Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP- 16 February 2014

Situation Friendly Forces

10 February:

  • Commander French Forces in CAR General Francisco SORIANO has stated that the anti Balaka forces will be treated as bandits if the continued to attack Muslims at a public meeting with community leaders in BANGUI
  • French forces destroyed 750kg of seized ammunition and UXO’s

11 February:

  • French troops seized a large amount of weapons in a Christian neighborhood, including anti tank mines, plastic explosives, mortar rounds, RPGs and other ammunition.
  • ·          French forces located a large cache of mines, weapons and ammunition including mortars north of BANGUI

12 February:

  • The French Minister of Defence Yves LE DRIAN arrived in BANGUI to meet French soldiers, the interim President and community leaders and stated FRANCE would not send anymore troops to CAR
  • MISCA troops discover a mass grave with at least 12 bodies, at a former Seleka military camp in the 200 VILLAS District, BANGUI with bodies stuffed into a septic tank
  • Troops from 8RPIMa have taken control of the route from BANGUI to BOSSEMBELE en route to the CAMEROUN border via BOSSEMPTELE and BERBERATI. The troops dismantled roadblocks and seized weapons in the 3 day operation

13 February: At an EU Force Generation conference in BRUSSELS, ESTONIA and 6 unnamed EU states  offered to provide troops as did non EU countries GEORGIA (100 troops), CANADA, NORWAY, SERBIA, TURKEY and the US offered logistic and equipment support. A second follow up conference will take place late February.

14 February: FRANCE has decided to send a further 400 troops to CAR

15 February: French and MISCA troops carried out a disarmament operation against anti Balaka fighters in BOY RABE District, BANGUI. The operation was partially successful however Patrice Edourad NGAISSONA an ex minster and anti Balaka political coordinator evaded capture. 250 troops went house to house for 4 hours seizing automatic weapons, grenades and other munitions

Situation Enemy Forces:

9 February: Jean-Emmanuel NDJAROUA a member of the National Transitional council was assassinated in BANGUI by attackers who followed him to his home

15 February: General Mohamed DHAFFANE former minister in Michel DJOTODIA’s government warned that sectarian fighting could lead to Boko Haram or Al Qaeda becoming active in CAR. He also stated that there were 7,164 ex Seleka fighters in 7 bases awaiting integration to the Army in January prior to DJOTODIA’s removal

Situation External Forces:

11 February:

  • UN Secretary General Ban KI MOON has asked FRANCE to consider sending more troops to CAR
  • Amnesty International claims that atrocities by anti Balaka fighters amount to ethnic cleansing
  • The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio GUTERRES opened a Community Night Shelter with the French Defence Minister in the 5th DISTRICT of BANGUI for local people to sleep in at night for security and met Christian and Muslim leaders

12 February:

  • The World Food Programme (WFP) began a food airlift from DOUALA, CAMEROUN to BANGUI with enough food to cater to 150,000 for a month, with one plane per day carrying 80 tons of rice. WFP also stated that they had agreed with MISCA that they would get escorts for their convoys 3 times a week.
  • The UN High Commissioner for Refugees states he is deeply distressed by the ‘..humanitarian catastrophe of unspeakable proportions…’ and the ‘…ethno-religious cleansing…’ taking place in CAR.
  • The UN Central Emergency Response Fund has allocated $10m to operations in CAR.

13 February: The new EU force is seeking to establish a safe haven in BANGUI within the time frame of its 6 month deployment according to its commander Major General Philippe PONTIES (FRANCE), on a visit to BANGUI.

14 February:

  • Catherine ASHTON the EU Foreign Affairs Minister stated that the EU was ‘looking to double’ the number of troops deployed to CAR.
  • French Defense Minister met with Chadian President Idriss DEBY in N’DJAMENA for a regional defence conference

15 February: French Defense Minister Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, states operations in CAR may last longer than expected.



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