Situation Friendly Forces

05 December

Several IEDs were discovered by Policemen and vigilantes around 1.30pm at the exit gate of the Central Mosque, TASHAN KANO Motor Park, KANO, KANO is unclear whether it was a remote controlled or timed device.

The lawyer representing the 12 convicted mutineers Femi FALANA SAN petitioned the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen MINIMAH to set aside the death sentence against them on the grounds that the court martial was characterised by grave errors of law.

07 December

The AN 124 impounded in KANO, was released after RUSSIA confirmed the identity of the plane despite initial denials and FRANCE confirmed the cargo was hers and consisted of 2 x Gazelle Helicopters, 2 x armoured jeeps and sundry military equipment being transported from BANGUI, CAR to N’DJAMENA, CHAD as the French peacekeeping mission in CAR ended. The plane reportedly belongs to a company called ‘224 Flight Unit’ and contained 2 French service people and 18 Russians. There was no explanation as to how an aircraft aiming for N’DJAMENA from BANGUI flew almost the same distance in the wrong direction to end up in KANO.

08 December

The NIGERIA Prisons Service Ope FATINKUN stated that 108 of the 275 prisoners who escaped from MINNA jail have been recaptured with the help of the Army, Police, DSS and Armed Service off the NPS. The NPS spokesman stated 49 did not escape and 166 were still at large

A DHQ press release stated that Nigerian forces had detained 4 people suspected of being Boko Haram cameramen. They were captured with digital cameras and weapons trying to flee in an SUV in ADAMAWA State. The exact date and location of the incident were not specified

09 December

The Nigerian Human Rights Commission (NHRC) accused the security forces of human rights violations mainly lack of due process and extra judicial killings.

DHQ stated an operation (specific dates not mentioned) to clear BALMO and LAME Forest resulted in 20 enemy killed, several motorcycles and rifles captured. Also captured were insurgent maps and operational plans. 6 soldiers were reported wounded.

DHQ states that troops killed 5 insurgents and captured 5 rifles, several hundred rounds of ammunition and bow and arrows in operation in the vicinity of HILDI, HONG LGA, ADAMAWA State

DHQ states that MUBI, GOMBI, MAIHA and HONG LGAs, ADAMAWA State had been recaptured. Commander 23 Armoured Brigade Col Danladi Jibrin ABDULLAHI escorted journalists around the recaptured areas and stated that the bridge between MAIHA and HONG had been destroyed by the enemy and friendly forces had had to create a new access road in MAIHA

An Islamic Social Group Jama’at Izalatil Bid’ah Waikamatis Sunah (JIBWIS) donated 8 trailer loads of relief materials to IDPs with 3 trailers going to BORNO, 2 to YOBE and 1 each to ADAMAWA, TARABA and GOMBE States.

12 December

Emir Abubakar Isa AHMADU, the Emir of MUBI returned to his palace in MUBI, MUBI SOUTH LGA, ADAMAWA State

Situation Enemy Forces

10 December

Two Person Borne suicide IEDs detonated in KANTIN KWARI TEXTILE Market, KANO, KANO State killing 4 people and injuring 7. The bomb were reportedly carried young females in hijab escorted by a man who disappeared shortly before the explosion, with the first device detonating near a public toiler at 2.30pm and the second device detonating near another public toilet shortly after.

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles and pick up trucks attacked GAJIGANNA, MONGUMERI LGA, BORNO State around 6.30pm with small arms and petrol bombs killing 11 people, injuring an unspecified number and burning every house in the market town after looting goods, foodstuffs and vehicles in a 5 hour attack.

11 December

Gunmen attacked an Army checkpoint in the vicinity of MICHIKA, MICHIKA LGA, ADAMAWA State but were repelled. In response the Army, MOPOL and vigilantes have restricted movement between HONG and MICHIKA and begun conducting house to house searches

Two Person Borne IEDs detonated in an informal market at MR BIGGS Roundabout, AHMADU BELLO WAY near TERMINUS Motor Park in JOS, PLATEAU State around 6.00pm, killing at least 40 people and injuring 47 others. The first device reportedly detonated near a food stall and the second 3-5 minutes later as people were fleeing.

Police defused a time detonated IED concealed in KWANA SHAGARI Area, JOS NORTH LGA, PLATEAU State that was discovered by residents

KANO State Police have denied reports that a 13 year old girl and a male accomplice were arrested at a clinic on Wednesday after entering to seek treatment. Reports had claimed the girl had explosives hidden under her hijab and was from BAUCHI State

12 December

Police defused an IED concealed in a bag in DAWANAU International Grains Market, KANO, KANO State

Situation External Forces

08 December

Camerounian forces captured suspected Boko Haram fighters and suppliers between DABANGA and KOUSSERI after they ambushed motorists

The Camerounian Parliament approved a new Terrorism Law in which acts of terrorism and financing of terrorism attracted the death penalty and extends detention to 15 days.

Gunmen attacked YEGOUE, MORA Commune, MAYO SAVA Department, EXTREME NORD Region killing 5 villagers and looting properties.

09 December

Camerounian Forces intercepted several hundred bags of grains being transported to GAMBORU NGALA, NGALA LGA, NIGERIA by donkey in the vicinity of FOTOKOL, EXTREME NORD Region

11 December

Approximately 400 gunmen attacked AMCHIDE, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN around 8.00pm, they were repelled by Camerounian forces who reportedly inflicted 100 casualties on them

Gunmen attacked KANGUELERI, LOGONE ET CHARI Department burning crops, a truck and the village and killing two people

General David RODRIGUEZ Commander US AFRICOM visited President Paul BIYA in YAOUNDE, CAMEROUN with US Ambassador to CAMEROUN Michael Stephen HOZA and announced the US will supply equipment and logistics to assist in the fight against Boko Haram

12 December

Approximately 60 gunmen attacked NGOUMA, SAGME, ARDEBE, DAMBORE and SOUERAM in CAMEROUN by crossing Lake CHAD. Camerounian forces reported 7 killed and 25 captured and 7 killed through fighting or drowning. Simultaneously AMCHIDE and LIMANI were attacked by gunmen from BANKI mounted in pick up trucks and supported by armoured vehicles. Camerounian forces reported destroying 20 vehicles and an armoured vehicles and sustaining 20 Camerounians wounded.


13 December

A Mine/ IED detonated by a vehicle in the vicinity of ASHIGASHIYA, EXTREME NORD Region killing a Camerounian soldier and injuring 2 others

Gunmen attacked WAZA, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN with 2 attackers reported killed

The EU humanitarian agency ECHO has unblocked 5m Euros to assist displaced Nigerians

The Prime Minister of Niger Brigi RAFINI has requested international assistance with a food crisis exacerbated by the presence of refugees from NIGERIA

Table 1 Insurgent incidents

Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign Attacks
9 0 5/9 2 1 0 0 0 6



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