Situation Friendly Forces

18 May:

  • A report by IDC states that are 3.3m IDPs in NIGERIA, the largest number of IDP’s in AFRICA (a third of the total) and 10% of the global amount
  • The Presidential Fact Finding Committee on the GGSS CHIBOK abductees arrived in BORNO

19 May:

  • Traditional rulers in TARABA State report that 19 children are missing from 6 communities after several attacks by nomadic gunmen. 7 were reported missing from NAGARU, ITYITSA ICHOLUGH and IJONDUGH Villages, SABON GIDA Ward of GASSOL LGA, 4 from DOOSHIMA Village, IBBI LGA and 8 from KUKA and KAWO Villages, BALI LGA.
  • The BORNO State Government has set aside N150m for a rehabilitation programme for the 53 escapees from the GGSS CHIBOK abductees
  • Security has been increased at Government College and Mount Saint Gabriel Secondary School, MAKURDI, BENUE State in response to a rumour Boko Haram was due to attack and abduct the boys as ‘husbands’ for the GGSS CHIBOK Abductees

20 May:

  • President JONATHAN announced several additional measures to counter the Boko Haram such as a multinational force around LAKE CHAD comprising of a battalion from CHAD, NIGER, CAMEROUN and NIGERIA, it is not specified whether this is a reinforcement of the current MNJTF or a new unit

22 May

  • The US and NIGERIA have agreed a formula on intelligence sharing, the US will provide intelligence products (i.e. analysed/ interpreted data) but not raw intelligence
  • The NAF has carried out air strikes (aircraft type unknown) in the BURRA Forest in the vicinity of NINGI SORO Village, GANJUWA LGA, BAUCHI State between 5.00am and 8.00am. Locals report that armed men have been camped in the area since December and have been raiding and openly preaching and recruiting in BAUCHI and JIGAWA States since then, the locals also report increased vehicle theft, bank robberies, kidnap for ransom and attacks upon police stations, schools and telecoms masts. Air strikes were also conducted in the BALMO Forest, DARAZO LGA. The gunmen had been reported by locals to be in sighted the forests in the vicinity of SHADARKI, DODWU, SORO and ZARA MIYA in GANJUWA LGA, YELWAN DARAZO, SHADARKI and DARAZO in DARAZO LGA, BURRA in NINGI LGA and JAMA’ARE, SHIRA, MISAU and ITAS GADAU LGA’s as well as YUGA Forest TORO LGA, BAUCHI State. In JIGAWA State, GWANI, KADALE, ZIMBURUN, FAGAM, BASIRKA and TAGE Villages in GWARAM LGA have seen insurgent activity
  • Representatives of 7 Div soldiers’ families in MAIMALARI Cantonment, MAIDUGURU, BORNO State protested to the new GOC Brig. Gen IBRAHIM about their allowances and a ban on motorcycle transport in the Barracks
  • The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) states that Boko Haram has killed 170 teachers in BORNO and 3 in YOBE State
  • Islamic cleric Sheikh GUMI released photos allegedly showing Nigerian soldiers killing civilians. Defence HQ has strongly denied the allegations

23 May

  • Defence HQ states that an improvised ‘rocket launcher production facility’ was discovered in DORAYI District, KUMBOTSO LGA, KANO State. The facility contained drilling machines and metal working equipment, RPG tubes and launchers, 3 AK 47s and several hundred rounds of assorted ammunition types as well as an improvised AAA gun and mortar

Situation Enemy Forces

16 May

  • Gunmen ambushed a Police APC in BANKI, BORNO State around 10.00am. the NPF abandoned the APC (type unknown) which was captured by the gunmen, 5 policemen are reported missing

18 May

  • An IED was suicide detonated around 9.30pm at a drinking centre on GOLD COAST Street, SABON GARI, KANO, KANO State killing 5 people.

19 May

  • The Nigerian Police discovered a VBIED contained in a Mitsubishi with KANO licence plates in KANO, KANO State and made it safe before it could detonate Gunmen attacked MAWA Village killing 10 people

20 May

  • A VBIED contained in a Fiat bus was suicide detonated along MURTALA MUHAMMED Way near TERMINUS Market, JOS, PLATEAU State around 3.00pm, collapsing several buildings, a secondary IED contained in a Toyota Sienna detonated 30 minutes later outside a nearby hospital killing rescuers and helpers. 118 people have been reported killed and 82 injured
  • Gunmen attacked ALAGARNO, BORNO State killing 17 people, stealing vehicles and burning the entire village

21 May

  • Gunmen attacked CHUKKU NGUDDOA with small arms killing 29 people and wounding 10 people as they worked on their farms
  • Gunmen mounted in vehicles attacked SHAWA Village, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State around 4.00am with small arms and petrol bombs killing 30 people and injuring an unspecified number. The attackers also burnt several houses and grain stores and stole livestock

23 May

  • Gunmen attacked KUBURVWI Village, DAMBOA LGA and KIMBA Village, BIU LGA in BORNO State killing 10 people and burning houses and shops
  • Gunmen mounted trucks attacked MOFORO, BORNO State killing 25 men accusing them of being vigilantes and then burnt down the village. They also attacked KIMBI, BIU LGA killing 8 men and KARIHU Village (casualties unknown)

24 May

  • A person borne IED prematurely detonated close to a viewing centre on BAUCHI Road near the University of JOS, JOS, PLATEAU State

Situation External Forces

18 May

  • UK media reports claim that Boko Haram is willing to release the GGSS CHIBOK abductees in batches in return for the release of low level fighters and has dropped a demand for the release of top commanders

19 May

  • The UK RAF Sentinel R1 ISR aircraft sent to assist the search for the GGSS CHIBOK girls developed a technical fault en route to GHANA from RAF WADDDINGTON and landed in SENEGAL to undergo repairs
  • ECOWAS Parliament meeting in ABUJA, pledged assistance to NIGERIA in the conflict with Boko Haram

21 May

  • The US has deployed 80 mainly to CHAD to support Predator UAV ISR mission in North East NIGERIA. The group consists of Air Force personnel to maintain the UAVs and their force protection element. The deployment to CHAD give the UAV’s more time on task over NIGERIA. The US has deployed Predator, Global Hwak and MC 12 manned aircraft on the task

22 May

  • The UN Security Council al Qaeda Sanctions Committee added Boko Haram to the list of designated entities at NIGERIA’s request

23 May

  • Presidents DEBY of CHAD and BIYA of CAMEROUN concluded plans for a joint patrols, information sharing and surveillance in order to counter Boko Haram after a 2 day meeting in YAOUNDE, CAMEROUN


Insurgent Incidents


IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
4 3 1 5 0 0 0 0 0



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