upon the enemy.3 civilians were reported killed.

Emir of KANO dismissed Boko Haram’s threats against him during Friday prayers

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles and pickup trucks attacked DAMAGUN, FUNE LGA, YOBE State with small arms and IEDs around 6.00pm, destroying a police station, fire station and local government offices and 2 vehicles but did not kill civilians. 3 shops were also looted

Gunmen attacked MAMUDO, POTISKUM LGA, YOBE State.

Gunmen attempted to ambush soldiers en route to DAMBOA on the MAIDUGURI -DAMBOA Road, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State with small arm and RPGS. The ambush was initiated by a lone rifleman and a female, 2 soldiers were killed by an RPG with 80 attackers killed, 3 Hilux trucks with AAA guns and 1 with IEDS was destroyed along with an unspecified number of motorcycles.

20 December

Boko Haram released a video showing people being murdered in a building that appeared to be a school dormitory. The person speaking claims the atrocity is taking placing BAMA

Media reports state local hunters and vigilantes have observed Boko Haram relocating vehicles, weapons and ammunition from the area around GWOZA to BAMA. This has reportedly been confirmed by persons fleeing BAMA. IDPs have also stated that the Boko Haram Amir for GWOZA and BAMA Axis is an ex grain merchant from BAGA Park Market called BAKURA

DHQ states that gunmen attacked Army Engineers on a counter IED and bridge repair tasking in the vicinity of HUSARI, BORNO State. Several attackers were killed, 4 x GPMG, 3 x rifles (type unknown) and 2 x RPG launchers were captured. 1 soldier was killed and 3 wounded

DHQ states that gunmen allegedly rounded up elderly people from DHIMANKARA, VILLE, KURANABASA, GUDUGUM and other villages and shot approximately 50 of them in Government Day Secondary School and UVAGHE Central Primary School, GWOZA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State

Situation External Forces

16 December

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves LE DRIAN stated that FRANCE would help coordinate a regional task force against Boko Haram, whilst at the first International Forum on Peace and Security in AFRICA in DAKAR, SENEGAL. He also stated that FRANCE would send approximately 12 military advisers to a Regional Command Centre in N’DJAMENA

A small arms and mine/IED attack against a Camerounian military convoy of 4 pick ups and a truck in the vicinity of ASHIGASHIYA as it left ZELEVET, MORA Commune, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN killed 3 soldiers and injured 2 with 3 missing.The attackers reportedly destroyed 2 vehicles and captured one other

17 December

Gunmen on foot and mounted in pickups attacked a Camerounian base in AMCHIDE, with small arms around 10.30am. Camerounian forces repelled the assault using small arms and artillery, claiming 116 casualties in front of the base and more in depth. The insurgents burnt the market and approximately 50 houses.

19 December

3 Gunmen were killed when the mine/ IED they were laying in the vicinity of detonated prematurely

Camerounian forces stated that an Engineer officer Lt Rouki MOSES who was reported missing after the attack on AMCHIDE has been found dead

The US Embassy, ABUJA restated the US Governments commitment to assisting NIGERIA tackle Boko Haram and other extremist groups and condemned recent attacks.

20 December

Elements of BIR acting on a tip off attacked a Boko Haram Training Camp in GUIRVIDIK, MAYO DANAY Department, EXTREME NORD Region liberating 84 children aged between 7 and 15 years. And detaining 45 adults at the camp. Camerounian forces stated thy inflicted heavy casualties but the enemy took their dead with them

Table 1 Insurgent incidents

Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign Attacks
0 0 0 10 3 0 0 0 3



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