Date Situation Friendly Forces Situation Enemy Forces Situation External Forces
4 May Gunmen attacked the market in KAAMLA, BORNO State, killing an unspecified number of people US Secretary of State John KERRY pledges US assistance in finding the abducted schoolgirls whilst on a visit to ETHIOPIA
  Gunmen abducted 8 teenage girls between the ages of 12-15 around 9.45pm from WARABE Village and 3 girls from WALA Village, GWOZA LGA, BORNO State, the kidnapers mounted in an 1 seater bus and pickup truck also took food and livestock with them. The gunmen were said to have come from the GUDUF WALA Hills around GAYA, HW’A and CHIKEDEH  
5 May   Boko Haram has released a video showing Abubakar SHEKAU in front of what appear to be 2 camouflaged recce vehicles, speaking in Hausa he claimed responsibility for the GGSS CHIBOK abduction and threatening to sell them in the market. None of the girls nor any footage from the kidnap were shown in the 57 minute video. Approximately 30 gunmen attack a Gendarmerie post in CAMEROUN around 2.00am with small arms killing 1 Gendarmerie officer and a prisoner and wounding 2 prisoners. A detained Boko Haram suspect was freed in the assault
Gunmen mounted in 3 fighting vehicles and motorcycles attacked in GAMBORU NGALA, NGALA LGA, BONO State around with small arms, RPG’s and IEDS killing at least 300 people. Majority of the troops based in the town were reportedly deployed to investigate a reported sighting of the GGSS CHIBOK abductees in the vicinity of LAKE CHAD. Those left behind were outnumbered and defeated, the attackers burnt the market, the Customs post and other buildings and over 200 vehicles. After a 12 hour firefight against determined friendly resistance, the enemy overran the police station using IEDs, small arms and RPGs. 14 police officers were killed. The insurgents also blew up the bridge on the CHAD-NIGERIA Highway connecting GAMBORU with LOGOMANI as they withdrew, damaging it to the point where it can only be used by motorcycles and small cars. Local residents allege that they had observed the insurgents camping nearby and warned the security forces of the possibility of the impending attack The US Attorney General Eric HOLDER has offered law enforcement assistance to NIGERIA and ordered and intelligence assessment of Boko Haram
6 May The Federal High Court, ABUJA applied for witnesses to be allowed to wear masks whilst giving evidence against Dr Nazeef Mohammed YUNUS and two others on terrorism charges Approximately 5 nomadic gunmen attacked a police post in FADAN KARSHI Village, SANGA LGA, KADUNA State around 8.00pm killing 2 policemen and 4 civilians. 2 of the attackers were killed by local people who trailed them after the attack. 2 civilians were wounded in this follow up The UH Human Rights spokesman Rupert COLVILLE stated there was no statute of limitation on slavery or sexual slavery in international law.
President Goodluck JONATHAN accepted an offer of assistance from the USA in the search for the GGSS CHIBOK abductees from US President Barack OBAMA via US secretary of State John KERRY. The offer included security personnel and assets A Nigerien Army Patrol captured 2 gunmen who robbed a man in CHETIMARI, DIFFA Prefecture, NIGER Republic, the patrol was subsequently attacked by other suspected Boko Haram insurgents. The insurgents were defeated when the Nigerien patrol was reinforced, withdrawing across the border leaving 3 prisoners of which 2 were wounded. 9 further suspects were arrested in a follow up operation.
7 May The Nigeria Police Force has offered a reward of N50m for information leading to the rescue of the GGSS abductees. Information hotline numbers were given as 09 2914 649, 080 8177 7309, 080 5554 7536, 080 3212 5050, 080 3461 7591 and 080 3596 9731 Gunmen mounted on motorcycles robbed KISHIRNGA Village, MADAGALI LGA, ADAMAWA State stealing 2 cattle herds of 170 cows Chinese Premier Li KEQIANG has offered satellite and intelligence assets to assist in the search.
Nigerian security forces have seized 5 rifles, 3 locally made pistols and 45 rounds of ammunition, bow and arrows, axes, daggers, cutlasses  and IED components during a cordon and search operation in the vicinity of HUKKE and REWEINKO, PLATEAU State. the weapons allegedly belonged to a local gang, one of whom was arrested at the scene Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John BAIRD, has offered ‘unwavering support’ and surveillance equipment with the military personnel to man it to NIGERIA to aid in the search for the GGSS CHIBOK abductees following a meeting between Nigerian Vice President Namadi SAMBO with Canadian Development Minister Christian PARDIS in NIGERIA
Nigerian forces engaged gunmen in a firefight in the vicinity of KWANDAGA, KADUNA State recovering an unspecified amount of weapons and ammunition US President Barack OBAMA stated that the abductions in NIGERIA were an indication of mans darkest impulses
Nigerian security forces have seized 2 AK type rifles, 3 locally made pistols and 61 rounds of ammunition during a cordon and search operation in ANYIBE, LOGO LGA, BENUE State. the weapons allegedly belonged to a local gang, one of whom was arrested at the scene The UK will be sending a small team to complement the US effort consisting of defence, foreign office and international development officials reportedly focussing on planning, coordination and assessment
US Ambassador James ENTWISTLE states that he is in discussions with Nigerian security officials to clarify the details of US assistance to NIGERIA. The US assistance is to not just aid in finding the abductees but to build Nigeria’s capacity to deal with Boko Haram.
The US is to set up a Joint Coordination Cell based at the US Embassy, ABUJA to act as crisis response to a hostage situation, providing intelligence, investigative and hostage negotiation expertise consisting of military, law enforcement and other agents. The US Ministry of Defence (aka The Pentagon) stated that they would be sending less than 10 military personnel from US AFRICOM. Pentagon spokesman Colonel WARREN specified that US personnel will assist in planning and advising but would take no direct action in the hostage rescue. There are currently 20 US Marines in NIGERIA training Nigerian forces in amphibious operations, and 50 based permanently at the Embassy. A planning cell had been set up in AFRICOM HQ when the kidnapping took place.
The French Foreign Minister Laurent FABIUS told the French Legislator a ‘special team’ was on standby to assist Nigerian forces if requested in the search for the GGSS CHIBOK abductees.
8 May   The National Security Advisor retired Colonel Sambo DASUKI the service chiefs and Inspector General of Police, visited CHIBOK and inspected the school escorted by the Vice Principal
9 May A coalition of civil society groups in KATSINA State, held a peaceful protest against foreign intervention in NIGERIA’s security issues The UK advisory team consisting of elements of the UK Ministry of Defence, Department for International Development and Foreign and Commonwealth Office landed in ABUJA. UK media reports that a planning cell of UK Special Forces have arrived in Nigeria to provide SIGINT support, there are also suggestions that a Sentinel surveillance aircraft could be based in N’DJAMENA, CHAD to assist with the search.
The US Army has deployed a 12 man National Guard SOF team to train a 650 man Nigerian Ranger battalion for combat operations. The Nigerian government will spend $400,000 on the effort. An additional 8 man team has arrived ABUJA to assess what other US help or resources could aid in the search for the CHIBOK abductees. The US Training package will last 35 days and take place at the Nigerian Army Training Centre and include training in patrolling, small unit tactics, ambush, raid, movements of contact (?) and night operations. They will also undertake to train 40 Nigerian officers and NCO’s to continue the programme and rotate 7,000 soldiers through the package ‘by fall’ (September/ October).
Amnesty International claimed that the military failed to listen to warnings that could have prevented the CHIBOK abductions, the military denied the allegations
24 days after the event, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has decided that the mass kidnapping of schoolgirls is a ‘gross misrepresentation of Islam’
UNHCR states that 250,000 are internally displaced as a result of the crisis in BORNO, ADAMAWA and YOBE. 61,000 have become refugees in CAMEROUN, CHAD and NIGER
French experts in technical and human intelligence  and image analysis arrived in NIGERIA
President John MAHAMA of GHANA has offered support to NIGERIA in its search for the CHIBOK Abductees, including the possibility of Ghanaian troops as part of an ECOWAS task force.
10 May Media reports claim unnamed officials allege the CHIBOK Abductees have been moved to ASHAKA Forest, GOMBE state The UN Security Council unanimously condemned the CHIBOK Abduction and expressed ‘profound outrage’ and hinted at ‘appropriate measures’ (i.e. sanctions) against Boko Haram. They did not specify how exactly you sanction a group with no bases or assets
Gunmen mounted in a Toyota Hiluxs, a fighting type vehicle and motorcycles attacked LIMANKARA, MADAGALI LGA, BORNO State with small arms, petrol bombs and IED’s, destroying the village, a bridge and abducting a policemans family (wife and 2 children). The insurgents also attacked GUR  with small arms and IEDs, killing a villager, and stealing 6 vehicles and 1,950 bags of beans and grains. They were defeated by soldiers at the attached military post and retreated in the direction of the SAMBISA FOREST. Another group of insurgents went to SABON GARI HAUSAWA and attempted to recruit local youths, when rebuffed they burnt several buildings before retreating towards the BIU-DAMATURU Road
Media reports allege that 50 English speaking young women were sighted in BIRAO, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC escorted by armed men. Local Anti Balaka fighters allege that the men were former Seleka fighters, They were travelling in a convoy of 2 trucks and a pickup allegedly coming from TIROUNGOULOU 170km south west of BIRAO or CHAD. They reportedly left BIRAO 5th May.


Insurgent Incidents  IED Vehicle IED Suicide IED Small Arms Small arms+IED Other wpns Theft Kidnapping Foreign attacks
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