Central African Republic/ Centrafrique SITREP- as of 22 December 2013

Situation Friendly Forces

15 December: CAR Interim leader Michel DJOTODIA has dismissed 3 members of the transitional government; Finance Minister Christophe MBREMAIDOU, Rural Development Minister Joseph BEDOUNGA and Security Minister Josue BINOUA. The move is poorly received

16 December:

  • The UN World Food Programme estimated that up to a quarter of CAR’s 5.2m population could be classified as ‘food insecure’
  • 1,815 people crossed the Oubangui River to ZONGO in the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of CONGO over the weekend

17 December: Laurent FABIUS (French Foreign Minister) states troops from other EU countries would be contributing troops. No EU country corroborates this

19 December:

  • CAR Prime Minister Nicolas TIANGAYE states the Presidential election will take place in 2014
  • MISCA takes over from FOMAC. Commanded by Brigadier General Martin TUMENTA (CAMEROUN), deputy Brigadier General Athanasius KARARUZA (BURUNDI). AU Special Representative is Major General (Rtd) Jean Marie Michel MOKOKO (CONGO-BRAZZAVILE), Commander of the Police component is Constable Colonel Patrice Ostangue BENGONE (GABON). Force numbers are to be increased to 6,000
  • The Rwandan Foreign Minister Louise MUSHIKIWABO confirms Rwandan Defence Forces will be deploying to CAR at the request of the AU. Numbers and time of deployment are unspecified

20 December:

  • French soldiers kill 2 gunmen who opened fire on them in the CASTOR district of BANGU

22 December: A Congolese MISCA soldier was murdered by Anti Balaka militants in BOSSANGOA

Situation Enemy Forces:

 19 December:

  • Anti Balaka and ex FACA fighters attack KILOMETRE 5 and FATIMA Districts in BANGUI mainly Muslim areas, leaving at least 37 dead and 40 wounded
  • Fighting between Muslim and Christian militias in GOBANGO district, BANGUI. Chadian MISCA troops intervened, resulting in a firefight, leaving 6 wounded

20 December:

  • Seleka gunmen in 2 cars attacked a checkpoint manned by Congolese MISCA peacekeepers. 1 vehicle was destroyed and 3 gunmen were killed and a peacekeeper wounded
  • 3 former Seleka rebels were killed as patrolling MISCA peacekeepers were trying to disarm them in BANGUI. One Chadian peacekeeper was killed, several others wounded by a grenade
  • 500 Christians demonstrated for the removal the Michel DJOTODIA, the return of Francois BOZIZE and the withdrawal of Chadian troops. I person was killed when the crowd began stoning 2 vehicles containing Chadian MISCA forces who responded by firing into the air and into the crowd

22 December: hundreds of former Seleka rebels and Muslims civilians marched from KILOMETRE 5 District to the YANGOTO District in BANGUI and blocked a road with stones and tyres protesting that the disarmament by French troops was biased against them, leaving the Anti Balakas still armed. Congolese troops dispersed the crowds with tear gas and warning shots

Situation External Forces:

17 December:

  • 202 Camerounians’ repatriated from CAR arrived in DOUALA by chartered flight totalling 896 evacuated in 4 days. 20,000 Camerounians’ are estimated to live in CAR
  • Linda THOMAS-GREENFIELD (US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs) testifies to the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on the situation in CAR
  • UNHCR states they will be sending more emergency teams to CAR to help deal with the 710,000 internally displace persons

18 December: the Federal Government of NIGERIA has completed plans to evacuate 200 Nigerians taking refuge in the Nigerian Embassy, BANGUI. The official number of Nigerians is 30, 000.

19 December:

  • US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha POWER arrived BANGUI where she will meet the Interim leader Michel DJOTODIA and religious and community leaders
  • The US has increased its total contribution to CAR to $101m

20 December:

  • The EU will propose a range of options for a joint European mission to CAR in late January 2014. These might include force protection or medical and humanitarian assistance
  • POLAND’s Foreign Minister Donald TUSK stated they would be providing a C 130 and a 50 man support crew

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