Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP-2 February 2014

Situation Friendly Forces

27 January: the WFP states that over 41,000 had crossed into CHAD from CAR, majority of whom are ethnic Chadians and 80% of whom are women and children

28 January:

  • CAR interim President Catherine SAMBA-PANZA has written to the UN requesting the AU force be transformed to a UN force
  • A new government with 20 ministers has been formed by Prime Minister Andre NZAPAYEKE  composed mainly of technocrats with 3 associated with Seleka and 1 with the anti Balaka
  • French forces killed 10 Seleka fighters with cannon fire from their armoured vehicles after dismounts came under fire outside a RDOT barracks in BANGUI. There were no French casualties.
  • CAR’s ex democratic opposition groups organised as Alliance of Democratic Forces for Transition (ADFT) have rejected the appointment of Andre NZAPAYEKE as prime minister as it violated the January 2013 LIBREVILLE Agreement between ex president Francois BOZIZE and the democratic opposition according to Martin ZIGUELE one of ADFT’s leaders

29 January: Rwandan Forces have opened a humanitarian corridor from CAMEROUN to BANGUI

31 January: the UNOCHA warns that 2m people are at risk of food deprivation

1 February:

  • Seleka fighters left SIBUT (150km North of BANGUI) around 2.00am after an ultimatum from MISCA/ French forces to leave before 12 noon. Approximately 200 headed north to BAMBARI and KAGA BANDORO as Gabonese, Burundian and Camerounian MISCA troops surrounded and the secured the town, supported by French armoured vehicles and 120mm mortars. French fixed and rotary wing aircraft flew overhead in a show of force. Majority of the civilian population is hiding in the bush
  • CAR Interim President Catherine SAMBA-PANZA has promised the countries forces will be reorganised to protect Christians and Muslims whilst visiting several IDP including the one at the Central Mosque, BANGUI escorted by Rwandan MISCA soldiers
  • International donors have pledged $314m to fund the AU force in CAR at a donor conference at AU HQ in ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA. Ethiopian PM Hailemariam DESALEGN proposes to raise funds through assessed contributions from AU members. The estimated total cost of the force is $409m. ECCAS pledged $100m, the EU $33.7m, ETHIOPIA $500, 000, SOUTH AFRICA $1m

Situation Enemy Forces:

28 January:

  • A Pastor and his son were killed in a BANGUI suburb by Seleka fighters
  • Anti Balaka fighters have reportedly attacked the town of BAORO
  • Approximately 500 Seleka fighters were moved by MISCA forces from CAMP DEROUX in southern BANGUI to a camp in PK11 on the northern outskirts of the city in a 25 vehicle convoy escorted by Chadian troops. The carried personal weapons for protection but were compelled to leave heavy weapons and ammunition
  • A spokesman for Seleka states that foreign fighters have left and the remaining wish to join the National Army
  • A spokesman for the AU Eloi YAO states that several hundred Seleka fighters who left BANGUI under the protection of Chadian MISCA forces have ‘disappeared’. The Chadian forces arrived in BOSSANGOA in the north alone
  • 7 people were reportedly killed in BANGUI
  • Anti Balaka fighters in northwest CAR are reportedly crossing the border into GAROUA-BOULAI in CAMEROUN to stock up on supplies in order to attack Seleka fighters and Muslim civilians.

30 January:

  • Shootings and unrest continue around the mainly Muslim business district of PK5 and looting in YANGATO in BANGUI
  • Seleka fighters in a convoy of 50 vehicles seized SIBUT in northern CAR, the fighters were reportedly led by Mamadou RAKIS a former deputy police chief under DJOTODIA and spoke mainly Arabic. The contingent of Gabonese MISCA troops were said to have withdrawn

Situation External Forces:

27 January:

  • A 60 vehicle World Food Programme (WFP) convoy carrying 250 tons of rice and maize meal arrived BANGUI from CAMEROUN escorted by MISCA troops. Another 41 vehicle convoy is stranded at the border due to drivers reluctance to undertake the journey.
  • US Secretary of State John KERRY has threatened US sanctions against those in CAR who threaten the peace

28 January: the UN Security Council approved the planned deployment of EU troops to CAR

29 January:

  • German Chancellor Angela MERKEL confirms Germany will provide logistical support to CAR but not combat troops as part of the EU force
  • ALGERIA has stated they will provide transport aircraft to aid MISCA forces in CAR according to the Guinean President Alpha CONDE at the AU Conference in ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA.

30 January: 2 Polish C 130s and a 50 man ground crew have left WARSAW, POLAND for ORLEANS, FRANCE to aid French troops on Op Sangaris. They are to be deployed till April


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