Situation Friendly Forces

01 September

The Army has extended the curfew in MAIDUGURI from 8 hours to 11 hours 7.00pm to 6.00am, previously 10.00pm to 6.00am

Media reports state insurgents have been engaged by security forces in MAFA LGA and KAYSAMULA Village, KONDUGA LGA, BORNO State

The Army is moving armoured vehicles returned from UN operations to the North East. 30 armoured vehicles were reportedly being transported by trailer on the ABUJA-LOKOJA Road

The President of the Federal Republic of NIGERIA, Dr Goodluck JONATHAN flew to NAIOBI, KENYA to participate in the Africa Union’s Peace and Security Council Meeting, accompanied by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs; Dr Nurudeen MOHAMMED and the National Security Adviser Colonel (retd) Sambo DASUKI.

02 September

Heavy fighting continues in BAMA, with insurgents reportedly having gained a foothold in the town. Nigerian security forces supported by air strikes are reportedly causing casualties.

Police and youths groups clashed in WUKARI, TARABA State leading to 7 deaths. Reportedly a car refusing to top at a Police checkpoint around 5.00am was chased to a compound near the Central Mosque. The occupants and the compound owner allegedly opened fire on the police leading to the deaths of 3 people, this lead to other youths coming out and burning property in reprisal both Christian and Muslim youths to barricade their respective neighbourhoods and shoot at each other.

Civilians have begun to leave MAIDUGURI over rumours of an impending Boko Haram attack.

Senator Ahmed ZANNAH representing BORNO Central Senatorial District claims that insurgents have captured his home town of BAMA, there is no official confirmation.

160 Nigerian soldiers and 200 policemen egressed through AMCHIDE, CAMEROUN around 7.00pm from BANKI to MUBI to rejoin their units.

An alleged blue on blue attack reportedly resulted in the death of several Nigerian soldiers in an air strike on the armoury of the BAMA garrison. This incident apparently caused confusion and led to withdrawal to the outskirts of BAMA

03 September

The NAF reportedly destroyed a concentration of insurgents with air strikes by 2 aircraft in the vicinity of BAMA.

Senator Ahmed ZANNAH claims that insurgents in the vicinity of BAMA are murdering all adult and teenage males.

A regional security meeting held in ABUJA with ministers from the BENIN, CAMEROUN, CHAD, NIGER and NIGERIA. Representatives of the US, CANADA, the UK, FRANCE, CHINA, the AU and UN were also present.

04 September

10-12,000 civilian youths gathered at the RAMAT Square Ground and then marched to the Shehu of BORNO’s, MAIDUGURI Palace offering their services to fight Boko Haram.

NEMA states that 26,500 residents have moved from BAMA to MAIDUGURI

05 September

Friendly forces raided MADAGALI Town, MADAGALI LGA, withdrawing around 5.00pm to MUBI.

The Chief of Air Staff has reportedly relocated to MAIDUGURI to coordinate operations to push the enemy out of BAMA, forces are reportedly using air strikes to break the enemy toehold. Defence HQ states that a massive operation has begun in BORNO State to clear insurgents and that 202 Tank Battalion Barracks, BAMA were firmly under friendly control.

The DSS paraded NYANYA IED Attack suspects Sadiq OGWUCHE, Ahmed ABUBAKAR, Muhammed ISHAQ, Yau SAIDU, Anas ISAH and Adamu YUSUF. OGWUCHE denied all involvement, membership of Boko Haram, knowledge of the plot or fellow accused although he admitted donating N30,000 to Boko Haram widows through fellow accused TSIGA (who is still at large). He also admitted joining in jihadi demonstrations whilst in the UK. Spokesperson Marilyn OGAR stated that former BORNO State Governor Ali Modu SHERIFF had been invited for questioning over recent allegations of Boko Haram sponsorship but was yet to honour the invitations.

06 September

Nigerian forces attacked KAWURI disrupting a planned attack on KONDUGA reportedly killing 50 enemy and capturing a locally fabricated artillery type device, an armoured vehicles and 2 x AAA guns as well as various types of ammunition, food, weapon and assorted pieces of equipment. 1 officer and 2 soldiers were reported wounded.

NAF assets supporting current operations in the North East are said to include ATR 42 and Beechcraft for ISR, C-130 and G222 for lift, F7 and Alphajets for strike, and Mi35 for close support.

Situation Enemy Forces

01 September: Gunmen mounted in pick up trucks, motorcycles and armoured vehicles attacked BAMA, BAMA LGA, BORNO State at 4.00am with small arms, RPGS and IEDs via the BAMA-BANKI-GWOZA Road, MOPOL and elements of 21 Armoured Brigade repelled the first attack in the vicinity of MORARABA Village. The insurgents resumed their attack later in the day reportedly taking the military barracks. Local residents fled to KAWURI, KONDUGA and MAIDUGURI. 180 people were reported to have been killed including 50-70 insurgents and 3 insurgents detained

02 September

Gunmen attacked MAGAMA GUMAU, TORO LGA, YOBE State, killing 2 policemen guarding a mine and stealing their weapons.

Gunmen attacked BANKI, YOBE State

Gunmen mounted in pickup trucks and motorcycle have attacked BARA, GULANI LGA, YOBE State. The town was undefended and no civilian casualties have been reported

Gunmen attacked GULANI, GULANI LGA, YOBE State occupying the secretariat and lodge. Local residents have begun to evacuate

Nomadic gunmen attacked KAPANI, AGBOLAGU and FADAMA-BONA Villages EGGON LGA, NASARAWA State and burnt properties killing 45 people

03 September

Nomadic gunmen reportedly attacked GIDAN MAI AKUYA, LAFIA EAST LGA, NASARAWA State around 10.00am killing 15 people and burning property in the Eggon village.

04 September

Gunmen attacked Customs and Police posts in VIZIK, BORNO State the insurgents withdrew to TOUROU, CAMEROUN after being repelled by NAF air strikes

Gunmen reportedly attacked KAWURI Town, BORNO State killing 30 people

05 September

Gunmen reportedly attacked GULAK, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State, around 5.00pm with small arms

Gunmen attacked SHUWA, ADAMAWA State

06 September

Insurgents have reportedly begun to withdraw from BAMA under the pressure of heavy air strikes.

Situation External Forces

31 August

Gunmen attacked KERAWA, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN.

Unconfirmed media reports state that 3 RAF Tornado GR4 ISR aircraft have been deployed to N’DJAMENA, CHAD from No 2 (Army Cooperation) Sqn, RAF MARHAM.

01 September

Gunmen attempted to attack FOTOKOL, EXTREME NORD Region. Camerounian forces state they repelled the attack reportedly killing 40 insurgents and destroying 2 vehicles in a 3 hour engagement at the cost of one BIR Corporal wounded.

02 September

Camerounian officials state that 246 Nigerian military and customs officers had been repatriated to NIGERA via MUBI

04 September

The US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Linda THOMAS-GREENFIELD stated that the US is planning a major new border security programme for NIGERIA, CAMEROUN, CHAD and NIGER at the US-NIGERIA Binational Commissions Regional Security Group meeting.

06 September

The Prefecture of MOKOLO, MAYO TSANAGA Department, EXTREME NORD Region CAMEROUN, has organised Vigilante Committees in each of the 200 villages in the area consisting of 1,500 young people

07 September

UNHCR estimates that over 10,000 Nigerians have sought refuge in CAMEROUN and NIGER since last week and 1,700 Camerounians have fled inland. The organisation estimates that CAMEROUN hosts 39,000 Nigerian refugees, NIGER 50,000 whilst internally 645,000 are displaced by the conflict.


Table 4 Insurgent incidents

Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign Attacks
0 0 0 11 1 1 0 0 2


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