Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP-26 January 2014

Situation Friendly Forces

19 January:

  • Residents of the Camerounian border town GAROUA BOULAI claim that former Seleka fighters from CAR attacked the town with explosives and fired indiscriminately. They claim they had to flee until Camerounian troops arrived. CAMEROUN’s EST Region Governor Samuel Dieudonne Iyaha DIBOUA claimed that the incident did not take place rather there was fighting just over the border in the CAR town of CANTONEER and Camerounian forces intercepted fleeing CAR civilians who were sent to UN refugee camps
  • The ICRC and CAR Red Cross evacuates 30 wounded people from western and north western CAR due to the upsurge in fighting

20 January: Mayor of BANGUI Catherine SAMBA-PANZA was elected as the interim President in BANGUI by the NTC after a 2 round vote. She got 64 votes in the first round but won the second round 75 votes to 53 against Desire KOLINGBA. A spokesman for a major anti Balaka group has expressed support for her presidency.

21 January:

  • French intelligence services state a mass grave with 15 bodies has been found in BANGUI
  • CAR interim President elect Catherine SAMBA-PANZA states she is willing to talk to all armed groups. General Ousmane Mamadou OUSMANE a senior Seleka General has stated his support for the new president.

22 January: The Movement Revolution and Justice claims that it has klled 22 Seleka fighters for no loss in fighting in the vicinity of BOGILA and MARKOUNDA

23 January: Catherine SAMBA-PANZA was sworn in as the interim President in BANGUI, CAR

24 January: the World Food Programme resumes its monthly food distribution in BOSSANGOA to 40,000 people

25 January: the Interim government has selected Andre NZAPAYEKE as Prime Minister

Situation Enemy Forces:

21 January:

  • Anti Balaka fighters attacked Seleka fighters in the vicinity of BANG near the CAR/ CHAD/ CAMEROUN borders. Seleka fighters retaliated by attacking the town looting and killing 6 residents. They also attacked and looted NGAOUNDAYE
  • Seleka militants reportedly attacked Christians in the NGARAGBA District, BANGUI

22 January:

  • The Red Cross reports it had found 11 burnt corpses in the mainly Muslim PK11 District of BANGUI. They stated they had collected 87 bodies across the country of which 60 bodies were buried in the vicinity of BOSSEMBELE, BOYALI and BOALI and in the past 5 days
  • French forces were attacked overnight by unknown gunmen
  • 3 prisoners escaped from the Central Jail in BANGUI as Christians burnt tires and protested about Seleka attacks near the French Embassy
  • Seleka fighters reportedly left a KASAI military base in BANGUI looking for food and shot 2 Christian civilians. In reprisal local Christian youth went it the prison, took out 5 Seleka detainees and killed them. 4 civilians were also reported killed
  • Hundreds of Christians went looting in the mainly Muslim PK13 District of BANGUI. Rwandan peacekeepers protected 30 Muslim civilians until they could be evacuated by French soldiers

24 January: Christian fighters killed Dr Joseph KALITE a former health minister and (ex leader) DJOTODIA supporter with machetes after ambushing his car in BANGUI

26 January:

  • Looting by armed men continued in the Central business District of BANGUI
  • The CAR Red Cross reports 8 killed in BANGUI and 7 wounded. The antecedents of the victims or attackers are not known
  • Senior Seleka officials including the head of Military Intelligence are reported to have fled BANGUI in a convoy of over 25 vehicles escorted by Chadian MISCA forces
  • Clashes were reported in the MISKINE District of BANGUI

Situation External Forces:

20 January:

  • The US government via US AID is to send an additional $30m for humanitarian assistance to CAR bringing their total donation for relief to $45m, in addition to $101m for security and $7.5m for reconciliation efforts
  • European Union Foreign Ministers meeting in BRUSSELS, BELGIUM decided to send a battalion sized force to CAR to be based at M’POKO Airport in BANGUI for approximately 6 months. The EU also committed to spend €90m and will seek UN Security Council authorisation, Thursday 23rd. Estonia has pledged 55 troops, Lithuania, Slovenia, Finland, Belgium, Poland and Sweden are considering sending troops. It is hoped the force will arrive in February.
  • Donors have pledged $494m in aid for CAR in BRUSSELS. Of which $200m is earmarked for immediate humanitarian needs and the rest for financing medium term recovery projects. The US and France pledged $45m, Sweden $13m, the World Ban $100m, the African Development Bank $75m and the EU $60m

21 January: BELGIUM’s C-130 began flying from LIBREVILLE, GABON to BANGUI carrying pallets of supplies

26 January: the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has condemned the recent escalation of violence in CAR


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