Situation Friendly Forces

16 November

DHQ states that CHIBOK has been recaptured, with the main town reoccupied Saturday 15th, whilst mopping up continued. This has been confirmed by media reports from citizens in the town

NEMA states that it has registered 678, 773 IDP’s in ADAMAWA, BORNO and YOBE states. With ADAMAWA totalling160, 198 in 6 camps: NYSC Camp, YOLA (4,412), NYAKO Housing Estate (3,205), MALKOHI Camp (658), COCIN Church (120), Federal Polytechnic YOLA (836) and DAMARE Camp (3,272). BORNO has 12 camps: NYSC Camp MAIDUGURI (5,587), EYNC, WULARI, MAIDUGURI (9,021), GGSS BIU (2,250), GGSS YERWA (5,681), Government College MAIDUGURI (7,500), Government Girls College, MAIDUGURI (4,750), GGSS MAIDUGURI (6,000), GSS MAIDUGURI (3,352), CHAD Basin Camp MAIDUGURI (5,336), Sanda Kyarimi Secondary School (1,003), Army Primary School II, MAIDUGURI (2,000) and Ngomari Gana Primary School, MAIDUGURI (2,700). YOBE IDPs totalled 116, 536

Nigerian forces began the effort to reclaim HONG and GOMBI. 10 soldiers from 23 Armoured Brigade have been killed and an unspecified number injured, including the Brigade Commander Col. POPOOLA who was reportedly shot in the shoulder. 4 Platoon Commanders from 234 Battalion were also reportedly detained for desertion.

17 November

The ADAMAWA State Government has stated that they will train 10,000 hunters and vigilantes to assist the military in counter insurgency operations.

The National Defence Council has approved the extension of the State of Emergency in BORNO, ADAMAWA and YOBE States.

The NASARAWA Sate Government imposed a curfew from 6.00pm to 6.00pm in response to the outbreak of violence.

18 November

A man was apprehended with 5 x RPGs, 2 x mortar bombs, 2 x cylinders and 5 x detonators at a Bus Station in GOMBE, GOMBE State. The man was unfortunately killed by members of the public and the explosives made safe by NPF Bomb Disposal

19 November

The combined arms supported by attack helicopters to successfully recaptured PELIA, HONG and GOMBI. Unspecified numbers of enemy fighters, weapons and equipment were captured in the operation and at least 100 soldiers were reportedly killed. Retreating insurgents reportedly concentrated in a school in MANJAKWA, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State.

20 November

The House of Representatives set aside the Federal Governments request to extend the State of Emergency in BORNO, YOBE and ADAMAWA States

The MNJTF is meant to go operational today with HQ at BAGA. There is no confirmation that this has taken place.

21 November

The Amy has announced promoted three Captains (IA MANGA, AH ALI and Y MICHAH) to Major for gallantry in the field.

Situation Enemy Forces

16 November

A person borne IED was suicide detonated by a young female in JAGWAL Mobile phone market, AZARE, KATAGUM LGA, BAUCHI State around 5.30pm. At least 13 people were reportedly killed and 65 injured. The bomber was allegedly accompanied by 2 men, one of whom was reportedly killed by the members of the public.

Communal clashes In LAFIA, NASARAWA State between Eggon and Kambari youths, cost the life of 7 Eggon youths shot by soldiers along BARKIN ABDULKAHI Road and 4 other youths in TUDDUN ABA District who set up an illegal VCP along LAFIA-DOMA Road to harass motorists and kill people from other tribes. An unidentified corpse was found in AGWADU District, whilst 30 houses were burnt in FARIN KASA District. Residents of TUDUN GWANDARA, MILLIONAIRES QUARTER and BUKAN SIDI have reportedly began moving to NASARAWA-EEGGON LGA to avoid the clashes.

Nomadic gunmen allegedly raided ALAKYO Village, LAFIA LGA, NASARAWA State around 3.00am with small arms reportedly killing the village head and Lega AGU (aka Baba ALAKYO), the spiritual leader of the Eggon cult ‘The Ombatse’ and several others. 30 houses and 4 new pick up trucks were burnt. The attackers also raided FADAMAN, BAUNA AKURA and SHABU Villages killing dozens more people.

19 November

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked AZAYA KURA, MAFA LGA, BORNO State killing 45 people, wounded 50 and burnt houses, motorcycles and cars and stole animals and foodstuff.

20 November

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles ambushed traders passing through DORON BAGA, KUKAWA LGA, BORNO State in the vicinity of Lake CHAD with small arms and bladed weapons murdering 48 by slitting some of their victims throats and throwing others bound into the lake.

21 November

Suspected Nomadic gunmen were arrested in SHINGE, LAFIA LGA, NASARAWA State whilst reportedly planning an attack in the area

22 November

Nomadic gunmen attacked DIGAN DOGO Village, KADARKO Community, KEANA LGA, NASARAWA State around 5.30am killing and injuring an unspecified number of people and burning several houses. MOPOL and NPF have been deployed to the area.

Situation External Forces

16 November

Media reports state that Camerounian forces captured 58 suspected Boko Haram members carrying $14,000 in cash in the vicinity of DIAMERE Area, EXTREME NORD Region by the NIGERIA border

18 November

The German Government has donated 60 Mercedes Wolf Jeeps and 60 Unimog trucks to CAMEROUN to support the fight against Boko Haram and the participation of Cammerounian Forces in UN operations in CAR

Camerounian forces reportedly detained a Boko Haram mine layer in FOTOKOL

21 November

Camerounian forces isolated and destroyed an insurgent training camp in the vicinity of KOLOFATA, MAYO SAVA Prefecture, EXTREME NORD Region in a 2 day operation (ending 22 November). Enemy casualties were reportedly high

22 November

Camerounian media reports state that Mahamat Bichara GNOTI a Chadian allegedly linked to Chadian President Idriss DEBY was arrested at the CHAD-SUDAN border with 19 x SAM 2 missiles, allegedly purchased from the Sudanese Army for Boko Haram. There has been no other corroboration of the story

Camerounian authorities have shut down the GSM network in the vicinity of FOTOKOL. This has reportedly reduced the number of indirect fire attacks

 Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
1 0 1/1 5 0 0 0 0       0

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