Situation Friendly Forces

24 August

The ADAMAWA State Government has imposed a 24 hour curfew on MADAGALI LGA due to Boko Haram attacks

The NPF reports that 8 of the 35 men missing after the attack on the Training College in LIMAN KARA have been found, 2 others have made contact with their families. Insurgents have reportedly withdrawn from the school for fear of air strikes.

26 August

Nigerian troops were repatriated from CAMEROUN in a convoy which entered NIGERIA at MUBI, ADAMAWA State around 5.00pm. The troops were addressed by GOC 3Div Major General ZARUWA.

Media reports indicate that 1,000 troops have been airlifted to MAIDUGURI. Unit and type not known.

27 August

Members of the civilian JTF in MAIDUGURI are reportedly arming themselves with locally made hunting rifles.

Media reports indicate that a Lieutenant Colonel, Captain and two Lieutenants from 21 Armoured Brigade, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State are being investigated for allegedly encouraging soldiers to disobey orders to deploy to BAMA, BORNO State

28 August

Troops have been deployed to GULAK, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State to deter a reported attack by insurgents after their capture of MADAGALI, GUBLA and BAKIN DUTSE.

Local residents report that air strikes have been conducted against insurgent positions in LIMAN KARA and GWOZA, BORNO State, with 3 unspecified aircraft.

30 August

5 policemen from the LIMAN KARI Training College have been found, with 22 still missing

Situation Enemy Forces

24 August

Boko Haram released a new video purporting to show the capture of GWOZA, in which an individual referring to himself as SHEKAU declares is a new Islamic caliphate. The video showed Boko Haram overrunning a base and capturing arms, ammunition and vehicles as well as the murder of over 20 civilians by gunshot and shovel.

Gunmen attacked NBISHU and WUMBAN Villages, WUKARI LGA, TARABA State killing over 20 people

Gunmen attacked BANKI, BORNO State with small arms, RPGs and IEDS

4 gunmen in a Concato car shot and killed Police Corporal Sanusi MUSA at his home on NNAMDI AZIKIWE WAY, RIGASA, KADUNA, KADUNA State. The murdered Policeman was the driver for the BORNO Stated Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tom CHUKWU, a motive for the attack is not clear however.

Fighting in the ALINGANI Community, FADAMAN BAUNA, LAFIA EAST LGA, NASARAWA State between Eggon and Fulani youths resulted in the deaths of 17 people. The fighting was allegedly caused by the destruction of Eggon farms by Fulani cattle herd.

25 August

Enemy forces retreated from MADAGALI Town, MADAGALI LGA, BORNO State having burnt down a significant portion of the town

Gunmen attacked GAMBORU NGALA, BORNO State around 5.00am. The enemy attacked in two waves, the first wave attacked the Army’s HARMONY Camp and Police stations but was defeated with heavy casualties by the security forces in a prolonged firefight. Echelon units supplying ammunition were reportedly ambushed and then Army and Police bases were attacked 2 hours later from another flank with small arms, vehicle mounted heavy weapons and IEDs. The NAF conducted air strikes on enemy positions in the town. Approximately 500 Nigerian forces whilst manoeuvring in the battlespace inadvertently crossed the border into CAMEROUN at KERAWA, MAYO SAVAGE Prefecture reportedly in good order in a convoy of 26 vehicles and 6 armoured vehicles. These troops returned to NIGERIA via BOURHA, MAYO SAVAGE Prefecture, EXTREME NORD Region. A further 480 Nigerian troops manovering around GAMBORU NGALA ended up around KOLOFATA, EXTREME NORD Region and were required by Camerounian authorities to store their arms and then transported to MAROUA for repatriation to NIGERIA. DHQ reports they are on their way back to rejoin their units.

Gunmen attacked ASHIGASHIYA, BORNO State killing 3 people. The town which straddles the NIGERIA/ CAMEROUN has been occupied by Boko Haram on the NIGERIA side.

26 August

Conflict between Eggon and Fulani youths has spread to ASSAKIO communities in LAFIA EAST LGA and IKPOSOGYE and AGYARAGU TOFA, OBI LGA, NASARAWA State as well as BAKIN KOGI and ARIKYA, with people displaced by the crisis gathering in LAFIA, AKWANGA, WAMBA, DOMA and OBI Towns

Gunmen attempted unsuccessfully to destroy the GAMBORU NGALA-FOTOKOL Bridge between NIGERIA and CAMEROUN with IEDs, injuring 3 children with shrapnel.

27 August

Fulani Villagers attacked Eggon youth in TUDUN ABABU Village, NASARAWA State in retaliation for the earlier attacks around 10.00am

Gunmen occupying GAMBORU, BORNO State have reportedly murdered a cleric, whilst fuel and food shortages have set in.

Gunmen have attacked MIRGA, BIU LGA, BORNO State stealing a Toyota Landcruiser and burning down mobile phone masts

28 August

Gunmen mounted in approximately 40 pickup trucks and motorcycles attacked DIKWA and MARTE, BORNO State, causing local residents to flee. Casualties are yet to be ascertained.

Gunmen mounted on motorcycles attacked JIBWHIWHUI Village, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State around 10.00pm killing 14 people in JIBWHIWHUI and surrounding villages.

Media reports indicate that insurgents in GAMBORU NGALA are forcing residents to leave the town and have executed senior clerics and wealthy traders. Majority of the towns people have crossed the river to FOTOKOL, CAMEROUN or headed to the mountain.

29 August

Fighting between two TIv communities in SHANGEV YA and MBAKYAA has resulted in over 300 dwellings burnt, 20 wounded and 400 people displaced.

Situation External Forces

25 August

Gunmen have attacked Camerounian communities in MAYO TSANAGA , MAYO SAVA and LOGONE and CHARI Prefectures, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN

Gunmen attacked GARKARA Town, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN

Gunmen attacked ASHIGASHIYA, MAYO  TSANAGA Prefecture, EXTREME NORD Region burning the police station and the mosque. Camerounian forces claim to have repelled them killing 16 gunmen

Gunmen attacked FOTOKOL, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN around 8.00am but were reportedly repelled by elements of 1BIR

26 August

Abba MALLA Camerounian MP for MAYO SAVA negotiator was released by kidnappers from an undisclosed location in NIGERIA after attempting to negotiate the release of the Madame ALLI and other abductees from KOLOFATA returned to MORA, CAMEROUN. The kidnappers are said to be angered that they have only received two thirds of the agreed ransom for the MOULIN FOURNIER Family (700m CFA Francs) and have threatened strikes against Camerounian and French officials and interest as far south as YAOUNDE.

Gunmen attempted to attack FOTOKOL, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN from GAMBORU NGALA, NIGERIA by crossing the River EL BEID supported by a captured armoured vehicle but were reportedly repelled by elements of 1BIR with heavy casualties. After damaging the bridge with IEDs the insurgents withdrew, Camerounian forces captured 1 x 12.7mm HMG and 1x 7.62 PKM MMG

Gunmen have attacked Camerounian Army positions in the vicinity of KOLOFATA, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN

Gunmen again attacked ASHIGSAHYA and KERAWA, EXTREME NORD REGION, CAMEROUN. Camerounian forces claim to have repelled attacks killing 11 insurgents.

Gunmen have attacked ZENEME and NGUETCHEWE Villages, CAMEROUN stealing cattle before retreating

Gunmen have attacked MAMANI Town, WAZA, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN killing 2 people in a night attack

27 August

Heavy fighting continues in the vicinity of FOTOKOL, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN, Camerounian armoured vehicles in the town fired on insurgent positions in GAMBORU NGALA, BORNO State, NIGERIA. Camerounian forces have received reinforcements from KOUSSERI and MAROUA and ordered local residents of KERAWA, KOLOFATA, LIMANI, AMCHIDE, FOTOKOL and WAZA to evacuate. Internally displaced persons are being housed in schools in MORA and MAROUA

Camerounian Minister for the Presidency in charge of Defence Edgar Alain Mebe NGO’O stated that Camerounian forces have recaptured KERAWA and the Camerounian half of ASHIGASHIYA Village

28 August

26 soldiers and policemen killed in operations against Boko Haram in EXTREME NORD Region were buried in YAOUNDE


Table 4 Insurgent incidents

Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign Attacks
1 0 0 6 3 3 1 0 10


Two Fronts

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