Situation Friendly Forces

21 September

10 gunmen surrendered to Nigerian forces at KAWURI, BORNO State

A young lady identified as Susanna ISHAYA was picked up in KWAHIRI Village, BORNO State after being thrown out of a Volkswagen Golf car. She reportedly wandered in the bush for 2 days before being found by villagers and taken to MARABA MUBI Police Station. She is reportedly mentally unstable and 4 months pregnant.

22 September

Media reports state that the senior insurgent commander killed at KONDUGA on 17th September, was Mohammed BASHIR, commander of Boko Harams, UYE Camp

Nigerian security forces detained 7 suspected members of Boko Haram in SHAFFA, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State

Nigerian forces have reportedly recaptured BAZZA. Enemy forces have also reportedly withdrawn from KAWURI.

23 September

Nigerian forces have captured 50 suspected insurgents in BIU, BIU LGA, hiding in a vehicle carrying livestock heading for GOMBE State. They were reportedly detected by vigilantes attached to the security forces are aged 18-25 and spoke Hausa and Kanuri and confessed to being Boko Haram members fleeing from DAMBOA.

6 IDPs died of cholera at Women’s Day Teachers College in BORNO State, 24 other patients are responding to treatment in hospital.

The Nigerian Army states that several Boko Haram abductees had been freed and were in their custody.

DHQ states that 135 gunmen surrendered with their weapons to Nigerian forces in BIU LGA, BORNO State, 88 surrendered in the vicinity of MAIRIGA/ BUNI YADI and 45 others in the vicinity of MUBI/ MICHIKA, ADAMAWA State.

Ahmed SALKIDA, a DUBAI based Nigerian journalist with close links to Boko Haram stated that SHEKAU is still alive and well.

24 September

DHQ stated that Mohammed BASHIR an insurgent who masqueraded as Abubaker SHEKAU in Boko Haram propaganda videos had been killed in the fighting around KONDUGA. The insurgent commander also known as ABACHA, Abdullahi GEIDAM and Isa DAMSAKA

25 September

The Senate approved the request of President Goodluck JONATHAN to borrow $1bn for defence and security spending. The facility was described as a facility to pay for military hardware over a 7 year period such as 12 x Mi 35 helicopters from BELARUS, an unspecified number and type of ships and other military equipment.

The Coordinator of the National Information Centre Mike OMERI stated that insurgents who surrender will not be prosecuted but deradicalised and rehabilitated

26 September

Nigerian forces raided enemy positions in SHINDIG, BORNO State losing 1 soldier killed

27 September

The FGN has moved the freed abductee Susan ISHAYA to ABUJA for further treatment. Her true identity is yet to be confirmed.

Situation Enemy Forces

21 September

Gunmen attacked ADOGO Police Station, AJAOKUTA LGA, KOGI State with small arms and dynamite around 9.00pm in an attempt to steal weapons, however they were repelled by policemen, they did succeed in destroying parts of the building

22 September

Several hundred nomadic gunmen attacked GIDAN GAMBO, LAFIA EAST LGA, NASARAWA State with small arms around 4.00am killing 15 people, burning over 52 houses, trees, farms and houses.

Gunmen attacked KUBI and WATU Villages, MICHUKA LGA, ADAMAWA State

23 September

Nomadic gunmen attacked EFECHE-IDOBE, EFECHE-AIONA, ODOKPO-OKPOGA and ADIGAA villages, OKPOKWU LGA, BENUE State beheading a youth leader and injuring his wife and 2 children. The attackers also burnt the villages, with the locals fleeing to OKPOGA for sanctuary.

24 September

Gunmen mounted in pickup trucks and motorcycles attacked SHAFFA and SHINDIFFU, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State around 8.00pm killing 20 people and burning down a church, school, clinic and houses. The attack continued until 11.00am the next day. The group then tried to attack TURAKI but were defeated by Nigerian forces, who reportedly killed 12 attackers.

26 September

Gunmen attacked KONDUGA mounted in an APC from various directions. The enemy was reinforced after several hours by a T 55 MBT but were defeated losing approximately 100 men and friendly forces captured the T 55 and APC (reportedly an ERC Sagaie 90). 15 soldiers were killed in the fighting, 3 soldiers reported missing.

Nigerian forces report enemy attacks in the vicinity off DAMBBOA

Media reports state that insurgents are concentrating in the vicinity of ALAU River near GIWA Barracks and have been sighted in GODURAM, OLD KAIGAMARI, NGADAYA, DUBUWA, TUMBULLA and Old KOTOWORI near MAIDUGURI

Gunmen attacked BENISHEKH but were defeated by elements of 7 Div.

Nomadic gunmen attacked TSE SHIMA in MBATOSHO Community, MBALLAGH Ward, MAKURDI LGA, BENUE State around 3.00pm with small arms killing 4 people and raping several women as well as destroying farmland. Several people were wounded and scores are still missing

27 September

Nomadic gunmen attacked ARIKYA and ANSHANGWA Villages, LAFIA LGA, NASARAWA State around 11.00pm with small arms killing 20 people and burning 70 houses.

Situation External Forces

21 September

Gunmen attacked the market in TOUROU Village, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN, killing at least 19 civilians and a policeman


23 September

UNHCR states that it needs to move 5,000 Nigerian refugees from FOTOKOL, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN to further inland to get away from insurgent attacks

24 September

150 refugees are reported to have died of diarrhoea, malaria and other diseases at FOTOKOL Primary School, a refugee camp for people who fled GAMBORU-NGALA

UK media reports that Boko Haram has presented a list of prisoners it wishes to swap for the GGSS CHIBOK abductees to the ICRC, including former spokesperson Abu QAQA and spiritual leader Mallam BASHIR and several medium level commanders.

25 September

100,000 Nigerians have arrived in the vicinity of DIFFA, DIFFA Prefecture, NIGER Republic according to the local Registrar Dan ELH ABDOU

Gunmen withdrawing from KONDUGA attacked KERAWA

26 September

The Mayor of FOTOKOL, Ramat MOUSSA has been arrested on suspicion of complicity with Boko Haram. He was allegedly named by captured Boko Haram suspect and taken to YAOUNDE

27 September

Media reports state Camerounian forces have captured a senior Boko Haram commander Abakar ALI (aka Mustapha UMAR) and 2 fighters in the vicinity of KOUSSERI, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN along with 5 x machine guns, 14 x riles, 24 x rockets, 4 x rocket launchers, 6 x AK 47, 60 x AK 47 magazines, 4 x pistols, 500 round x 9mm, 469 rounds x 12.7mm, 4,454 rounds x 7.62mm (Short?), 822 x 7.622mm (NATO?), 6 x grenades 28 x RPG charges and assorted knives and other implements

Camerounian forces state that 300 Boko Haram gunmen have surrendered in the past 3 weeks


Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
0 0 0 9 2 0 0 0       3


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