Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP-12 January 2014

Situation Friendly Forces

8 January:

  • RWANDA to send a battalion (850 men) to MISCA in CAR, joining BURUNDI, CAMEROUN, CHAD, DRC, and CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE with a battalion each. 500 from GABON, 200 from EQUATORIAL GUINEA and 250 from MOROCCO
  • CAR Interim President Michel DJOTODIA is under pressure to resign at the upcoming ECCAS summit in N’DJAMENA, CHAD

10 January:

  • Michel DJOTODIA Interim President of CAR and Prime Minister Nicolas TIENGAYE resigns after the ECCAS Summit in N’DJAMENA, CHAD met with all 135 members of the provisional parliament The National Transitional Council (NTC). There were celebrations in Christian Districts of BANGUI. The NTC led by Alexandre Ferdinand NGUENDET has 15 days to pick a new leader
  • Celebrations mainly in Christian districts, following the resignation of DJOTODIA and TIENGAYE degenerate into looting, leading to the death of an Anti Balaka militant, Seleka militant and a civilian

11 January:

  • Former CAR interim Leader Michel DJOTODIA has gone into exile in BENIN Republic, and was received with honours in COTONOU.  BENIN Republic granted him asylum at the request of ECCAS
  • Measles has broken out in the IDP camp at M’POKO Airport, MSF staff are rushing to immunise children

12 January:

  • Congolese MISCA peacekeepers prevented a group of young men armed with cluns and machetes from looting a store, detaining 4 of them
  • 6 bodies were collected by the CAR Red Cross overnight


Situation Enemy Forces:

6 January: 2 UN Aid workers held hostage in CAMEROUN by disgruntled refugees/ rebels from CAR, allegedly to protest the lack of aid were released after negotiation by the Est Region, Governor Ivaha Diboua Samuel DIEUDONNE in BERTOUA, CAMEROUN

 11 January: looting continued in BANGUI with at least 8 killed and 95 people injured according to CAR Red Cross and MSF, burning of property including a garage and the AMA radio. Muslim residents are being evacuated to M’POKO Airport by French forces.

12 January: Seleka and Anit Balaka reportedly accepted a French brokered truce in BIMBO District, BANGUI. After the all night negotiations, the militia men hugged, mounted joint patrols and opened a checkpoint to the market

Situation External Forces:

3 January: French Defence Minister Jean-Yves LE DRIAN visited BANGUI, meeting with French troops and government officials. Prior to arriving LE DRIAN met with CHAD President Idriss DEBY and CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE President Denis Sassou NGUESSO

5 January:

  • The EU will clarify its military involvement in CAR on 20 January in BRUSSELS. However the meeting is to be coordinated by the EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid Kristalina GEORGIEVA and Coordinator of Humanitarian Assistance to the UN Valerie AMOS
  • MALI evacuated 500 of its citizens on 2 charter flights
  • The Nigerian government has despatched a C130 with medical and welfare personnel to BANGUI to aid the evacuation of Nigerian citizens in addition to 2 aircraft chartered from Arik that brought home 1,620 Nigerians. The evacuees are being profiled at NNAMDI AZIKIWE INTERNATIONAL Airport; reportedly 29,700 Nigerians remain in CAR. NIGER and SENEGAL had evacuated 150 and 200 citizens respectively last week.

7 January: The World Food Programme (WFP) resumed emergency food relief supplies after a break of 3 weeks due to insecurity

9 January: an extraordinary meeting of the Economic Community of Central African States began in N’DJAMENA, CHAD, to discuss the situation CAR, at which the CAR Interim Leader may be asked to resign, a spokesman denied this

10 January:

  • The UNHCR requested $40.2m for CAR for use up to March to support 1m people. The agency reports there are 86,400 refugees in CAMEROUN, CHAD, DRC AND CONGO-BRAZZAVILE and 958, 000 internally displaced.
  • EU representatives agree in principle to launch an EU military mission to assist the French and African forces in CAR. The options under consideration are securing the airport or the road from BANGUI to CAMEROUN. Discussions will continue until a final decision on 20 January
  • A Belgian C-130 and a 35 man support crew will be made available  French forces a of 18 January. It will be based at LIBREVILLE and used to shuttle between LIBREVILLE and BANGUI

11 January:

  • The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is to airlift 800 Chadians from BANGUI to N’DJAMENA using 3 charter flights. The UN agency has also received requests from SENEGAL, GUINEA, BURKINA FASO, COTE D’IVOIRE, NIGERIA and CAMEROUN to provide post arrival reintegration assistance. 27,000 Africans have been evacuated by their countries thus far, with 33,000 of the 60,000 who requested assistance still in the country. The IOM has launched an appeal for $1.75m for the operation.
  • 63 Beninoise citizens have been evacuated from CAR landing at 6.00pm in BENIN Republic

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