Date Situation Friendly Forces Situation Enemy Forces Situation External Forces
11 May Suspected nomadic gunmen attacked DINYA Village, GASSOL LGA, TARABA State, killing 4 people and burning down over 30 properties Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NETANYAHU called President JONATHAN to express sympathy and solidarity and offer a team of Israel counterterrorism experts
  Several buildings including churches and mosques were burnt in KACHIA, KACHIA LGA, KADUNA State in clashes between Muslims and Christians. Army, Police and Civil Defence Personnel were despatched to maintain law and order and a 24 hour curfew imposed.  
12 May The DSS paraded 5 suspects (Ahmed Rufai ABUBAKAR aka Abu Ibrahim/ Maiturare, Muhammadu Sani ISHAQ, Yau SAIDU aka Kotar Rama, Anas ISAH and Adamu YUSUF) on charges of engaging in the NYANYA IED attacks and stated they were led and planned by two other suspects at large Aminu Sadiq OGWUCHE and Rufai Abubakar TSIGA. ABUBAKAR was arrested 22nd April in GWANTU, SANGA LGA, KATSINA State. The DSS Spokesperson Marilyn OGAR stated that TSIGA and another suspect ISHAQ drove the VBIED to NYANYA Bus Station on the night of 13th April and then TSIGA drove it to its final position and detonated it. OGWUCHE a son of an Army Colonel Agene OGWUCHE was born in Britain and studied Arabic Languages’ at the International University of Africa, SUDAN before enlisting in the Nigerian Army serving in the Intelligence Corps, ARAKAN Barracks, LAGOS between 2001 and 2006.He attended University in WALES but did not graduate, upon his return to NIGERIA in November 2011 he was arrested at ABUJA Airport on suspicion of involvement in terrorism but released into his father’s custody. A N25m bounty has been offered for the pair Insurgents attacked a convoy of JTF soldiers mounted in Toyota Hilux with an IED, killing 3 and injuring 6 in the GWANI Forest, in the vicinity of BASIRAKA Village, GWARAM LGA, JIGAWA State 
Boko Haram released a new 27 minute video showing approximately 136 young girls in black niqab whom they claimed were the GGSS CHIBOK abductees. The girls were shown chanting Koranic verses and several were questioned claiming to be Christians who converted to Islam. The video featured Abubakar Shekau (or someone claiming to be him) who offered to release the girls in return for Boko Haram prisoners
Violence in KACHIA LGA, KADUNA State has left 12 people dead, 1000 internally displaced and 20 cows killed.  
13 May President JONATHAN sent a request to the National ASSEMBLY to extend the State of Emergency in BORNO, YOBE and ADAMAWA States by 6 months Gunmen mounted in Toyota Hiluxs, motorcycles and a military style fighting vehicle attempted to attack RANN Village, KALA BALGE LGA, BORNO State around 4.00am but were ambushed by local villagers who killed a large number of insurgents and allegedly recovered 2 Hilux vehicles, a military style fighting vehicle and 70 motorcycles. The villagers reportedly had advance warning of the attack General David RODRIGUEZ commander US Africa Command (AFRICOM) arrived in ABUJA on a 2 day visit for discussions with US Embassy officials and visited Defence HQ and the Chief of Defence Staff Air Chief Marshall Alex BADEH
Aminu Sadiq OGWUCHE has been arrested in KHARTOUM, SUDAN as he tried to get a visa from the Turkish Embassy on suspicion of being the leader of the cell that carried out the IED attack in NYANYA. Nomadic gunmen attacked an IDP camp in KUNGANA Village, BALI LGA, TARABA State at around 2.00am killing 7 civilians and injuring 2 others. They also burnt down several churches The US State Department spokesperson Jen PSEKI stated that the State Department led team in NIGERIA was still assessing what assistance NIGERIA needed, but had provided commercial satellite imagery and were flying manned ISR missions over NIGERIA
12 soldiers from 101 Battalion including a platoon commander were killed in an insurgent ambush in the vicinity of DALWA. The soldiers were returning from a tasking at CHIBOK and were ordered to make the return journey that night despite the local commanders determining the roads were insecure and wanting to stop in a nearby village
14 May Soldiers from 101 Battalion, 7 Div unhappy with welfare and casualties shot in the air (or at their GOC’s vehicle) at MAIMALARI Cantonment, MAIDUGURI, BORNO State. Maj Gen Ahmadu MOHAMMED was addressing troops on ongoing operations when troops returned from operations in CHIBOK with the corpses of soldiers killed in action, arousing a general sense of dissatisfaction. Gunmen mounted on 4 motorcycles attacked ALAU NGAWO FATOYE Village, JERE LGA, BORNO State with small arms and petrol bombs at around 9.00pm killing 2 civilians and injuring 9 others and setting shops and houses on fire.  Australian Prime Minister Tony ABBOTT told the Australian Parliament that his government has begun the process of banning Boko Haram
President JONATHAN requested the support of the international community for the social economic rehabilitation of the North East once Boko Haram is defeated whilst speaking to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Minister Mark SIMMONDS in ABUJA. The President also received solidarity calls from the Prime Ministers of ALGERIA and PAKISTAN as well as a visit from the UN Secretary Generals Representative in West Africa Sa’id DJINNIT who discussed a planned victims support programme Gunmen attacked ALAU town near University of MAIDUGURI, BORNO State. Casualties on all sides unknown
Elements of the JTF reportedly killed 60 insurgents in a clearance op in the LAMBA Forest, GWARAM LGA, JIGAWA State Gunmen attacked SHADRKI Village, DARAZO LGA, BAUCHI State, burning down two primary schools and a mobile phone mast
President JONATHAN has rejected a prisoner swap with Boko Haram in return for the GGSS CHIBOK abductees Nomadic gunmen attacked a car returning from BOGORO Market between KURUM DODO and GOBIYA hacking to death one person and injuring 5 others
15 May  Members of the Civilian Joint Task Force detained 2 suspected Boko Haram members in MAIDUGURI, one of whom was allegedly pretending to be a phone card seller in TASHAI KAMLA market. A Sudanese national was detained on suspicion of planting 3 IEDs in LAGOS at Union Homes Company along NNAMDI AZIKIWE Road, LAGOS Business District, LAGOS Island, LAGOS State near the LAGBUS Terminus. The devices that were allegedly timed to explode at 1.00pm were taken away by Bomb Squad officers from IKEJA Police Command. The suspect aroused suspicion when he arrived in a jeep and began giving money to beggars and encouraging them to leave the area. A US Government official in testimony to the US Senate stated that ‘We’re now looking at a military force that’s…becoming afraid to even engage….’. The individual who did not cite any examples to buttress their opinion also stated she doubted Nigeria’s military capacity to effect a rescue.
Defence Headquarters has set up a board of inquiry to investigate the incident at MAIMALRI Cantonment
GOC 7 Div Maj. Gen. MOHAMMED has been replaced with immediate effect by Brig Gen. Mahmud Yakubu IBRAHIM as acting GOC. No reason was given for the replacement
16 May Up to 70 insurgents foraging for food in MADAGALI, ADAMAWA State were reportedly killed and captured 7 others who they handed over to the police. An insurgent in a Hilux was trailed to the enemy hideout between BITA and giving the vigilantes a chance to inform the military with whom they launched a joint attack. 2 officers (including the CO 123 Battalion) and 5 other ranks were killed in the operation Insurgents attacked the market in SOYE Village, BAMA LGA, BORNO State with rockets (type unknown) killing 31 people and injuring 9 people Gunmen mounted in 5 vehicles attacked a Road workers camp belonging to Chinese construction company Sinohydro with small arms in the vicinity of WAZA, EXTREME NORD Region, CAMEROUN, killing a Camerounian soldier and wounding 4 others in the 5 hour firefight. A Chinese worker was injured and 10 others allegedly abducted. The camp was guarded by a detachment from the elite BIR unit however most of them had gone down to YAOUNDE to take part in National Day Ceremonies. The gunmen also attacked WAZA police station and raided its armoury.
The BENUE and TARABA State governments convened a peace building meeting between the Tiv, Jukun and Fulani to end the tribal crisis in the states.
8 suspected insurgents were detained in GOYM Village, DIKWA LGA, BORNO State by vigilantes from the CJTF. The suspects came in a Hilux pickup and several motorcycles. The suspects upon interrogation claimed the GGSS CHIBOK abductees were still in SAMBISA Forest
Media reports that President JONATAHN has cancelled his trip to CHIBOK for security reasons. The President’s Special Advisor denied he ever planned to visit CHIBOK.
17 May 17 May: The President of the Federal Republic of NIGERIA met with the Heads of States of BENIN Republic, NIGER Republic, Chad and CAMEROUN in the ELYSEE PALACE, PARIS, FRANCE to discuss regional security measures to combat Boko Haram. They agreed a global and regional action plan, proposing UN sanctions against Boko Haram, surveillance and border controls, centralising technical means and capability, increased military presence around Lake CHAD information sharing, funds for women and girls in marginalised/ threatened communities, build analysis and response capabilities, pool intelligence and draw up a regional counter terrorism strategy etc at the PARIS Summit in. The US, UK and EU were also represented and pledged to mobilise funds and contribute technical and knowledge expertise. The President claimed that ‘what was a local insurgency in North East Nigeria has now evolved into a new frontier of the global war of terrorism against our civilization’. He stated that Boko Haram has an international network of training and incubation centres in GAO and KIDAL in MALI, DIFFA, MARADI and MAINA SORO of NIGER Republic, MAROUA and GAROUA of CAMEROUN, ZANGO and RIDINA Quarters in N’DJAMENA, CHAD and the RANKY-KOTSY Area of SUDAN as well as some cells in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. A follow up meeting is to be held in the UK in June. Gunmen attacked DALWA-MASUBA, DAMBOA LGA, BORNO State killing 40 people and injuring an unspecified number, 3 pick up trucks were also burnt
The BORNO State Government has sent 50 citizens to INDIA for a course of Agriculture and irrigation. At the send off ceremony the Governor stated they had taken delivery of 500 mobile rice mills and groundnut processing units and established a micro finance bank to provide small loans to farmers Gunmen attacked vehicles along the MAIDUGURI-DAMATURU Highway in the vicinity of BENISHEIKH around 6.00pm, killing 9 people and stealing a vehicle transporting beans, soldiers at a nearby checkpoint engaged the gunmen before they fled, several soldiers were injured in the firefight


Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
2 0 0 7 0 1 0 0 1



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