Central African Republic/ Centrafrique Sitrep as of 15 December 2013

Orbat Friendly Forces

French Forces– 1,600


  • Secure lines of communication from CAMEROUN to BANGUI, CAR
  • Secure population centres
  • Support ECCAS and AU forces in order to protect the civilian population

Commander– General Francisco SORIANO

HQ-M’Poko International Airport, BANGUI

Land Forces

Op Boali– 400

  • 1 Coy of 8e RPIMa (8e Regiment de Parachutistes d’Infanterie de Marine/ 8th Parachute Regiment of Marine Infantry) – Airborne Infantry
  • 1 Coy of 25e RGA (25e Regiment du Genie de l’Air/ 25th Air Engineer Regiment)
  • 1 BG HQ from 28e RT- (28e Regiment du Transmissions/ 28th Signal Regiment) HQ (signals etc)

Op Sangaris – 1,200

  • 1 Coy of 21e RIMa (21e Regiment d’Infanterie de Marine/ 21st Marine Infantry Regiment)- Mechanised Infantry
  • 1 Coy of 1er RCP (1er Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes/ 1st Parachute Chasseur Regiment)- Mechanised Airborne Infantry
  • 2 Coys of 1er RHP (1er Regiment de Hussards Parachutistes/ 1st Parachute Hussars Regiment)- Light Armoured Recce
  • 1 Coy of 6e BIMa (6e Battalion de Infanterie Marine/ 6th Marine Infantry Battalion)-Light Infantry
  • 1 Coy of 3e RPIMa (3e Regiment de Parachutistes d’Infanterie de Marine/ 3rd Parachute Regiment of Marine Infantry) – Airborne Infantry
  • 1 Platoon of 1er REC (1er Regiment de Etranger de Cavalerie/ 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment)- Armoured
  • Special Forces: number/ type unknown- Reported elements of
    • 1st Circle-13e RDP (Regiments de Dragoons Parachutistes/ 13th Dragoon Parachute Regiment)- Humint intelligence
    • 2nd Circle- 3e RPIMa and 8e RPIMa GCP (Groupment des Commandoes Parachutistes/ Commando Parachute Group) –Regimental SF teams

Air Forces

  • 4 x Puma (Lift) -BANGUI, CAR
  • 2 x Gazelle (Recce) -BANGUI, CAR
  • 2 x Fennec (Utility) -BANGUI, CAR
  • 2 x Rafale (Ground attack/ Recce) N’DJAMENA, CHAD
  • 1 x CN 235 (Transport) -LIBREVILLE, GABON
  • 1 x C130 (Transport) -LIBREVILLE, GABON

Sea Forces

PCB Dixmuide (DOUALA, CAMEROUN) – Helicopter carrier/ Assault ship

African Forces

  • Force Multinationale d’Afrique Centrale /Multinational Force for Central Africa (FOMAC)
  • Mission de Consolidation de la Paix en Centrafrique/ Mission for the Consolidation of Peace MICOPAX
  • MISCA (Mission international de soutien a la Centafrique sous conduit Africaine/ African led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic) -FOMAC and MICOPAX become MISCA as of 19 December 2013

Commander: General Tumenta Chomu MARTIN (CAMEROUN)

Contributing nations

  • Gabon- 500, Unit and type unknown
  • Chad- 650 (2,000?), Unit and type unknown (might be leaving)
  • Congo-Brazzaville- 500, Unit and type unknown
  • Cameroun-  500, Unit and type unknown
  • Burundi- 850-Unit and type unknown


  • 2 x C17 (Transport)
  • USAF Force protection element


  • 1 x C17 (Transport)


  • 5 x A310 (Transport)

Orbat Enemy Forces


Seleka: approximately 20,000 with limited command, control or organisation. Began their uprising in 2012 due to President Francois BOZIZE reneging on agreements made in 2007 and 2011. Were meant to have been absorbed into the CAR armed forces following their victory and disbanded but most have stayed armed and beyond central control

Consisted of:

  • Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP)
  • Patriotic Convention for Saving the Country (CPSK)
  • Democratic Front of the Central African People (FDPC)
  • Popular Front for Recovery (FPR) -Chadian

Anti Balaka: numbers unknown

Christian self defence militias formed to counter Seleka attacks. These groups have taken to attacking Muslim civilians, businesses and mosques

Front pour le Retour de l’Ordre Constitutionnel en Centrafrique/ Front for the Return of Constitutional Order in Central Africa (FROCCA) : numbers unknown

Pro BOZIZE forces, formed in August 2013

Lord’s Resistance Army: (700-1000) based in the vicinity of eastern CAR, have not taken part in any operations tied to this crisis so far

Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR): helped bring former President Francois BOZIZE to power in 2003, they have allegedly captured 3 northern towns

Fulani/ Peul militia: armed herdsmen/ bandits from Cameroun/ Chad nominally allied with Seleka during the overthrow

Sudanese mercenaries

Situation Friendly Forces

28 November:

  • French Amphibious Assault Ship BPC DIXMUDE arrives in DOUALA, Cameroun, carrying 350 soldiers and 100 combat and logistics vehicles
  • Camerounian General Tumenta Chomu MARTIN takes command of FOMAC (and MISCA) from General J.F. AKAGA (GABON)

1 December: 500 Congolese troops arrive BANGUI from CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE

5 December:

  • The UN Security Council mandates FRANCE to do whatever is necessary to protect the population of the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC under UN Resolution 2127. Mission international de soutien a la Centafrique sous conduit Africaine/ African led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic (MISCA) is established by UN Security Council Resolution 2122. Forces are to deploy on 19 December absorbing the existing ECCAS’s FOMAC and MICOPAX operations

6 December:

  • MOROCCO to send troops to join international forces in CAR. Numbers/ type and date of deployment not reported or whether they would be under MISCA or Op SANGARIS
  • 1 x C130 and 1 x CN235 from French Air Force form air bridge between LIBREVILLE, GABON and BANGUI
  • The UK puts a C17 at the disposal of French forces
  • 10 unknown gunmen in a pickup truck fire on a French patrol near M’POKO Airport, BANGUI, 4 are killed , 6 injured and the truck is destroyed
  • The Red Cross states 281 bodies had been collected around BANGUI

7 December:

  • French Rafale jets fly over BANGUI and BOSSANGOA in show of force
  • French troops arrive in CANTONMIER, CAR from Cameroun
  • French troops enter BOUAR in western CAR
  • France to increase force numbers from 1,200 to 1,600 troops
  • CAR authorities order all forces except French and African forces off the streets
  • FOMAC peacekeeper shot in BOSSANGOA. Country unknown (possibly Gabonese)
  • French troops are patrolling BANGUI and pushing north towards the town of BOSSANGOA
  • MISCA force numbers increased to 6,000

8 December: The Red Cross states 394 bodies had been collected around BANGUI

9 December:

  • Burundian troops arrive in CAR
  • French and African forces begin an operation to forcibly disarm all militiamen and armed men/ groups in BOSSANGOA
  • 2 French soldiers from 8e RPIMa killed in BANGUI when their patrol came under fire from unidentified gunmen
  • The Red Cross states 465 bodies had been collected around BANGUI

10 December:

  • French forces kill the former SELEKA Chief of General Staff Gen Mahamat SALEH in MISKINE Zone, BANGUI alongside 2 of his bodyguards
  • The Red Cross states 610 bodies had been collected around BANGUI

12 December:

  • The first 54 Burundian troops carried by US C 17 arrive in BANGUI
  • CAR Gendarmes and Police resume patrolling BANGUI

13 December: 45,000 IDPs in and around M’Poko Airport, BANGUI according to Medecins San Frontiere (MSF)

15 December:

  • CAR Head of State Michel DJOTODIA offers peace talks and amnesty to militias
  • French Foreign Minister Laurent FABIUS states that 2 EU countries are considering deploying troops to support FRANCE in CAR and the UK, GERMANY, SPAIN,POLAND and BELGIUM were willing to provide logistical support

Situation Enemy Forces:

1 December: 4 people were killed and 10 wounded in fighting between Seleka and Anti Balaka militias in DAMARA, northern CAR. The origins of the casualties were not specified

3 December: unknown armed men kill 12 civilians and wound 30 in BOALI, the victims appear to be Muslim Peul (Fulani) herdsmen

5 December:

  • Fighting resumes between Christians and Muslim militias in BOSSANGOA after a short pause
  • Anti Balaka fighters launch a 3 pronged attack on Muslim neighbourhoods in BANGUI killing at least 140 people during attacks by pro Bozizie/ anti Seleka militias in BANGUI

6 December: Seleka rebels attack Amitie hospital in BANGUI, killing at least 10 injured persons. The hospital subsequently abandoned

7 December: Lin BANOUKEPA claims attacks on 5th December were by FROCCA, who are ‘striving to restore constitutional order’

12 December: Christian mobs loot Muslim motorbike shop in MISKINE neighbourhood, BANGUI. Several killed. Order restored by French troops supported by helicopters

13 December: Anti Balaka militia men kill 27 Muslim civilians in BOHONG, western CAR

Situation External Forces:

5 December: CAMEROUN deploys troops from the Rapid Intervention Brigade (most likely from Battalion des Troupes Aeroportees (BTAP)) to its 800km long eastern borders to prevent fighters and weapons from crossing the border

6 December:

  • EU to provide €50m towards paying salaries of African troops deployed on MISCA in addition to the emergency €20m funding already provided
  • The UK Government has announced it will provide logistic support to French operations in CAR, with a C-17.
  • GERMANY to deploy 5 transport aircraft to aid operations in CAR. The aircraft will only be deployed to neighbouring countries due to German restrictions on taking part in the operation

9 December: EU begins aid flights to BANGUI

12 December: UK vetoes the deployment of the EU Standby Battlegroup (which it currently commands) to Central Africa on a short term basis until MISCA is fully ready

15 December: CANADA donates $5m to AU forces in CAR

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2 Responses to Central African Republic/ Centrafrique Sitrep as of 15 December 2013

  1. number one says:

    nice write up Mr. Peccavi.what should be the response of the Nigerian govt. .

    • peccavi says:

      I would have said send a Company or battalion to guard the airport or a Field hospital and engage or send transport aircraft. But mainly diplomatic. We do not have the combat power to deploy and sustain forces

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