Situation Friendly Forces

21 October

Media reports state that the Federal Government has applied to continue the trial of Senator Ali NDUME at the Federal High Court, ABUJA in secret. The prosecutors stated the motion was designed to protect witnesses

22 October

The House of Representatives approved a $1bn loan requested by President Goodluck JONATHAN

The Public Relations Officer of the National Immigration Service (NIS) Chukwuemeka OBUAH stated that their 3 border patrol aircraft were grounded due to lack of funds and poor maintenance at the Forum of Spokespersons of Security and Response Agencies (FOSSRA) Media Parley in ABUJA. In contrast all the new and old VIP and VVIP aircraft in the Military inventory are in perfect working order.

23 October

Media reports state that the Nigerian security forces have credible intelligence that Boko Haram is planning simultaneous attacks in BORNO, YOBE, ADAMAWA, BAUCHI, GOMBE, TARABA, KANO, KADUNA KATSINA, PLATEAU, BENUE and NIGER States

Media reports state that, 1,200 personnel from Army, Police and Intelligence services had begun training counter insurgency training in RUSSIA. The trainees went is 3 batches of 400 with the final batch reportedly leaving ABUJA on 25th September. The 4 month package is meant to create the nucleus of a new Special Forces Brigade

24 October

The Federal High Court AUJA refused an application for the trial of Senator Mohammed Ali NDUME to be held in secret. Justice KOLAWOLE granted that State witnesses can be shielded by special arrangement but not masked and the public barred from the trial but not the press. The trial was adjourned till 11th November.

Elements of the MNJTF supported by air strikes recaptured ABADAM, in a 2 day firefight

25 October

Media reports state that the GOC 3 Armoured Division Major General Mohammed ZARUWA has been posted to DHQ and replaced by Major General F.O. ALLI.

Situation Enemy Forces

18 October

Gunmen attacked WAGA, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State destroying property and using captured civilians as human shields when the security forces counter attacked.

19 October

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles and vans attacked MBORORO, MODA, KWABAPALE, WA, VI, BOKA, TILLI, MURVWA, WUROGAYANDI, MAI, WANDU, FUTU, YAMBELE and WAT Communities of WAGA MONGORO Village, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State kidnapping 40 women in a 3 day attack and stealing foodstuffs, domestic animals and household items. The insurgents who were apparently were chanting slogans denouncing the ceasefire also attacked GRATA Village, MICHIKA LGA, ADAMAWA State kidnapping 20 women.

‘Danladi AHMADU’ purported spokesman/ General Secretary of Boko Haram has told VOA Hausa Service that the final meeting for the ceasefire will be held in N’DJAMENA on Monday 27th under the auspices of Chadian President Idriss DEBY. He also denied all knowledge of the further abductions that have taken place since the ceasefire

Gunmen mounted in APCs and pick up trucks attacked DAMBOA, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State with small arms, RPGs and IEDs around 5.00pm. 25 insurgents were reportedly killed, a Buffalo APC and unspecified arms and ammunition captured

Gunmen attacked SABON GIDA, BORNO State

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks and motorcycles reportedly captured ABADAM, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State in a 3 day attack.

Gunmen attacked GAVA, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State killing 5 people and displacing the population.

Suspected Nomadic gunmen attacked SONDI Village, WUKARI LGA, TARABA State around 8.00am, robbing and burning down houses and killing 25 people and wounding 1. The attackers had allegedly or warned the villagers. The gunmen also killed 2 people in GIDAN WAYA.

20 October

Gunmen attacked SHAFFA, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State first killing 8 civilians in the vicinity of the ZHUR Forest and then then moved onto the town where 3 people were killed and vigilantes killed 8 insurgents.

Gunmen attacked students of Government Girls College, JIBIYA and Government College, MALUFASHI, KATSINA State in the vicinity of BIRNI GWARI, KADUNA State. The 17 girls and 13 boys were on an exchange programme to NIGER State and were robbed of their belongings but unhurt.

21 October

Gunmen attacked PELACHIROMA and KUKURPU Villages, HAWUL LGA BORNO State killing at least one person and burning most of the properties and displacing the population.

Suspected Nomadic gunmen killed 2 men and wounded one other around 11.00pm at BUKAN ALLU, LAFIA LGA, NASARAWA State.

Gunmen attacked several unnamed villages in MICHIKA LGA, BORNO state

Gunmen ambushed Nigeria soldiers along the MAIDUGURI-BIU Road, killing one soldier in the vicinity of DAMBOA.

Suspected Nomadic gunmen attacked KOMPANY Community, LAFIA, NASARAWA State around 11.00pm killing 19 people and destroying over 40 houses in the 3 hour attack.

22 October

A suspected IED detonated at a AZARE Motor Park, AZARE, AZARE RURAL LGA, BAUCHI State around 9.45pm, killing 5 people and injuring 12.

23 October

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks attacked NDONGO Village, MAFA LGA BORNO State with small arms and IEDs killing 17 people, stealing 300 cows and other foodstuff and reportedly abducting 30 children.

Gunmen ambushed CJTF vigilante’s in the vicinity of DAMBOA killing one vigilante and injuring an unspecified number.

Situation External Forces

21 October

US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie HARF stated that the US ‘…would welcome the ceasefire, call on all parties both to implement and maintain such a ceasefire….’ She also denied any knowledge of US involvement in implementing it.

23 October

Moussa Mahamat DAGO of the Chadian Foreign Ministry stated that the ceasefire deal had been brokered by CHAD at two meetings on 14th and 30th September by 2 Boko Haram negotiators (named as Sheikh Goni HASSANE and Sheikh Boukar UMAROU) and 2 Nigerian negotiators and that the basis of the ceasefire was a prisoner swap. Apparently the first stage of the agreement was the release of the 27 Camerounian/ Chinese hostages.

Camerounian Chief of Defence Staff, General Rene Claude MEKA visited Camerounian troops in FOTOKOL. He was unable to visit frontline units due to ongoing fighting before returning to MAROUA

24 October

A report from a UK body, the Islamic Human Rights Commission has alleged that Nigerian soldiers killed 34 members of the Islamic Movement of NIGERIA of Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky and other bystanders in ZARIA, KADUNA State on 25 and 26 July, over 100 were reported injured as well. The reports allege that the unit involved was commanded by a Lt Col S.O. OKU.

Danladi AHMADU told VOA Hausa service that the GSS CHIBOK abductees will be released to Chadian President Idriss DEBY, too be then passed onto NGERIA. He also denied knowledge of the attacks and abductions subsequent to the ceasefire.

Gunmen attempting to infiltrate FOTOKOL were repulsed by Camerounian forces, losing 10 men.

Gunmen attacked GLAWI Village, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN killing 4 Nigerian refugees and injuring a Camerounian. They were repelled by Camerounian forces who reportedly inflicted 12 casualties on them.

2 groups of vehicle mounted gunmen attacked AMCHIDE and KOLOFATA, CAMEROUN but were repelled by Camerounian forces who reportedly destroyed 3 pickup trucks and killed 27 gunmen.

Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
1 0 0 14 2 0 1 2       3

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