Situation Friendly Forces

23 November

NEMA states that it has deployed additional staff and resources such as ambulances, water tankers to IDP camps in ADAMAWA State. The Director General Muhammad Sani Sidi also stated that there were 760 unaccompanied children in the camps and that new camps had been identified in BEKAJI Area of JIMETA and NUMAN SHELLENG

24 November

President Goodluck JONATHAN visited N’DJAMENA for a meeting with Chadian President Idris DEBY ITNO accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Aminu WALI and the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency Ambassador Ayodele OKE. Statements to the press contained no specifics of the discussions pertaining to ongoing operations.

Aminu Sadiq OGWUCHE the main suspect in the NYANYA bombings was discharged of all charges by the Federal High Court, ABUJA, due to a poor prosecution case and NPF investigation. OGWUCHE had earlier contested his prolonged detention by the DSS, however he was remanded in DSS custody with the petition against his detention to be hear 5th December. The DSS stated that they were still drawing up charges against him

Lake CHAD Basin Commission countries and BENIN Republic held their 4th Ministers of Defence, Chiefs of Defence Staff and Heads of Intelligence and Security Service Meeting, in ABUJA, NIGERIA. NIGERIA was represented by the CDS AVM Alex BADEH at the 2 day meeting

25 November

Service chiefs had a 6 hour briefing with the Senate, with the Chief of Army Staff GenKenneth MINIMAH, Chief of Air Staff Adesola AMOSU, Director General of the State Security Service Ita EKPEYONG

An unspecified number of females suspected to be suicide bombers were detained by vigilantes during house to house searches

27 November

The YOBE State Government stated that schools will resume on Monday 1st December, after a 3 week closure.

Media reports state that residents of KUKAWA and GUBIO, GUBIO LGA, BORNO State have begun fleeing following a letter purportedly from Boko Haram threatening to attack

28 November

NPF Bomb Disposal defused up to 6 devices placed near a mosque in FEDERAL LOW COST HOUSING ESTATE and GAMBORU Market in the CUSTOMS District, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State, following a house to house search by vigilantes of the CJTF and the military as well as vehicle checkpoints

Situation Enemy Forces

21 November

Herdsmen murdered a Police Inspector in MADACI Village, KIRIKASAMMA LGA, JIGAWA State after he and his men barred them from grazing cattle on farmland that had not yet been harvested

24 November

Gunmen attacked DAMASAK, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State around 9.00am with small arms and IEDs. The attackers reportedly initiated the attack by disguising themselves as traders and smuggling their weapons into the market hidden in containers. Up to 50 people were killed and 3,000 displaced to DIFFA Prefecture, NIGER Republic.

Gunmen attacked ASHIGARCHI Town, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State

Gunmen attacked KAMTAHI and GALTIMARI Villages, JERE LGA, BORNO State killing 20 people and burning virtually all properties

25 November

2 Person borne IEDs were suicide detonated by 2 female teenagers at the MONDAY Market along ONE WAY Road, CHALARAMS District, in the vicinity of the ANSARUDEEN Mosque (aka YORUBA Mosque), MAIDUGURI, BORNO State killing up to 67 people and injuring up to 98. The first attacker blew herself up next to a Keke Napep tricycle around 11.00am, whilst the second attacker (allegedly wearing a hijab and pretending to be carrying a baby) detonated her device in the midst of rescuers and onlookers approximately 10 minutes later.

27 November

An IED detonated along a road around 6.00pm in the vicinity of MARARABA MUBI, MUBI LGA, ADAMAWA State, killing 10 soldiers and 35 hunters. The device was placed near a bus station and Army checkpoint.

28 November

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks and motorcycles attacked KARETO Village, MOBBAR LGA, BORNO State with small arms, IEDs and petrol bombs. The attackers pushed into GUBIO LGA and were reportedly repelled by vigilantes who inflicted 30 casualties on the enemy and sustained 5 wounded themselves.

Up to 3 IEDs were detonated at the CENTRAL Mosque, KOFA KWORA District, KANO, KANO State around 2.00pm killing up to 100 people and injuring up to 150. The IED attack was imitated by a VBIED contained in a Toyota Spacewagon attempting to drive into the mosque premises before it was suicide detonated, the second IED was suicide detonated near a line or worshippers whilst the third device as suicide detonated inside the mosque. A virtually simultaneous small arms attack on survivors by up to 6 gunmen continued for another 30 minutes. 3 of the gunmen were reportedly unfortunately killed whilst being captured by the crowd, others reportedly escaped in a black SUV.

29 November

Over 30 gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked SHANI Town, SHANI LGA, BORNO State around 8.00pm with small arms and IEDs, burning down the police station and a telecoms mast

Situation External Forces

25 November

The Camerounian Minister of Secondary Education Monouna FOTSO stated that 130 schools along the northern border with NIGERIA had closed due to Boko Haram activity with AMCHIDE, FOTOKOL, KOLFATA, KITI MATARI and ASHIGASHIA the worst hit.

Camerounian troops attached to Operation Alpha attacked a Boko Haram camp in the vicinity of BOMERI killing 8 insurgents, capturing 15 and unspecified quantities of arms, ammunition and 20 motorcycles. The attack as prompted by intelligence from the local community

27 November

The Camerounian Minister of Defence Alain Mebe NGO’O stated that CAMEROUN has deployed 6,000 troops to combat Boko Haram, losing 40 men and claiming 1,000 enemy killed

28 November

UK Media reports stat that the UK Government is drawing up plans to bolster the UK training mission to NIGERIA to assist in training.

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