Situation Friendly Forces

12 October

Senator ZANNAH states that enemy forces are still in control of BAMA, BORNO State

13 October

The Lake CHAD Basin Commission nations security meeting in ABUJA consisting of NIGERIA, CAMEROUN, CHAD, NIGER and BENIN agreed that the Multi National Joint Task Force is to be established by 20th November 2014, with its HQ at BAGA, BORNO State. The agreement is pending ratification by the heads of state of the member countries. CHAD and NIGERIA are to introduce the draft resolution to the UN Security Council and NIGER to the Peace and Security Council of the AU.

14 October

Media reports state that the lady identified as Susanna ISHAYA was not one of the GSS CHIBOK abductees but a 23 year old married woman who was kidnapped from MUBI in January 2014. She states she was kept in a camp in SAMBISA Forest, and kept as a sex slave until she became pregnant and ill and then she was dumped by in the forests.

15 October

The Chief of Defence Staff, AVM Alex BADEH stated that NIGERIA and CAMEROUN have agreed that both states could conduct military operations on either side of the border at the inaugural Coordinating Conference CAMEROUN-NIGERIA Trans Border Military Operations at the Defence Intelligence Agency, ABUJA. Camerounian Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Maka Rene CLAUDE He stated the agreement came after a series of meetings in PARIS, YAOUNDE and NIAMEY.

The NSA Col Sambo DASUKI (retired) addressed diplomats the at Economic and Social Council, United Nations, NEW YORK, USA, laying out the FGNs counter insurgency strategy which consists of counter radicalisation, de radicalisation and strategic communications. He also stated there is a fully operational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Centre in KANO, with more due to open in 6 other states

A General Court Martial began sitting at Army HQ, ABUJA, FCT of 59 soldiers for refusing to follow orders to advice during an operation to recapture DELWA, BULABULIN and DAMBOA, BORNO State on 3rd August.

16 October

Military authorities have banned hawking and street trading on the streets of DAMATURU and in military bases in YOBE State. The YOBE State Governor has raised a team to meet with different market associations to identify alternative locations.

17 October

Media reports state that a Senior Source in the Presidency has said that the GSS CHIBOK schoolgirls will be released no later than Tuesday 21st October.

The CDS, AVM Alex BADEH stated that NIGERIA has agreed an immediate ceasefire with Boko Haram. The terms of the ceasefire were not elaborated on. Alhaji Hassan TUKUR, Principal Private Secretary to President Goodluck JONATHAN also stated that a ceasefire with Boko Haram had been reached, whilst speaking to the media from SAUDI ARABIA. He stated the talks took place under the leadership of Chadian President Idriss DEBY and CAMEROUN.

18 October

Mike OMERI stated that talks over the release of the GSS CHIBOK Abductees will continue in CHAD on Monday 20th October.

Dr Reuben ABATI, Presidential Spokesman stated that RUSSIA has offered to assist NIGERIA’s counter terror effort

Journalist and Boko Haram expert Ahmad SALKIDA casts doubt on veracity of Danladi AHMADU the purported Boko Haram spokesperson who announced the ceasefire

Situation Enemy Force’s

14 October

Gunmen attacked ASHANGWA Market along LAFIA-SHEMDAM Road in the vicinity of ASAKYO, LAFIA EAST LGA, NASARAWA State burning shops, goods and over 6 vehicles. The attackers were eventually repelled by security forces who reportedly killed 32 of them.

17 October

A man claiming to be Boko Harams General Secretary/ Spokesman Danladi AHMADU told VOA Hausa, that they had agreed a ceasefire, the GSS CHIBOK abductees were fine, ‘SHEKAU’ was not dead and that they were seeking to get their members released.

Approximately 20 gunmen mounted in 2 pickup trucks attacked MAIKADIRI, ABADAM LGA, BORNO State killing approximately 30 people by beheading and gunshots and robbing some homes.

Gunmen SHAFFA, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State killing 8 people and injuring an unspecified number. The gunmen returned whilst CJTF members were attending to corpses and the wounded and killed a further unspecified number

Gunmen mounted in approximately 50 pickups and motorcycles attacked ABADAM, ABADAM LGA, BORNO state with small arms and IEDs killing at least 6 people

Gunmen attacked MALAM FATORI, MOBAR LGA, BORNO State.

18 October

Gunmen attacked DZUR, MICHIKA LGA, BORNO State killing 8 people.

Gunmen attacked SINA and GRATA Village, MICHIKA LGA, ADAMAWA State. Gunmen also attacked WAGGA, MICHIKA LGA, ADAMAWA State abducting approximately 40 women.

Local hunters going to SHAFFA KWAJAFFA LGA to recover the bodies of people killed were engaged by gunmen in the vicinity of AZUL, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State.

19 October

Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks and APCs attacked DAMBOA, BORNO State from SAMBISA Forest around 5.00pm. 25 attackers were killed and a Buffalo APC captured.

Situation External Forces

13 October

Gunmen attempting to infiltrate FOTOKOL via the MAKAMBARA neighbourhood were intercepted by Camerounian forces who killed 1 and captured 4 others.

14 October

Gunmen attacked FOTOKOL with around 12 rockets, 2 of which landed in the market killing 1 civilian.

Gunmen attacked LIMANI, MAYO SAVA Prefecture, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN. The attack was repelled killing 8 BIR soldiers.

The US Government detailed the efforts it is undertaking to assist the Nigerian Government against Boko Haram, categorising them as Advisory Support via a Multi Disciplinary Team of civilian and humanitarian experts, military personnel, law enforcement advisors and investigators, hostage negotiators, strategic communication experts, civilian security and intelligence personnel that was despatched to ABUJA and provided guidance on a comprehensive response to Boko Haram and continues to facilitate and coordinate information sharing an assistance to survivors and their families. ISR, Sanctions against Boko Haram, continued multilateral engagement and support to affected populations. The US also stated it will spend $40m in CAMEROUN, CHAD, NIGER and NIGERIA as part of the Global Security Contingency Fund for CAMEROUN, CHAD, NIGER and NIGERIA to provide ‘technical expertise, training and equipment to the four countries to develop institutional and tactical capabilities to enhance their respective efforts to counter Boko Haram’.

A group of former British politicians and former military leaders signed an open letter requesting a greater international effort to stop Boko Haram. Some of the letter authors include Lord ASHDOWN (former Liberal Democrat Party leader), Gen. Sir David RICHARDS (Former Army Commander), Sir Malcom RIFKIND (former Conservative Foreign Secretary) and Bob AINSWORTH (former Labour Party Defence Secretary)

Media reports have named some of the 30 members of Boko Haram released by Camerounian authorities in return for the 27 hostages released on 10 October as Ndjidda HASSANA aka Sheikh Abdul MOHAMED, Alioum HASSAN, Mohamed ABAKAR, Mahamat ADJIL, Hassana AHMED, Ema HASSANA, Idriss Djibril NDJIDDA, Mohamed HADJER, Mohamed ALI. Also released were Abakar ALI, Mahamat Ali and Tatenda PARKED.

15 October

Gunmen attacked AMCHIDE and LIMANI, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN with small arms and VBIED killing 30 civilians, burning 2 churches, mosques, several bars and other buildings. The VBIED was used as part of the attack on the local garrison. 8 Camerounian soldiers were killed in and 7wounded in the fighting that continued till the next day, with Camerounian forces claiming to have killed 107 gunmen and destroyed 1 x APC, 1 x Pickup truck and 1 x Peugeot car

16 October

Gunmen mounted in at least 3 APCs attacked AMCHIDE, CAMEROUN with small arms, RPGS and crew served weapons around 5.00pm from BANK, NIGERIA. They were pushed back by Camerounian forces.


Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
0 0 0 8 1 0 0 0       5


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