Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP-5 January 2014

Situation Friendly Forces

30 December:

  • Medecin Sans Frontieres (MSF) states that they are providing medical care for 100,000 people in M’POKO Airport, BANGUI, 34,000 people at the BOY RABE Monastery and 27,500 people at the DON BOSCO Centre, BANGUI
  • The CAR Government rejected the idea of a UN military intervention for the time being

31 December: Thousands of people blocked the runway of the international airport in BANGUI shouting slogans against Michel DJOTODIA the Interim Leader and requesting humanitarian assistance, causing flights to be suspended

3 January: UNHCR states that 935,000 people are internally displaced, with 512, 672 sheltering in 67 sites in BANGUI or sheltering with host families. Fighting in BOSSANGOA has led IDPs to concentrate in ARHBISHOP and ECOLE LIBERTE

Situation Enemy Forces:

30 December:

  • Approximately 40 Anti Balaka fighters attacked CAR Army positions at PK-11 in North BANGUI around 06.00 with automatic weapons, grenades and RPGs injuring 2 soldiers. Seleka fighters conducted door to door searches for the Anti Balakas afterwards

31 December:

  • Anti Balaka and Seleka fighters clashed in BANGUI using automatic and heavy weapons leading to at least 4 dead and 2 injured.
  • Anti Balaka militants attack a Seleka camp in PK12 District of BANGUI. 15 attackers were reportedly killed for the loss of 2 Seleka killed and 3 injured.
  • The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has requested $107m to assist in feeding 1,25m people in CAR till August 2014

1 January:

  • Seleka fighters in civilian clothes allegedly attacked Christian homes in NGOU SIMON in the north of BANGUI with grenades setting them alight, Christian youths launched reprisals. 3 of the Seleka fighters were killed. 1 civilian was killed and 16 wounded including 3 children
  • Over 2,000 Nigerians remain at the Nigerian Embassy in BANGUI, awaiting relief and evacuation, with no food, healthcare or sanitation provided by the Nigerian Government

2 January: Gunmen from CAR believed to be Seleka rebels attacked a small military outpost at the village of ONDIKI, EAST Region, CAMEROUN. 4 of the attackers and the Muslim leader of the village were killed along with 2 of Camerounian soldiers

Situation External Forces:               

30 December: Cameroonian forces seized weapons and detained Seleka fighters in a gold quarry at KETTE, EST Region, CAMEROUN in an operation that saw the use of artillery and heavy weapons. There were no reported casualties

3 January: 365 Nigerians have been evacuated from BANGUI arriving ABUJA,  NIGERIA on a chartered flight. 2000 Nigerians in total are to be evacuated and accommodated at the Hajj Camp at the NNAMDI AZIKIWE INTERNATIONAL Airport

4 January: CHAD holds a fundraising event for CAR evacuees


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