Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP-9 February 2014

Situation Friendly Forces 4 February:

  • Chadian troops (not thought to be under the command of MISCA) shot and killed 3 civilians in BOALI while evacuating their citizens. They were refused permission to stay by Congolese MISCA forces
  • CAR Interim Prime Minister Andre NZAPAYEKE formed a new government including several opposition figures and members of Seleka and their associates

5 February:

  • Seleka fighters that left BANGUI have regrouped in the Northeast of the country and are reportedly engaged in attacks upon civilians allegedly facilitated by Chadian peacekeepers
  • New recruits to the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) murdered a man suspected of being a Seleka fighter, minutes after being addressed by Interim President Catherine SAMBA-PANZA in BANGUI. Burundian peacekeepers attempted to protect him but were overwhelmed by the mob.

6 February:

  • French Defence Minister stated in a radio interview that the UN would most likely be asked to renew the French mandate when it comes up for review in May thus extending the French mission
  • The Chadian  Government has refuted the allegations of Human Rights Watch and challenged them to provide evidence of collusion with Seleka
  • The CAR National Transitional Council criticised the role of Chadians in repatriating their citizens accusing them of shooting at civilians and causing damage during their evacuations

7 February:  A 500 truck, car and motorcycle convoy of Muslims departed PK12, BANGUI for the north of the country, protected by Chadian MISCA troops. As they gathered and left they were jeered at by a crowd. Anti Balaka fighters attempted to attack a truck in the convoy but were deterred by Burundian MISCA troops. One man who fell off a truck was murdered by the mob

8 February:

  • CAR Interim President Catherine SAMBA-PANZA visits CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE for discussions with Congolese President Denis Sassou NGUESSO about further loans and his mediation efforts. She was met by the President and members of the CAR community at the Airport
  • MISCA Commander General Martin Tumenta CHOMUA warned all armed groups to stop assassinations; lynching’s and looting or MISCA would stop them by force
  • Congolese MISCA forces conducted house to house searches in the MISKINE District of BANGUI seizing weapons in the mainly Christian area

9 February: Jean-Yves LE DRIAN arrives N’DJAMENA, CHAD for discussions with Chadian President Idriss DEBY on the situation in CAR

Situation Enemy Forces:

3 February:

  • A Polish Catholic mission in NGAOUNDAYE was raided by Seleka fighters. 39 Polish Monks and workers associated with the Capuchin Foundation are currently in Car despite being asked to leave by the Polish Foreign Ministry
  • Anti Balaka fighters order local Muslims to leave the town of YALOKE in North west CAR in 24 hours. 2,000 attempted to leave
  • Seleka fighters engaged Burundian peacekeepers in a heavy firefight in the MISKINE District of BANGUI. Casualties on both sides are unknown
  • Anti Balaka fighters attacked the Muslim District of BOUZOM killing 2 people. MISCA has imposed a curfew and is patrolling the town

4 February: 60 people were killed and 15 died of wounds in BODA, after Seleka fighters barricaded the town and attacked Christians. The casualty figures for Muslims are not known

6 February: approximately 250 ex Seleka fighters are concentrated in DOBA, Southern CHAD. Where they are disarmed and kept under the Gendarmes for screening. Chadian citizens will be reportedly prosecuted for being mercenaries

8 February: 10 people were killed in the 5th ARRONDISSEMENT, BANGUI. Including one by Rwandan MISCA troops intervening to prevent further murders and looting. Rwandan and French troops remained entrenched supported by low flying helicopters but were unable to stop the looting

9 February: a Muslim man was murdered near the Market Centre in BANGUI, another was saved by MISCA troops

Situation External Forces:

2 February: the World Food Programme (WFP) states it will establish an air bridge between, DOUALA, CAMEROUN and BANGUI, using a Boeing 747 to carry 100 tons daily, in order to transport 2,000 tons by this means

5 February:

  • The ICRC reports up to 8,000 refugees from CAR are in CAMEROUN
  • Human Rights Watch releases a report detailing Seleka atrocities accusing and Chadian forces of aiding and protecting them
  • The US State Department urged all groups in CAR to break the cycle of violence and voiced deep concern about recent attacks.

6 February: BELGIUM has said it is open to participating in military operations in CAR as long as it is under an EU banner and costs are split amongst EU countries

7 February: The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) states it will have to discontinue evacuation flights from CAR due to having received only $2.5m of the requested $17.5m. they have used funds from their emergency funds to sustain the operation

8 February: Fatou BENSOUDA Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, THE HAGUE< NETHERLANDS has opened preliminary investigations into possible war crimes in CAR such as rape, sexual slavery, murder, pillage, torture, forced displacement, recruitment and use of children in hostilities.


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