Situation Friendly Forces

06 July

Troops patrolling in the vicinity of BANKI and MIYANTI, BORNO State were ambushed by insurgents suffering 6 killed in action

The Federal Government stated it had still no confirmed the latest batch of 63 escapees

The NPF defused an IED contained in a Honda Odyssey at of Government Day Secondary School Pilot in TAHA DUKKU, GOMBE, GOMBE State around 11.00am. The device consisted of 3 IEDs contained in long gas cylinders, 2 IEDs contained in short cylinders, 3 contained in ‘military tool boxes’ and 2 contained in ammunition boxes and 1 in a vacuum flask. Students were writing exams.

08 July

The Magistrates Court, LOKOJA, KOGI State remanded 2 Fulani nomads, Abubakar MOHAMMED and Garba MATI in custody for allegedly kidnapping two Chinese nationals in OBAJANA, KOGI State.

DHQ states that Nigerian forces have cleared Boko Haram Camp in the vicinity of KERENOA, BALMO Forest, BORNO State killing over 44 insurgents. Several were captured including 2 foreigners. Motorcycles, vehicles, foodstuffs, communication equipment and IED making materials were captured.

The NIGERIA/ CAMEROUN Trans-Border Security Committee opened in ABUJA running from the 8th to the 11th, attended by the Nigerian National Security Advisor Ibrahim DASUKI and Camerounian Minister off Territorial Administration and Decentralisation Rene SADI

09 July

The Coordinator of the National Information Centre, Mike OMERI stated that ‘prominent politicians’ were being interrogated after ID card and ‘sensitive documents’ were discovered in BALMO Forest, BAUCHI State

The Federal High court, ABUJA admitted as evidence 2 AK 47s and 60 rounds of ammunition in the trial of Dr Nazeef Yunus MOHAMMED et al on an 8 count terrorism charge.

Soldiers patrolling in the vicinity of KWAMALA Village near DELWA, BORNO State were ambushed by gunmen resulting in 3 friendly killed and 7 injured

The Chief of Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Alex BADEH met with Col Wes Volant the Australian Defence Attaché to the AU to discuss training and peacekeeping

President Goodluck JONATHAN announced a plan to launch a N30bn Victim Support Fund for Boko Haram victims across the country chaired by a retired General

Troops on an operation to clear insurgents from the vicinity of DAMBOA were ambushed, by entrenched gunmen with 15 soldiers reportedly killed and an unknown number injured.

32 women reportedly escaped from Boko Haram Camps in SAMBISA Forest and were assisted by hunters to a nearby military camp in MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State after walking for 4 days.

10 July

The Army has instituted a General Court Martial against 18 soldiers accused of firing at former 7 Div GOC, Maj Gen MOHAMMED in May 2014 at MAIMALARI Cantonment. The soldiers face 6 charges ranging from attempted murder, mutiny, insubordination, failure to carry out orders and incitement to mutiny

Nigerian and German officials on security cooperation in the fight against insurgency. The Nigerian delegation led by Dr Martin UHOMOIHBI (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the German Delegation headed by Dr Markus EDERER (Secretary of State, Foreign Affairs) discussed police and armed forces cooperation and crisis and border management cooperation and regional security issues in Mali, Chad and CAR

11 July

Soldiers clearing in BALMO Forest have discovered arms and food caches buried in various locations. DHQ states that 10 rifles, 80 GPMGs, RPG tubes and launchers, cables, wires, and thousands of rounds of assorted ammunition. Items of military clothing were also discovered, captured suspects are reported to be volunteering information to authorities

12 July

The NPF states they have discovered a plot to attack the ABUJA transport network with IEDs using suicide bombers and devices hidden in items of luggage

Situation Enemy Forces

06 July

Soldiers arrested a Boko Haram suspect in RIGASA, KADUNA, KADUNA State, he was detained at 1 Mechanised Div HQ, KADUNA. Information provided led to the arrest of a further suspect in KANO. Information provided by this suspect led to a raid on a house in SARIKI Area, KINKINO, KADUNA SOUTH LGA, KADUNA State around 12.00am. Security forces surrounded the house and called on the occupants to come out. The suspects’ family (2 wives and 3 children) came out and the suspect USMAN and his brother opened fire, in the resultant 3 hour firefight they were killed. Local witnesses stated that the suspect had been resident there for 2 months, SIM cards, empty cylinders and school certificates (allegedly of new recruits) were found on scene.

Approximately 120 nomadic gunmen attacked GASHAKA, BASHIRI, PANWEN, BARIMINI, SABONGIDA ZAGA and SUNTAI Villages, BALI LGA, TARABA State around 1.30am with small arms killing 45 people, injuring 95 and burning down over 200 houses.

Policemen going to MARAMA, HAWUL LGA, BORNO State were ambushed by gunmen in the vicinity of NGANARAM BULABIN. The police withdraw with no casualties

Insurgents ambushed a military convoy en route to DAMBOA on the MAIDUGURI-BIU Road causing no casualties

Gunmen dressed in military style uniform simultaneously attacked a military post, police station and other buildings in KRENUWA Village, MARTE District, BORNO State killing 6 civilians and 1 vigilante, 5 attackers were killed and 5 were captured

08 July

An individual claiming to be a Boko Haram spiritual leader in an interview with the BBC World Service stated that the GGSS CHIBOK abductees were all in good health and that they would be released in exchange for Boko Haram prisoners

09 July

A report by The Richest claims that Boko Harm is the 7th richest terror group with an alleged fortune of $70m

10 July

Gunmen have reportedly cut off the MAIDUGURI-DAMBOA-BIU Road, repeatedly ambushing travellers in the vicinity of BULABULIN NGANARAM

Situation External Forces

07 July

The US State Department has confirmed the escape of over 60 abductees and stated that the US Embassy was assisting with providing counselling and medical services

08 July

Gunmen attacked a border post in ZINA, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN, capturing vehicles, weapons and ammunition

11 July

Approximately 50 gunmen suspected to be from Boko Haram attacked Camerounian Gendarmes in BONDERI, MAYO-SAVA Prefecture, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN. A Camerounian soldier and an unknown number of militants were wounded, the attackers captured approximately 1,000 rounds of ammunition (type unspecified), a vehicle (type unspecified) and 4 motorcycles.


Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+


Other weapons Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
1/1 1/1 0 7 0 0 0 0 2



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