Situation Friendly Forces

15 June:

Elements of 7 Div arrested 14 suspected insurgents in an intelligence driven operation, after a tricycle taxi passenger identified one of his fellow passengers as a suspect in attacks on GWOZA EAST. This suspect led to the arrest 6 other suspects including the alleged group leader Ibrahim TOM who led the soldiers to the hideout of 7 further suspects

16 June:

Director of the National Orientation Agency Mike OMERI stated that Nigerian forces had detained 7 suspected terrorists in MAIDUGURI, BORNO State who claimed they had been tasked to carry out bombings and other tasks in the city

17 June:

Vigilantes from the CJTF ambushed gunmen attacking KWARANGILAM Village, BORNO State around 3.00am killing approximately 8 and capturing 1 attacker. Several houses were burnt by the attackers.

The Federal Government announced a National Emergency Relief Programme, consisting of the Emergency Relief Window which will provide rapid and immediate relief assistance to affected communities, the Reconstruction/ Rehabilitation Window which will establish support programmes using public works to repair dilapidated infrastructure, rural roads and bridges and temporary employment for youths and Safe Schools Window which fill upgrade existing federal, state and local government schools to make them more secure. The Coordinating minister for the Economy and Finance Ngozi OKONJO-IWEALA stated that the FGN had put N1.65bn towards the scheme with contributions of N1.65bn from the private sector, N165m from the Africa Development Bank and N247.5m from NORWAY 19 June: Director of NOA Mike OMERI states that intelligence has been received that insurgents intended to plant IEDs on petrol tankers and detonate them in ABUJA

18 June:

Nigerian forces destroyed an insurgent illegal roadblock in the vicinity of TUMBARKA, BORNO State between DAMBOA and BIU killing 10 gunmen and recovering 15 motorcycles and an assortment of weapons

20 June:

Chairperson of the Presidential Fact Finding Commission on the Abducted CHIBOK Girls, Brig. Gen Ibrahim SABO (Retired) presented its final report on the GGSS CHIBOK abductions to the President, stating 219 girls remained missing while 57 had been reunited with their families. The findings were recommended by the Committee to remain confidential on the basis of National Security

Defence HQ reports that Nigerian soldiers killed a terrorist commander Mallam HUSSAINI in a firefight on JOS-BAUCHI Road after his group attacked a military patrol, a Ford Minivan, rifles, pistols, 70 rounds of ammunition and 8 IEDs were captured. Also recovered were uniforms, protective equipment and stolen goods

Situation Enemy Forces

15 June:

Defence HQ states elements of 144 Battalion that 486 suspected Boko Haram members were detained in a convoy of 33 Hiace Hummer buses between ARUNGWA junction and IMO RIVER GATE, Uwa LGA, ABIA State, on the ENUGU- PORT HARCOURT Road at 3.00am. 2 of the buses evaded capture. A senior sect member was alleged to be amongst the captives who are being held at 144 Bn base in ASA Town. The suspects are aged between 16 and 24 and mainly from KANO, TARABA and JIGAWA States and claimed to be heading to PORT HARCOURT to look for work. The statements did not indicate what made a convoy of Nigerian citizens travelling in their own country particularly suspicious.

Approximately 20 gunmen mounted in a pick up truck and several motorcycles attacked the market in DAKU Village, ASKIRA UBA LGA, BORNO State with small arms killing 22 people and burning the market a church and several homes

2 burnt down kiosks belonging to an Hausa GSM Call Centre operator in WUKARI, WUKARI LGA, TARABA State lead to clashes that killed 30 people spreading to RAFINKADA

Approximately 7 gunmen on motorcycles attacked a mosque in GUMSA Village, YOBE State an abducted the chief, the attackers also burnt the police station and mobile phone mast

A Lebanese construction worker was reportedly abducted in LANGTANG, PLATEAU State but was released in ANGWAN BALA, WASE LGA, PLATEAU State

16 June:

Boko Haram has allegedly written a letter to the people of CHIBOK threatening to attack the town

17 June:

An IED contained in a tricycle detonated at Jamilu Cross Fire football viewing centre in the TSAMIYAN LILO Area of DAMATURU, YOBE State at around 8.00pm killing 21 people and injured 27

19 June:

Gunmen attacked LASSA, ASKIRA UBA LGA BORNO State killing an unknown number of people, setting buildings alight and stealing foodstuffs

Gunmen attacked IMSIRA, SHUWARI, YAZA, KIRSHINGA, KUDA, BAYAN KOGI HUMABZA and ANGUWAR SHUWA Villages, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State killing 10 people, burning buildings and stealing foodstuffs

21 June:

Gunmen masquerading as nomadic herdsmen attempted to steal cattle in the vicinity of KWARANGILAM Village, CHIBOK LGA, BORNO State engaged vigilantes in a firefight killing 6 vigilantes. The vigilantes returned fire allegedly killing 25 gunmen

Situation External Forces

16 June:

A US Congressional delegation led by Rep Steve STOCKMAN consisting of Rep Sheila JACKSON-LEE, Frederica WILSON and visited ABUJA and met with government officials and 2 of the GGSS CHIBOK escapees

20 June:

Camerounian media reports that the Camerounian military has arrested an arms dealer and seized a weapons cache in BLANGOA, LOGONE AND CHARI Division, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN. The cache contained 35 rifles, an unspecified number of magazines and ammunition in 4 bags. The arms dealers was named as a 25 year old Chadian Adji ISIAKA who was detained at WAZA Military Control Point, with $15,000.00 after allegedly being betrayed by his fellow dealers after an argument over money.

Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
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