Cenral African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP-29 December 2013

Situation Friendly Forces

22 December:

  • A Congolese MISCA peacekeeper was killed in BOSSANGOA by anti Balaka fighters whilst protecting Muslims in the hospital, 4 civilians were also killed. The Congolese peacekeepers captured 3 men with grenades of whom 2 subsequently die in captivity
  • CHAD begins the evacuation of its citizens

23 December:

  • 60 bodies recovered by the CAR Red Cross
  • Chadian forces open fire on stone throwing Christian demonstrators killing 1 and wounding 40
  • Chadian soldiers throw grenades and open fire on Burundian peacekeepers , Burundians return fire wounding 3
  • A Muslim man and his son are lynched by a crowd of Christian demonstrators in BANGUI after he is found with a weapon and begins firing in the air, his wife escapes
  • A French Rafale jet makes several low early morning passes over BOSSANGOA in a show of force
  • CAR Prime Minister Nicolas TIANGAYE condemns comments by an adviser to CAR transitional President Michel DJOTODIA that the country will be divided into two between Muslims and Christians

24 December:

  • Muslims demonstrate against French troops in BANGUI claiming they are failing to disarm Anti Balakas
  • Chadian troops are to be relocated from BANGUI to Northern CAR, Camerounian troops are also being redeployed out of the capital. They are to be replaced by Congolese and Burundian troops

25 December:

  • Burundian MISCA peacekeepers patrol PK12 district
  • Burundian positions came under fire from unknown gunmen suspected to be Seleka. The attackers were repulsed without friendly casualties
  • 44 civilians reported killed and 46 wounded in renewed fighting
  • Mass grave discovered at PANTHERS HILL near the ROUX  military base with at least 20 bodies in it. Some of the bodies were tied up and some exhibited signs of torture  and having been shot at close range

26 December:

  • 600 French troops patrol BANGUI on foot and in armoured vehicles focussing on GOBONGO and PABONGO Districts
  • In an article in Le Monde newspaper the Archbishop of BANGUI Bishop Dieudonne NZAPALAINGA and Imam Omar Kobine LAYAMA request that the UN deploy emergency peacekeepers to CAR.
  • The DRC is to send a battalion of 850 troops to CAR next week as requested by the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The DRC Information Minister Lionel MENDE states that there are 50,000 Central African refugees in DRC

27 December: Chadian soldiers threw grenades at crowds taunting a convoy of Chadian refugees preparing to head north killing 1 person and wounding several others including children

28 December:

  • Hundreds of Chadians and Central Africans of Chadian descendent leave BANGUI in a convoy to CHAD via the North of CAR. CHAD states it has evacuated 3,000 Chadians by air so far. 30,000 Chadians are registered but they are thought to actually be several hundred thousand

Situation Enemy Forces:

25 December:

  • Heavy fighting between militias and peacekeepers in BANGUI, thousands flee to the airport for safety
  • Chadian MISCA troops attacked in GOBONGO District, BANGUI by Anti Balaka militants,  6 Chadians were killed and at least one vehicle destroyed

26 December: unknown gunmen attack Congolese MISCA peacekeepers  in BANGUI killing 2 Congolese policemen

28 December: unknown gunmen with heavy weapons unsuccessfully attack the Presidential Palace in BANGUI

Situation External Forces:

23 December:

  • The World Food Programme states it has had to suspend food/ aid distribution in BANGUI due to insecurity. Distribution prior to that had been sporadic and prone to robbery and disruption
  • The EU bans the export of arms and the sending of mercenaries to CAR effective as of Tuesday 24 December

26 December:

  • 4000 Nigerians are stranded in BANGUI according to the Northern Nigerian Association in Bangui. Over 200 Nigerians have been killed since 5 December, there is no known evacuation plan
  • The US Secretary of State John KERRY has stated he is ‘alarmed’ by the recent attacks and fighting in CAR and ‘disturbed’ by the discovery of a mass grave. He praised the AU stabilisation effort.
  • UN Secretary General Ban KI MOON, paid homage to the killed MISCA peacekeepers and appealed for an end to the inter communal fighting

27 December:

  • French President Francois HOLLANDE has requested that the UN plays a bigger role in CAR from the Secretary General Ban KI MOON
  • CAMEROUN evacuates 214 of its citizens totalling 926 repatriated in December. SENEGAL and NIGER request the assistance of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to evacuate their citizens
  • The UN appeals for $152m to pay for emergency humanitarian assistance

28 December:

  • The EU sends 20,000 tarpaulins to assist in sheltering IDPs in BANGUI
  • Sudan states it will evacuate its 275 citizens by air

29 December:

  • Medecin Sans Frontieres (MSF) states that there are over 100,000 internally displaced persons (IDP) in a make shift camp at the airport, with limited food, sanitation or shelter
  • The AU Commissioner for Peace and Security states that a Rwandan contingent will join AU forces in January 2014

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