Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP-19 January 2014

Situation Friendly Forces

13 January:

  • Acting CAR President Alexandre NGUENDET met with local militia leaders who allegedly agreed to make peace. He also stated he was forming a task force with police and security forces to restore order
  • Hundreds of soldiers and policemen who had deserted during the crisis returned to barracks after Chief of Staff, General Ferdinand BOMBOYEKE urged troops to return

14 January: CAR parliament has begun the process to elect a new leader

19 January: The NTC has shortlisted 8 candidates to become interim leader including BANGUI Mayor Catherine SAMBA-PANZA, DesirDe KOLINGBA (son of an ex President), Sylvain PATASSE (son of an ex President), Regina KONZI-MONGO and others.

Situation Enemy Forces:

17 January: A convoy of Muslim refugees was attacked by gunmen with RPGS, clubs and machetes outside BOUAR, killing 22 people including 3 children

19 January: 2 Muslim civilians were killed and their bodies burnt by a Christian mob in BANGUI following the suspected kidnapping of a taxi driver by Seleka militia

Situation External Forces:

14 January:

  • UNHCR states in a new report that ex Seleka rebels have been identified as Chadian nationals and have been reported to have gone house to house wearing Chadian FOMAC armbands searching for anti Balaka fighters and killed civilians
  • Airlift of Malians from BANGUI to BAMAKO by the International Organisation of Migration begins. Several hundred are sheltering in the Senegalese Embassy

16 January:

  • 300 Malians were flown from CAR to BAMAKO in addition to  the 550 Malians have been airlifted thus far
  • 2 USAF C-17s begin airlifting a Rwandan Battalion to CAR. The Rwandan Defence Force Mechanised Infantry will be commanded by Lt Col. Jean Paul KARANGWA. The move is expected to take 20 days

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A Nigerian with interests in defence, security, geopolitics, the military particularly small unit tactics, COIN, stabilisation and asymmetric warfare
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